Review by juvenile2005

"A pointless good time"

The graphics aren't great, the story is barely mediocre, and it's just plain pointless. But somehow that all mixes together to make the game a fun time. You play as a man named Sam "Serious" Stone, whos city gets overtaken by monsters. Sam must go back into time to prevent this from happening.

Just your basic shoot em' up game graphics.Nothing too fancy, but it gets the job done.They could have sharpened up the textures, character animations and the character models. Other than that they aren't too bad. The monsters look pretty good, Sam looks cool, the weapons look good, but, the levels don't look that great. They could have improved there.

Theres music,but your barely able to hear it with all the gun-firing thats going on around you. You really never take your finger off of the fire button. But besides that, the gun noises are done fairly well, and the music is decent.

You got your fire,switch weapon,jump and move buttons.The controls are well thought out, and work very well. Some of the other controls are really pretty much pointless. Like the "duck" button.You never duck throught the whole game!But,overall they are easy to use and easy to get into.

This is were the game really shines,this is just a blast to play. It's just a pointless "kill everything that moves game".The multi-player isn't that great, but playing co-op with one of your friends is a great time. They could have added a couple other multi-player features. You just have co-op and deathmatch.The deathmatch mode isn't even that good. You walk around this small ring, with everyone all crammed in there and you just hold down R and your basically the winner. Not too much fun there. But the co-op is fun, and very useful, since you need all the help you can get since this is a pretty hard game.

After you beat this game it felt more like a task than an accomplishment. It's a super hard game, and after you beat it there really is no point to play it through again, since there isn't any unlockables. It would have been better for them to add unlockables so you have a reason to keep on playing.Most people I know just became bored with the game just because your basically doing the samething over and over and over. I'll summarize a whole level:You need to get into a building, get a key, kill everything, and move on.

A good game,it's only $17, so anyone who hasn't checked it out yet, should. If your a fan of just plain killing stuff, this game is for you. But if you don't like really repetitive gameplay, steer clear of this one. And if you don't like games with a high difficulty level, I recommend not buying this. Rent it first just to be sure. Im going to keep and eye out for Serious Sam 2, Gotham Games did a good job.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/30/04

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