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"Not to be confused with Sam and Max"

If your not in the loop yet let me explain. Serious Sam was originally a first person shooter for the PC. Apparently Sam's slapstick humor and thirst for alien blood sold well with consumers and spawned a sequel aptly named: The Second Encounter. The xbox version you hold in your hands (or are about to hold in your hands) is a port of these two titles slapped together into one game. And if your like me and found this game for $10 its a great deal.

I feel really sorry for our pal Sam here. All he wants is to wake up one morning and not have to fight off an alien invasion. What's the plan? Travel back into time and stop the aliens before they come to bother him in his era. While the story is no Pulitzer it does its job of creating a premise for constant carnage. As Sam you will blast your way through ancient temples collect bullets, health, armor, and more weapons. Its a traditional frag fest and you should expect nothing more if your thinking of purchasing this game.

Game play is as simple as it gets for your basic FPS. A button to fire, jump, switch buttons, and to interact. Also auto targeting is absent. A blessing to most fans of the genre and to some a disappointment, but there is a little help. When enemies are in range a green silhouette will let you know where to shoot. And for shooting you have plenty of options. Dual and single revolvers, knives, chainsaw, shotguns, a plasma gun, a flamethrower, A CANNON!!!, and serious bombs. Also for those of you lucky enough to have friends there are two multi player options, co-op and death match, so the whole neighborhood can get in on the frag fest.

Graphics and audio are direct PC ports. No improvements made to take advantage of the xbox capabilities, but who really cares. It's great to begin with. Although on an aesthetic note the environments are pretty bland. Thankfully you wont be noticing it much because you will be fighting hordes and hordes of monsters. And that amount of carnage comes at a price. I have often experienced frame rate drops, split second pauses, and graphical glitches. I thought maybe it was my copy, but I brought a friends over and his did the same thing. So thumbs down in the animation department. However in the auditory cheers for making a sweet, but generic, rock soundtrack. Really blended well with the style and mood of the game play.

Replay? Unless you enjoy the multi player modes not really. This is a once through game. You'll beat it in a few days and be bored which makes this a great rental if you cannot find it for less then $20. And forgive me for the use of another among millions of Serious Sam puns, by the time you take it back to the rental store it will be seriously boring.

Grade: C+ (7/10)
+Unlimited Carnage
+Simplistic easy to learn controls
+Rockin soundtrack
-Graphical problems
-Little to no replay value

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/26/03, Updated 06/26/03

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