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"This was the best they could come up with?"

The biggest problem I have with this game is not the mediocre graphics (the character models in particular look bad, especially when your character is running. It looks cartoonish and choppy). Although the cutscenes look pretty good, they're really just a rehash of stuff we've already seen in the movies.

There are other issues, though. The voice acting is generally quite bad. Not so much on the main characters, but on most of the NPC's you run into, it's flat an unconvincing. A guy will say ''I took some shrapnel in the arm'' with about as much enthusiasm as a guy who says ''I spilled coffee on my jacket''.

To make matters worse, the combat is tediously repetitive. That's not good when combat is the main staple of the game. There's not a whole lot of strategy involved, just ''shoot shoot shoot''. There is a decent array of weapons, and one thing the targeting system excels at is in throwing cannister bombs with usually unerring accuracy. However, despite all the shooting going on, it's surprisingly unexciting. The biggest reason why is laid out in the next paragraph.

My biggest gripe, by far, is the absolutely horrible controls and awful third person camera system in this game. You literally cannot go from one room to the next without becoming completely turned around. Rather than having the camera always stay behind you and follow you, like in Max Payne or Silent Hill, the position of the camera changes constantly. It is highly annoying and confusing, and to make matters worse, every time the camera angle changes you have to try and compensate for your character's movement and usually end up running into walls or going in circles as you try to figure out which direction on the stick is now ''forward''. Imagine trying to play Max Payne, only with the camera angles changing constantly like in Resident Evil, and you'll have an idea of how irritating it is. In addition, you usually can't see enemies in front of you or see where you're going. Even the first person view is generally worthless since you can't move your character forward in it, and aiming in first person mode is so slow and cumbersome as to be all but useless in a heavy firefight. First person mode is kind of fun when manning a turret gun, but again, sitting in place and shooting at targets that pop up like ducks in an old school air rifle arcade has limited appeal.

This game is horrible, and easily the worst title I've seen on the Xbox so far. Not only do the graphics fail to take full advantage of the console's hardware, but the control scheme is so counter-intuitive as to render it practically unplayable. Screw this game, I'm going back to Ghost Recon.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 02/15/03, Updated 02/15/03

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