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"John Conner......"

The hit Movie "The Terminator" has inspired many movies since its release. In the movie, machine take over Earth and it's a desperate struggle for survival between man and machine. When the machines start to lose they send 3 terminators back in time to try and dispose of John Conner, the leader of the Human resistance. First they send a man named Reese to stop the first one, except he gets killed during his duty but still destroys the terminator. So the humans capture a terminator unit and reprogram it to help John in the past from newer terminator models. Then the third one was also a terminator. Overall it's a great set of movies, and good old Arny is in them. But anyway that's the introduction.

Graphics- Decent. I mean they aren't bad, but not great. The Terminator models themselves look pretty good. The lighting and particle effects are pretty good. The details on the humans and such range from good to decent. The general smoothness of the game is relatively high. There doesn't seem to be much lag at all. The weapons themselves are pretty cool looking. The slow-motion effects are Matrix-like. The cinemas and such also look great. Overall the game has some good visuals.

Sound- Great. The voices in this game are very realistic. They have emotion and such, all sounding authentic. The explosions sound pretty good. The aircraft and such flying around sound pretty good. The music is decent, but it's a useful tool when knowing if an enemy is near. The weapons and such all sound good. Also the machines and such sound realistic. In all the game sounds pretty good.

Game-Play- Decent but Fun. Ok even though the story was already explained mostly, here's some more important details: It's 2027 AD, you have been fighting the machines for 30 years. Skynet (the system core that has caused the near destruction of mankind) makes new weapons every year. Endos (the nickname for robots) constantly attack the human bases. There is a traitor among the ranks though, who give Skynet your battle plans and helps create a human-machine hybrid army. You must find him and stop him. Now the game is in 3rd person, except you can manually aim in 1st person. There are a wide variety of weapons to use. Also, you can use C4 and such. You can lock on to enemies. You also have adrenaline. This allows you to move faster, take less damage, have great aim, and great close combat. You have a baton that can disable machines, which is used to save ammo or when you have no ammo, or when you just feel like letting loose. You earn back adrenaline by defeating enemies. At the end of a level, you see what medals you earned. If you earn 4 out of the possible 6, you unlock a new feature. You also earn tech points in which you can increase your max Ammo, Health, Armor, or Adrenaline. The only real flaw is that ammo can get scarce, and the camera angles make controls difficult at times. Other than that it's a decent game.

In conclusion, this a good game. Go get it for the $10-$15 it costs these days, you'll enjoy it. For bad camera and a few flaws, I give The Terminator Dawn of Fate for XBOX a 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/14/04

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