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"A disappointment.."

OK, I won't lie. I originally picked this game as a last minute rental, hoping it would be a fun FPS to play with my friends that night. I hadn't heard much about it, and barely caught any of the hype (if you can call it that). What I didn't know was the poor quality that this game contained.

Plot - 2/10
I was surprised to see how well the plot was received in other reviews, this had to be the weakest point of the game. Without giving much away, you are a macho gunman with a serious attitude. The story opens with aliens attacking a city. Sam does his best; but is forced into a time machine to travel back to ancient Egypt (?!?!?!). That is basically the extent of the plot. I still don't get it.

Sound - 5/10
The soundtrack is OK (little variety though), but I swear, if I have to hear another suicide-headless alien scream ''BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALGH!!!'' I'll be too happy. That sound haunts me.

Graphics - 7/10
Graphics run smoothly, but the Egyptian palette needs variety. Enemy design is nice though.

Control - 10/10
Bravo, another nice FPS control scheme for the X-box. Easily the best part of the game.

Gameplay - 4/10
The gameplay would be nice if Serious Sam was in the age of the mindless shooter, but now it is too simple. The switch-puzzles and linear level design leave me wanting something deeper. If a person wants a good mindless game these days, check out a flash game site, they have the simple stuff for free.

The enemy design is pretty basic and therefore is only average. There are only a few types of enemies, and each has an easy-to-find weakness. In the final level, before the final boss, the game pits you in a coliseum against wave after wave of each enemy type. They have to do this, because it is the only way to make this game difficult.

Overall - 4/10
After beating this game in less than 4 hours, my friends and I spent the rest of the night playing Halo. But, if you are looking at serious laughs, check out Conker's Bad Fur Day for the N64 (soon to be X-box), it is better in almost every way (except for control and graphics. The only laughs from Sam are aimed at the awful plot and cut-scenes. I would say Serious Sam should be used as torture by the US army, but no one deserves this pile.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/08/04

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