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    Level Up Glitch FAQ by Melc

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This is a step-by-step illustration of the glitch. We will be using a starting
    Scoundrel with the intention of obtaining Master Flurry. However, you are able
    to perform the glitch at any time you gain a level. However, if you want to
    quickly and safely test this glitch out, start up a new game and follow the
    instructions below. For purposes of illustraion, please place your starting
    feat into Flurry.
    1) Go through the Endar Spire, up until you finish the Bridge and gain a level.
    Trask should still be with you.
    2) Hit Start, go to the screen you can level up at (with the Light/Dark
    Background Indicator).
    3) Hit the Black Button, then immediately afterwards hit the A button. This has
    to be in rapid succession.
    4) You'll see that your character's headshot is indeed the PC. However, the
    body shot is Trask's. You want this.
    5) Level up this 'fake' level just as you would a normal level, though ignore
    skills for speed. Repeat this process a few times, making sure you put 1 point
    into the second of the Flurry Tree, leaving Master Flurry open.
    6) Wait until you fake level up through 10. Then, do a normal Level Up at 11
    (just hitting the A button, not the Black-A button combo). Select Master Flurry
    as your feat. You should also automatically gain Sneak Attack 6. Be sure to
    choose skills you want (if that's an option) at this level, as they stick now.
    7) Check your Feats page. You should see your normal Flurry, a blank space
    where the 2nd Flurry would be, and then Master Flurry. Go into battle and
    you'll find you can use Master Flurry on an enemy. Also, if you sneak up on
    them, you'll do extra damage from Sneak Attack 6. Congratulations, you have a
    Level 2 Scoundrel with Sneak Attack 6 and Master Flurry! You can do this with
    any feat or Force Power in the game, with a few exceptions.
    Armor: You may be able to glitch up to Heavy Armor, but just because you have
    Heavy Armor abilities doesn't mean you have Light. See, they don't offer
    'improved' versions of each other. Just different version of each other. If you
    want to wear Light, Medium, and Heavy, you need all 3 Feats.
    Implants: Same deal as armor.
    Toughness: Getting just level 3 isn’t going to get you all the bonuses. The
    master feat will give you the vitality bonus and the improved feat will give
    you the - 2 you have to get them separately.
    Automatic Feats: If you gain a feat automatically (Scoundrels and Sneak Attack,
    for example), it won't always show up on your feats menu. It'll show up in the
    battle log in Sneak Attack's case, however. Of course, you have to actually do
    a 'real' level up on the level with the automatic feat to get it. You can't
    glitch by it and be given it's benefits.
    Attribute Levels: If your 'real' level isn't an Attribute Level (4, 8, 12, 16,
    20), then don't perform the real level up on an attribute level, as it'll treat
    it as a 'fake' level and make you level again. If you ARE on an Attribute
    Level, then try to make sure you 'real' level on an Attribute Level so you can
    gain your Attribute Point.
    Now on to CLASS SWAPPING
    Alright, for this to work, you need 2 characters ready to level up. Let's say
    you have your Main Character (at this point a Level 5 scout with a level up
    waiting) and Carth, a Soldier (Level 5 level up waiting also). Our goal here is
    to turn Carth into a Level 5 Solider/Level 1 Scout. Am I crazy? Let's find out.
    1) Make sure Carth is in the #2 slot of your party (the middle, as it is). This
    is true of any class swapping. Whoever you want to receive the class needs to
    be immediately behind the person giving the class.
    2) Perform the Level Up Glitch from above with your Main Character. Make sure
    to choose a decent Force Power if you can (because cross classing takes a real
    level to do that means you can't fake level up a few times, so Carth may get a
    weaker power).
    3) You'll notice that now Carth can't level up. You'll also notice where it
    usually says "Level 5 Solider" you have a second class that says "Level 1
    4) Check your Main Character. They still can level up normally, and you can
    either Glitch your way up or normally level up.
    Alrighty, you've swapped classes and turned Carth into a Scout. This works for
    ANY character combination..
    Now its on to one of the best glitches “THE NPC JEDI”
    Okay for all you who want true multiclassed jedi companions. This works 100%.
    The only limit being they are the same class you pick for yourself. But they
    start from jedi level zero so they get all the feats and powers you get when
    you become a jedi on dantooine. ( force sensitive, lightsaber proficiency, ect)
    . this requires saving levels so that the partymembers you want as jedi can
    levelup using the glitch above. For the example me and carth are level 7 with 1
    level held while mission is level 6 holding 2. I talk to master dorack listen
    to the class choices answer his little questions and then he asks you what
    color you choose. you pick the dialog blue, green, or yellow. Now this must be
    done quickly. You have to hit start after the dialog box disappears and before
    the status screen comes up. Instead of loading the mandatory levelup you get
    your inventory screen where you can perform the glitch and turn carth into a
    jedi (doing the cross class glitch) since he is second in line. Carth is now
    soilder7/jedi class1. now what i do is switch to mission and hit the start
    button which will return you to the game and force you to levelup whichever
    character you were in control of in this case mission. So now you got mission 7
    holding 1, carth 7soilder/jedi1, and you primaryclass7/fake jedi1. Now all you
    have to do is make your saber, see how cool carth looks wielding it, get the
    dark taint quest leave the enclave emerge in the courtyard. You do this to
    reset your jedi level so your stats look like this primaryclass 7/jedi 0 ready
    to multiclass mission. then back in to multiclass zabaar, back out to
    multiclass candy, and anyone else you desire. As long as you do not really
    levelup no reason why you cant get hk-47 and multiclass him too.
    Now its on to the “BIG SKILL POINTS GLITCH”(only works for soldiers sorry)
    First at any level up you have (you can even do it on the endar spire) fake
    level up to any attribute level (4,8,ect) example lets say your on the endar
    spire where you have to level up all you have to do is fake to level 3, then do
    real level 4 (attribute level) and when you do the level press the y button to
    reccomend the attribute point and the skill points you can pick any feat you
    want then accept and at your next level BAM 200-400 skill points.
    The rules to this are that you have to reccomend the skill points and the
    attribute points or else it will not work ive done this like 10 times works
    everytime but it only works once per game. Tell me what you think. Try it!
    First of all you have to cross class three times
    And when you do you must be on an attribute level
    (ex. your a level 2 soldier and you have 2 levels waiting
    use up level 3 by crossing with a scout
    now on level 4 (attribute level)cross with a scoundrel that is going to a
    attribute level also. It can be their real attibute level or you can fake them
    up it dosen't matter(4,8,ect)
    Now when this happens their attribute level will be yours
    Put the attribute where you want dont mess with skills
    After you do this your out of levels and you will see the attribute point on
    your stats
    Then go to a load point and the game will reset the last level because you cant
    have three classes, but the point will stay.
    OK, thats all the glitchs we have found so far. I’d like to thank Killermadman,
    Eustacio,The glow, Sir Bushnell, (Noobie, just kidding) Ariella Oconnor,and the
    originator Super Saiyan Vegeta because without their and everyones smart
    thinking the glitches would not be possible.( least not this early) Did I miss
    anything let me know. Hope this helps.

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