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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Prof_Rev

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    * Whacked! FAQ (FINAL)                            *
    *  by Professer Revolution                        *
    * This document is copyright(c)2003 by the author *
    * The game is (c)2003 by Microsoft                *
     This document is intended for private and personal use only, and is
    made soley for www.gamefaqs.com and it's readers. I used to let other
    sites use my FAQs, but they don't keep them updated or show ads around
    them or something else. It's too big of a hassle, so:
    1. This document may ONLY be shown on GameFAQs, if it's on any other
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       GameFAQs ONLY.
    2. You can not reprint this document with intent to sell it or use it
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       author's consent. Consent only given upon receipt of large amounts of
       money and prizes.
    FINAL-Map List done
         -Battle Mode section done
         -Added Exclamation Point info to POWERUP section
    v1.0--Started this document
         -Layout done
         -Gameshow Mode section done
         -Weapons, Powerups, Big Red Buttons Lists done
       3A. BONUS TIPS
       4B. BATTLE MODE 
       4C. OTHERS
       5A. MAPS
       5B. WEAPONS
       5C. POWERUPS
    1.                           INTRODUCTION
      Welcome to my FAQ for the XBox game Whacked! Like alot of people I 
    got my first taste of the game through the demos that came with the XBox
    Live Starter Kit, and I liked it enough to plunk down the cash for the
    full version. After playing through the single player a few times and
    getting in some fun multiplayer action, I decided to write this guide
    for a couple reasons. First, not many people know about this game, or
    they just don't know enough about it. Hopefully by writing this guide 
    I'll spur a few more folks into purchasing it, especially XBox Live(XBL
    for short) users. And second, I enjoy writing these things for games
    that I like, and feel I'm pretty decent at, and Whacked fits that 
    criteria nicely. If you've played the demo and are wondering what the
    hell is going on, or just need a couple tips for playing online then
    this guide is for you. 
      What's going on is this: Whacked is a stylized combat game under the 
    guise of a gameshow, you basically just run around and try to kill 
    the other players, up to 4 including you, for different reasons and in 
    different ways. Some games you have to beat stars out of people and be 
    the first to collect a certain number, sometimes you have to just get 
    the most kills, or hold a giant trophy the longest, etc. There's just 
    enough different play types and maps and goofy weapons to keep the 
    game funny and, hell, just plain fun. Since it's not MechAssault it's 
    online community is rather small, which is a shame since Whacked is 
    more fun and polished than alot of the other XBL games. You don't even 
    need XBL for some multiplayer goodness though, 4 people can play on a 
    single machine making Whacked a great party game. The only area of the 
    game that's lacking, really, is the single player, but it's main use is 
    just to unlock stuff for the multiplayer anyway. That would by my only 
    warning against buying this game, don't get it if you're only going to 
    play it by yourself. It's definitely NOT a good single player game.
    Let's get Whacked!
    2.                          BASIC CONTROLS
    Left Stick/Dpad  Move forward/back and turn 
    A/Y Button       Jump
    B/X Button       Attack
    L Trigger        Strafe left
    R Trigger        Strafe right
    3.                        BASIC GAMEPLAY TIPS
      In this section I'll go over what each gametype is, and give some 
    basic tips on playing them. These aren't concrete strategies that you
    should always follow, and I'm not guaranteeing you'll constantly win 
    if you use them. They're just some tips to help you get better at the
    game and feel more confident while playing, and naturally to help you
    have FUN! If you feel you have any good tips or anything to add, then
    bu all means drop me a line. My contact info is in the last section,
    just be sure to read everything there.
      Also, these tips pertain to both the single and multiplayer sections
    but I plan on having some more in-depth info for the online games in
    the Battle Mode section, so these are mainly single player tips.
      Yeah it seems like such a simple thing, but being able to nimbly move
    your character is a big advantage in this game. It's control setup is
    part platformer, part FPS so getting the hang of it will take a little
    play time. Be sure to go through the Reheasal Mode tutorial as well.
      Another fundamental in most games, learning your surroundings will
    give you another advantage over those who don't. Learn the tight spots
    and high traffic areas where alot of deaths(err, Whacking) occur. Learn
    the special features of each map and what weapons you prefer in each one
    and so on.
      Keeping it fundamental here, learn when to use what weapon, but more
    importantly learn to use ALL the weapons. Knowing how to use each weapon
    to the best of you ability as soon as you pick it up will only help you
      Always be moving, even when you're on the Hill in a King of the Hill
    game, move around the little hill area. Moving and not dieing go hand
    in hand. It's harder for opponents to line up a shot on you, and it's
    harder for them to keep track of where you are on the map.
      While I like to break down the stats and stuff of the game in this
    guide and give tips on winning and stuff, remember that this is a 
    goofy party game and the goal is to have fun. Laugh at the funny stuff
    the characters say, and the whacky weapons, etc. Don't get upset that
    you died because the game all of a sudden flipped upside down. Laugh
    with everyone else and play again. 
      Chicken starts out being the easiest gametype and ends up being the
    most frustrating near the end. In this mode a bunch of chickens come
    at you and you have to kill them to make them drop their stars. The
    goal is to collect 50-200 stars(depending on the stage). This can be
    quite a task on some of the later stages, and you only have 3 lives
    to do it.
      First of all, try to get the chickens in a group and use splash
    damage weapons on them like the Missle and Plunger. They can only
    be hurt by weapons, not your hand to hand attack. If you get stuck
    using a close range weapon, use the Stapler it's the only one that
    you can get multiple chickens with. If the map you're on has a 
    special feature that can be fatal(like the fan in La Banno) be sure
    to use it as much as possible. This will kill a bunch of chickens
    at once and give you a breather, as well as a bunch of stars to
    collect.  Back away and fire at the chickens, and try to stay near
    the walls so they don't appear behind you. This isn;t possible in
    some maps, but it helps alot in the ones where you can use it. 
    When you get in a bind, jump away. The chickens aren't that fast
    and you can usually get away to a weapon.
    The last Chicken level is so frustrating I gave it it's own section.
      Combat is the most common gametype you'll find in Gameshow Mode and
    is a distant second to Fragfest online. In Combat mode the object is
    to collect a certain number of stars(50-200) by collecting the loose
    stars on the map and knocking them out of your opponents. WHen you 
    hit an opponent, they'll lose some stars(how much depends on the 
    weapon used), likewise, when you get hit you'll lose stars. The
    stars you lose will be your color, and you can't collect stars of
    your color. If no one gets them after some seconds then they'll
    turn silver and you'll be able to pick them up again.
      The key to combat is to split your time between attacking other
    people and collecting the lose stars on the map. You should always
    focus your attacks on those with more stars than you, it's much 
    more helpful. If you're in the lead or close, then go after those
    who are close to you. Naturally you want to limit your star loss
    so watch out for everyone, but there's no way to NEVER lose a star.
    Don't get frustrated if you suddenly lose 20 stars and are in second
    place. You can just as easily turn the tide again. 
      No weapons except the dodgeball, and you have a limited number of 
    hits you can take(usually 4). If you hit someone you'll gain a hit back. 
    Always be on the look out from every side in this mode. It's fun and 
    hectic and tense, one of my favorite. Sadly it's not prominent in 
    on or offline play. 
      Don't carelessly throw your dodgeball at an opponent, take time to
    follow them a little bit, the closer you are the better your chance of
    hitting them. When someone is chasing you, back away from them so you'll
    have a shot at catching the ball, or if you can run away with enough 
    then turn around and lose them. Either way, you should still be watching
    out for shots from all sides. One thing you have to be careful about is
    ricochets, if you're near a wall an opponent might throw and miss you 
    but the ball will hit you on the rebound from the wall. The opponent 
    will still get credit for the hit.
      Kill kill kill! The goal here is to frag as many opponents as you can
    in a certain amount of time(2:00-5:00). This is the most popular online
    gametype, and is in the single player a few times as well. 
      As with most other online games knowing the maps and weapons will
    give you the big advantage. Instead of bleeding your opponents for
    stars, you just want to kill them as quickly as possible. Knocking or
    throwing them off the map(where possible) will credit you with the frag
    so be sure to try and knock people off as much as possible. It's the
    quickest way to get a Frag. And while it seems dumd to say, taking as
    little damage as possible will help you win as well. In Whacked you 
    regain health pretty steadily, so if you survive an onslaught and are
    low, try to get away from the action while you refill. You'll keep 
    someone from scoring an easy frag.
      There's a trophy on the map and you have to hold it for a certain
    amount of time to win. Kill the person holding the trophy to make them 
    drop it. When you have the trophy you move much slower and can barely
    jump, making it tough to avoid weapons. 
      When you don't have the trophy, you should go after the person with
    it, of course, but you should also inflict some damage on anyone near
    the trophy carrier as well, in case they get it they'll be easier to
      When you do have the trophy, to try have a good close range weapon
    on hand, and get to some out of the way place on the map. This rarely
    happens, but ideally it's what you want. More realistically, try to 
    stay near cliffs or fatal map features so maybe your opponents will
    fall off or die on accident or with a little help from you. If none
    of this is possible, then just run around willy nilly and hold onto
    the thing for as long as you can!
      My favorite mode, there's a small patch of green swirly light that
    appears on the map, and the first contestant to stand in in for a 
    certain amount of time wins. The key is, obviously, to stay in 
    the Hill as long as possible while keeping everyone else out. Close
    range and area weapons like the Stick of Reason and Urp! work well
    in this situation. If you're away from the Hill and everyone is
    fighting in it, then grab some Plunger Missles or something with
    good splash damage to fire as you run to it. 
      Your goal is to stay in the Hill as long as possible, killing the
    other players is just a step in accomplishing this. Don't get engaged
    in a fight away from the hill, always be IN it or GOING to it. If you're
    in the hill without a weapon you can either try to knock people out with
    your hand to hand move or squash them with your jump attack. You don't
    build up time when you're flat, frozen or being shocked in the hill.
     These two levels are the last two of the game, and also the most 
    frustrating. So to stem a big flow of E-Mail I'd probably get about 
    them I'll just discuss them in depth here.
      Stage 4, Studio 3, Battle 3
     You play this chicken level on Space Walk, and have to get 200 stars
    to win. This can be a VERY annoying level, but you can abuse a couple
    things to help you win. 
      First, the Thruster switch inside the main area spacewalk, with the
    spiraling ramp, use it often, especially when there's TONS of chickens
    on the map. The thrusters will knock most of them off the map, resulting
    in a rain of stars for you to grab.
      Secondly, the cannon will appear at the tip of the TV satellite orb(
    with all the tv screens and stuff) alot. Use this rain down death on
    the chickens below as much as possible. The cannon and the Yolk-O-Matic
    should be your two main weapons in this level. They let you take out a
    bunch of chickens quickly.
      You should also use the spring jumps pretty regularly to get away from
    the chickens. Kill a bunch near the spring, then jump away and come back
    for the stars later, they're not going anywhere. 
      The Hell level can be really easy or really annoying, it all depends
    on how well you are at avoiding taking damage. Van's minions die easily
    and leave a ton of stars, Van himself is like a regular contestant only
    a bit better at hitting you with EVERYTHING. You should avoid Van as
    much as possible, only go after him with a good weapon, and kill his
    minions as much as possible, and ALWAYS be collecting loose stars.
      The key is keeping your star count way up by collecting the tons of
    loose stars that appear, and not losing them by getting whacked over and
    over. Running around the circle that surrounds the lava falls is a good
    way to get some stars and avoid most of the trouble, then venture over
    near the devil face only when there's a ton of stars there. And kill the
    minions as much as possible and get their stars, they leave ALOT and
    don't bother trying to get them back. Kill a couple without going to
    get the stars, then dash in and collect them all and run away. It's
    okay, and preferable, to not be collecting stars over LOSING them.
    4.                            GAME MODES
      These are the different game modes on the Main Menu. The only one I
    didn't include is the Game Demos one, since that takes you to other
    games and they're pretty self explanatory.
      Gameshow Mode is the single player portion of Whacked. It really only
    exists to unlock stuff for the multiplayer games, but it's pretty fun
    to run through once or twice. Some of the 4th Level stages are just
    tedious though. Make a profile and choose a character(you can't change
    once you've picked). You'll unlock the shaded contestants by beating
    the levels, so after going through once, you'll be able to select them
    all the next time.
      There's 4 Stages, with 9 battles on each stage. These are broken up
    into 3 Studios with 3 battles each. You can go into any studio at any
    time, but you have to beat battle 1 to unlock battle 2, and then battle
    3 in each studio. Beat all the battles and you'll advance to the next
    stage. After each battle you'll unlock a new weapon or powerup or
    button effect, and get a short commercial and/or character movie. All
    the commercials and movies can be watched(once unlocked) in the Theater
      Beating all 4 Stages will unlock the Hell level, and beating Hell 
    will give you an ending for your character. After you beat hell you
    can play ONLY hell with that Profile, but all the characters will be
    available for your next one.
    The limits for each gametype are as follows:
                           STAGE 1  STAGE 2 STAGE 3 STAGE 4
    CHICKEN(Stars)           50      100     150     200
    COMBAT(Stars)            50      100     150     200
    DODGEBALL(Hits)           4        4       4       4
    FRAGFEST(Time)         2:00     3:00    4:00    5:00
    GRAB N RUN(Time)       1:00     1:00    1:00    1:00
    KING OF THE HILL(time) 2:00     2:00    2:00    2:00
              GAMETYPE         / MAP              / UNLOCKED ITEM
    STAGE 1
           1. Chicken          / Can Can          / Cluster Duck
           2. King of the Hill / Car Crash        / Stick of Reason 
           3. Combat           / No Trespassing   / The Shocker
           1. Combat           / Car Crash        / Missle
           2. King of the Hill / La Banno         / Double Up
           3. Chicken          / Death Wall       / Star Mines
           1. Grab N Run       / No Trespassing   / Dodgeball
           2. Combat           / Christmas Tree   / On Fire!
           3. Dodgeball        / Can Can          / Vacuum
    STAGE 2
           1. Chicken          / Car Crash        / Invisibility
           2. Fragfest         / Joyride          / You're It!
           3. Combat           / La Banno         / Mallet
           1. King of the Hill / Christmas Tree   / Cactus
           2. Fragfest         / Arctic Pipeline  / El Vampiro
           3. Combat           / Can Can          / Screwed 
           1. Combat           / Jeffry's Kitchen / Play Ball
           2. King of the Hill / No Trespassing   / Freeze Gun
           3. Grab n Run       / Death Wall       / Freeding Fenzy
    STAGE 3
           1. Grab n Run       / Spacewalk        / Pitchfork
           2. Fragfest         / Christmas Tree   / Magnet
           3. Combat           / Arctic Pipeline  / Minefield
           1. Combat           / Highrise         / Yolk-o-Matic
           2. Dodgeball        / La Banno         / Urp!
           3. Chicken          / Joyride          / Da Bomb
           1. King of the Hill / Pirate Ship      / Goodbye Doggie
           2. Grab n Run       / Jeffry's Kitchen / Shish-Ka-Bob
           3. Combat           / Death Wall       / Death
    STAGE 4
           1. King of the Hill / Arctic Pipeline  / Cannon
           2. Fragfest         / Highrise         / Sticky Bombs
           3. Combat           / Pirate Ship      / Zombie Stars
           1. Combat           / Space Walk       / Bee Hive
           2. Dodgeball        / Jeffry's Kitchen / Simmer Down
           3. King of the Hill / Highrise         / Swap
           1. Fragfest         / Pirate Ship      / The Plague
           2. Combat           / Joyride          / Fisheye Lens
           3. Chicken          / Spacewalk        / Upside Down
           1. Combat           / Hell             / Van Tastic
     This is the multiplayer mode of WHacked, which is the main part of the
    game. You can play up to four players on any mode, and pick what map 
    and gamestyle you want to play and all the corresponding limits and
    goals for that gamestyle.
      This is for playing splitscreen on a single XBox and TV. Select it,
    then press A on every controller that's going to be a human contestant
    and select your character. The compute automatically fills in any open
    slot. You're then taken to the setup screen:
    The first option lets you pick what map to play on
    The second option is for the difficulty level of the CPU opponents
    The third lets you choose the gametype
    The fourth option lets you choose the time/number of stars you need 
    The fifth lets you choose what type of weapons you'll use
      When you have everything picked out, hit Start and start Whacking!
      The system Link option is like a mix between the Single Box and XBL
    options. When you select System Link you'll then have to choose a 
    profile to use, after that you'll be taken to a screen that shows you
    the available games, like the XBL one. If you're going to host, then
    pick <NEW SESSION> and set everything up in the same manner as a single
    Xbox game, then wait for everyone else to join your session. You'll
    see the player names and what character they're using in the PLAYERS
    box on the right side of the screen.
      When you pick XBOX LIVE you'll be prompted to select an XBL account
    from your system, then the box will connect. You'll be taken to a screen
    with several options:
      Select this if you just want to jump right in on any open game, regardless
    of gametype or length, etc. 
      Choose this when you want play a specific kind of match, you'll be shown
    a series of options you can set to find a game of that type, to see all the
    available games going on just choose ANY for all of them. You can't take 
    part in a game that's already started, but if there's an open space you 
    can claim it to be in the next match.
      Pick this when you want to host a certain kind of match. You'll set up 
    the match just like the Single and System Link matches, then wait for 
    people to join your game.
      Here you can manage your friends list just like any other XBL game.
    At the top you'll see the friend's name, and if they're currently online,
    and if they are what game they're playing. Your list shows gamertags 
    you've sent Friend requests too first, then any friends that are online,
    then finally your other offline friends. If you pick a gamertag that's
    online, you can invite them to join your game of Whacked. If you pick
    someone offline you can take them off your friends list, and if you
    pick someone with a friend invite they haven't answered, you can
    cancel the invite.
      This lets you choose if you want to appear as Online or Offline in
    your Friends' friend lists, and you can also choose a voice mask.
    4C. OTHERS
     These are the other game modes, I just lumped them all in here since 
    they aren't big enough to deserve a whole section each. Note that I 
    didn't bother with the Game Demos thing, since they're different games
    and all that.
     Rehearsal Mode lets you get used to the controls and game mechanics of
    Whacked! I definitely recommend going through it if you're just starting
    to play. It can definitely help you get the hang of the controls.
      The Theater lets you view the commercials and character movies you've
    unlocked so far. The list:
    CINEMATICS               How to unlock
    ----------               -------------
    Whacked Intro            Let play at startup
    Today's Contestants      Begin a new game
    Lucy's Interview         Let game idle at Main Menu
    Toof's Interview         Let game idle at Main Menu
    Otto's Interview         Let game idle at Main Menu
    Eugene's Interview       Let game idle at Main Menu
    Lance's Interview        Let game idle at Main Menu
    Charity's Interview      Let game idle at Main Menu
    Lucky's Interview        Let game idle at Main Menu
    Intro to Stage 1         Play game
    Intro to Stage 2         Finish Stage 1
    Intro to Stage 3         Finish Stage 2
    Intro to Stage 4         Finish Stage 3
    Lucy wins...             Finish Stage 4 with Lucy
    Toof wins...             Finish Stage 4 with Toof
    Otto wins...             Finish Stage 4 with Otto
    Eugene wins...           Finish Stage 4 with Eugene
    Lance wins...            Finish Stage 4 with Lance
    Charity wins...          Finish Stage 4 with Charity
    Lucky wins...            Finish Stage 4 with Lucky
    You Lose...              Lose Hell level with anybody
    Lucy's Prize             Beat Hell with Lucy
    Toof's Prize             Beat Hell with Toof
    Otto's Prize             Beat Hell with Otto
    Eugene's Prize           Beat Hell with Eugene
    Lance's Prize            Beat Hell with Lance
    Charity's Prize          Beat Hell with Charity
    Lucky's Prize            Beat Hell with Lucky
    Epilogue                 Beat Hell with anybody
    Charity and Toof         Play as Toof or Charity through Stage 2
    Otto and Toof            Play as Toof or Otto through Stage 1
    Lucy and Otto            Play as Lucy or Otto through Stage 2
    Lance and Lucy           Play as Lance through Stage 2
    Lance and Eugene         Play as Lance through Stage 1
    Lucky and Eugene         Play as Lucky or Eugene through stage 2
    Lucky and Charity        Play as Lucky through Stage 3
    Goodbye Doggie
    Bad Books
    Freeze Gun
    How to Walk with a Rock
    Smiley Happy Filthies
    Special Report
    Asson Oil
    My First Chainsaw
    Spank Tank
      I've been through the game a few times and honestly can't remember
    in what order you unlock the commercials. Suffice to say, go through it
    once and you'll see and unlock them all.
    View the credits
    Spilt Screen:  Horizontal or Vertical (2P mode)
    SFX Volume:    0-100%
    Music Volume:  0-100%
    Voice Volume:  0-100%
    5.                          IN DEPTH LISTS
    5A. MAPS
      Here's where I'll give you some playing tips for each map in the game
    and also tell you about each one's special features. They're in 
    alphabetical order.
      This is a fun map that has both a wide open area on one side, and a 
    smaller, tighter section on the other. The two sides are divided by a
    big pool of oil, and if you fall into the oil you'll catch on fire. You
    can close off the "control room" on the smaller side by hitting a switch
    on top of the pipe on the bigger, open side. If you're on the open side
    looking over at the smaller side, then the pipe is on your right(The
    Exclamation Point for this level usually appears up by this switch). 
    When the room is closed off, it catches on fire and usually takes out
    everyone inside.
      When playing this map, it's best to stay out of the control room area
    since people will be quick to close it off and set you on fire, if you 
    are inside it when it closes, try to make it out the little side exit
    before the flames start, this tunnel leads to an opening at the edge
    of the smaller side. In King of the Hill(KOH for short) games, the hill
    will appear in the control room, and in a little section inside the
    side tunnel, so if you don't see the hill right away when you're
    outside, it's one of these two spots. 
      I generally stay on the open side and fire weapons across at people
    on the other side, or try to knock them into the oil when they're 
    crossing to my side. Lobbing splash damage weapons over at the small
    side has great results. If everyone is on the big, open side then try
    to stay towards the edges and not run in the middle where everyone can
    take a shot at you. You can even jump up onto the pipe and rain down
    some shots from there, alot of people seem to forget about that spot
    when they're fighting. Of course, to get some more weapons or get to
    the hill, you'll have to go over to the control room side sometimes. 
    When jumping across be sure to jump right at the edge of the pool, 
    otherwise you might fall in and waste time AND health getting out.
    There's a pipe on each side of the pool that leads out of the oil if
    you fall in. When you're fighting in the small open section in front
    of the control room, you should try to knock people into the oil,
    especially if you have a good close range weapon. 
      Can Can is the most basic level, and seems to be the most popular
    online. It's probably my favorite map as well, since it mainly wide
    open and there's no big map feature that will instantly kill everyone
    around it. The map is two big open areas divided by a small stream,
    with a bridge going over the water in the middle of the map. One side
    is just grass and a small pool at the very back, and the other has
    some building fronts as a wall, and a small room in the middle with
    a Can Can dancer sign's legs kicking in front of it. If you get hit
    by the legs going into/out of the room then you instantly die. 
      Of course, the best weapons and powerups are usually found in that
    small room, so check in it often, just strafe by and look in, if it's
    something you want then run in and get it, but by all means don't 
    stay in that room for long. You're a sitting duck in there, and people
    can just toss in some clusterducks or something to take you out. On
    the other hand, if you're just running by the room, throw a weapon in
    there for good measure. Also, avoid using the full length of the 
    bridge, you're an easy target for everyone while you're on it. Go
    halfway then jump off to one side, or avoid it all together, but just
    don't stay on it for long. Running under the bridge is a good way to
    lose Missles and Plungers.
      Overall this level is pretty basic, it'll be up to you and what
    weapons you grab to win. Stay on the outer edges when you can, and don't
    let anyone sneak attack you from under the bridge. If anyone is in the
    water then let'em have it as they come at you, or run the other way. 
    It's best to strafe across the water, keeping everyone else in your
    sight as much as possible.
      Another basic level, it's comepletely flat and round, except for the
    big tire in the center and a couple small platforms around the outer
    edge. This is a great stage for long range weapons since there's hardly 
    any cover to be found. There's also no deadly map feature at all, so 
    it's up to you to take everybody out. 
      Ranged weapons are great in this level, as I said, so stick to the
    out edges and fire them in at people near the middle. If you get an
    close range weapon, then by all means rush into the middle and try
    whack some people, or if everyone is staying near the perimeter, run
    around it and whack at them there. But you mainly want to stick with
    the ranged weapons here. This is probably the best level for the
    Plungers. If you're playing chicken on this level, then try to crowd
    all the chickens near the tire and shoot at them in groups, or just
    staple them as they make their way up the ramp to the top of the tire.
      This is a small, tight map with alot of small ramps and platforms
    to jump onto for weapons and stars. In the center is a tree, and 
    constantly turning around that tree is a toy train, if you get hit by 
    the front of the toy train you'll die instantly. Any other part is
    okay to touch, and it can be used to jump up to platforms as it goes
    by them. The other feature of this map is the Spank Tank. You have to
    grab the battery that appear on the other end of the map, on top of a
    present, then make your way to the tank and stand on top of the tank,
    in the small "cockpit" area, and hit Attack to use the tank. The tank
    fires shells that explode from a first person prospective. If someone
    attacks you while you're controlling the tank, you'll be knocked away.
    Once the battery is in the tank, anyone can use it, but it runs out
    after a short time and you have to wait for the battery to re-appear
    before you can use the tank again.
      The major question for this map is, "should I go for the tank?" and
    for the most part I'd say no. You'll do much better just trying to 
    kill people with the normal weapons, but you SHOULD keep and eye out
    for the battery. If someone has it then they can't pick up anything
    else, so go after them. You could also grab the battery, then stand
    over a different weapon to make the battery disappear for a short 
    while so NO ONE can use the tank. If someone is using the tank,
    you can use the tree in the center, or one of the little side
    ramps for cover, of if you're close by the tank nail them with whatever
    weapon you have, or just flatten them with a jumping attack. If you
    take out someone using the tank, then by all means take over it and
    fire some shots off, but otherwise let someone else do the dirty
    work of bringing the battery all the way over to it.
      Splash damage weapons work well on this map, since it's so small,
    as well as close range weapons. It's easy to lose Missles, and to a
    lesser extent, Plungers on this maps because of the little side
    ramps. Use the train to jump on some of the higher platforms instead
    of the "step" platforms leading up to them since you're an easy target
    on those smaller ones. Also, if you're fighting someone up close and 
    the train is coming, try to knock them into the path for a quick kill.
    You won't get the credit, but you'll take a kill away from them which
    is just as good.
      Deathwall is probably the smallest map in the game, and playing here
    is pure chaos most of the time. It's just a small rectangle of open 
    space surrounded by walls with spikes that stick out of them when 
    someone gets near them. 
      The Shish-Ka-Bob can be lethal on this map, since you can stick 
    someone to a wall and have the spikes take care of them, and any
    exploding weapon that knocks opponents back can be deadly, not
    to mention close range weapons that can send them flying. So pretty
    much any weapon that throws the opponent around is good here, but
    you should avoid ones like the Shocker that leave you with no control
    of yourself. 
      Try to stay on one of the long sides of the map, and avoid going into
    the very middle. Fire your long range weapons at opponents on the other
    side of the map or in the middle, and try to knock the one's on the same
    side as you into the walls.
      Hell is a fairly complex map, but it's centered around a big, open
    space at the center. On one side of this open space is a big demon 
    statue with some platforms and a chicken cage in front of it. If you
    land on the chicken cage the two demon hands will grab the cage, and
    anyone in their way will be killed. On the other side is a pait of
    lava falls, with a narrow ramp behind them that leads to another
    chicken cage handing over a lava pool. If you jump on this cage it
    will sink into the lava, and if you touch the lava falls you'll 
    catch on fire.
      The key to this map is to stay out of the big center area and punish
    those who run around it, and to try and knock everyone else into the
    lava all around you. Pitchforks are great for this, as well as Sticks
    of Reason. I usually stay on the side with the lava falls, and quickly
    cross over to the other side if I need weapons or stars. Staying in the
    big center area is a bad idea.
      This is a fairly small map divided into a few platforms with nothing
    but air between them. Needless to say, falling between the rooftops 
    results in death. The main section of this map is the long, narrow
    rooftop in the center, there's a billboard with a small ledge on one
    side of it, and a couple more rooftops on the other. You can use the
    fans on the corner of the narrow rooftop to reach another, smaller one
    where a yellow button weapon usually spawns. If you grab the button and
    hit Attack, a girder swings down across the main rooftop and knocks
    anybody standing on it off the side. There's also a a couple wooden
    platforms, if you fall to the lower one the only way up is the two
    elevator things on the side that bring you to the upper platform.
      I'm not a big fan of this map, this and spacewalk are probably my 
    two least favorite in the game. It's actually TOO EASY to knock other
    people off into the abyss, and this map centers around that. Grab a
    Stick of Reason and go to town. Long range weapons are a good choice
    as well, since there's no real cover on the map. I usually stay around
    the center rooftop, away from the billboard side so I can get away from 
    the girder if I hear it coming, and also so I can use the fans to jump
    away from homing weapons or someone coming at me with a Pitchfork or
    bat. Avoid the wooden platforms like the plague, unless you can save
    yourself from falling by landing on the lower one. Otherwise, they're
    death traps.
      Another small map, with a total drop off on one whole side and a 
    sink in the middle. The sink has a drain that come suck people down
    if you hit the switch on the faucet. There's cans and books scattered
    about that make for some different level platforms.
      Trying to knock people off the map and avoiding getting knocked off
    is the name of the game here. Pitchforks and bats are your best friends
    on this map, and you should always turn the drain on when you're running
    by just for the hell of it. The small cluster of books on the one end
    is useful for cover against missles and plungers, the cans on the other
    end leave you wide open though. The small pathway between the sink and
    edge of the counter is dangerous to use, if you see anyone on it be sure
    to send some shots their way.
      A very fun map, it consists of two wide open parts, and there's a 
    torch on the raised part of the pick up truck you can use to set everyone
    on the bed of the truck on fire. To use it you have to jump across to
    the roof of the cop car and grab the matches, then bring them back and
    stand near the torch and hit attack. Hold down attack and spray around
    to get everyone. The pick up will also swerve from time to time, sending
    you flying to one side or the other, make sure you're down in the bed of
    the truck when you hear the swerving noise, or you'll be thrown off.
      For the most part, I don't go after the matches for the torch, usually
    I let someone else get them then kill'em when they bring them back over
    to the pick up truck side. If you're holding the matches then you can't
    use any weapons.
      Everything goes for this map. Close range weapons can knock enemies
    off the map, and there's little cover from long range ones. If something
    IS homing in you, try to run behind the toolbox on the truck side to lose
    it, it works most of the time.
      La Banno is an okay map, it's centered around a big, spinning fan
    and has some different level platforms around the outer edges. You can
    make the fan spin fast and throw everyone off it by jump attacking the
    white timer on one of the platforms at the edge. If anyone gets caught
    in the spining blades they'll die. 
      I stay on the outer parts of this map and fire splash and homing
    weapons at the other contestants, only going on the fan to get stars
    or a good weapon. If you're on the fan when it starts blowing you off,
    try to make it to the closest outside edge, or to the very center of
    the fan, whichever is closer. 
      This is a fairly open map that's divided into three sections by fences.
    The center section is a flat road where most of the action takes place,
    on one side of this road is a flat yard with a couple of swinging scythes
    going across it's entry gate. If you get hit by them, you die. The other
    side is a smaller yard with a broken down car at it's entrance, the roof
    of the car collapses every few seconds and open up a spike pit inside. If
    you fall into the spikes, suprise, you die. 
      Despite the two lethal features, this map plays fairly straightforward.
    Long and mid range weapons are your best bet, as close range weapons like
    the bat will just knock them away from you.  Clusterducks and Cleavers 
    are great on this level. Again, try to stay out of the center as much as
    possible, and always jump over the top of the car. Unless you really need
    to get into the yard(everyone else is there, or the person with the trophy
    is hiding out there) with the swinging sickles at the gate, avoid it. It's
    kinda hard to time the swings, and they come down FAST.
      The ship is a fun map with probably the most lethal stage features. It's
    a long and narrow map with some high up platforms, on each end is a cannon
    which will send you flying up to the sails if you jump on them, and at the
    center are two tank on each side which fire can fly across the boat if you
    hit the button at the very middle of the boat. Anyone caught in their path
    will instantly die. The last, and most deadly, feature is the treasue chest
    in the small map room on the one end of the ship. If you jump attack the 
    chest it will cause the whole ground level of the map to flood, killing 
    anyone who gets caught or falls in the water. The only way to avoid this 
    is to jump in one of the cannons and get shot up to the sail level.
      On the ground level of this map, long range weapons work well, but once
    you get up on the sails then it's all about the close range ones and trying
    to knock everyone else off into the water. Flood the boat as much as you can
    and try to catch people off guard so they'll drown, you'll pick up one or 
    two quick frags each time you flood, usually. If you ever  hear that 
    water gurgling sound though, get to a cannon ASAP. 
      My least favorite map in the game, it's made up of a bunch of small
    platforms connected by some narrow walkways. At the center of the map
    is a large, round platform with a ramp leading into an "inside" area,
    in this area is a switch that will engage the thrusters of the space
    station. Once they fire everyone will get thrown aroun, and usually
    off, the map. There's also a couple jump pads to let you jump across
    to the opposite side of the map quickly. 
      I generally stay in the center section of this map, straying away
    only to grab a really good weapon like the Cannon. Long range weapons
    work really well here, but everything pales in comparison to the
    thrusters. So you'll usually find a lot of the fighting taking place
    in the center portion of the map because everyone wants to be the
    one that hits the switch and sends people flying. If you're ever
    outside and hear the "engage thrusters" sound, then start running
    in the opposite direction of the way the thrusters push you,
    you should run towards the side of the map with the big Van Tastic
    head on it.
     This is the list of the Weapons in the game with their stats and a 
    short description of how to use them well. You unlock the weapons by 
    playing through Gameshow Mode. Once they're unlocked, you have them to 
    play with in Battle Mode as well as long as you use the Profile that you 
    used to unlock them. 
      There's three categories of stats in all:
    DAMAGE:    How much energy it takes away from opponents
    STAR LOSS: The rate which it knocks stars out of enemies
    FIRE RATE: How fast the weapon fires
      Each weapon is ranked 1-5 in each stat, with 1 being the lowest and 5
    being the highest. Some weapons are better at damaging your opponent 
    while some are mainly for knocking stars out of 'em. Some weapons fire
    fairly fast, and some are slow and powerful.
    DAMAGE:    3
    STAR LOSS: 2
    FIRE RATE: 3
      The Plunger Missle is a good all around weapon. It's kinda slow and
    you only get 3 each time you pick'em up, but they pack a punch and
    cause decent star loss. Whenever I see the Plunger Missles I grab em,
    fire all 3 at the same opponent and they have little chanve to survive
    if they can't dodge them well. The splash damage on the plungers is
    a nice bonus, sometimes you'll take out a couple opponents at once.
    Overall, the plungers are one of the better weapons in the game,
    single or multiplayer. The little target on your opponent is a nice
    way to get them to freak out, hah! Plungers are also very effective
    in Chicken, and you should grab them whenever you see them.
      If someone is using the plungers against you, your best bet is to
    duck into a smaller area of the map and hope that the missles can't
    follow you in. GO into some twists and turns and try to lose them,
    otherwise make the best of it and jump away at the last second to
    avoid the full effect of the missle and only take some splash damage.
    DAMAGE:    2
    STAR LOSS: 1
    FIRE RATE: 3
      While it's stats aren't that hot, I like the Cleaver. You get an
    unlimited amount of cleavers to throw in 10 seconds or so. If you
    throw them slowly, one at a time, they have a little bit of tracking
    ability, but if you throw them quickly they only track a tiny bit.
    Think of the Cleaver as the basic machinegun in an FPS, not too
    damaging but you can fire it fast and do okay damage. It actually
    only takes 5 or 6 cleavers to kill somebody, but getting into the
    right spot to use them is tricky. They're okay as a close range
    weapon, and okay at long range, but they're really made for mid
    range fighting. Get somebody in your sights as they're running
    away from you or fighting someone else and fire a couple off as
    you close in. You'll usually get a couple shots in before they
    realize where the damage is coming from, then you can close in
    an fire away as they spin to look for you. They're pretty good
    for Chicken as well, you can rapid fire through a group of the
    cluckers pretty quickly.
      Against someone with Cleavers you're best bet is side-stepping
    and jumping while firing back whatever weapon you have(or running
    away if you don't have one). The trick is to move side to side to
    keep the cleavers from homing in on you.
    DAMAGE:    2
    STAR LOSS: 3
    FIRE RATE: 2
      A good close range weapon, with decent damage and good star loss,
    I only use it in Combat, or if there's nothing else around, otherwise
    I try to get a better up close weapon if I can. Not that I don't like
    the Stapler, I just like the other weapons better. The slow rate of
    fire is what kills it for me. Plus it flattens the opponent so you 
    can't inflict any more damage for a short time. While this is useful
    in King of the Hill games, since you can't gain time while flat, it's
    it's a con in most other game types. If there's a Stapler right by 
    another, better, weapon, grab the Stapler first then get the other
    one, the less weapons for your enemies the better. The Stapler is
    okay in Chicken, but again, there's better weapons to use. Only get
    it as a last resort.
      If someone is coming at you with a Stapler and you have no weapon
    of your own, the jump attack is about your only solution. If you DO
    have a weapon, then just back up as you wail away at them while they
    try to get close.
    DAMAGE:    2
    STAR LOSS: 2
    FIRE RATE: 5
      Another weapon I usually only use as a last resort. You have to get
    up close to an opponent and you'll connect to them with a bolt of 
    electricity, as long as you don't bump into a wall you'll stay attached
    to them and constantly make them lose stars and health. You can't 
    control your character while you're attached, you just swing around the
    person you're connected two. There are a couple reasons I don't like
    the Shocker, it's range sucks, even when you're close enough to have
    aim the thing pretty accurately, and when you do connect to someone
    with it, the low damage and star loss don't really seem worth all the
    trouble. One cool thing about the shocker, is if two people start
    shocking each other, they'll circle around each other and kinda float,
    until one dies or disconnects. 
      If someone is shocking you, run to the nearest wall and bang them into
    it, then hammer them with some superior weapon.
    DAMAGE:    3
    STAR LOSS: 2
    FIRE RATE: 2
      Now THIS I like. The cluster duck is basically a bouncing bomb shaped
    like a little rubber ducky. While 1 duck by itself does pretty good 
    damage, you can hold down the attack button and load up more, up to the
    whole 5 you pick up. If anyone actually gets caught between three or
    more ducks, they're usually Whacked. Never throw out just one duck if
    you can help it, sometime you need to when someone's getting right on
    you, but most of the time you should be loading up as many as possible.
    This works great against two opponents fighting each other in close
    quarters, or to just spam a high traffic area. In King of the Hill
    games you can do some serious damage with these, heheh. They're also
    a great weapon for Chicken, as in screen-clearingly great.
     If you even HEAR a clusterduck nearby, jump and run the hell outta
    there. The explosion is bigger than a Plunger Missle and does the
    same amount of damage. If you get stuck in a wave of ducks you 
    have about two seconds to try and minimize the damage, but if you
    touch one then it automatically goes off. Jump to higher ground or
    away from walls, or anywhere else except where the pack of ducks
    are. Most of the time you see them though, it's already too late.
    DAMAGE:    3
    STAR LOSS: 2
    FIRE RATE: 4
      Star Mines, to me, are an okay weapon. Naturally their only good use
    is in Combat games, but you can place them in some key spots in the 
    other game types to cause some trouble. You just have to decide if it's 
    worth spending the time holding this weapon to do it when you could be 
    grabbing a better one. In Combat games, spread the mines near where 
    stars always pop up on the map, or if you're near where someone got 
    whacked and there's stars everywhere, place 'em in there and watch the 
    others blow up as they run for the stars. Place 'em all in a row by a 
    group of Chickens to take them out when playing that mode.
      In Combat there's not much to help you in figuring out if a star is a 
    mine or not. If there's too many stars in a spawn spot then that's a 
    clue, or if they're placed around a weapon or something. If you start 
    grabbing stars in a group of them and one blows up, just leave the rest 
    alone if you're still alive. And if you're not playing Combat, then 
    certainly NEVER grab any stars. If you die via Star Mines in Fragfest 
    then you should expect some ragging.
    DAMAGE:    2
    STAR LOSS: 4
    FIRE RATE: 2
      I love the Stick of Reason(which I'll just call a bat for brevity),
    it's my favorite close range weapon in Combat, or any other gametype
    for that matter. The Star Loss is high, especially on the higher 
    levels, and while the damage is just okay, you have a good chance of
    knocking the opponent off of the map(if it's that type of map) or
    away from the hill/trophy.  About 4 whacks from the bat will kill
    somebody, if you can keep track of them. Needless to say, I love
    it when the big red button is Play Ball. The only time I don't use a
    bat is in Chicken, it's just not good for that gametype.
     If someone is coming at you with a bat, GET AWAY! Especially if you're
    on Joyride or Jeffry's Kitchen where it's easy to get sent off the map.
    Keep a bat-wielding opponent away with long range weapons or just run
    until they try to whack somebody else.
    DAMAGE:    0
    STAR LOSS: 5
    FIRE RATE: 1
      In Combat, the Dodgeball is a nice weapon to use when you can, but 
    don't go out of your way to get it. It causes the most star loss, but
    no damage whatsoever. Press the attack button when you're near a ball
    to grab it, then attack to throw it. If a ball is being thrown at you,
    and you don't have a weapon, then hitting attack right before it hits
    you will let you catch the ball, a very useful skill. You have to be
    fairly close to someone to guarantee a hit, but as you play more and
    more it'll be easier to hit people from further and further back. 
    Another tactic is too throw it at a group of people and hope it bounces
    off a wall and hits someone, or distracts them enough for you to grab
    another weapon and deal some damage.
      While catching the ball is always good, if you're not comfortable
    doing that, just back away from the opponent and jump or sidestep
    when they throw it. The only time a dodgeball can really get you is
    if you don't see it coming, which happens alot in the Dodgeball 
    DAMAGE:    5
    STAR LOSS: 4
    FIRE RATE: 1
      The major problem with the missle is how slow it is, which makes it
    pretty easy to ditch for anyone who's played alot. The missle is a nice
    choice for those wide open maps though. While slow, the missle has great
    tracking and can follow better than the Plungers. The damage and star
    loss are great as well. 
      If you're targeted by a missle and can't see or lose it, then try to 
    get near some other people(or the person who shot it at you) so they 
    can go down with you.
    DAMAGE:    2
    STAR LOSS: 1
    FIRE RATE: 3
      I like the Cactus more than the Stapler, even though the Stapler does
    more star loss. You can stab quicker with the cactus, which helps it's
    low star loss and okay damage. 3 quick stabs and most players will be
    pretty low on health. The cactus is also useful in Chicken for smaller
      As with most other close range weapons, try to get away from someone
    wielding a cactus or use a longer ranged weapon on them as they try to
    close in on you.
    DAMAGE:    2
    STAR LOSS: 3
    FIRE RATE: 3
      I use the maller sometimes, but I don't like the loss of control. If
    you're on a tight map like highrise, then I wouldn't suggest using the
    mallet, but it's good for something like Christmas Tree and Joyride.
    When you grab the mallet you continuously run forward while swinging
    it. The damage is decent and the star loss is great, you just have to
    try and swing back around and pick those stars up before someone else
      The best way to avoid a maller is to side jump away from the person,
    since they can't move side to side all that well. Avoid them then pelt
    them with something as they run away or try to circle back at you.
    DAMAGE:    0
    STAR LOSS: 0
    FIRE RATE: 5
      While it doesn't do any real damage, the harm you can cause with the
    freeze gun is nevertheless great. Hitting someone with the freeze gun
    will freeze(wow!) them in a block of ice for a few seconds. You can
    continue shooting them to blow the block of ice around, this is great
    on maps with drop offs and hazards. If an opponents dies while frozen
    from you, you get credit for the frag. Something else to try is to
    freeze someone then quickly grab a powerful, slow weapon like the 
    missle and let'em have it. 
      Naturally, try to stay away from someone with a freeze gun but if
    you do get frozen, well, just wait it out and be ready for when you 
    bust out and can inflict pain again.
    DAMAGE:    3
    STAR LOSS: 3
    FIRE RATE: 2
      Another awesome close range weapon. Hit the attack button to jab
    someone, then hold it keep them on there for a few seconds. When you
    let go you fling the opponent behind you, this(like the Stick and 
    Freeze Gun) is very useful on those maps where you can fall off.
    Stick someone, run around with them on your stick to drop stars
    and then fling'em off the map, nice!
      Again, try your best avoid someone wielding a pitchfork by backing
    away and shooting ranged weapons at them, jumping doesn't really work
    since you can get forked in the air, too. I fyou have no weapon, do
    your best to avoid them by zig zagging and jumping up on higher 
    ground if there's any. If you do get stuck, then just hope that they
    don't keep you on there too long or throw you off the map...
    DAMAGE:    0
    STAR LOSS: 0
    FIRE RATE: 2
      The only time the Urp weapon can be effective is in King of the Hill
    games or on Spacewalk where you have a good chance of knocking someone
    off. Otherwise the Urp is pretty useless and can only annoy people 
    rather than cause any real damage. If you hold down the attack button
    the can will shake more and more and the power of the Urp will grow,
    but even a fully charged urp isn't that great.
      If someone comes at you with the Urp and you aren't on Highrise or
    Spacewalk or that type of map, then laugh and kill them with any of
    the better weapons. Although I will admit that Urp "tug of wars" are
    pretty fun! 
    DAMAGE:    5
    STAR LOSS: 4
    FIRE RATE: 1
      The Goodbye Doggie is a fun weapon, but not one you should hold onto
    for long. If you grab one fire it off and look for something else. The
    dog hunts out the current leader and blows up near him, causing mucho
    damage and star loss. It's a little faster and better tracking than 
    the missle, but it's in the same vein i.e. slow and powerful.
     If there's a doggie on your tail, KEEP MOVING. Try to get to higher
    ground and see where it's coming from. Letting the dog get kinda
    close and then jumping up to higher ground or running AT it and
    jumping over it are a couple ways to juke the doggie, going into
    twists and tight areas doesn't work as well as with a missle.
    DAMAGE:    2
    STAR LOSS: 4
    FIRE RATE: 2
      Delicious and deadly! I love the Shish-Ka-Bob weapon, even though it
    can be a pain to hit someone with. It's like the sniper rifle of the
    game. But one shot and your opponent will be sent flying through the
    air with the skewer in them, then get pinned against the wall. This
    has many fun uses. In maps like Pirate Ship and Jeffry's Kitchen you
    can send them clear off the map, while in Death Wall you can pin them
    and let the spikes get'em. Muhahahaha! Not to mention in combat mode
    they'll be pouring out stars while they're stuck there screaming.
      If someone is shooting Shish-Ka-Bobs at you, do your best to juke
    and jive outta their aim, you DON'T want to be stuck on a wall, where
    everyone can take some free shots at you. 
    DAMAGE:    4
    STAR LOSS: 3
    FIRE RATE: 1
      The Bee Hive is another one shot deal, it's another weapon you should
    just pick up and fire as soon as you can. You have much better odds 
    when you're up close to someone(watch for the locked on target), but 
    even then the bees can be dodged pretty easily. In the off chance you 
    DO nail someone, chances are they'll freak out and keep moving and let 
    themselves get killed and lose plenty of stars to boot.
      If you're subject to a bee attack, just stand still. I know it's hard 
    in this game, and you open yourself up to follow up attacks, but if you 
    DON'T stand still you're guaranteed to be dead, whereas if you stop, 
    there's a chance you'll survive and get some payback. So remember, in 
    case of bees STAND STILL!
    DAMAGE:    4
    STAR LOSS: 4
    FIRE RATE: 1
      The Cannon is the best long range weapon, bar none. It has huge 
    damage and star loss and an equally huge splash damage radius. The 
    Cannon is great for when you're on higher ground or a little away from 
    the action, you can rain down the destruction on your opponents. It's 
    horrible when you're up close though, you usually end up taking as much 
    damage as your opponent.
      If someone is shooting cannonballs at you, just get outta there. If 
    they're far away, then take cover behind something, or if they're close 
    try to close in on them to either nail'em with a close range weapon, or 
    at least get a taste of some of the damage, too.
    DAMAGE:    2
    STAR LOSS: 2
    FIRE RATE: 5
      Possibly my favorite weapon in the game(this week anyway, heh). 
    While damage and star loss seem low, once you draw a bead on someone and 
    hammer them with the fully automatic egg gun, they're as good as dead. 
    Becoming skilled with this gun will win you many a match, trust me. The 
    key is to not continually fire, but to lay down some nice longish bursts
    against someone. This helps keep the recoil down as well, since if you
    just blast away you'll go flying back.
      If someone is raining eggs down on you, then take cover anywhere you
    can or try to get out of the way, ANYTHING just don't stand there and
    take the beating, you won't last long. 
    DAMAGE:    3
    STAR LOSS: 3
    FIRE RATE: 3
      I'm still not sure if I like the Sticky Bombs or not. You can stick
    them to opponents by hitting attack when they're near by, and then
    when they get hit next they'll get some extra damage. I usually grab
    something else, but I'll admit that Sticky Bombing someone only to have
    them get PItchforked or Stapled by someone, causing them to both die
    and giving me credit for 2 Frags is a nice feeling. I guess I'd lump
    them in the "get rid of ASAP" group. Feel free to pick them up but
    don't hold on to them for too long.
      If you get Stickied, then by god you should do your best to stay
    by the opponent who stuck ya and try to make them feel some of the
    damage. Or if you're almost dead, and feelin' cheap, just jump off
    the map and rob the bomber of their Frag.
      Powerups appear as Question Marks on the playing field. Generally you
    want to rush and grab a question mark as soon as you see it, UNLESS
    you're the leader, in which case it'll most likely be something negative
    for you. Rarely do you get Armor or Feeding Frenzies when you're up in
    a game. Powerups only last temporarily.
      When you get armor you turn gold and don't take any damage for a short
    amount of time. Break out those close range weapons and go to town!
      A bunch of stars spring out around you, grab them quickly before the
    other contestants come try to take some. Frenzies can really turn the
    tide in a Combat game. Be sure to clearly hear if it's a Feeding 
    Frenzy or fReeding fEnzy.
      The Double Up crown doubles every star you pick up, so 1=2. Again
    use this power up to it's full advantage when you get it, you can 
    really rack up the stars.
      WHen you get the Vacuum powerup you'll suck up all the stars that
    are near you. Needless to say this makes collecting them MUCH easier.
    Be careful around Star Mines though, you'll suck them up like normal
    stars and pay the price!
      Wearing the El Vampiro sombrero will let you suck up your opponent's
    stars when you're near them, this is a great power up to get if you're
    stuck in second place in a close game. Just get near the leader and
    suck up his stars. 
      On Fire means you're, well, on fire. You'll run straight ahead, like
    when you have the mallet and constantly lose health. The only way to get
    rid of the fire is to touch somebody else or jump in some water if the
    map has that. You can also catch on fire from the oil in Alaskan Pipeline
    and the lava falls in Hell.
      Just like the Feeding Frenzy, except a bunch of Star Mines pop out.
    Pay attention to what the announcer says before you run to those mines
    and try to pick them up. I've been in a couple games where everyone
    flocked to the Fenzy area and died within seconds of each other, funny
      You become invisible, even you're weapon. Close range weapons are
    great to use while invisible. Run up to someone with a bat and they'll
    be flying across the screen while wondering what just happened, hah.
    Also, when you lay Star Mines while invisible the MINES will be 
    invisible as well. Put a bunch near a good weapon or in a high traffic
    area and watch the carnage.
      Just like On Fire, except you keep the plague when you pass it on
    to someone. You'll gradually lose health and die, so make sure everyone
    else does too! If someone gives you the plague, then be sure to share
    it with anyone else not infected.
      A giant bomb appears over your head, when it goes off, you die. The
    only way to make this a good thing is to get near as many opponents
    as you can and take them out as well.
      Later on in the single player game, and sometimes in online games, an
    Exclamation Point will appear on the level, the announcer will tell 
    everyone when it happens. If you grab an Exclamation Point then your
    hand to hand attack will instantly kill anyone it hits.
      If you get the Exclamation Point, then run around and try to get
    as many people as you can. If you don't get the EP, then the announcer
    will say who did, AVOID THEM. Try to take them out with long/mid range
    weapons if they start coming at you. After 10 seconds or so, or if the
    person whi the EP dies, the effort wears off.
      Big Red Buttons appear in Gameshow Mode starting at Stage 2, they
    change the play of the game temporarily, which can either be harmful
    or helpful for you, or everybody else. Big Red Buttons spawn in some
    of the more out of the way places usually, but they're likely to 
    appear wherever weapons do as well.  When someone hits the BRB the
    game stops for a moment while the announcer says what effect the
    button had.
      Everybody gets 3 Missles to fire. This is the most common, and one
    of the most fun button effects. Fire away and watch the purty 
    YOU'RE IT!
      The leader gets a giant arrow over their head and everyone else
    gets unlimited Cleavers. All the stars are removed from the field,
    and the only way to get them is to hit the leader. If you're not
    leading, then to to surround and pound the leader and get close.
    If you ARE the leader, then run like hell. Stay in open areas
    where it's easier to dodge the cleavers, and try to get all the
    opponents chasing you from the same side. But basically, just
      The WORST button effect ever, if you're the leader. All the stars
    on the map turn your color, and any other stars that anyone else
    drops turn your color as well. Until you die or the time runs out
    you can't pick up ANY stars. Yeah, I'd call that screwed.
      My favorite button, everybody gets Sticks of Reason and proceed to
    beat each other silly. Especially fun on little maps with drop offs,
    and high level Combat games. Watch the stream of stars!
      The leader becomes "magnetized," and everyone else is given 3
    Plunger Missles that automatically track the leader. Run and
    hide in some small corner if you become magnetized, or try to get
    close to the all the other players so they take some damage as well.
      A bunch of star mines fall down onto the map, easy to avoid in 
    anything but Combat games. What can you do but keep grabbing stars
    and hoping for the best?
      The sky turns green and eerie music plays. Zombie stars appear all
    around the map try to suck out your energy. You can kill them with
    the weapons or jump attack them. Not that big of a deal in most
      All weapons are taken away and you can only fight hand to hand,
    or better, just run around and grab stars. Not much to say except
    get ready to grab a weapon when they come back.
      The sky turns black and everything dims, a giant bone hand stalks
    the map and if it touches you, you die. Simple enough. In most cases
    you won't have to worry about the hand, it's pretty slow, but 
    knocking people into it's path is fun.
      The screen flips over and everything turns upside down. Not much to
    do but keep playing and try not to kill yourself too many times before
    the screen flips back. Definitely a funny effect.
      One of my favorites. Everybody swaps control for a short time. 
    Naturally you should try and kill yourself as soon as possible since
    you're controlling an opponent. Watching everyone try to die instead
    of trying to kill each other is a nice change of pace.
      The most disorienting effect, the middle of the screen essentially
    stays the same but it warps around the edges. While you CAN get used to 
    it after a little bit, it's still a pretty headache-inducing effect.
    Listen to everyone moan when it activates :)
    6.                          NEXT REVISION
      If there is another update it will just be to expound upon some of the
    maps, or add any major omissions I might have missed. I hope this guide
    helps you enjoy the game a little more, and gives you a better grasp of
    the whacky world of Whacked. 
    Thanks for reading.
    7.                         ABOUT THE AUTHOR
    This is just one of a few FAQs I've written, all of which are 
    available at GameFAQS. A few my FAQs are on various other websites
    (usually with proper creditO_o) as well. I hope this or any of the other 
    FAQs I've written help you in some way, or allow you to enjoy a game 
    more than before, or maybe just get a good read out of it. 
      If you have any questions about this game, or any other I've 
    written a FAQ for, feel free to drop me an E-Mail. BUT keep in 
    mind a few things:
    1. Please don't ask when the next revision will be out, or if I 
    can send it to you, or if I can help you with a part not covered in the
    FAQ yet.  I don't really have a set schedule for these things, and you 
    can pick up the FAQ(s) at GameFAQs. 
    2. Please don't ask about something already covered in the FAQ. 
    Usually once a FAQ comes out I'm swamped with E-Mails and skip 
    ones that are covered in the FAQ. 
    3. Don't mail asking for codes, I don't have a Gameshark or keep 
    track of cheat codes or anything.
      Other than that, I try to answer every single E-Mail I get and 
    am usually pretty good at getting back to people quickly, but 
    sometimes I lose letters in my computer or forget to keep them as 
    new. If I don't answer in a week or so it's safe to say I won't
    be getting back to you, sorry.
    My E-Mail address: ProfRev@cox.net

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