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"I am so serious this game ruls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

If your serious about getting this game, you better seriously read this review. Ok, ok I’ll do my best to refrain from using those pun of serious. There just so seriously tempting. Oops did it again! I’ll try my best to not use those puns too often, but they might just sneak in from time to time.

Ok your Serious Sam, who is a stupid muscle head, with a few funny (really funny) ketch phrases. Who also is in a big way, a similar character to Duke Nukem, with brown hair and no chicks (a small disappointment). Sam even has a shirt that advertisers him self. So he has a big ego and rightfully so.

Now, you’re here to find out what makes this really stupid seeming character, so popular? Well he kicks serious ass. No that’s not why your here.

No, I know what your really here for, you want to know what makes this game so good. Well it’s the amazing game play. Yep some how this game which is seriously a lot like the original DOOM or Quake. So of coarse that means great game play, and lots of monsters.
So you fight hundreds upon hundreds of enemies. But, then you ask your self, well why am I fighting hundreds and hundreds of monsters? Is there a point? Well, your fighting them to save the world and even more specifically. This thug called Mental wants to take over the world, so who stops this you do, by fighting seriously big boat load of over ten thousand monsters.

Now your wondering, how many different kinds of enemies are there? There is about twenty different kinds. These ranging from the Giant Bull that flings you up in the air. To a kamikaze bomber. That screams as it runs at you to kill you (see that is why its called a kamikaze). I know what your seriously wondering next. Your asking me what kings of supper enemies are there, or otherwise called “bosses”. There are four main bosses. The first is easy. The second is the toughest. The third is medium. The last of which is medium. Explained a lot there did I not? I just don’t want to spoil your experience because after you, read the rest of my review you will run out and find a copy. For under $20, just go now.

Seeing as how good I am at guessing, I know the next thing you want to hear about is the graphics, on the box, as the front cover is a pretty cool piece of art work! No, you want to know about the seriously cool in game graphics. Well the enemies all look great you can tell exactly which enemy is which. The bosses are very cool each being huge, and very simplistically scary looking (I mean this in a very good way).
The textures are well just ok. You can see grooves in the walls, but the art work must be viewed, at a distance. The worlds as a whole look very cool from the pyramids of Egypt to the Mayan look very nifty.

Now, I am not guessing on this because, you will have no idea how important the following subject is to this game. It’s the LEVEL DESIGN! The people who did the level design in this game deserve so much more credit then they get. As soon as you get to the Mayan levels you will get what I mean and then some, there are rooms that you can jump in rooms that have huge hills, and I really don’t want give to much away, because I hope I am not the only one who thinks this. Then the way they sat some of later levels up like the lava level which are amazing because the level design if it wasn’t for these level designers this game would not be half the game it is.
The next thing I need to talk about I wont have to tell you what it is. So tell me what it is? What? No! That is wrong well unless you guessed sound in which case, you are oh so seriously right. The sound in this game is great. Each gun sounds seriously cool, I love hearing the shotgun go BOOM! Trust me its great. You know what’s even better the music the reason I speak so highly of this is in the snowy level, the song jingle bells in rock music, I had to turn the volume way up at that part. The other rock music in the game is also very good. So the sound is very well done.

I have to talk to you seriously about is the multiplayer, it is the only part of the game that is kinda well... Average, the thing that is the worst and the most obvious, is the screen size, it is distorted and it annoys more then helps (which I think is what they were trying to do). The levels in the multiplayer did not show the same amount of TLC as the ones in the single player campaign and, If they would of put a few more of the cool rooms in the multiplayer it would have benefited greatly. The thing that saves the multiplayer from sure disaster is the Co-op play, which is great.

One more serious thing before I go to closing comments is the Cheats an any FPS game this is a very big part of the replay value which very high in this game because of the serious mayhem of 36 levels. The cheats in this game our again exactly what you would expect, select number of lives (you can make a god mode out of this basically), so this helps out a little.

In closing the reason this game is so successful is the TLC that was involved you can tell, that they tried to make a the best game they could and they had the time to do it. Everything in the game shows this very well.

Graphics: 9/10 Great, just GREAT!

Game play: 10/10 BOOM!

Story: 10/10 It is great, its only an FPS not no RPG.

Level design: 20/10 Can I do this, well I am so live with it. All games should learn from this level design.

replay: 10/10 I play this still after I have beaten every difficulty.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/14/03, Updated 06/14/03

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