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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ZeroFace

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                         Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
                             Walkthrough for the Xbox console
                                  Created by ZeroFace
                              Email: rubble_machine@yahoo.com
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is definitely the best Star Wars game
    out there. In my opinion it is the best game out there too. If you have the
    slightest interest in RPG games then buy this. It's well worth the $50 you
    spend. It was so fun that I played this about 4 hours a day . It is pretty
    long too if you do all the sidequests. The whole game took me about 50 hours.
    There are so many great things about this game and barely any bad things. It
    was one of the most enjoyable games I've played in years and if you have
    played any video game then you should play this. Another masterpiece for Xbox.
    -About the Guide-
    This is a very long awesome game so I'm going to just write about the main
    quest and a few important side quests. This walkthrough is for a male soldier
    on the light side. I will be on the hard difficulty too so if you are playing
    on normal then some things might be easier than I say. To change the difficulty
    go the Load/Save menu. Then go to gameplay and change normal to hard. Also try
    reading the tips before you read the wlkthrough because they help a lot. If
    you read this whole guide you won't have any trouble with this game. Before
    creating your character you should look at the Character Class chapter and
    before picking your Jedi Class look in the corresponding chapter again.
                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1.0..................................................Version History
    4.0..................................................Gameplay Tips
    5.0..................................................Creating Your Character
    6.0..................................................Character Classes
    7.0..................................................Jedi Classes
      8.1....................................................Endar Spire
      8.9....................................................The Unknown World
      8.10...................................................Star Forge
    7.0..................................................Force Powers
    1. Version History
    1.0 - I started the guide and did most of the other chapters. I got to Tatooine
    and stopped there.
    1.1 - Added some more to the guide and got further into Tatooine. I also
    corrected some spelling errors.
    1.3 - I started the Jedi class chapter and finished Jedi Guardian. Added more
    to Tatooine too.
    2. Controls
    A button- Action
    B button- Cancel
    X button- Add an action to action queue
    Y button- Remove an action from action queue
    Black button- Switch character
    White button- Pause during Combat
    Left Thumbstick- Controls Movement
    Right Thumbstick- Controls Camera
    Directional Pad- Go through action menu
    Start button- To menus
    Back button- Solo mode
    Left trigger- Changes target
    Right trigger- Changes target
    3. Characters
    Throughout the game you meet several characters, some friendly and some not so
    friendly. Here is a brief desription of each one.
    3.1 Friends
    -Carth Onasi-
    Race- Human
    Location- Endar Spire/Upper City Apartment, Taris
    Class- Soldier
    Level- 3
    Vitality- 36
    Specialty- Pistols
    Force- N/A
    -Improve his dexterity fast
    -Give him two pistols all the time
    -Improve his pistol skills quick
    -Give him some good armor since he can where anything from the start
    Suggested Weapons
    -Carth's Blaster- Start
    -Bendak's Blaster- Upper City Cantina. Bendak Starkiller
    -Cassus Fett's Blaster- Korriban. B'ree
    -Rapid Shot
    -Two-Weapon Fighting
    Main Attribute
    -Mission Vao-
    Race- Twi'lek
    Location- Undercity, Taris (outside settlement)
    Class- Scoundrel
    Level- 3
    Vitality- 21
    Specialty- Stealth
    Force- N/A
    -Improve her stealth and Security skills fast. (She's your stealth person)
    -Give her two pistols
    -Use stealth with her a lot and learn sneak attack
    -Improve her dexterity
    Suggested Weapons
    -Zabrak Tystel's Mark III- Kashyyyk Shadowlands
    -Mandalorian Heavy Pistol- Calo Nord, Tatooine
    -Arkanian Heavy Pistol- Igear, Undercity, Taris
    -Rapid Shot
    -Sniper Shot
    -Two-Weapon Fighting
    -Sneak Attack
    Main Attribute
    -Dexterity, Constitution
    -Bastila Shan-
    Race- Human
    Location- Lower City Swoop Race, Taris
    Class- Jedi Sentinel
    Level- 3
    Vitality- 24
    Specialty- Lightsaber
    Force- 39
    -Get Light Side Force powers quick
    -Improve her strength
    -Keep her lightsaber with her
    -Use belts and gauntlets to improve her dexterity and strength
    Suggested Weapons
    -Double-Bladed Lightsaber- Brejik, Lower City Swoop Race
    -Two-Weapon Fighting
    -Jedi Defense
    Main Attribute
    Race- Wookie
    Location- The Taris Sewers
    Class- Scout
    Level- 3
    Vitality- 45
    Specialty- Melee Weapons
    Force- N/A
    -Use Either 2 swords or a staff
    -Improve his strength
    -Give him Brejik's armband and belt
    -Keep him as your main melee fighter in the beginning
    Suggested Weapons
    -Bacca's Ceremonial Blade- Kashyyyk Shadowlands (Find Freyyr)
    -Echani Ritual Brand- Taris, Equipment Euphorium (Starting Weapon)
    -Power Attack
    -Two-Weapon Fighting
    -Melee Weapons
    Main Attribute
    -Strength, Dexterity
    Race- Droid
    Location- Janice Nall's Droid Shop, Taris
    Class- Expert Droid
    Level- 3
    Vitality- 24
    Specialty- Computers, Repairing
    Force- N/A
    -Improve all his skills
    -Give him two pistols
    -Get some special droid weapons e.g. Flamethrower
    -Improve his Dexterity
    Suggested Weapons
    -Mandalorian Heavy Pistol- Calo Nord, Tatooine
    -Sith Assasin Pistol- Dark Jedi, Tatooine
    -Arkanian Heavy Pistol- Igear, Undercity, Taris
    -Two-Weapon Fighting
    -Rapid Shot
    -Gear Head
    Main Attribute
    -Canderous Ordo-
    Race- Human
    Location- Lower City Cantina, Taris
    Class- Soldier
    Level- 3
    Vitality- 39
    Specialty- Heavy Weapons
    Force- N/A
    -Upgrade his weapon he starts with
    -Give him good armor
    -Improve his Dexterity
    -Improve his demolitions
    Suggested Weapons
    -Ordo's Repeating blaster- Start
    -Heavy Weapons
    -Rapid Shot
    -Power Blast
    Main Attribute
    Race- Cat
    Location- Grove, Dantooine
    Class- Jedi Guardian
    Level- 6
    Vitality- 78
    Specialty- Lightsaber
    Force- 60
    -Improve her strength
    -Give her 2 lightsabers
    -Give her the Opila and Nextor lightsaber crystals
    -Use her a lot later in the game as a hack and slasher
    Suggested Weapons
    -Lightsaber-Start (2)
    -Critical Strike
    -Two-Weapon Fighting
    Main Attribute
    Race- Droid
    Location- Droid Shop, Tatooine
    Class- Combat Droid
    Level- 6
    Vitality- 66
    Specialty- Rifles
    Force- N/A
    -Improve his Dexterity
    -Keep him with rifles
    -Get him special droid attacks fast
    -Get the best droid armor you can find
    Suggested Weapons
    -Jurgan Kalta's Assault Rifle- Crattis Yurkal, Dantooine
    -Zabrak Battle Cannon- Tyvark, Manaan
    -Rapid Shot
    -Blaster Rifles
    -Power Blast
    Main Attribute
    -Jolee Bindo-
    Race- Human
    Location- Shdowlands, Kashyyyk
    Class- Jedi Consular
    Level- 6
    Vitality- 42
    Specialty- Lightsaber
    Force- 96
    -Give him a lot of Force powers (Dark and Light)
    -Keep him in the back casting Force Powers
    -Give him the Jenraux lightsaber crystal
    -Start him with the Cardio-Regulator Belt for fortitude
    Suggested Weapons
    -Lightsaber-Start (2)
    -Jedi Defense
    -Two-Weapon Fighting
    Main Attribute
    -Wisdom, Charisma
    3.2 Foes
    -The Sith-
    Description- The main enemies that you fight. They aren't too tough so you
    shouldn't worry about them. Try using melee weapons to take them out quickly.
    You can also try just using Force Powers to weaken them and then finish them
    off with blasters.
    -The Rakata-
    Description- Since you fight the Rakata at the end of the game they are very
    easy but they come in big numbers. Melee weapons are very effective on them and
    use the Force Storm since it will damage all of them when they're bunched
    -Darth Malak-
    Description- This is the final boss and can be very difficult. You face him
    alone with just your lightsaber. You need to stop him from regenerating life
    from the dead jedi. Use force powers to destroy the bodys so Malak can't
    regenerate. Then keep hacking with your lightsaber and using feats until he
    -Darth Bandon-
    Description- Darth Bandon is Darth Malak's apprentice. He is a big follower of
    Malak and is very loyal. Bandon is pretty hard if you arent experienced enough.
    Kill his bodyguards first. Then try casting Force Storm and doing Flurry at him
    and he should fall. If your health falls low then cast Drain Life to extract HP
    from his health and put it into your own.
    -Saul Karath-
    Desription- Saul was once Carth's mentor but he betrayed him and went to Darth
    Malak. He is now the admiral on the Leviathan. When you fight him him it can be
    hard. First take out all his bodyguards and those annoying grenadiers and then
    just kill him with your lightsaber. Saul is pretty easy but with his guards it
    is a 9.
    -Calo Nord-
    Davik's Estate 6/10
    Tatooine, East Dune Sea 9/10
    Description- Calo Nord once worked with Canderous collecting bounties for
    Davik. You fight him at Davik's estate first and he is very easy. Later on
    Tatooine you have to kill him which is much harder. He uses 2 impressive
    Mandalorian Heavy Pistols. Furst kill his Rodian friends and then cast some
    force powers such as Choke and Force Storm on him. Once he is weakened go in
    and kill him with melee weapons. If you're having trouble use some energy
    shields which will make you immune to his attacks for a little.
    -The Mandalorians-
    Dantooine 7.5/10
    Kashyyyk 6/10
    Description- Mandalorians are a tribe of barbarians who use their own
    Mandalorian weapons to raid and kill innocent people. To kill them use melee
    weapons and rifles. HK-47 and Canderous should use Rapid Shot at them while
    your jedi slash them with flurry.
    4. Gameplay Tips
    -Always recover your health after a battle
    -Always use feats
    -Refill your health after each battle
    -Focus on one kind of weapon for each character
    -Use grenades when there is bunches of enemies
    -Look for stimulants to use   e.g. Strength Stimulant
    -Persuade whenever you can if your skill is high
    -Use all your characters and not just the same 3
    -If you have a high demolition skill, set up a minefield where your enemy is
    going to run.
    -Look for upgrades and upgradable items. Always upgrade when you can
    -If you are on the light side use light side force powers and the same with
    -Don't give your character the best things, spread all the things around to
    your team
    -When fighting groups of enemies, take out the easy ones first
    -Refill your Force gauge before engaging in a tough battle
    -Do as many sidequests as you can to get Experiance Points
    -Whenever you get a chance to get credits, take the job
    -When you find a weapon you want, buy it. Don't save up money
    -Learn Pazaak and get good at it because you can earn some major credits
    -Make sure all your characters improve on their own specialty
    -Use stealth belts and sneak past enemies whenever you get the chance, this
    saves a lot of health
    -Stick to one side, either Dark or Light, don't stay in the middle
    5. Creating Your Character
    First make a male soldier. Soldiers get feats quickly but get skills slowly and
    they cost more skill points. If you are just starting this game then don't pick
    Scoundrel. They are very bad fighters and are hard to use if you are beginning
    character. Soldiers have the best fighting bonus and most HP so they are the
    best choice for 1st time players. For more information about the classes look
    in chapter 6.
    A screen will come up that asks you if you want to make a quick character or a
    custom one. Say custom charater. Choose your portrait after that. They all look
    horrible but oh well. Then pick your name. Once you are done with that you have
    to pick your attributes. Try to give every attribute to ten and then make
    Strength 15, Dexterity 15, and Wisdom 14. Strength and Dexterity are the most
    important because in most of the game you'll be using a lightsaber and these
    attributes will help you use it a lot. Do whatever you want for the rest.
    For skills improve your security and treat injury. Persuasion and stealth are
    also pretty important so improve that later in the game too. The rest you
    should improve but not as much throughout the game since they aren't very
    important for your character. These are the important ones. Since you are a
    soldier you should use your skill points as wisely as you can so don't waste
    them on unimportant skills. The Treat Injury is the most important for your
    Soldier and it costs less skill points. If you pick a different class then it
    is different.
    For Feats do Two-Weapon Fighting. Later on try Flurry, Power attack, and either
    Pistols or rifles, your choice. You start the game with all 3 armor proficiency,
    Power Blast, Power Attack, and one of each weapon proficiency. The most
    important feat is Flurry probably but for now I would suggest Two-Weapon
    Fighting. It gives you better fighting with two weapons and two-handed weapons.
    Once you become a jedi you should upgrade your lightsaber feat and Jedi feats.
    Don't upgrade a blaster type of feat once you get a lightdaber because you
    won't be using the feat and is a waste.
    If you keep upgrading on this character you'll get the ultimate soldier and
    later on a great Jedi. The game will be a lot easier if you follow my
    guidelines for the Soldier. Creating your character is the most important
    decision of the game so choose wisely.
    6. Character Classes
    There are 3 character classes in Knights of the Old Republic. Soldier, Scout,
    and Scoundrel. Here is a comprehensive description of each one.
    Soldiers are the easiest class to be. If you are a beginner then I would
    suggest this class to start. It gives you a bonus in attacking and you earn
    feats more quickly which help you fight better. Another great thing about this
    class is your bonus HP. It helps you in the beginning of the game. With this
    class you'll hit enemies more often which is a major advantage. It also makes
    the game a lot less frustrating since you don't miss every time.
    The downfall of the Soldier is that you earn skills slowly. Skills aren't as
    important but they can be very helpful for your character. Your Soldier won't
    be very great at picking locks or disabling mines but he will be good at
    killing enemies with weapons. Since skills are hard to come by with a Soldier
    you should use them wisely and pick the right ones. Since you have low saving
    throws try improving the Conditioning feat which gives you a big bonus.
    When you get the rare skill point once in a while you should give it to either
    Persuasion, Treat Injury, or maybe Security. With this class you can't waste
    any skill point you ever get. So don't try wasting your points on Repair
    because it is basically useless for your character.
    With a Soldier you should focus on one weapon type at a time. Before you
    become a Jedi you should improve some kind of Blaster, rifle or postol. Improve
    that weapon proficiency to full and then learn things like Rapid Shot and Power
    Blast. Then when you get your lightsaber focus on lightsaber proficiency and
    Jedi Defense. Depending on if you want 2 or 1 lightsaber you would also choose
    Two-Weapon Fighting or Dueling.
    Another thing to think about for the Soldier is your armor. Since you start
    with all three armor proficiencies you would think you'll use a lot of heavy
    armor. But when you become a Jedi you'll have to be wearing Jedi Robes to get
    most of the Force Powers. If you want to become just a fighting Jedi the whole
    game you can use heavy armor but if you want to become a real Jedi then you
    should wear robes that enables yo to learn all the Force Powers. I would
    suggest you use the robes since you'll become a real Jedi and not just a big
    slash and hacker.
    Here are all the advantages of the Soldier. Again these are things that would
    help combat for beginners and is recommended.
    -You hit more often with weapons than with other classes
    -You earn feats more often than other classes
    -You get more vitality or HP than other classes
    -Can use any weapons and wear any armor from the start
    -You get stronger Fortitude saves than other classes
    Here are all the disadvantages of the Soldier. This are not as important for
    beginners because most of new people don't use skills very often.
    -Gain skill points slower than other classes
    -Weaker reflex saves than other classes
    -Weaker will saves than other classes
    Scoundrels are the complete opposite of Soldiers. They gain skilll points fast
    and feats slowly. This class is for more experienced players since it
    specializes in skills rather than fighting. This class is for players who beat
    the game and want a different way to play this time. For example they might
    want to try sneakig past enemies with stealth instead of fighting them.
    You don't get a big fighting bonus like the Soldier with this class. Scoundrels
    also start out with a very low Vitality so it is even harder to use this class.
    When you get a feat try improving the Toughness for more HP. Do this in the
    beginning of the game to make it easier. Since you get feats very slowly you
    should upgrade one of them to Flurry. This will help your attacking a lot more.
    Then you have to choose whether to put feats into Dueling or Two-Weapon
    Fighting. Dueling would give you an attack bonus which helps you hit more often
    and Two-Weapon Fighting will take off more damage but miss more often.
    Scoundrels make use of almost every skill so there isn't much to say about
    them. I would recommend you improve the Stealth, Treat Injury, Security, and
    Persuade skills the most since they are the most important for a Scoundrel.
    Since you get a bunch of skill points you can also improve the others a little.
    The Treat Injury skill should be given points to early so that your medpacs
    will be a lot more helpful.
    When you create a Scoundrel character you should make Dexterity a main
    attribute. It'll help him out a lot by giveing him a btter chance of hitting
    enemies and a good bonus to defense. With a Scoundrel's HP you will need a lot
    of extra defense to stay alive. Another attribute worth upgrading a little is
    Constitution. It gives some extra vitality points to help your character out
    in the beginning of the game. Only use this attribute when you make your own
    character and you are giving him your attributes you want. Put about 14 in
    If you improve your Stealth skill you'll get the Sneak Attack which is only for
    Scoundrels. It is a very good attack that gives a bonus to your attacks when
    you are in stealth mode. Scoundrels also start out with a very low Vitality so
    it is even harder to use this class. When you get a feat try improving the
    Toughness when you start the game.
    Here are all the advantages of the Scoundrel. Most of them will help players
    who want to play the game other than just slashing your lightsabers.
    -You gain skill points faster than other classes
    -You have a higher reflex save than other classes
    -You can get the Sneak Attack feat
    -You can get the Scoundrel's Luck feat
    Here are the disadvantages of the Scoundrel. Since they have a low HP it is
    difficult to get around in the beginning. They also aren't very good fighters
    which add to the disadvantages.
    -Less Vitality or HP than other classes
    -Smaller attack bonus than other classes
    -Gain feats slower than other classes
    -Lower fortitude saves than other classes
    -Lower will saves than other classes
    There isn't much to say about the Scout. It is basically in between the Soldier
    and Scoundrel. It gains feats moderately and skills moderately. They don't have
    many special feats but they still ahve a few. A good thing about them is that
    they have higher saving throws than other classes. They have decent starting
    HP and an OK attack bonus. If you want to be in between a skill person and a
    fighting person the pick this class.
    Since the Scout is a very flexible class you should try improving Strength and
    Dexterity. This way you will take more damage off and have a big defese bonus.
    They will help your Scout get around a lot when you become a Jedi. The rest of
    the attributes are also very useful but the Scout should make these the 1st
    choice. Scouts use all the attributes affectively so whe nyou begin the game
    give an even spread to your attributes and then later on improve the Strength
    and Dexterity.
    The Scout's main skills are Repair and Computer Use but these in my opinion are
    pretty useless. Computer Use makes using computers take up less Spikes. I never
    run out of spikes even when this skill is low  so it isn't very good. Repair is
    only good if you are a droid and since you can't be a droid this is a minor
    skill. It will just take less repair parts when you activate broken droids.
    Again, I usually don't run out of parts so keep this skill sort of low. I would
    suggest you instead spend your points (They will cost more) on other skills
    such as Treat Injury, Persuasion, and maybe Security a little. you should still
    improve Computer Use and REpair but don't go too high with them.
    Now for feats, since the Scout is so flexible, you can pick whatever you want.
    Before you get a lightsaber I would pick using pistols. Improve your
    Two-Weapon Fighting so you can carry two weapons with a small penalty, and also
    improve your Pistol Proficiency. Then when you become a Jedi you should use two
    lightsabers since your Two-Weapon Fighting is already high. Also improve your
    Lightsaber Proficiency of course.
    Here are the advantages of the Scout. They all are in between the other two
    classes so you can be anything you want with a Scout.
    -You get skill points and feats both moderately
    -Gain Implant feats atomatically
    -Higher saving throws than other classes
    -Can use most weapons and armor
    -Have some of their own special feats.
    -No extremely bad things about this class
    Here are the disadvantages of the Scout. These are also in between the other
    classes and aren't too extreme.
    -You have to be better at more attributes
    -No very extremely great things about this class
    -Can't do many special things and is kind of boring to be
    7. Jedi Classes
    In Knights of the Old Republic there are three different Jedi Classes. Jedi
    Guardian, Jedi Consular, and Jedi Sentinel.
    				Jedi Guardian
    Jedi Guardians are the main fighting class of Jedis. They can upgrade their
    lightsaber skill which will help a lot in fighting as a Jedi. The Force Jump
    can allow them to jump to an enemy who is far away. Those are two great
    advantages of the Jedi Guardian. There attacking is a lot better than other
    Jedi Guardians have some great fighting but, like the Soldier, get skill points
    slowly. So if you are a Jedi Guardian Soldier you will be a great attacker but
    get skill points very slowly. Another disadvantage of the Guardian is that he
    or she gets less Force Points. This will make you run out of Force quickly.
    Force Powers are one of the most important things for Jedis so this is a major
    Jedi Guardian feats should be what they are good at. That is lightsaber
    attacking and other Jedi feats such as Force Jump and Jedi Defense. Focus on
    either Dueling or Two-Weapon Fighting. As always you should improve Flurry some
    more and Power Attack too. Critical Strike is also decent. Just try getting
    feats that will improve your attacking with lightsabers.
    Jedi Guardians Force Powers are not very important. Since the Guardian has low
    Force Points he should mainly fight with lightsabers instead of Force attacks.
    I would get Drain Life and Force Lightning for any class since these are great
    powers. If you are on the light side then get Heal and Stun. I recommend
    giving your character Dark Side Powers even if you are on the Light Side
    because Dark Powers are way better. Here are the advantages of the Jedi
    -Better at attacking
    -More Jedi feats
    				Jedi Consular
    				Jedi Sentinel
    8. Walkthrough
    Now it's time for the walkthrough. Just follow along and you should be able to
    complete this game easily. As I said before this is on the hard difficulty so
    change it if you have to.
    8.1 Endar Spire
    Mission: Find Bastila
    You wake up by a loud noise. Your ship, the Endar Spire, is under attak. Your
    partner Trask comes in and tells you to get your equipment so open the
    footlockerbehind you. Press start and equip your clothing and your Blaster
    Then put your stealth belt on. You must get to the bridge to find Bastila.
    Trask then tells you to open the door. It is locked but Trask has the
    codes. Press the black button to become him and then open the door. Switch back
    to yourself and walk through. Carth will message you and tells you to get out
    of there. Walk through the next door by using your security skills. There are
    two Sith guards. Just press A to get in combat mode and keep firing until they
    die. Now keep moving through the door ahead of you and you'll find another two
    Sith Soldiers. Move to the boxes on your left and get behind them for cover.
    Then keep firing until they fall. Open the metal box that you were behind and
    the footlocker on the other side of the room to get some useful items. Then go
    through the next door.
    Watch the short cutscene and press start. Equip the longsword you found in the
    footlocker and a short sword. Around the corridor are about 5 Sith. Charge at
    them with your swords and you should be able to kill them quick. Collect all
    their remains and move through the next door. It is to the right of the door
    you came in here from. You'll watch two jedis fight and both will die. Two Sith
    come at you after the battle so kill them with your blaster or swords. Collect
    the remains and refill your health. Equip your melee weapons and walk into the
    bridge. You'll have to fight a few Sith. Trask will tell you Bastila must have
    already left. You have to get to the escape pods now. Level up first. Pick
    Flurry for your Feat.
    Mission Complete: Find Bastila
    New Mission: Get to the escape pods
    Now go through the door in the bridge and you'll see a dark jedi. Trask
    sacrifices himself so you can escape. Quickly go through the door to your left.
    Carth will message you and tell you that there is a Sith patrol here. Put on
    your stealth by going to Stealth in in the action menu. Then Walk past the Sith
    guard instead of engaging and go to the room to your left. Kill the Sith here
    by using your flurry attack in the action menu. Carth will tell you to activate
    the droid or use the computer to kill the Sith in the next room. I would
    suggest you use the computer so first look for a footlocker with computer
    spikes in it. Then go to the computer and activate it. Go to "view starboard
    transport module" and you can see the Sith in the door ahead of you. Press A to
    exit and then go to "overload power conduit". This will kill them all so walk
    through the door and collect the remains. Walk through the next door to find
    Carth. Go to the only left escape pod and enter it.
    Mission Complete: Get to the escape pods
    8.2 Taris
    System- Taris
    Terrain- Urban
    Species- Human
    Language- Basic
    Population-6 billion
    Imports- Food, raw resources
    Exports- Tarisian Ale
    Located on the Outer Rim, in the very fringes of Republic space, the grandeur
    of the city-world of Taris was once said to rival the galactic capital of
    Coruscant itself. The glory of Taris has gone though, and much of once
    a prospering metropolis has fallen into ruin and disrepair.
    The rich have populated much of the Upper City while the poor stay in the Lower
    City. The tall skyscrapers of the Upper City is where all the nobles live while
    the slum live a lot lower in the Lower City and the very poor live in the
    Undercity. The outcasts of the Undercity barely survive in those living
    conditions and are lucky to come by any food at all. There is barely a middle
    class in this city.
    Mission: Find Bastila
    			-Upper City Apartments-
    When you wake up you'll find yourself in an abandoned apartment in Taris. Carth
    will be there with you. He suggests looking for Bastila here so agree and
    you'll take control again. Open the footlocker for some items and go to the
    workbench. You should have a vibration cell so upgrade your Prototype
    Vibroblade you found on a body in the Endar Spire. Then leave the apartment and
    take Carth with you. Outside there is a fight between two aliens and a Sith.
    The Sith kills one of the aliens and will attack you. First take out his droids
    and then kill him. Now choose whether you want to master pistols or rifles. In
    this guide I'll do rifles but you can choose either one. Anyways, now go
    through each room by using your security skill and open the footlockers for
    items. Then exit to the Upper City. There is a door that says Upper City so go
    through it.
    			-Upper City South-
    When you first enter the city put on some armor. You should have a Combat Suit
    from the Endar Spire. You'll give carth some armor later. Now go straight
    through the doorway and past the Equipment Euphorium. You don't much money now
    but you'll come back later. Now keep going until you get to the Cantina.
    			-Upper City Cantina-
    When you enter go past the room you're in and then turn left. The first door
    you see is where you should go. It has a Hutt named Ajuur in it. Watch a short
    cutscene and save it. Then go talk to Ajuur the Hutt and agree to fight in the
    dueling rooom. You have to fight different people in this arena. Your first
    batlle is against Dead-Eye Duncan. He is very easy so just keep firing with
    your Blaster Rifle until he falls. You'll exit the arena when you win so save
    and collect your reward from Ajuur. Then fight your next battle against Gerlon
    Two-Fingers. Use the same tactics as Duncan and you shouldn't have any trouble.
    If you want to kill him quick or if he is a little hard for you then try
    throwing a frag grenade at him. Now save again and collect your reward. You
    should probably be able to level up by now so here are some feats to improve.
    -Blaster Rifle
    -Two-Weapon Fighting
    -Rapid Shot
    Now time to fight Ice. Refill your health and make sure you have some medpacs
    because she is pretty hard. Here are some tactics to use against her.
    -Use frag grenades
    -Use Power Blast (You start with it)
    -Use medpacs when low on health
    When you kill her collect your reward and save it. Marl is very tough since
    he uses a double-bladed sword. Don't fight just yet. Go to the entrance to
    the Cantina but don't exit. Talk to Garouk, the old retired pazaak player.
    Pazaak is a fun card game that is a good way to make money. Buy his deck for
    50 credits. Then get a free lesson from him. Once you think you are pretty
    good, play against Niklos. Wager the amount of money you want. After you are
    done playing pazaak leave the cantina.
    			-Upper City South-
    Now it is time to buy some supplies. Go to the Equipment Euphorium and speak
    to Kebla Yurt. Buy some medpacs, make sure you have about 15. Then buy the
    Echani Ritual Brand. This is a good starting weapon for melee fighters so
    use it. Then if you have the 150 credits buy the Military Suit. Equip this
    with your character and give carth the Combat Suit. Also buy the Permacrete
    Detonator. You'll need it later. Here is a chart of Kebla's inventory.
    Item                                    Cost
    Medpac					40
    Security Spike				100
    Bonadon alloy heavy suit                1,250
    Military suit             		150
    Heavy combat suit			100
    Combat suit    				50
    Light battle armor 			250
    Vibroblade				80
    Stun baton				30
    Long Sword				5
    Quarterstaff				1
    Echani Ritual Brand			280
    Double-bladed Sword			80
    Vibrosword				80
    Short sword				1
    Ion blaster				200
    Blaster pistol				100
    Sith sniper rifle			1,500
    Blaster rifle				300
    Ion grenade				130
    Sonic grenade				130
    Frag grenade				80
    Concussion grenade			80
    Sound dampening stealth suit		200
    Stealth field generator			100
    Minor flash mine			100
    Minor gas mine				100
    Minor frag mine				100
    Minor plasma mine			100
    Permacrete detonator			50
    You can also sell your items by pressing X to change to your inventory. Now
    leave the store and go explore the rest of the city. if you head right after
    exiting this plaza all the way to the end you'll find 2 bounty hunters getting
    a loan from a man. He doesn't have the money so they are going to kill him.
    Help the man by killing these two bounty hunters and talk to him. If you have
    the money he needs give it to him, 100 credits. this will give you a light side
    point and you want to go to the light side. After you finish that go through
    the door that he runs through to the Upper City North.
    			-Upper City North-
    When you enter here turn left and stay at the right side of the road. 3 drunks
    come at you and tell you to leave the Upper City. Persuade them and say you'll
    buy them a drink. They should probably leave you alone. Anyways keep going past
    them until you come to a crossroad. Turn right and go over to the elevator
    guarded by a Sith. He'll tell you that you need a uniform to go to the Lower
    New Mission: Get Sith Uniforms
    Go back out of this plaza and back the way you came from. Now when you get to
    this crossroad turn left to the North apartments.
    			-Upper City North Apartments-
    When you enter here go right until you see a Sith guarding a room. He will say
    to move along but keep asking what's going on in there. Don't let them kill the
    alien so they will attack you instead. Kill all 3 of them and speak to the
    alien. Then open the footlocker in here and get the remains from the Sith. One
    of them should have a uniform.
    Mission Complete: Get Sith Uniforms
    If you put it on everyone will think you are a Sith. Now
    exit the Apartments
    			-Upper City North-
    Go back to the elevators and talk to the guard with your Sith uniform on. He
    will allow you to pass into the Lower City. Walk in the elevator.
    			-Lower City-
    Save your game first thing and then walk forward. There will be a cutscene
    where the Black Vulkar gang fights the Bek gang. The Vulkars destroy the Beks
    easily. Now the Vulkars want to kill you too. Take out your Echani ritual brand
    and attack with Flurry. This is a pretty hard fight so it may take a few tries.
    After they are all dead go left until you come to the Lower City Cantina.
    Bouncer is standing next to it. Make sure you take off your Sith armor and put
    on your military suit before entering.
    			-Lower City Cantina-
    When you enter here talk to Uriah to buy some pazaak cards if you want. You can
    also talk to Gelrood to play pazaak but I would advise not to. He cheats so
    stay clear from him. When your done with them go to the next room and you'll
    see a cutscene where Calo Nord kills three gang members. Don't aggravate him
    into killing you, stay away from him. Look through the rooms until you find one
    with Zax the Hutt in it. Talk to him to find out about the bounties. You are
    going to be a bounty hunter! There are 5 bounties out there. The first will be
    1. Matrik
    Look in the 2nd Lower City Spartment for Matrik. He's in one of the rooms so
    when you find him, talk to him. Agree to help him fake his death and give him
    the permacrete detonator you bought from Kebla. Then tell Zax you killed him
    for your reward. Try persuading him from 300 to 400 credits. Next will be
    2. Selven
    Selven is in the 1st Lower City Apartment. When you find her kill her to collect
    your reward. Use melee weopans to take her out quick.
    3. Dia
    She is in the 1st Upper City Apartments (where your apartment is). If you talk
    to her she will tell you that Holdan put the bounty on her. He is in the Lower
    City Cantina. Persuade him to take the bounty off her for light side points.
    4. Largo
    Largo is in the first room of the 2nd Upper City Apartment. Agree to pay off
    his bounty if you want to have light side points. This guide is on the light
    side but in this case I would kill him since you'll gain credits instead of
    lose them.
    5. Bendak Starkiller
    This guy is the hardest but you get a great reward. Look in the Upper City
    Cantina's first room to find him. If you haven't beaten all the arena fighters
    then he tells you to beat them first. Save it and go over to Ajuur. You have
    to fight Marl now. Get out your Blaster Rifle and shoot him until he gets up
    close to you. then take out your Echani Ritual Brand to finish him off. Now you
    have to fight Twitch. Save it and kill him with melee weapons. Now talk to
    Ajuur and he'll plan a deathmatch against Bendak for you. Leave and enter the
    Cantina twice and talk to the Hutt for the match. Make sure you save too.
    Starkiller is very hard for beginners so I'll give you some tips.
    -Use grenades (poison, frag, *concussion)
    -Use rapid shot (if you have it)
    -Use rifles, no melee weapons
    -Use Power Blast (if you don't have rapid shot)
    Once you kill him you'll get Bendak's Blaster. This is a great second pistol for
    Carth since it is upgradable. Give it to him. Then collect your credit reward
    from Zax. Now leave the Cantina.
    			-Lower City-
    When you get back in the hallway walk left until you come to the Hidden Bek
    Base. Talk to the lady near it. Tell her that you are allies and she lets you
    			-Hidden Bek Base-
    Move straight until you get to a man named Gadon. Talk to him and ask about the
    escape pods. He says he can help you but you must do something for him. If you
    get the prototype accelerator Gadon will let you race. The prize of the race
    is Bastila. Agree to this proposition and give him your Sith Uniform. He'll
    give you Sith Papers which you will need to get into the Undercity. In the
    Undercity Gadon says you'll find Mission Vao, a Twi'lek girl, who knows a
    secret entrance to the Vulkar Base. Now leave the Bek Base.
    New Mission: Find Mission Vao
    New Mission: Find the Prototype Accelarator
    			-Lower City-
    When you get back into the Lower City turn right and go until you see a short
    cutscene. Two men are collecting a bounty from the Vulkars. After that, keep
    going down the hall and you'll see a Sith soldier. Show him your papers and
    he'll let you into the Undercity.Enter the elevator and go down.
    When you get to the bottom two beggars tell you to give them 5 credits. Give
    them 20 and you'll get a light side point. Then a lady named Shaleena will
    talk to you and say your welcome here. Now it's time to find Mission. If you
    need supplies talk to Igear. If you have the money buy an Arkanian Heavy
    Pistol. Now go to the gates. Save it and leave the city. While you are here
    you will encounter Rakghouls and Gamorreans so watch out. Make sure your
    people are well armed. Turn right whenyou exit the city and you'll find
    Mission Complete: Find Mission Vao
    She says she knows a back entrance but her Wookie friend, Zaalbar, is missing.
    The Gamorreans took him into the sewers and you have to find him.
    New Mission: Find Zaalbar
    Now equip Mission with your two best pistols that aren't being used. Give her
    some armor too. Make sure she has a stealth belt on and move forward. You'll
    encounter some Sith patrollers. Show them your papers and they'll leave you
    alone. Now go to the big area with a pole in the middle. It is infested with
    Rakghouls so pick them off one at a time from long range. When they are all
    dead look near the pole and you'll find two Sith bodies. One has some Rakghol
    Serum. If you want some credits you can give it to Zax the Hutt for 1,000. Or
    if you want some light side points give it to Zelka at the Medical Facility in
    the Upper City. He'll give you some medpacs. Now go to the door on your left.
    There is a door to the sewers. Enter it.
    			-Undercity Sewers-
    When you enter save it and go through the next door. There are some Gamorreans
    so kill them all and collect the remains. Go through the next few doors until
    you find Zaalbar.
    Mission Complete: Find Zaalbar
    *Use Mission and Zaalbar to take with you
    He joins your party and he is a very good starting character. His strength is
    very high so give him your best melee weopan. He can't wear armor though. First
    look in the room where there is a droid and then go through the next door.
    You'll see a locked locker. Mission will be able to pick the lock so open it
    to get Zaalbar's Bowcaster. Give this to your person. Now go back until you
    find a computer console. Mission will use it to destroy the force field. Go
    through there to the Upper Sewers.
    			-Upper Sewers-
    Go through the next few doors killing Gamorreans until you find a huge room with
    a big beast at the end. Save it and advance.
    Enemy Boss: Rancor Beast
    This is a rancor and you'll die on a stright fight. There is a door behind him
    and you have to get there. Run past the beast and go through the door. Kill the
    two Vulkars with Zaalbar's melee weapon. Now go throw some frag grenades at the
    Rancor but stay out of range of him. If you stay in the doorway he shouldn't be
    able to hit you. Once he falls you'll get some major Experience Points.
    Now go in the elevator and into the Vulkar Base.
    			-Black Vulkar Base-
    Once you get in the base get ready for some fights. Get all your best armor and
    weapons equipped and save. Now go through the first door. Move right and go
    through the door with a droid near a pool. Activate the droid and make it go in
    the pool. This will disarm a trap. Now open the footlocker there to get some
    good loot. Now leave this room and look for a room with a war droid in it. It is
    on the same wall as the pool room. Activate it and make it patrol. It will kill
    a lot of enemies so use it. Now make your way to the kitchen where a waitress
    Talk to her and get some information. Then let her go. Now go to the room with
    an armory in the middle. Kill all the Vulkars here and use Mission to pick the
    lock. Open all the footlockers and you'll get some valuable items. Equip the new
    Military Suit on Mission. Now to the right of the armory is a room with a
    Twi'lek who surrenders. Get all the information you can from him and let him go.
    He says you need a passcard to get to the garage. The garage is where the
    Prototype accelerator is.
    New Mission: Find a passcard
    Open the footlockers for more loot. Now go to the computer console near the
    armory. Look in the barracks and overload the power conduit. This should kill
    most the enemies in there. Now go into the barracks to finish off the rest. It
    is to the right of the room with the Twi'lek in it. Once you kill all the
    Vulkars in the barracks collect the remains and there will be a passcard in one
    of them.
    Mission Complete: Find a passcard
    Once you have the passcard go back to the entrance. Then turn left until you
    get to a computer console. Use the pass to deactivate the gun turrets and go
    in the elevator.
    			-Black Vulkar Garage-
    Save when you get to the garage. Now go forward and then turn right. Kill all
    the enemies and keep going down the hallway. Eventually you'll come to a room
    with 2 Vulkars so kill them and collect the remains. Then enter the garage
    head's office and look in his desk. You'll find a key that opens a door later
    on. Now go back to the entrance but turn left instead of right this time. Kill
    the Vulkars and disable the mines. Now be Mission and put your stealth belt on.
    Take out your two pistols. Put stealth on and walk right. Open the first door
    and shoot the two Vulkars. Your sneak attack should be able to kill an enemy
    in 1 hit.
    Note: Once you shoot an enemy you lose your invisibility
    Now collect the loot and leave this room. Put stealth on again and enter the
    door next to this one. Kill the 2 Vulkars and turn solo mode off by pressing
    back. Collect the remains and lockers and go to the workbench. Upgrade your
    Bendak Blaster as much as you can. Don't bother upgrading Zaalbar's Bowcaster.
    It's a waste since the weapon is horrible. Go back to the intersection and go
    straight. Inside the room you'll find a few Vulkars which you can kill easily.
    Now save and get ready for a boss inthe next room. Open the door and there
    will be a cutscene. Then you have a choice whether to side with the Beks or
    Vulkars. If you want dark side points help the Vulkars and if you want light
    side points help the Beks. I will side with the Beks.
    Enemy Boss: Kandon Ark
    Kandon Ark is a Twi'lek and is a pretty tough fighter. If you have any energy
    shields then use them. This will give you a shield that prevents 30 HP of
    energy attacks. Then use your character with swords to kill the small
    bodyguards while Zaalbar uses the Echani Ritual Brand to attack Kandon. Mission
    with a low HP should hang back and shoot with your two best Blaster Pistols.
    You should try to hurry and kill the bodyguards in the back because they can
    take off a lot of damage. Then focus your attacks on the Twi'lek lady and then
    finally kill Kandon. If this isn't working then run away and set a minefield
    where your enemies will run over. That will damage them heavily.
    Now once you kill Kandon collect all the enemy remains and disable the mines
    in the back of the room. The prototype accelerator is behind the mines so take
    it and leave the room.
    Mission Complete: Find the Prototype Accelerator
    Leave the garage and go back to the armory. There is a
    door you haven't been through that is straight ahead of the small room in the
    middle. Enter it to get into the Lower City.
    			-Lower City-
    Kill all the Vulkars here and collect the remains. Then go straight until you
    are back at the Hidden Bek Base. Talk to Gadon and give him the Prototype
    Accelerator. Now you have to win the swoop race to get Bastila as the prize.
    You'll have 5 chances and you have to get 1st 2 times to win Bastila. When you
    race make sure you go over as many speed pads as you can and don't hit any
    obstacles. These slow you down a lot and will hurt your score. Once you do win
    Brejik won't give Bastila to you. He says you cheated by using a prototype
    accelerator. Bastila breaks her restrains though and you and her have to kill
    Brejik and his guards. Bastila will kill most of the enemies so hang back with
    a  blaster and fire at Brejik. When they all die collect the remains of Brejik
    to get a double-bladed lightsaber and some good items. Then talk to Bastila.
    Mission Complete: Find Bastila
    			-Upper City Apartments-
    After you finish your conversation with Carth and Bastila you'll end up at
    your apartment again. Use the workbench if you have any new upgrades and
    leave the apartment.
    *Take Bastila and Carth with you
    When you enter the hallway a Twi'lek will tell you that a man named Canderous
    wants to see you at the Cantina. Leave the Apartments and go to the Upper
    City Cantina.
    			-Upper City Cantina-
    Canderous Ordo is in there so talk to him. He said that he knows you want to
    leave Taris and he does too. Canderous knows a plan to get out of this planet
    but he needs some Sith codes. With these he can steal the Ebon Hawk, Davik's
    awesome prized ship. To get these you need to get in the Sith Military Base.
    To get in there you need a droid that can pick the lock. Ordo knows one named
    T3-M4. Janice Nall's droid shop has this droid so go to her shop. It is in the
    Upper City North.
    New Mission: Find the Sith Codes
    			-Upper City North-
    Go to the droid shop and talk to Janice Nall, the Twi'lek. Tell her Canderous
    sent you and she will sell the droid for 2,000 credits. It is not recommended
    that you buy it for this amount. Tell her you'll tell Davik that she is useless
    and she will give you the droid free. You'll also get a dark side point though.
    Now make sure T3 is in your party and go to the Sith base. It is straight ahead
    of the elevator to the Lower City. Open the door with the droid but before you
    enter change your party members. Hit start and go to the map menu. Then press A
    to access your party member screen.
    *Bring Bastila and Carth with you
    Now enter the base.
    			-Sith Military Base-
    				Sith Base East 1st Floor
                               |                    |
                             |                        |__________
                           |           C                          |
                         |D                               ______    |
                         |__________       _____________|      |      |
                            ____    |     |              __      |     |
                           |    |   |     | _______     |   |      |    |
                           |     |  |     |_|      |    |    |     |    |
                           |___   | |    __         |   |     |    |    |
                              |   | |    | |         |  |      |___|    |
                              |   | |    | |    B  __|  |               |
                            __|   | |    | |      |     |  G            |
                           |      |_|    | |       |    |       ___     |
                           |    A        | |      |     |      |   |    |
                           |________     | |       |    |______|   |    |
                                   |     | |______|             ___|    |___
                                   |     |                     |            |
                                  |       |                    |     H      |
                                 |         |                     |        |
                                 |         |                       |    |
                                  |       |                        |____|
    			       |     |
    				|   |
    				|   |
    				Sith Base West 1st Floor
            _________           |   ______D
           |         |        |    |
          |           |     |    |
         |             |   |    |       ____
         |            |    |    |      |    |
          |          |     |    |    |      |
          |     E     |____|    |   |       |
         |             ____     |__|        |
         |           |     |    ___         |
          |           |    |   |   |        |
           |_________|     |   |   |________|
                           |   |
                          |     |
                          |     |
                          |  F  |
                           |     |
    				Sith Base 2nd Floor
                                       |       |
                                      |         |
                                     |           |
                                    |             |
                                    |       I     |
                                    |             |
                                     |           |
                                      |_       _|
                                         |    |
                                         |    |
                                         |    |
                                         |    |
                                         |    |
                                         |    |
                                         |_  _|
                                         |    |
    Through the door you'll see a secretary who threatens to set the alarm if you
    don't have a good excuse why you are here. Bribe her with credits and she will
    leave the Base. Now go through the door that is straight ahead of you.
    Note: From the Vulkar Base you should have an Ion rifle which causes great
    damage to droids. Use this since your enemies are mostly droids here.
    You'll be in a hallway and the first room you find is the Barracks (Waypoint A).
    Kill all the Sith and collect the remains. Then look for the computer lab
    (Waypoint B). Kill the enemies in here and use the computer. First look in the
    elevator. Disable the assault droid's shield. This will make fighting it much
    easier. Then use the computer to look in other rooms and kill the soldiers if
    you wish. Now leave this room and make your way to the next room. Look for a
    room with an alien who is imprisoned (Waypoint C).
    Alien Puzzle Answer
    Solve the puzzle to get a light side point by freeing him. You have to make
    all the panels on the wall turn red. Flip the two outer ones and then the
    middle one. This will make the alien free and he will thank you.
    Go to the left (Waypont D). Now you are in the west part of the base. Move
    to the generator room (Waypoint E). Kill all the Sith and collect the remains.
    Now leave this room and go to your right and into the armory (Waypoint F).
    Pick the lock if you can and destroy the gun turrets. Then open all the weapon
    footlockers to get a big stash of weapons.
    Go back to the room with the alien (Waypoint C). Go through the other door
    that is to the right of the cells. Move down the hallway until you come to the
    secondary barracks (Waypoint G). The Sith will be dead in here if you use the
    computer panel to overload the power conduit. If they aren't kill them. Now
    open the footlocker to get a passcard.
    Leave this room and go to the elevator room (Waypoint H). A huge droid is
    blocking your path from the elevator.
    Enemy Boss: Assault Droid
    The assault droid is powerful and it is hard to take damage off it. It does
    have a weakness though. Like all droids use Ion blasters. Equip everyone except
    Bastila with Ion Rifles since she takes off a good amount of damage with her
    lightsaber. Use Bastila to destroy the 2 gun turrets in the back of the room
    and use the other characters to kill the droid. The Ion damage should make the
    Assault Droid look pretty easy. If you have any Ion Grenades you can use them
    against this droid for extra damage.
    After the Assault Droid is killed enter the elevator and ride up to the 2nd
    floor. You'll be in between the elevator and the Governor's Room. Refill your
    health with medpacs and equip your players with your best armor and weapons
    because you are about to fight another boss but harder. Make your character use
    your best melee weapons and Carth use your best blasters. Bastila should use
    her lightsaber as usual. Now save and enter the door.
    There will be a terse conversation where the Sith Governor, of course, says
    he's going to enjoy killing you. Too bad he's the one who'll die.
    Enemy Boss: Sith Governor
    The Sith Governor proves to be a tough battle. He uses a double-bladed sword
    and when he does his power attack it will heavily damage one of your players or
    even kill them. Use Flurry with Bastila and your character while Carth sticks
    back and uses Rapid Shot. Try throwing concussion grenades at him too with
    Carth. This will stun him for a little. Killing him might take a few tries so
    don't be worried if you can't kill him your first try.
    Collect the remains of the governor and loot the footlockers.
    Mission Complete: Find the Sith Codes
    Then leave the base and go to the Lower City via the elevator. Then go to the
    Lower City Cantina where Canderous is.
    			-Lower City Cantina-
    Talk to Canderous and show him the Sith Codes. He is very happy you have it
    and says that now they have to steal the Ebon Hawk. It is in Davik's Estate
    so that is the next stop.
    New Mission: Steal the Ebon Hawk
    			-Davik's Estate-
                             Davik's Estate
                            |    |
                            | C  |
                            |    |
                      ______|-  -|__    ________________          ________
                _____|              |  |                |        |        |
               |     |     _________|  |     ___________|        |        |
               |_____    |             |_  _|                    |   B    |
                     |   |  _____________||_                     |        |
                _____|   |_|                |                    |_      _|
               |          _                 |      ____    ____    |    |
               |_____|   | |                |     |    |  |    |   |    |
                     |   | |                |     |    |  |    |   |    |
         ____________|   | |                |     |    |  |    |   |    |
        |                | |          D     |  ___|-  -|__|-  -|___|    |
        |_ _ ____________| |                |_|                         |
        |   |              |                 _                          |
        |   |              |_____________  _| |___      __      ________|
        |   |  _____ ____________________||       |-  -|  |-  -|
        |   | |   E  |                     |      |    |  |    |
        |   | |                            |      |    |  | A  |
        |   | |      |_____________________|      |____|  |____|
        |   | |     |
        |   | |_   _|
        |   |   | |    _______________________________
        |   |___| |___|                               |
        |   ||__   ___ F                              |
        |   |___| |_  |                               |
        |           | |                               |
        |___________| |                               |
                      |                               |
                      |                               |
                      |          G                    |
                      |                               |
                      |                               |
                      |                               |
                      |                               |
                      |                               |
                      |                               |
                      |                               |
                      |                               |
                      |                               |
    Note: Canderous Ordo joins your party now
    You automatically enter the Davik's Estate as a guest and after a cutscene
    where you meet Davik you'll end up in a room (Waypoint A). Look in the
    footlocker for some supplies and exit the room.
    *Make sure you have Canderous and Bastila in your party.
    You can open the doors around you but I advise not to. They'll just bring you
    trouble since you will have to fight a bunch of guards. Instead make your way
    to the Slave Quarters (Waypoint B). Talk to the first slave you see and try to
    get some information out of her. If your persuade skill is high you can
    persuade the Twi'lek to tell you some things. If you can't don't worry, I'll
    tell you all you need to know. The person who has the security codes is in the
    torture chamber. With the codes you can steal the Ebon Hawk.
    So now you have to go to the torture chamber (Waypoint C). Leave these bunch of
    rooms and go to the big room (Waypoint D). When you enter turn right but before
    you get to the next hallway turn left. Enter the doorway. Now again, don't open
    the doors again unless you want trouble. Just go to Waypoint C. You'll have to
    fight 2 Torture droids. One has a flamethrower which can cause heavy damage.
    Use Ion Rifles to cause heavy damage to them. Also if you have Ion Grenades use
    Once they are all dead turn off the torture machine. Talk to the man who thanks
    you and gladly gives you the security codes. Your next destination is a
    computer console which you can use to get in the Hangar which is where the Ebon
    Hawk is.
    The computer is at Waypoint E. Go back to where you came from but go through
    the doorway next to the one where the hotel rooms are. Follow that hallway
    down to Waypoint E. Use the passcodes that you got from the man and open all
    the security doors. This will open the Hangar. Now go to the Hangar
    (Waypoint F). Save it and you'll have to fight Davik and Calo Nord.
    Enemy Boss: Davik and Calo Nord
    This a fairly easy boss fight since the Sith will finish off Calo for you. Use
    blasters and concentrate your fire on Davik. Once you kill Davik both of the
    bosses are defeated. Just use Rapid Shot and Power Blast to kill Davik and this
    will be an easy fight. Calo Nord will threaten with you with a thermal
    detonator but before he uses it the Sith fire on Taris from their main ship,
    the Leviathan. Calo is buried under the rubble and Davik falls dead. Collect
    the remains from Davik and enter the Ebon Hawk (Waypoint G).
    Mission Complete: Steal the Ebon Hawk
    Once you are in the Ebon Hawk you watch a cutscene where Taris is destroyed by
    Darth Malak and the Sith. After this you find yourself manning a gun turret.
    You have to destroy 6 enemy ships. It is pretty easy to do. Just wait for them
    to charge in and keep firing until they are destroyed. Bastila puts in the
    coordinates of the planet they're going to now. Next stop, Dantooine.
    				END OF TARIS
    8.3 Dantooine
    System- Dantooine
    Terrain- Grasslands, steppes
    Species- Human colonists
    Language- Basic
    Population- 2 million
    Imports- Technology and luxury items
    Exports- Foodstuffs
    Dantooine is far removed from the bustle of the galactic trade routes. Two
    moons float in the skies above while herds of Kath Hounds and livestock roam
    the plains of the planet. The colonists live very separated from each other
    by forests of blba trees. The population density is one of the lowest in all
    the Republic settled worlds.
    The main thing in Dantooine is the Jedi academy. This is the only thing that
    gives any importance to the planet. It was founded by Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk
    Baas and now trains all Jedi from Padawan to Master. There are many Jedi who
    live on this planet and are trained.
    After the near escape from Taris you move on to the small planet of Dantooine.
    Dantooine is a sprasely populated small planet but is very important. The Jedi
    Council is here. They train jedi and many of them live here.
    			   ******The Ebon Hawk******
    The Ebon Hawk is truly an amazing ship. It is one of the fastest ships in the
    galaxy and will serve you well. You can go to any planet at any time but you
    should go to the planets I tell you to in order. This way you will be
    experienced enough for each enemy. Also if you talk to your teammates they will
    make things for you. They won't, however, make you the item if you already have
    a lot of them. Here is a list of the things you can have.
    T3-M4- Makes a Computer Spike for you
    Mission Vao- Makes a Security Spike for you. You can also play pazaak with her
    Zaalbar- Makes a grenade for you
    Canderous Ordo- Makes an adrenal stimulant for you
    Jolee Bindo- Makes a medpac for you
    Bastila Shan- Will show you any of the visions you had throughout the game
    HK-47- Runs a fighter simulation where you practice your gun turreting
    These are what you get from your partners when on the Ebon Hawk. If you want
    to instantly warp to the Ebon Hawk you can go to the map menu and press X.
    This only works in certain areas though just like changing your characters.
    			The Ebon Hawk
                                  |  |
                                 _|  |
                                |    |   _
                               |   _| __| |
                               |  |__|    |
                               |   __     |
                               |   | |    |
          __                   |   | |____|                        __
         |  |                  |   |                             _   |
         |   |               __|   |_   _        __            _     |
         |    |             |        |_| |      |  |          |      |
         |_    |____________|           |       |  |          |      |
           |                             |      |  |          |_    _|
            |______________               |_____|  |____________|  |
                    _____  |                                       |
                   |     |  |                                _____|
                  |       |__|                              |__
                   |       __                                  |
                    |     |_ |                   _             |
                     |      |  |                | |           |
                      |______|   |______    __|    |         |
                                        |  |        |      |
                                       _|  |_        |   |
                                      |      |        |_|
                                      |      |
                                      |      |
    Now on to the planet of Dantooine.
    When you leave the Ebon Hawk you'll talk to Bastila. Follow her to the Jedi
    Council but before you get there a women named Belaya will stop you. She thinks
    you are a Jedi and asks why you aren't wearing the Jedi Robes. Tell her you
    aren't a Jedi and she'll leave you alone. Now go left to the Council and you'll
    talk to the Jedi Masters. Master Zhar says you are strong in the force and
    could become a Jedi. They think about it while you wait in the Ebon Hawk. You
    automatically transport to your ship and go to sleep. Bastila will share a
    vision with you and when you wake up you'll transprt to the Council again.
    They decide you should become a Jedi and that you will begin your training now.
    There will be a cutscene showing you during your training. After it finishes
    speak to Zhar to begin your 3 tests to become a Jedi.
    The first is your knowledge. He asks a series of questions and you have to
    answer all of them correctly. Here are the answers.
    			     -QUESTION ANSWERS-
    1. Q. There is no emotion.....A. There is peace
    2. Q. There is no ignorance.....A. There is knowlege
    3. Q. There is no passion.....A. There is serenity
    4. Q. There is no chaos.....A. There is harmony
    5. Q. There is no death.....A. There is the Force
    You now have to construct your own lightsaber. Lightsabers are probably the
    best weapons if you are skilled with them. Throughout the game you will find
    lightsaber crystals which, with a workbench, you can upgrade your lightsaber.
    First go to Dorak and talk to him about your lightsaber. Green lightsabers are
    for Jedi Consulars. Blue is for Jedi Guardians. Yellow is for Jedi Sentinels.
    Don't worry about the name because it won't affect the game when you pick your
    color. Just pick the color that you like the best. You can change the color
    with color crystals too. Dorak will ask you questions so answer them
    truthfully. He will then recommend a kind of Jedi for you. Pick the color you
    want and go to Zhar again.
    He tells you to go to the workbench to construct the lightsaber. Make the
    color of the weapon the one you chose so upgrade it with that color and you'll
    have a new lightsaber. From now on you should upgrade lightsaber feats only.
    Always use your lightsaber and if you dind another one use both.
    New Mission: Find the Dark Side in the Grove
    Now that you have your lightsaber you have touse it to find out what is going
    on in the forve. There is a dark side force coming from there and you have to
    fight it. Speak to Zhar to do this mission.
    Head out of the Council and go to the exit. Speak to the droid who opens the
    door to the plains of Dantooine full of Kath Hounds.
    			-Dantooine Plains-
    Move through the pathway until you come to a man named Jon. He says that Jedi
    don't help anyone and are worthless. Mandalorians killed his daughter and he
    wants you to avenge her by killing all the Mandalorians. Accept this deal
    because you can get a hefty prize.
    			***Mandalorian Raiders***
    There are three groups of Mandalorians plus another one with a boss in it.
    Leave the pathway into the plains. Now go to the Matale Grounds by moving right
    at the intersection. Head left towards some swoop bikes and you'll encounter
    the first group of Mandalorians who kill a man. Now head to the Grove. Cross
    the bridge and decline to take the job given by the Twi'lek. It is very long
    and you don't even get a reward. Now go to the big open are in the center.
    There is a group of Mandalorians there so kill them. The last group is in the
    Sandral Grounds. Go to the south-central part of it. Also a little east. Kill
    those Mandalorians and now you have to find the leader, Sherruk.
    His group is in the center of the Grove and is the toughest yet.
    Enemy Boss: Sherruk
    Sherruk is one tough customer. He has a lot of guards with him too so you have
    to be very careful on your strategy. First take out his small helpers who
    aren't too hard. They can be a nuisance if you don't kill them fast. Make sure
    you have two melee fighters, Bastila and your character are suggested, and a
    ranged fighter, Carth or Canderous. For Sherruk try throwing an adhesive or
    Concussion grenade while you fight the other Mandalorians. Adhesive grenades
    stick him to the ground for a little while Concussion grenades paralyze him.
    When the guards are dead go after Sherruk with your weapons full power. Use
    Flurry and Power Attack with your close-range fighters while your long-ranged
    player uses Rapid Shot. He should die then.
    Now report back to Jon to get your reward of 1000 credits. Right now you need
    the money because your saving up for a 9000 credit item in Tatooine.
    			**End of Mandalorian Raiders**
    Now it's time to find the Dark Side in the Grove. You are probably a little
    familiar with the Dantooine plains so go to the Grove. Here you have to find
    the Dark Side. There is a small area on the east side of the Grove and that is
    where you have to go. There will be a small ruin there but save before you go
    there. Now move forward to find the source of the Dark Side. Juhani
    Enemy Boss: Juhani
    Juhani is pretty tough if you didn't fight many Kath Hounds yet. She is a Jedi
    with a lightsaber so you'll have to fight hard. Use Flurry a lot and use some
    stimulants to help kill her. Right now your lightsaber skills aren't too high
    so this is a pretty tough battle. If you are having a lot of trouble try using
    Bastila's Double-bladed lightsaber since it takes off more damage than your new
    one. Last if you need more help use energy shields. Equip them on your arms and
    they will help. They guard you from energy attacks for a certain amount of
    damage. The better the kind of shield the more energy it guards from. With these
    tactics you should be able to beat Juhani easily.
    Now that you defeated Juhani she gives up. You have a choice whether to kill
    her or let her go. LET HER GO. She will be a new character later on your team
    and is very useful. You'll have to talk to her and pick the right choices.
    Don't try persuading her because it won't work. Once you convince her to go
    back to the Jedi Council you complete this mission.
    Mission Complete: Find the Dark Side in the Grove
    			     END OF TRIAL THREE
    Now before you report back to Zhar you should go to the Crystal Caves. It is on
    the very east of the Sandral Grounds.
    				-Crystal Cave-
    When you enter the cave go through the pathway killing all the Kinrath Spiders
    you see. If they poison you your health meter turns green so quickly use an
    Antidote Kit to heal this ailment. If you keep going through the pathway you'll
    end up in a room full of crystals and kinrath eggs. Collect the Crystals and
    bash the eggs to find more crystals. These are mostly red crystals which aren't
    very useful but you'll come by a few decent ones. Use these on a workbench to
    upgrade your lightsaber. Now go back to the plains and warp to the Ebon Hawk.
    Move to the Jedi Council and speak to Zhar who is grateful you helped Juhani
    but still has some work to be done.
    New Mission: Explore the Rakata Ruins
    You now have to explore the Rakata Ruins on the plains. Before you're done
    talking Ahlan Matale storms into the Council furious. He says his son Shen is
    missing and that the Sandrals took him. Agree to investigate this problem and
    you'll begin the Sandral/Matale Feud quest.
    			    ***Sandral/Matale Feud***
    You now have to go to the Sandral Estate to find Shen. Leave the Council and go
    to the plains.
    				-Dantooine Plains-
    Before you go to the Estate look for a lady named Elise near a swoop bike. She
    is trying to find her lost droid. Help her find the droid and you now have to
    search for that too.
    			    ***Find Elise's Droid***
    Now head into the Matale Grounds again and make your way to the Sandral
    Grounds. Go to the east side, a little west of the Crystal Caves you'll find
    Elise's droid, C8-42, there being attacked by Kath Hounds. Kill the hounds and
    talk to the droid. He says he left her and didn't want to go back. It wants
    you to destroy it and tell Elise that Kath Hounds killed him. Agree to this
    because it gives the happiest result.
    		       **End of Find Elise's Droid**
    Before you go back to Elise you have to take care of something else in the
    Sandral Grounds. Look for the Sandral Estate, it is the huge building west of
    C8-42. Talk to the droid guarding the door and say you are on Jedi Council
    business. He'll let you pass so move in.
    				-Sandral Estate-
    Now you have to talk to Nurik Sandral who owns the estate. Tell him you are
    looking for Shen and he'll deny Ahlan Matale's claim that he kidnapped Shen.
    When he leaves, his daughter Rahasia comes and talks to you. She is good
    friends with Shen and says her father did kidnap him. She then gives you a pass
    card which you can use to get in the doors. Make sure Mission or T3-M4 is in
    your group and exit the estate. Now go to the side door and use the pass card
    to get in.
    New Mission: Find Shen
    All the enemies in here are droids so equip your ranged fighters with Ion
    Rifles. Now go sothwest into a room with a computer in it. Kill the droids and
    use the computer. If you have a lot of spikes use some taking out as many
    droids as possible. Now explore the estate and you will find lots of rooms full
    of droids. The reason you should have Mission or T3-M4 is to open the locked
    doors. You must be very skillful at security to open these doors. There is some
    good loot in the locked doors so don't miss out in it. Now if you keep
    exploring you'll find a door that is blocked by a mine. Disable the mine and
    open the door. Speak to Shen in here and he says he won't leave without
    Rahasia. So now go look for Rahasia in one of the rooms. She says she'll meet
    him outside. Go back to Shen and tell him Rahasia is outside. Now you follow
    him out.
    The two families including the fathers meet each other outside. You can do a
    lot of things. I'll do the way where you get a reward. Try to convince Shen to
    leave Rahasia. Don't try persuading anyone because if you fail you won't get a
    reward. Shen will go back to Ahlan and he will give you your reward of 1000
    Mission Complete: Find Shen
    Now it is time to go to the Rakata Ruins finally. Go back to Elise first and
    tell her that the kath Hounds killed her droid. She will run back to the Jedi
    Enclave in tears. Later when you go back to the enclave she will be with a man
    named Samnt and she is happy again.
    Go back to the plains and go to the intersection again. But now turn left
    instead of right. Follow this path killing Kath Hounds until you come to the
    Ruins. Enter it.
    				-Rakata Ruins-
    When ou enter here go through the next door to find an ancient droid. It will
    try a bunch of different languages and finally you'll understand one. The droid
    tells you to enter the two doors to your left and right and use the computers.
    This will test if you can see the Star Map. Before you enter either of them
    equip your characters with Ion Rifles because you have to fight a hard droid in
    each room.
    First go left. Fight the droid with Ion damage. Then go to the computer. It
    asks for three death-giving seed world typoes. The answer is desert, barren,
    and volcanic. Now go through the other door and repeat the process except now
    the computer asks for three life-giving seed world types. The answer to this is
    Arboric, Grassland, and Oceanic. Go back to the ancient droid who opens the
    last door. Go through it to find the Star Map. Bastila will tell you what it
    means. When you are done talking go back to the Jedi Enclave.
    Talk to the Jedi Council again and tell them your findings. They are interested
    and tell you to find as many other Star Maps as yo can to locate the Star
    Forge. Now if you didn't kill Juhani she joins your party. She is a great Jedi
    so you should use a lot but now Bastila will not be used much since Juhani is
    better. You can use whoever you want but I'm using Juhani most of the time and
    not Bastila.
    Before you leave Dantooine you should have a lot of credits. I'd say at least
    5000 or 6000. If you have less you should try selling some things that aren't
    important or playing Pazaak some more. The only Pazaak player on Dantooine is
    a Twi'lek named So'laa. He is in a room if you go straight after exiting the
    Jedi Council. Play for as many credits as you can and you should be able to get
    quite a lot of money from him since he sucks.
    Now if yo uwish to buy some very expensive supplies go to Crattis Yurkal's shop
    but I asvise not to. In Tatooine there is a better weapon so save up. Crattis's
    shop is to the right of the Ebon Hawk when yo exit the ship. I would sell some
    things though instead of buy. Now you are done with Dantooine.
    5.4 Tatooine
    System- Tatoo
    Terrain- Desert
    Species- Various Settlers, Jawas, Sand People
    Language- Basic, Jawa
    Population- 5,000 to 10,000 settlers, unknown indigenous
    Imports- Mining/light industrial equipment
    Exports- Tatooine ore
    Tatooine is a very old planet. The surface is mostly sandy dunes with some
    rocky canyons. There are two species native to Tatooine: Sand People and Jawas.
    The Sand Pople are more dominant of both of them. They are a race of nomadic
    warrior tribes that do not take part in any trding or communication with other
    races. Any outsider is an enemy to them so they kill all others who aren't a
    Sand Person. The language sounds very weird when you hear it and is very
    difficult to understand.
    Besides the Sandy desert of Tatooine there is an outpost called Anchorhead, run
    by the Czerka Corporation. It is a small outpost with many different races who
    live there (except of course the Sand People). The Corporation has been failing
    there though because there isn't much to make a profit out of in the desert of
    			-Anchorhead Spaceport-
    When you enter the city of Anchorhead a Czerka worker will make you pay a fee.
    Try persuading him to let the fee go and you won't have to pay it. Now look at
    the alien in front of you. Talk to him to get his inventory up. He has some
    great items that are expensive. Don't spend money on them though. Look for the
    rifle that costs 9000 credits. It is called Jamoh Hogra's Carbine. If you have
    the money buy it because it is probably the best rifle in the game. If you
    don't have the money don't worry. You'll get it in Tatooine. You can get a lot
    of money here. Now enter the door to the city of Anchorhead
    You are now in the only city on the whole planet of Tatooine. The Czerka Corp.
    is the maker of this small city. Now when you get inside the city try to
    explore it a little. Get to know everything by moving through the city a
    little. If you make your way down the city a little ways you'll see three
    Dark Jedis who attack you. They are pretty difficult but if you have two Jedis
    in your party then they shouldn't be much trouble. Try using Fore Powers
    because they are the turning point when battling Jedis.
    Once you have got to know the city go to the Swoop Race Registration building.
    Talk to Motta the Hutt to sign up for racing. Beat all the races which are
    pretty hard to get a lot of money. He gives you racing bonds which you can sell
    to local merchants for money. When you finish Motta will tell you about a
    Twi'lek named Nico. He says that he wants Nico to stay with him. If you
    convince Nico to keep on racing for Motta you'll get some extra racing bonds.
    After beating all the racers talk to Nico. Try persuading him to join Motta and
    after a while he will accept the offer. Then talk to Motta to get your reward.
    Now go to any merchant and sell your bonds to get some major cash. This will
    help you buy Jamoh Hogra's Carbine and also HK-47, who if you buy for a few
    thousand credits, will be a great asset to your team. This is why you need
    about 15 or 14 thousand credits. If you have 5000 credits then go to the droid
    shop. Talk to Yuka Laka and ask to buy HK-47. He says 8000 credits but you can
    lower it to 4500. Buy it and you will now have a great droid on your team.
    Put HK in your party along with a Jedi such as Juhani and you'll have a great
    team. If you have the 9000 credits to buy Jamoh Hogra's Carbine then get it.
    If not then wait and finish some side quests for extra credits. When you get
    the weapon equip it with HK-47. It is upgradeable so give it a lot of upgrades.
    Now it is time to start your main quest.
    Go to the Czerka Office which is the first building you find while walking
    through Anchorhead. Go inside and ask the Czerka officer for a hunter's
    license. She says you have to use the license to kill enemies of the Czerka
    Corporation. This is the Sand People. Accept this deal and you'll get the
    New Mission: Help make peace with the Sand People
    Now look around the city for a women named Sharina Nal. She's right outside
    the Hunter's Lodge. Talk to her and she will sell you a wraid plate for 500
    credits. For light side points buy it from her and then go into the Lodge. Look
    for an alien named Fazza Utral and talk to him. Sell the plate to get your
    credits back. You can only sell things to Fazza with a hunter's license. Fazza
    will also give you 60 credits for each racing bond so if you still have any
    sell them here. Now off to the Dune Sea.
    Before you go to the endless desert make sure that HK-47, Juhani (or Bastila),
    and your character are the people in your party. Also make sure you have Jamoh
    Hogra's Carbine for HK. Now go to the end of Anchorhead and to the gate. It's
    near the droid shop. Talk to the Jawa at the gate first. He says the Sand
    People are taking Jawas prisoner and they are slaves at the Sand People camp.
    He wants you to free them for a reward. Accept the deal.
    New Mission: Free the Jawa slaves
    Now talk to the guard and he'll let you in the Dune Sea.
    				-Dune Sea-
    This place is an endless desert filled with sand. There is a camp of Sand
    People to your right. There is also a sandcruiser ahead of you. Move to this
    machine and you'll encounter Sand People midway there. Kill them. Then make
    your way to the crawler. A man will say that Sand People are attacking and
    killing the people here. Right after that more Sand People will come and
    attack. After a few sets of them the man will thank you for your help, no
    reward :(
    Now it's time to find the Sand People Camp. To get in you'll need a disguise
    for every human in your party. Droids don't count. That means you'll need to
    find two uniforms. Usually the remains of Sand People will have the clothes in
    New Mission: Find the Sand People Camp
    New Mission: Find two Sand People uniforms
    Go right of the Sandcrawler and another party of Sand People will attack. Once
    you kill them get the uniforms. Now you should have two uniforms. If not then
    keep moveing into the dune to the left of those Sand People that you just
    killed. Kill those Sand People to get uniforms. Also when you kill Sand People
    look for Gaffi Sticks because you can sell them to the Czerka Officer back in
    Mission Complete: Find two Sand People uniforms
    Now that you have the uniforms equip them on your two humans. Now look for the
    group of wraids. They are big beasts that Sand People use to fight. The group
    is by the place you fought the Sand People at. Kill the wraids and collect
    their wraid plates. You can sell these to Fazza Utral at the Hunter's Lodge.
    It's time to infiltrate the Sand People Camp now. Move to the dune with many
    Sand People near it. Sneak past the guards and move through the narrow passage.
    Hear is where the Sand People's hidden camp is.
    Mission Complete: Find the Sand People Camp
    			      -Sand People Camp-
    Now you have to get to the end. Make your way to the entrance to the fort by
    passing all the Sand People. Here a guard will recognize that you are an
    outsider. He takes you to the chieftain to decide your fate. HK-47 will help
    you translate the language. Don't say any answers that will make him mad and
    don't try persuading him. He will say that he needs two moisture vaporators
    and he will leave the Czerka people alone.
    New Mission: Find two moisture vaporators
    Go back to Anchorhead and into the Czerka building. Talk to the alien at the
    counter and ask for the moisture vaporators. He will gladly give them to you
    for 400 credits. Persuade him to make it cheaper and go back to the Sand People
    Mission Complete: Find two moisture vaporators
    Talk to the chieftan again and give him th emoisture vaporators. He will thank
    you for them and now you can walk throughout the camp.

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