Additional ArtworkWilliam Thompson
AnimatorChris Dicker
AnimatorAnthony Whiteley
Associate ProducerSean Krankel
Associate ProducerDonovan Soto
Associate Product ManagerMarcus Savino
Character ArtistBeverley Bush
Character ArtistNicola Daly
Concept ArtistCraig Whittle
Engine ProgrammerAlistair Crowe
Engine ProgrammerSteve Monks
Engine ProgrammerGlynn Scragg
Engine ProgrammerRichard Taylor
Executive ProducerJon Burton
Game and Level DesignJon Burton
Game and Level DesignJames Cunliffe
Game and Level DesignArthur Parsons
Game ProgammerChris Stanforth
Game ProgrammerJon Burton
Game ProgrammerRalph Ferneyhough
Game ProgrammerMichael Jackson
Internal ProducerArthur Parsons
Lead AnimatorJeremy Pardon
Lead Engine ProgrammerDave Dootson
Lead Game ProgrammerJohn Hodskinson
Lead Level ArtistJames Cunliffe
Level ArtistNeil Allen
Level ArtistLee Burns
Level ArtistDave Burton
Level ArtistRhoda Daly
Level AtistPaul Dobson
Preliminary ArtworkLeon Warren
Production CoordinatorCarlos Schulte
Senior ProducerDaniel Suarez
Sr. Product ManagerCraig Howe
Voice of Aku-AkuMel Winkler
Voice of Coco BandicootDebi Derryberry
Voice of Crunch BandicootKevin Michael Richards
Voice of Dr. Neo CortexClancy Brown
Voice of Lo-Lo - The Air ElementalJess Harnell
Voice of N. GinCory Burton
Voice of N. TropyCory Burton
Voice of Py-Ro - The Fire ElementalMark Hamill
Voice of Rok-Ko - The Earth ElementalTom Wilson
Voice of Uka-UkaClancy Brown
Voice of Wa-Wa - The Water ElementalR. Lee Ermy
Xbox Game Engine ProgrammerJon Arden
Xbox Game Engine ProgrammerAndy Holdroyd
Xbox Game Engine ProgrammerChris Payne


Data and credits for this game contributed by alaskanpie, Menji, a0me, Mikeaspike, Mookiethebold, odino, _Genesis, oliist, MarioSonicU, and adultnature.

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