Review by squire636

"Serious Sam, a highly enjoyable game"

Story: 7
Graphics: 9
Sounds/Music: 10
Controls: 10
Weapons: 10
Monsters: 8
Overall: 9

This game takes place in the future. There are aliens that attack you, and they vary greatly. Some are beheaded guys that run around with bombs in their hands and explode, while others look like horses, but just the skeleton of it. Serious Sam has to try and stop the monsters from attacking earth. He is teleported to various places [Ancient Egypt is one example] to try and figure out where the aliens are coming from, and to stop them.

The graphics are pretty good for what this game is trying to be. It is trying to look cartoonish, but still have good graphics, and is successful in completing that task. It does not look real, but it is still has good graphics. Also, there are no glitches or anything in this game that would be because of the graphics [which is a good thing, of course]. Also, the different areas that you visit during your quest to save the world are interesting. All the backgrounds AND foregrounds look like they could be real, if the world was a cartoon.

I love the sounds for this game. The music for each level is entertaining. While there are no enemies around, the music is calm and peaceful. But as soon as an enemy appears, the music changes to one of danger and action. This is good because it fits the story at the time, and also alerts you when there are enemies around. Also, throughout the game, Sam will make weird and hilarious comments about what is going on. They never get old, and all of them are equally funny. To me, comedy in a game makes it a lot better. Also, the sounds help you to know when an enemy is charging at you because you can hear their footsteps, or then screaming [I dont know how, because some of them dont have a head].

They are pretty basic, but good all the same. The analog sticks make you move, right trigger is shoot, left is jump. A and B rotate through your weapons selection. X and Y can be used to change to a specific weapon [that you set up before hand]. This is useful when you are in the heat of battle, and cant be bothered to look though all of your different weapons. Just tap either one, and continue shooting.

There are a wide variety of weapons in this game, which makes it that much better. You start with just a knife and a pistol, but soon you gain the double pistol, a chainsaw, a shotgun, and a double barrel shotgun. Later on in the game, you can acquire weapons such as a rocket launcher or a laser gun.

The monsters in this game have a decent variety. You have to specialize your weapons, so you dont use a really strong gun to kill a weak enemy. It takes a lot of strategy to do this. In the later levels, you can fight extremely strong enemies and weak ones at the same time. I enjoy this because it makes you think about what you are doing, instead of just mindlessly shooting everything that moves with any gun you want to use.

In general, this is a great game. I highly recommend getting it, or at least renting it a few times. It is a fairly long game, and all of the levels are different. There are different difficulty levels, which make it interesting if you want to replay the game a few times. Over all, I would give this game a 9.5 out of 10, but since Im not allowed to use fractions or decimals in my ratings, it is only a 9. Have fun with Serious Sam!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/25/04

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