How do I beat Darth Malak?

  1. I can't figure out how to beat darth malak, he's just to daamn strong. can you help?

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    WitchhunterX - 8 years ago

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  1. The easiest way...
    Wear the Bothan Sensory Headband (Immunity to Critical Hits...partially), the Electrical Capacitance Belt (which you had to purchase on Karshyyyk before the shop closed), and a good shield (Verpine Prototype that you got from Saul). Just prior to the "meet and greet" (on the yellow ramp up), use Master Force Speed (if you have it). As soon as the game pauses to start combat, go to the start menu-useable items and use the shield, all hyper-adrenal stimulants, and the Echani Battle stimulant. The best character feats for this are Master Dueling and Master Flurry; use a single lightsaber with Solari crystal and whatever else you desire. You want to be +37 to hit when completely stimulated (so you hit on 2 and above). Remember that if your Dexterity is higher than Strength, you get that bonus for your "To Hit".
    Once fully stimulated up and shielded, use Master Flurry with your Force Speed. After 3 rounds, you should get the first cut scene. After the cut scene, you may have to redo your Master Speed. Malak will start using Force Suppression which you can see as white dots collapsing on your character. Redo Master Speed immediately. If he does stun you with a critical hit, he'll follow it with Force Lightining, which your belt will dutifully negate. Once Malak "turns blue" the second time, run to the far left Jedi on the bottom and use Throw Lightsaber to release them. You may get one prior to the cut and then get the second one, if you desire (it's really optional), after the cut. If you are a Jedi Guardian, get to a spot with line of sight and distance so you can Force Jump your first attack (make sure your Speed is still on). After the first attack, redo Speed (he'll use Suppression, again) and Flurry, Flurry, Flurry. Make sure your shield is still on.

    After each cut scene, pause and start menu to check that all your stimulants, shield(s), and powers are still active. If you have not started the first combat round, you can activate more than one item off the Useable Items page; if in combat, you can only use one item per round (without losing your attack that round).

    If you don't have Flurry and Speed, then pause each round to use an Advanced Medpac (you should have about 100 by this time) or Lifesupport Pac (if you are really hurting) through the start menu. After each cut scene, use the start menu and regular Medpacs to get to full health. Use your stimulants and shield(s) as well. Thus, you should start each of the five mini-battles at full health with all your stimulant bonuses and an active shield. If you don't have the Electrical Capacitance Belt and you happen to have Force Immunity, use it to help minimize his Force Lightining. This method works for any character set.

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  1. Well, he is VERY hard to beat. Well he was when i went up against him for the first time...

    What i did was i used "drain life" if you're on the dark side, theres Jedi in those capsules that Malak uses to gain health, you can use them too i think if you have "drain life" which is a force power... if you dont have it though, what you can do is hit him and then run around in a circle, if you get low on health take a medpack real quick and continue, go in for a few hits on him but when things get rough start running so he cant hit you and take a medpack, do the same over and over a couple of times and you should have him beaten. Hope this helped.

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  2. The well known "cheap tactic" all over Gamefaqs is as follows:

    White button pause as soon and the convo ends, and use Force Wave so he can't put up his Force Armor,

    Run around the arena, time-to-time throwing your lightsaber at him or using Force speed and some flurrys until you're almost dead. Run around, using medpacks and the red kind often, and repeat until he uses his Jedi things

    After that, destroy the Jedi machines, and repeat the first part of the method, when he drops to almost empty health, you can probably turn around and slash him up a bit

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  3. Well what I always end up doing is constantly running around the room to get away from him, wait for your force to fill up and then throw your light saber or use force lightning on one of the machines, then keep running so he can't kill you. Make sure you save on occasion that way if he kills you by accident you don't have to start the process over. If you get damaged just keep running and use a force power like Heal til your full health. When all the machines are gone just attack him for a bit and then run away til you can use force to heal yourself and repeat. It might take awhile but then again im a chicken in most cases as I had A LOT of trouble with him even on easy mode.

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  4. What I did (light side) was for the final force move was to learn drain life. sounds dumb but I was also wearing the sith mask during the fight making it so that I regained force twice as fast. slash away at him and if your health gets low (if you have drain life use it on the machines) otherwise use the start menu and use a medpack of some sort (its faster that way). also if you have force immunity and something that makes you immune to critical hits, it makes the fight a little bit easier. good luck to ya

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  5. There are a few tactics like:

    -Use force speed to run away from him and throw lightsaber to attack hin

    -Use drain life occasionally, then attack him

    -Or you can cheat: attack him (need to at least inflicted 1 damage), save the game, then load the game you just saved and then it'll be your turn to attack once again.

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  6. Well those bodies he uses to heal himself you have to destroy (after the first time he uses it) and you can only do it with force moves that do damage (I know force lightning and drain health work) if you don't have a move that can destroy the bodies then you will have to restart the game because it will take forever.

    There is a glitch that lets you attack first. To do it the minute you attack and hit what you do is save and reload. How the game is made you will then attack first. So you attack save and reload and do that over and over again until he waists all the bodies.

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  7. You must be using a weaker class because the first time I fought him years ago when I knew nothing of how to make a good character I had an easy time, but I did know enough to know what classes were best in combat.

    I assume the problem is him regenerating, you want to destroy those pods yourself to stop Malak from healing or better yet use drain life on them and use them for yourself instead.

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  8. i would do wat some of the other guys did, use drain life on the wasted jedis in the pod.(im just guessing this but i think if u are a dark player it might be easier to kill him),but thats my oppinion.

    by the way...


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  9. He is actually not that hard.Just run around and attack him with the force til he uses the bodys of soldiers to heal.Run away and destory them as you reach them,they also help recover health.Run away while using the force and there you go.

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  10. Its hard and sometimes easy. Just smack his body with your lightsaber and use force lightning or life drain (use medpacks if must). Then hell start to drain life out of the bodies. This is fun... Run away from him and destroy all the pods or use them on you so he can't use them the smack him again and repeat the same tactic until he is dead.


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  11. Take away his captured jedi,be careful though when you go to attack again he'll throw his lightsaber at you....Good luck!!!!

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  12. He is tough if your on the light or darkside make sure you have drain life,a master attack(doesnt matter what it is),and force cure.Best of luck.

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  13. I train all capsuls then i just keep running everywhere using lighting

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  14. To beat him be sure to have a lot of medpacks then fight him until he uses the jedi in stasis tubes. You have to destroy they with an attack force power like shock or force lightning and then use flurry an power attack to fight him. Pause the game with start button, go to inventory and select the medpacks until he`s dead, I used life support packs to heal better
    I hope this helped u out

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  15. But if you do what vovsz says you cant use them to heal yourself so i perfer to use master drain life or somthin like that.......good luck

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