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"Serious Sam: A serious letdown"

Ok I decided to do this game as my first review ever so bear with me on this. I am dedicating this FAQ to my cat Bombay.

Gameplay Graphics: 7/10

I happen to be more or less color blind and I find looking at most fps based games fairly hard too look at. They usually are too dark and can only be played at night. When I saw the game cover of Serious Sam I noted how light and color full it was. Most of the building graphics are the same and infact I think at some point they just reuse the same battle ground.

Cinema Graphics: 4/10
This game was made in 2002 there was no excuse for this low of cinamatics graphics quality. The cinimatics where blobish, clay like and the the sounds seemed to be off, only something with a 9 in it has and excuse for that.

In Game Cinema's: 4/10
They where weak, fairly irrelevant, and when Sam spoke he did not at all interact. No lip movements, head shaking, hand movements, nothing.

Sound: 2/10
The sound is one of the key elements to any fps, it can tell you how close an enemy is and where is he? This was a major problem with the Beheaded Bombers. I will get into why this is a major problem later in this review. I will say this, the voices where horrific. I understand that they where ment to be humorous but my god the voice actors exceded the bounds of good taste. Like a mix of an orc off of War-craft and a really bad imatation of Bruce Camble (Ash from Army of Darkness.) The music is boring and does not ''rise'' at a point of climax. You do need to keep the sound on to hear when you get into a fight and thats why they should have added a radar of sorts into the game, because I really do hate the music and the Beheaded Bombers scream.

Weapons sound : 7/10
Um the Rocket went boom and the tommy gun went rat tat tat. Not much else too say other than that.

Single Player Campaigne : 4/10
The enemies are predictable, there are no puzzels, there is no secret to getting into the secret area's, and the spawns where frustraiting. The weapons where made for multiplayer and made mowing down the enemies a simple task. When I say mowing down the enemis I litterly mean it, since they did not know how to make the game harder they decided to make a whole load of enemies that takes forever to kill all of them and they spawn alot of the times ahead and behind you to anyones anoyence. Now normally I would take my Mini gun and show them how tasty a lead salad really is. But this is where the game gets anoying and why I gave sound a 2. Undead Bombers will spawn seemingly out of nowear and the sound cannot help you pinpoint where they are. They come in large waves and are pretty hard to spot. You have too keep the volume up to hear them and the sound really is terriable. Also The Arachinoid was very hard too see in the desert land and since it fires regular bullets I was rarely able to determin where they where from. The game Makers had a nasty habit of setting them high up and in places that where hard to dodge. In all there was almost no plot too the game and the little amount of plot there was it was really weak, get orb, place orbs, get shiny thing go to future ect.... It really dosnt explain why you are doing this and who is who.

Enemie AI: 3/10

The name of the game is to shoot whatever you see, and from time to time shoot whatever you can hear. The enemies are all predictable in there moves and other than the Aracnid you can dodge just about any move. The only time your excused from damage is when they eaither spawn behind you or have came in numbers that would make Custer say that those are bad odds. A fun part is that the AI allows the enemies to kill themselves and others enemies, The Unead Bombers at times are more of my weapon than enemies.

Multi-Player: 8/10
Ok this is where the game shines, with its light graphics and great controls the only way you can really die is if your friend is better than you. The multi-player is just way too cool for the price of the game. The skins are kinda well... really retarted (Pirate Pete) but only few consel fps games are better in multiplayer.

Controls: 9/10
The controls are tighter than Brittney Spears pants. There is no flaw I could find and it handled to my ever so slight touch. If anything to complain about the controls it would have to be pressing Y or X to switch weapons.

Replayability factor: 5/10
Yeah shooting hundreds of enemies is cool for a bit but the novelty tends to wear off. I would play the multi-player maybe but hey its 2004 now and Halo 2, Halflife 2, and Doom 3 are all going to be on X-box pretty soon, so this game will become forgotten.

53% of a good game hopefully Second Encounter will be better.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/04/04

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