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    Fatalities FAQ by Selakha

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/12/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    // Fatalities FAQ
    // version 1.1
    // By: Selakha
    // e-mail: selakha@hotmail.com
    // Last Updated: 01/05/03
    // Please, feel free to send in any comments,
    // suggestions, corrections or compliments
    // regarding this FAQ.
     * 10/05/03 - Added some reader comments and corrected a major error on my part
                              regarding the D-Pad keys. Added more Frequently Asked
    Questions and a little bit of information regarding doing Fatalities without
    being on the "Fatality Stance".
     * 01/05/03 - First version released.
     * Introduction - (i)
     * What are Fatalities? - (ii)
     * Control Key - (iii)
     * Fatalities and Descriptions - (iv)
     * Printable Fatality List - (v)
     * Frequently Asked Questions - (vi)
     * Special Thanks - (vii)
     * Legal Information - (viii)
    To get quickly to any part of this FAQ, hit Control + F on your Keyboard
    and type in the roman numbers of the section you are looking for
    (remember to include the brackets).
    = (i) - INTRODUCTION =
    Hello all and welcome to my Fatalities FAQ. The release of Mortal Kombat:
    Deadly Alliance means a new batch of bloody Fatalities are ready for you
    to use, and more often than not, one can see quite a bunch of people
    asking for fatality descriptions or advice on how to do them on the
    boards. This FAQ is intended to help all the people that want to know how
    to finish off their opponents in a painful, bloody way - Mortal Kombat
    = (ii) - WHAT ARE FATALITIES? =
    Since the release of the first game in the series, Mortal Kombat has
    characterized itself for being very bloody and brutal, and Fatalities are
    the ultimate in blood and gore in the series. The premise is as follows:
    after beating your opponent on the last round of a fight, you will have a
    short time to enter a button combination that will lead your character to
    kill his opponent in a very gruesome way, such as head-ripping, limb-
    ripping, and even soul-stealing.
    With the inclusion of fighting styles (or stances) in Deadly Alliance,
    the requirements for doing a successful Fatality have changed a bit. True
    to the series, when you beat your opponent in the last round of the
    fight, the announcer shouts "Finish Him/Her", and you get some seconds to
    enter the button combinations for your Fatality. However, new in MK:DA is
    the "Fatality" stance which locks-up your character, preventing any movement,
    and allowing you to perform your Fatalities more easily. All you have to do is
    hit the "Change Style" button and your fighting style will be immediately
    changed to "Fatality".
    So, where is the "Change Style" button? It depends on the home version
    you are playing:
    For Xbox: "L"
    For Gamecube: "L"
    For PlayStation 2: "L1"
    It is not necessary to be in the "Fatality" stance in order to perform a
    Fatality, though. You can enter your button-combination while being in Hapkido,
    for example, and the Fatality will still work. The Fatality Stance is just
    there to help beginners pull-off their Fatalities more easily.
    The last element that varies in MK:DA is distance. In previous Mortal
    Kombat games, you had to be standing at a certain distance from your
    opponent in order for the Fatality to work. In Deadly Alliance, it
    doesn't matter where you are standing: you can perform your Fatality from
    anywhere in the screen.
    = (iii) - CONTROL KEY =
    In Deadly Alliance there are four basic attack buttons, which are
    refferred in the game as Attack 1 (A1 for short), Attack 2 (A2 for
    short), A3 and A4. These buttons, alongside the Directional Pad, are the
    ones we are going to use in order to perform the Fatalities.
    Depending on the home version you are playing, the buttons are as
    - Xbox Version -
    A1 - X
    A2 - Y
    A3 - A
    A4 - B
    - Gamecube Version -
    A1 - B
    A2 - Y
    A3 - A
    A4 - X
    - PlayStation 2 Version -
    A1 - Square
    A2 - Triangle
    A3 - X
    A4 - Circle
    Regarding the D-Pad, the key is as follows:
    U - Up
    D - Down
    B - Back
    F - Forward
    When entering the button combinations for your Fatality, you have to do
    it at a steady speed (not too fast, not too slow), and press each button
    once at a time. Remember that you should never press two buttons at the
    Now here are the fatalities, each one accompanied with its correspondent
    - Bo' Rai Cho -
    FATALITY - Belly Flop: B, B, B, D, A4
    Description: Bo' Rai Cho walks back, getting a bit of distance from his
    victim. He then runs towards his victim, jumps, and lands belly-first on
    top of him, breaking off his arms and legs, and leaving the victim in a
    big pool of blood.
    - Johnny Cage -
    FATALITY - Brain Ripper: B, F, F, D, A2
    Description: Johnny punches his victim in the stomach, making him kneel
    in pain. Johnny then proceeds to bury his fist on his victim's head.
    After some time, he pulls the brain off the victim's head, and raises it
    triumphantly in the air.
    - Kano -
    FATALITY - Open Heart Surgery: F, U, U, D, A1
    Description: Kano buries his hand in his victim's chest, ripping off an
    organ. He then rips off another organ with his other arm. He throws both
    organs to the floor, and proceeds to bury his two hands on his victim's
    chest again, ripping off two more organs and throwing them to the floor.
    Kano then kicks the victim away.
    - Kenshi -
    FATALITY - Telekinetic Crush: F, B, F, D, A3
    Description: Kenshi uses his telekinetic powers to mess around with his
    victim. First, he makes his victim's eyes pop out, falling on the floor
    near the camera. He then proceeds to twist and turn his victim's limbs.
    When the victim is fully deformed, he lets him fall to the ground.
    - Kung Lao -
    FATALITY - Splitting Headache: D, U, B, A3
    Description: Kung Lao throws his hat directly at his victim's face. Half
    of the hat buries itself between the victim's eyes and sticks there as
    the victim falls to the floor, leaking blood all over the place. Kung Lao
    then kicks his victim in the abdomen, causing the hat to come off the
    victim's face and into Kung Lao's hand. Kung Lao then does a flashy
    victory pose.
    - Li Mei -
    FATALITY - Super Crush Kick: F, F, D, F, A4
    Description: Li Mei kicks his victim in the chest with such power that
    her foot buries deep within her victim's chest cavity. After some blood
    and screams, she takes out her foot and proceeds to kick his victim's
    head off. The decapitated body falls to the ground leaking blood all over
    the place.
    - Mavado -
    FATALITY - Kick Thrust: B, B, U, U, A1
    Description: Mavado sticks his hooks in the floor near his victim. He
    then starts walking back, stretching the hooks and getting some distance
    from his victim. He then raises one foot in the air, and long spikes come
    out of his footsole. Then, he raises his other foot, catapulting himself
    towards the victim's chest, impaling him with the spikes in his feet. He
    then proceeds to take his feet off his victim's chest, one by one. As he
    takes each feet out, an organ comes impaled in the spikes in his shoes
    and falls to the ground.
    - Quan Chi -
    FATALITY - Neck Stretcher: B, B, F, B, A3
    Description: Quan Chi jumps towards his victim, getting on top of his
    shoulders. He then grabs his victim's head and pulls it upwards,
    stretching the neck in the process. The victim then falls to the ground
    screaming with his neck stretched. This one has my vote for lamest
    Fatality ever in all the Mortal Kombat games.
    JuneFiredrake has the following comments regarding Quan Chi's Fatality:
    The actual effect of this fatality is not to just stretch the neck out, but
    rather to completely dislocate the victim's spine.  As Quan Chi pulls on the
    base of the skull the "neck stretch" effect is that of the spine being pulled
    up, meaning that all sorts of nerves are completely torn apart and as a result,
    much like breaking your neck in a fall, the fatality victim's heart will stop
    beating resulting in the loss of life.
    - Scorpion -
    FATALITY - Spear Head: B, B, D, B, A4
    Description: Scorpion throws his spear at his victim's head, impaling
    him. Scorpion then starts giving quick pulls to his spear as a fountain
    of blood comes out of his victim. At the third pull, the victim's head
    breaks off and hits the ground. Meanwhile, the headless body collapses in
    a pool of blood.
    - Shang Tsung -
    FATALITY - Soul Steal: U, D, U, D, A2
    Description: Shang Tsung uses his powers to lift his victim in the air
    and then smashes him into the ground, leaving some blood and meat on the
    floor and causing some pieces of his victim's soul to fly towards him. He
    smashes his victim one second time, causing more blood to splatter and
    absorbing more pieces of his victim's soul. After a third smash
    accompanied with more blood and soul-pieces, Shang Tsung jumps and lands
    on his victim's belly, causing a green shockwave, absorbing the last
    pieces of his victim's soul, and leaving a huge pool of blood and meat on
    the floor.
    - Sonya Blade -
    FATALITY - Kiss of Death: B, F, F, D, A2
    Description: Sonya blows a kiss to her victim. The victim, feeling very
    bad and choking, kneels in pain and then pukes. Moments after that Sonya
    smashes his victim's head with a powerful kick, completely blowing the
    head off and leaving the headless body on a pool of blood in the floor.
    - Sub-Zero -
    FATALITY - Skeleton Rip: B, F, F, D, A3
    Description: Sub-Zero sticks his fist through his victim's back, near the
    base of the spine. He begins to pull until he rips the victim's whole
    skeleton out. He raises the bloody skeleton in the air and then throws it
    to the ground.
    - Cyrax -
    FATALITY - Claw Smasher: F, F, U, A2
    Description: Cyrax opens his chest compartment and a huge mechanical claw
    comes out, catching his victim by the head. With the aid of the claw,
    Cyrax smashes his victim three times in the floor, leaving some blood
    splatters. The mechanical claw then retracts into Cyrax's chest, dragging
    the victim inside where it is completely ripped apart. Cyrax then opens
    his chest compartment once again, letting a lot of blood and meat chunks
    come out and fall all over the place.
    - Drahmin -
    FATALITY - Iron Bash: B, F, F, D, A3
    Description: Drahmin raises his Iron Club high in the air and smashes his
    opponent in the head, making it explode in a shower of blood. Drahmin
    stares at his victim's headless body for a while, and then smashes it
    into the ground.
    - Frost -
    FATALITY - Ice Shatter: F, B, U, D, A1
    Description: Frost raises her arms and then launches a blast of frozen
    energy towards her victim. The victim is completely frozen, and Frost
    proceeds to uppercut the upper half, completely shattering it.
    - Hsu Hao -
    FATALITY - Laser Slicer: F, B, D, D, A2
    Description: Hsu Hao blasts his victim with a red laser. The victim
    screams in agony as the laser cuts through his waist. The upper half of
    the victim's body is separated from the legs and falls to the ground.
    However, the victim is still alive and tries to crawl back, away from Hsu
    Hao, leaving a long trail of blood. Eventually, the victim collapses.
    - Jax Briggs -
    FATALITY - Head Stomp: D, F, F, D, A2
    Description: Jax throws his victim in the ground, face-up. He then jumps
    and lands on his victim's head with both feet, completely destroying it.
    - Kitana -
    FATALITY - Kiss of Doom: D, U, F, F, A2
    Description: Kitana leans forward, kisses her victim, and then walks
    back. The victim starts to feel bad and is stretched and deformed for
    some seconds, and then returns back to normal. Some seconds later, the
    victim is stretched and deformed again, but shortly returning back to
    normal. The victim then pukes blood, and is massively stretched one last
    time, until the whole body explodes in a shower of blood and meat.
    - Nitara -
    FATALITY - Blood Thirst: U, U, F, A1
    Description: Nitara gets on top of her victim and starts sucking his
    blood. Shortly after, she leans back and spits some blood to the ground,
    and then resumes sucking blood from her victim. When she finishes, she
    jumps back and the victim falls to the ground.
    - Raiden -
    FATALITY - Electrocution: B, F, F, F, A3
    Description: Raiden buries his arms in his victim's chest and raises him
    in the air. He then proceeds to electrocute his victim. Between screams
    and smoke, the victim starts to turn black, until it eventually explodes
    in a massive shower of blood and meat.
    - Reptile -
    FATALITY - Acidic Shower: U, U, U, F, A3
    Description: Reptile gets on top of his victim and opens his mouth,
    letting a massive shower of acid fall directly at his victim's face. When
    the shower is over, the victim's face is completely melted, and only the
    skull remains. While the victim screams in pain, Reptile uses his long
    tongue to rip off his victim's head and eat it. The body falls at
    Reptile's feet, spilling blood all over the place.
    Simply copy and paste the following list in your favorite word processor
    and print it out.
    - KEY
         Xbox  GCN    PS2
    A1 -  X     B    Square     U - Up
    A2 -  Y     Y    Triangle   D - Down
    A3 -  A     A    X          B - Back
    A4 -  B     X    Circle     F - Forward
    Shang Tsung: U, D, U, D, A2
    Bo Rai' Cho: B, B, B, D, A4
    Quan Chi: B, B, F, B, A3
    Li Mei: F, F, D, F, A4
    Scorpion: B, B, D, B, A4
    Johnny Cage: B, F, F, D, A2
    Kenshi: F, B, F, D, A3
    Mavado: B, B, U, U, A1
    Sonya: B, F, F, D, A2
    Hsu Hao: F, B, D, D, A2
    Kung Lao: D, U, B, A3
    Raiden: B, F, F, F, A3
    Reptile: U, U, U, F, A3
    Cyrax: F, F, U, A2
    Kitana: D, U, F, F, A2
    Nitara: U, U, F, A1
    Jax: D, F, F, D, A2
    Kano: F, U, U, D, A1
    Drahmin: B, F, F, D, A3
    Frost: F, B, U, D, A1
    Sub-Zero: B, F, F, D, A3
    Q: How many Fatalities are there per character?
    A: There's only one Fatality per character.
    Q: Do Blaze and Mokap have any Fatalities?
    A: No, they don't have any.
    Q: Can Moloch perform a Fatality on your character?
    A: No, he can't.
    Q: Are there any Stage Fatalities?
    A: No, there are no Stage Fatalities in the game.
    Q: How you know there aren't any more Fatalities in the game?
    A: This was confirmed during the last fan chat session by the developers
    themselves. There are no more Fatalities in the game. Also, a lot of
    people have been hexing the Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions of the game,
    and they have found no evidence whatsoever regarding a second Fatality
    for each character or Stage Fatalities.
    = (vii) - SPECIAL THANKS =
    I would like to thank Midway and the Mortal Kombat Team for resurrecting
    the Mortal Kombat franchise yet again without completely messing up this
    I would also like to thank CJayC for being the owner and maintainer of
    GameFAQs, which is simply one of the best gaming sites on the net, and
    for hosting my FAQ.
    Simms GySgt Tony L for letting me know about a huge error on my part regarding
    the D-pay keys in the FAQ.
    MistaWabit for letting me know that you can do Fatalities without being on the
    Fatality stance.
    JuneFiredrake for his comments regarding Quan Chi's Fatality.
    = (viii) - LEGAL INFORMATION =
    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    I'm in no way affiliated with Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, or any of the
    companies involved in the making and production of this game. Any
    characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright their
    respective companies.
    This document is (c) 2003 Selakha (Roberto Moutran).
    -- Selakha ---

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