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    Shang Tsung by White_Pointer

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    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
    In-Depth Character Guide for Shang Tsung
    Version 1.0
    Copyright 2003
    Written by White_Pointer
    Contents of this Guide:
    1.0    Introduction
    2.0    Legal Information
    3.0    Controls
    4.0    Shang Tsung's Background Story, Stats and Fighter Introduction
    5.0    Shang Tsung's Special Moves
    6.0    Shang Tsung's Snake Fighting Style
    7.0    Shang Tsung's Crane Fighting Style
    8.0    Shang Tsung's Straight Sword Fighting Style
    9.0    Shang Tsung's Fatality
    10.0   Acknowledgements and Credits
    1.0 Introduction
    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance is the latest addition to the Mortal Kombat line 
    of games, and in my opinion, one of the best fighting games ever made. This 
    character guide is for the character of Shang Tsung, who I think is one of the 
    more underrated characters in the game. Not many people seem to use him because 
    he seems weak, but I've managed to beat some pretty solid opponents with him, 
    and hopefully, this guide will help you get skilled at using him too. I've 
    written this guide as I've been playing the Gamecube version, but X-Box and PS2 
    owners shouldn't have any trouble reading this as well as I've catered for you 
    2.0 Legal Information
    This guide is intended for personal use only. No profit can be made 
    from this guide under ANY circumstances, it is to be used for non-profit only. 
    This guide will ONLY be hosted on Blood-Sports.net and Gamefaqs, unless you have 
    my written consent to publish it on your own site and you MUST e-mail me to 
    request my permission to use it. Please explain in your e-mail what the theme of 
    your site is, the approximate amount of unique visitors you receive each month 
    and what materials the site covers. This guide may not be altered in any way, 
    shape, or form.
    3.0 Controls
    Throughout the guide I'll be referring to the Gamecube buttons, so to make this 
    guide universally compatible, here is a button conversion chart for the three 
    major consoles (sorry, I haven't provided anything for the GBA):
    A1 = Attack 1
    A2 = Attack 2
    A3 = Attack 3
    A4 = Attack 4
    BL = Block
    CS = Change Style
    SA = Special Attack
    Gamecube     Playstation 2     X-Box
    ********     *************     *****
    A1 = B       A1 = Square       A1 = X
    A2 = Y       A2 = Triangle     A2 = Y
    A3 = A       A3 = X            A3 = A
    A4 = X       A4 = Circle       A4 = B
    BL = R       BL = R2           BL = R
    CS = L       CS = L1           CS = L
    SA = Z       SA = R1           SA = Black
    4.0 Shang Tsung's Background Story, Stats and Fighter Introduction
    The sorcerer Shang Tsung was imprisoned in the depths of Shao Kahn's fortress, 
    punished for failing to win the Mortal Kombat tournament in Earthrealm. 
    Periodically he was released to perform tasks for the emperor, until he 
    eventually regained Shao Kahn's favor and was given his freedom. He remained in 
    Outworld risking his life to drain the souls of kombatants in order to sustain 
    his youth. All this changed the day the sorcerer Quan Chi returned from the 
    -Status:       -Sorcerer
    -Alignment:    -Evil
    -Weight:       -210 lbs.
    -Height:       -5'11''
    -Styles:       -Snake, Crane, Straight Sword
    Shang Tsung has been a prominent force throughout the entire Mortal Kombat 
    series, with MK4 being the only game he hasn't made an appearance in. Unlike 
    previous games however, in MK: DA, he does not possess the ability to morph into 
    his opponents (excluding the Gameboy Advance version). He is still a powerful 
    character though, and relies on quick and agile attacks rather than slower and 
    more powerful attacks. He also has some pretty good moves that can be used very 
    effectively when used in conjunction with his combos and normal attacks.
    5.0 Shang Tsung's Special Moves
    -Straight Fireball        -Down, Back, B
    -3D Fireballs (near)      -Back, Forward, B
    -3D Fireballs (far)       -Forward, Back, B
    -Soul Steal               -Down, Back, A
    Always a useful move, when you execute this Shang Tsung will fire a fireball 
    straight at the opponent. In previous games he could actually fire 1, 2 or 3, 
    but in MK: DA, he only fires one. It'll hit your opponent regardless of whether 
    they are in the air or not, but it can be easily sidestepped, so make sure you 
    aren't too close when trying this because it can leave you vulnerable to an 
    attack if avoided or blocked at close range.
    An excellent new move that will catch your opponents out again and again, Shang 
    Tsung outstretches his arms and fires a fireball out of each one, which curl 
    around the arena (one goes towards the screen while the other goes away from the 
    screen) and come together to hit the opponent from both sides. There's two 
    versions, one where the two fireballs collide at close range (about half 
    distance to the other side of the screen) and one where they collide at far 
    range (the other side of the screen). Both deal a good amount of damage, and 
    both have their uses. Neither can be avoided, unless you execute the wrong one 
    (that is, you execute the far range one when your opponent is close and vice 
    versa), since they come from the left and right simultaneously, they cannot be 
    sidestepped. They can only be blocked, and sometimes they can be ducked, but it 
    depends who your opponent is. Use the far range version to hit an opponent 
    that's backing away from you, and use the close range version to hit an opponent 
    that is advancing towards you. Be quick and you'll be very deadly. A good time 
    to use these moves is straight after you have knocked your opponent to the 
    ground, and they are picking themselves up or trying to come back at you.
    5.3 SOUL STEAL
    Shang Tsung doesn't have a taunt to give himself back health, but he does have 
    another way, his soul steal move. When your opponent is just outside the range 
    of your close 3D fireball and closer, you can perform this move, which sucks out 
    a part of the victim's soul, causing damage to his opponent, and replenishes 
    Shang Tsung's health by a small amount. Use it sparingly though so you can catch 
    your opponents off guard, because it's easily blocked or avoided and you'll be 
    open to an attack if it is.
    6.0 Shang Tsung's Snake Fighting Style
    The Snake Style is hard to trace historically, because it is incorporated into 
    so many Chinese systems, including Shaolin and Many Chinese family styles.
    -Bai She Tu Xin           -B
    -Cross Fang:              -Back + B
    -Low Palm:                -Down + B
    -Viper Strike             -Y
    -Gut Buster               -Back + Y
    -Twin Fang                -Down + Y
    -Qing She Chu Dong        -Up + Y
    -High Snap Kick           -A
    -Twin Cobra               -Down + A
    -Mid Kick:                -X
    -Quick Bite               -Down + X
    -Eagle Pecking            -Back + X
    -Back Flip                -Z
    -Throw                    -Forward + Z
    -Spiritual Snake Trail    -Y, A
    -Blinding Strike          -Y, Back + B
    -Soul Catcher             -Y, Back + X
    -Serpent Touch            -X, Back + Y
    -Thrusting Fang           -B, B, B
    -Rattle Snake             -B, B, A
    -Hissing Strikes          -B, B, Y, A
    -Cold Blooded:            -B, B, Y, L
    -Poisonous Snake:         -B, B, Y, Y
    -Lethal Venom             -B, B, Y, Back + X
    -Snake Eyes               -B, B, Y, Back + B
    -Cobra Revenge            -B, B, X, Back + Y
    Shang Tsung's Snake style has limited reach, is not very powerful and also not 
    very versatile, concentrating more on punches than kicks. His combos in this 
    style are not big but they are fast. Don't worry too much about using low 
    attacks in this style, because of those he has, you need to be right in your 
    opponent's face to connect with them. Just concentrate on your high attacks and 
    combos, and utilise his backflip to get out of tight situations.
    7.0 Shang Tsung's Crane Fighting Style
    Although taught and included in many Chinese systems, the Crane originated in 
    Tibet.  Crane is considered one of the oldest "classical" styles and is 
    incorporated into the Shaolin system of styles.  It's considered to be an 
    internal style.
    -Chin Punch               -B
    -Crane Neck               -Down + B
    -Crane Wing               -Y
    -Strong Knee              -Back + Y
    -Back Fist                -Down + Y
    -Flapping Wing            -A
    -Hop Sidekick             -Back + A
    -Low Peck                 -Down + A
    -Spinning Sidekick        -X
    -Spinning Crane Kick      -Up + X
    -Sweeping Crane           -Down + X
    -Reversal                 -Z
    -Throw                    -Forward + Z
    -Crazy Wings              -A, A, Y
    -3-Hit Wings              -A, A, A
    -Sidewinder               -A, A, X
    -Triple Chin Punch        -B, B, B
    -Death Bed                -B, B, B, L1
    -Raging Beak              -B, B, B, Up + X
    -Final Withdrawal         -A, A, A, B, B, B, L1
    -Hunt Down                -A, A, A, B, B, B, Up + X
    In contrast to his Snake style, Shang Tsung's Crane style has longer reach, 
    stronger hits and a good variety of high and low attacks. It's while you are in 
    this style where you can really confuse your opponent. Use his "Sweeping Crane" 
    often, this is a great sweep attack that trips your opponent over. Once your 
    opponent catches on and starts duck-blocking, whack in his "Hunt Down" or "Final 
    Withdrawal" combo, or give them a nice big throw or the "Spinning Crane Kick".
    Mix up your high and low attacks and you'll confuse the hell out of most people. 
    Reversals can be difficult to time correctly, but if you can pull them off, 
    you'll be even harder to beat.
    8.0 Shang Tsung's Straight Sword Fighting Style
    Chinese straight sword is incorporated into a number of Chinese styles including 
    Tai Chi, Wushu, and others.
    -Front Swipe              -B
    -Lifting Swing            -Up + B
    -Shin Slash               -Down + B
    -Rising Slice             -Y
    -Lunge                    -Forward + Y
    -Low 2-Hit Swipe          -Down + Y
    -Back Hand Lunge          -Up + Y
    -Foot Sword               -A
    -Cross Strike             -Back + A
    -Chest Slice              -Down + A
    -Spinning Slice           -X
    -Low Stab                 -Back + X
    -Sweeping Stike           -Down + X
    -Impale                   -Z
    -Deadly Blade             -B, B
    -Ancient Strike           -X, Y
    -Soul Sucker              -Forward + Y, B
    -Pain                     -A, Back + A
    -Master's Edge            -X, Y, A, Back + A
    The Straight Sword is quite a versatile weapon, with combinations of low and 
    high attacks and good combos. Mix up your combos and utilise the low attacks as 
    much as you can, especially the "Low 2-Hit Swipe" as it's quite damaging. Use 
    the "Master's Edge" combo often as well, and never underestimate the value of 
    impaling your opponent. Especially once you have them duck-blocking from 
    constant low attacks, an impale is the perfect strategy.
    9.0 Shang Tsung's Fatality
    -Soul Steal               -Up, Down, Up, Down, Y
    Shang Tsung levitates his beaten opponent into the air with a green beam of 
    energy, before slamming them into the ground, splattering blood everywhere and 
    stealing a part of their soul. He then picks them up and slams them into the 
    ground again, splattering more blood and guts and stealing a bit more of their 
    soul. He picks them up and slams them into the ground a third time, before 
    jumping onto their body, splattering blood and guts everywhere, and raising his 
    arms to absorb the last of his victim's soul.
    This Fatality isn't too difficult to pull off. You don't need to rush it, just 
    make sure you get the directions right and it'll work.
    10.0	Acknowledgements and Credits
    Midway, for making this awesome game! I also got the move names and Fighting 
    Style descriptions from the game itself.
    Myself, for writing this guide :)
    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this FAQ, feel free to 
    e-mail me.
    Don't forget to visit Blood-Sports.net - http://www.blood-sports.net, 
    The one-stop source for Fighters!
    Copyright 2003 by White_Pointer

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