Review by Dark Falz213

Reviewed: 04/18/04

A fun FPS....

Serious Sam is a fun and humorous first person shooter created by the folks at Croteam and Gotham Games. Sam is sent to annihilate a ton of monsters from another dimension to prevent the Earth from being destroyed. To complete such a grand feat, Sam is to go back in time and fight all sorts of creatures ranging from: headless kamikaze bombers, chainsaw wielding pumpkin headed monsters, and even your occasional one-eyed monster. You probably can tell the game really isn't as serious as other shooters such as, Doom and Halo but.. it is serious fun. I will not stop with all these ridiculous puns and such. It time to be truly and absolutely serious.

Gameplay (10/10)
If you are a huge newbie to FPS this is the game for you! The gameplay is fun and easy controls make it even more enjoyable to even the freshest of the crop. Triggers to shoot (right) and to jump (left) are pretty easy to use. A and B buttons to change weapons is also very simple. X and Y buttons to set a ''quick change'' by holding X or Y while the weapon of choice equipped is nice, in case you needed that extra punch of the mini gun at times or the sniper rifle at certain times without having to cycle through all the weapons. The thumbsticks to move/aim is pretty easy and don't worry it has inverted control options also. With this you'll feel like a true shooter veteran in no time. It is as simple as apple pie =)

Story (5/10)
Aw man. This isn't great and was probably its biggest downfall. It is highly confusing but, you will figure it out with you own interpretation or understanding of this game's storyline. The game switches off to weird places after each level. Time-warping, killing, the Holy Grail?!?! All very confusing if you ask me. A lot people may be discouraged by the story but please don't be! It is great game.

Graphics/Sound (8/10)
Not really utilizing the XBOX game console's visual capabilities but, this game manages. The enemies and blood look pretty good. The sound is alright, in my opinion. Music selection is very good and the creators do pick the right situation to play a certain genre of music. I can't find any real problems. The alien noises gets annoying after a short period of time. You will hear yells out of nowhere, screams from the sky, very strange and annyoing sound! You'll get what I mean when you play it. Music selection is okay and they do pick the right times to play a certain song. This game's sound and graphics weren't revolutionary but, this game passes my standards.

Playtime/ Replayability (9/10)
It's really long. I'm serious. Fun ensues on each and every level. With a total of 36 levels and 4 difficulties that adds up to around 144 different gaming experiences. Not to mention the vast variety of monsters you encounter along the way. Now onward to the multi-player, it's good, clean fun! Fast paced action on co-op and deathmatch games make the multi-player on this game superb. With up to four player capabilities, get ready to kick some Serious BUTT!

Final Recommendations(8/10)
This game supplies hours after hours of great fun. If you ask me I think you should buy it. If it's a rainy and lonely day or a packed room full of eager to win friends, this game will satisfy. Humor, easy controls, and down right fun this game is truly one of the finest FPSs. This game just truly shows games and still be simple yet, serious fun.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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