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    Character Optimization FAQ by SirCerberus

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/04/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Player Character and Party Optimizing Guide
    StarWars: Knights of the Old Republic
    Platform: X-Box
    Created: 7-11-04
    Created By: SirCerberus
    Table of Contents
         I. Introduction
             1. Why this guide is useful to you
             2. Why this guide is different than most other guides.
        II. Your Main Character
             1. Which class?
             2. Light or Dark?
             3. Attributes
             3. The best skills
             4. Feats you need
             5. Spiffy Force Powers
             6. The best weapon for you
             7. The best Armor, Head-wear, Implants, Gloves and belts 
        III. Picking your Party (includes suggestsions and optimum weapons for
             each character)
             1. General Tips
             2. Your choices... who is good and who is worthless
             3. Carth Onassi
                  A. Feats
                  B. Skills
                  C. Attributes
                  D. Best Weapons
                  E. Best Armor
                  F. Gloves
                  G. Waist
                  H. Forearms
                  I. Head
             4. Zaalbar
                  A. Feats
                  B. Attributes
                  C. Skills
                  D. Weapon
                  E. Armor and Headwear
                  F. Gloves
                  G. Implant
             5. Canderous
                  A. Attributes Armor and Accessories
                  B. Feats
                  C. Headwear
             6. Bastilla
                  A. Attributes, Feats and Accessories
                  B. Weapons
                  C. Armor
                  D. Headwear
                  E. Gloves
             7. T3-M4
                  A. Feats
                  B. Skills
                  C. How to Avoid using when you think you have to
             8. Mission
                  A. Feats
                  B. Skills
                  C. How to Avoid using when you think you have to
             9. Jolee 
                  A. Feats
                  B. Force Powers
                  C. Weapons
                  D. When to use
             10. Juhani (optional character)
                  A. Feats
                  B. Force Powers
                  C. Weapons
                  D. When to use
             11. HK-47 (optional character)
                  A. Should you buy him?
                  B. How you should use him 
                  C. Feats
                  D. Weapons
                  E. Accessories
        IV. Legal Stuff
            1. Why you shouldn't plagerize me
            2. What I will do to you if you do plagerize me
            3. A description of how uneventful my life is to prove that I have 
               nothing better to do than what I said I was going to do in the 
               event that you do plagerize me. 
    Section I.  INTRODUCTION
    This guide has but one purpose: to help you beat the final boss in KOTOR; he 
    is difficult and he doesn't play fair.  This guide will tell you which 
    characters, weapons, armor, and accesories are the best to accomplish this.  
    Everything that I suggest to you in this guide I have tested myself.  If you 
    follow my instructions, you will be able to hack your way through all your 
    enemies and make the final boss beg for mercy.  Everything I suggest goes 
    towards the end result of beating the final boss... not necessarily how you
    get through the game.
    A writer loves to know his work is appreciated.  If this guide has been 
    helpful to you, or if you have any suggestions for how to improve it, 
    please email me at sircerberus@hotmail.com
    If you have taken a look at some of the other Game FAQs for KOTOR... I 
    feel your pain. When I first started playing the game and looked here for 
    inspiration, I found lots of complicated guides that made absolutely no 
    sense to me.
    This guide is simple to follow and easy to understand, I promise.  
    There are 6, but for your main character there are really only 3.  You pick
    one at the beginning of the game, and when you become a Jedi you get to pick
    another.  The three Jedi classes correspond to the three other classes, and
    it is highly advisable that you pick matching classes.  They are:
           Soldier <-> Jedi Guardian (blue lightsaber)
             Scout <-> Jedi Sentinal (yellow lightsaber)
         Scoundrel <-> Jedi Consular (green lightsaber)
    It is possible to beat the game using any of the class combinations, but you
    should consider how you want to go through the game before picking a class.  
    You should also consider the unique feats that each class gains when they 
    level up.  Some unique feats are more useful than others, and that should 
    be a factor in your class decision.
    The Soldier <-> Guardian classes are the warriors. When they level up, they
    get the most Feats. However, their unique feats arent that good.  In fact, 
    they can sometimes be more of a disadvantage than a help. Dont worry about 
    the unique Soldier feats, they dont really apply to you.  But the Jedi 
    Guardian unique feat is the ability to quickly close the distance between 
    you and an enemy during combat.  If your enemy is far away when you first 
    spot him and you are attacking with a normal attack, your Jedi will fly 
    through the air until he is right next to his opponent.  Here is the 
    unfortunate thing... only your Jedi Guardians have this ability.  So if 
    your player character is the only Jedi Guaridan in your party, he will be 
    off fighting in the distance while the rest of your party is running to 
    catch up.  By the time the rest of your party arrives within range of 
    battle, your player character will probably already be dead, seeing as 
    he has been fighting alone.
    The Scout <-> Sentinal classes are the most balanced.  They get the most 
    skill points and a balanced mix of Feats and Force Powers.  Their unique 
    feats are the best for beating the final boss.  You get complete 
    protection from mind affecting powers and critical hits (including the 
    effects of paralyzing grenades).  The final boss is a big fan of using 
    mind affecting force powers and the critical strike feat.  If you are a 
    Jedi Sentinal. you are already immune to half of the final boss's 
    arsenal from the beginning.
    The Scoundrel <-> Consular are like wizards.  Poorly suited for direct 
    combat, but highly effective destroying your enemy with magic from the 
    back row.  They get the most Force Powers and Force points. Their unique 
    feats aid them in their role as back-row spellcasters, but still dont 
    help much in the grand scheme of things.
    *****MY SUGGESTION*****
    Go with the Scout <-> Jedi Sentinal.  I know you are looking at the 
    Soldier <-> Jedi Guardian and dreaming of hacking your way through the 
    game, but you will get to do just as much hacking with the Scout <-> 
    Jedi Sentinal and you will have an easier time of doing it too.
    The Scout <-> Jedi Sentinal is the best for 3 reasons.
           1. Level up stuff.... you get an even mix of feats and force powers
           as well as lots of of skill points.  If you dump all the skill points
           into one or two skills, you will have an easy time of getting through
           certain parts of the game.
           2. Free Feats... the feats you get for free as a Scout <-> Jedi
              Sentinal are better than the ones you get for free with any 
              other class.  Mainly, as a scout you get the Implants feat for 
              free. Trust me, later in the game this will be more useful than 
              the feats you got for free with any other class.
           3. Unique Feats... By far the best part of being a Jedi Sentinal is 
              the free stuff attatched to it.  Mainly, a Jedi Sentinal that has 
              reached level 12 gets feats that make him immune from any sort of 
              mind-altering or critical hits.  When you go up against the endless
              streams of Dark Jedi later in the game, these feats will nullify 
              nearly half of the offensive force powers that can be used against
    The last boss loves to use critical hits against you... and they almost 
    always work, making your final battle shorter than you would have liked.  
    The Jedi Sentinal is immune from critical hits (as well as paralyzing 
    grenades), so you will fight the final battle on a much more level playing 
    II. 2.  LIGHT OR DARK?
    There is no secret that everything you say and do in KOTOR leads you either 
    down the path of the light side or the dark side.  The side you choose to 
    follow will affect the ending sequence of the game, as well as some of the 
    side quests you are able to do.  It also affects which characters you get to
    use and, to some respect, which Force Powers you will have.
    Dark Jedi get discounts for using Dark Side force powers, just as Light Jedi
    get discounts for using Light side force powers.  The reverse is also true.
    If a Dark Jedi tries to use a light side power, he has to pay significantly
    more force points to use it than would a Jedi.
    Most people dont think about this, but the side you choose will determine 
    which characters you get to bring with you for the final level.  I will get 
    into that during the Party Selection section.  Without revealing any spoiler
    information, both the Light side and the Dark side have an advantage at
    different points in the game.
    It is easier to play through the game as the Dark Side because you get the 
    cool force powers and will have more money.  There really is nothing cooler 
    than using your force lightning to decimate an entire room of enemies.  And 
    you will have more money with the Dark Side because certian Dark Side 
    actions enable you to steal money from people, and go on assasination 
    side-quests that pay very well.  You can't do this with the light side.
    However, once you reach the final level (and by far the most difficult level)
    all the advantages you had as the Dark Side go away and you are left with 
    largely no advantage. Quite simply, all the cool force powers you had before
    are less effective against the difficult Dark Jedi Masters you will be 
    fighting. Don't even try to use offensive force powers against the final 
    boss because they almost never work.
    If you are the Light Side, it will be slightly more difficult for you to 
    play through the whole game, but once you reach the final level you have a 
    big advantage.  First, if you are Light Side, the amount of available 
    characters you are able to bring with you on the final battle is twice the 
    amount you would have if you played as the Dark Side.  Second, since Light 
    Side powers specialize in nullifying Dark Side powers and internally 
    strenghening your characters, your characters will be that much stronger 
    against the hoards of Dark Jedi, Sith troopers, and battle droids of the 
    final level.
    One suggestion though....... decide which side you want to play as before 
    you begin the game, and then play through the entire game only selecting 
    options that add to that side.  Here is the reason... Let's say you choose 
    the Dark Side and want to use some Force Lightning.  The more evil you have 
    been during the game, the greater discount you get when using force 
    Lightning.  If you have only been a little evil, you only get a little 
    II. 3. Attributes
    When you see the attributes screen while creating your character, you may be
    a bit overwhelmed at first -- as you should be.  Your gaming experience will
    not be fun if you mess up and pick the wrong things.
    All of the attributes are equally important in their own ways.  For every 
    attribute, you will at least want to invest enough points to get the 
    modifiers out of negative numbers. 
    If you are going to play as a SCOUT / JEDI SENTINAL or the SOLDIER / JEDI 
    You want to put the most points into Strength.  As a future Jedi (if this was
    a spoiler to you... sorry) you will probably be using a lightsaber in melee 
    (as opposed to ranged) combat. Therefore, strength is the most essential 
    attribute you can use.  This ensures that all of your attacks will hit your 
    opponent.  This is your big attribute if you are a Soldier / Jedi Guardian 
    After Strength, invest the most points in Dexterity if you are going Light 
    Side.  This makes it harder for enemies to hit you.  If you are going Dark 
    Side, still invest a good number of points in Dexterity.
    If you are going Dark Side, you will probably want to put more emphasis on 
    Wisdom than you do on Dexterity. But whatever affiliation with the force 
    you have, any Jedi Character will at least want to be +1 or +2 for Wisdom.
    Try to get around at least +1 or +2 with Intelligence.  It will make it that
     much more effective when you are slicing computers.  Don't go overboard 
    with investing points in this, however.
    For Constitution, just get it out of negative modifiers and you will be fine.
    The only thing Charisma is really good for is upping your persuasion 
    abilities.  If you just get this ability out of negative numbers, that 
    should be enough.
    If you are going to play as a SCOUNDREL / JEDI CONSULAR
    Probably dont need too much in the way of strength since you are going to 
    be relying on your Force Powers. A +1 or +2 should be enough.      
    Likewise, a +1 or +2 to Dexterity should be enough.
    Constitution is a big one if you are a Jedi Consular.  You dont get as much 
    HP as the other classes,so you will need as much of a boost as you can get. 
    Dont go overboard with this one, though, you need to save your points for 
    more important stuff.
    After you get the Intelligence Attribute out of negative modifiers, dont 
    worry about it.  Its not important.
    Wisdom is as important to the Jedi Consular as Strength is to the Jedi 
    Guardian.  You will want to spend the most points on this ability.
    Being able to persuade others is central to the Jedi Consular.  However, 
    you dont need to go crazy with Charisma points to make it effective.  Just 
    go with a +1 or +2 modifier to Charisma, and get invest all your skill 
    points in Persuade.
    To Keep this section short, Ill just tell you the best skills to invest and 
    why the others aren't as good.
    For your main character, only bother investing in Computer Skill, Persuade, 
    and Treat Injury. The others may be useful at certain points in the game, 
    but being high in this skill will benefit you almost all the time.  There 
    are plenty of other characters available to knock out the other skills. But 
    if it were just your character alone (which sometimes it will be) having 
    these three skills will be the most helpful.
    If you are going to make your life difficult and be a Scoundrel / Jedi 
    Consular, the only things you want to invest your points in are Persuade 
    and Treat Injury.
    If you play through the game as planned, your main character will become a 
    Jedi at level 8. This means you get 8 levels of progression as your first 
    class and then 12 levels as your Jedi Class.
    A Jedi Guardian will probably get a total of 14 acquired feats (not 
    including the freebies he will get). A Jedi Consular will probably get a 
    total of 9 acquired feats (not including the freebies). A Jedi Sentinal 
    will probably get a total of 11... not entirely sure about this number.
    There are lots of feats for lots of purposes.  Only bother investing in the 
    ones that will aid you in combat. There are really only 4 feats that are 
    essential for your main character.  You will be able to invest in others,
    but make sure you invest in the following 4 as fully as you can.  These feats
    will make you more deadly in combat by ensuring that you will almost always
    hit your enemy.  Without them, you will miss like crazy.
    Flurry (levels 1 2 and 3)... invest in all.  Lets you kill enemies faster.  
    The other essential feats will compensate for the penalty to hit you incur 
    when using flurry.
    Two-Handed Fighting (1 2 3)... invest in all. You are going to want a 
    double-saber, trust me.
    Lightsaber proficiency You get Level 1 for free.  Invest in level (2.) You 
    cant learn level 3 unless you are a Guardian, but the third level here doesnt
    matter much.
    Dueling (1 2 3) Invest in all.  Even if you plan to use a double-lightsaber 
    (which you should) this still helps despite what the description says.
    .................Some fun feats that are very useful........................
    Jedi Defense (1 2 3) Laugh as your character is largely immune from blaster 
    fire and deflects it back at enemies to kill them.
    Toughness (1 2 3)... gives your main character more HP and lessens damaged 
    incurred during battle.
    Conditioning (level 1 2 3)... makes your main character much harder to hit 
    during battle.
    Obviously the side of the Force you choose to follow during the game will 
    determine which Force powers you should select.  However, some of the most 
    useful powers in the game are the Universal powers that are not affected by
    your allegience to either the light or the dark.  You will want to master 
    these first.  They are:
    Always overlooked, but truly the best power in the game.  Here is why... 
    there is the obvious bonus of being able to navigate areas quickly.  But 
    the true beauty of Mastery of Speed is the effect it generates for you in 
    If you cast Mastery of Speed on yourself during combat, you gain 2 attacks 
    per round.  That means if you are using a single lightsaber (which you should
    nt do) and you do an ordinary attack swing, you will damage your opponent 
    three times instead of one.  
    Here is the ultimate combo.  Mastery of Speed and Master Flurry.  This 
    attacks your enemy 6 times in 1 swing (if you use a double saber)!! I have 
    tested this over and over again.  Very rarely do you not kill your opponent 
    in 1 round when you use this combo.  Bosses like some of the Dark Jedi 
    Masters or maybe the wild rancors will take 2 rounds to beat using this.
    Probably the most effective offensive force power in the game -- even better
     than the force lightning.  What it does is attack anything in front of you 
    (like the lightning) but it also paralyzes anything it hits for 6 seconds. 
    If you cast this 4 times or so in a roomful of enemies, you can kill them 
    all yourself. Only the Mastery version of this is good.
    Extremely useful later in the game when you are going up against lots and 
    lots of Dark Jedi.  It nullifies offensive force powers cast against you.  
    There are only two levels of this, but you could invest in some other powers
     first if you prefer.  Just make sure you have it after you have gotten the 
    4th star map.
    DRAIN LIFE        ((Semi Spoiler))
    Ok, I am aware this is a Dark Side Power.  But even if you are a Light Side 
    Jedi, this should be the last Force power you get.  Don't bother getting it 
    before your final level if you are Light Side though.  Here is why...
    In the final battle, the last boss has the ability to cast Drain Life on any
     of the 6 captured soldiers that are stationed in the room.  This completely
     restores all health to him.  But on the bright side, you can do this too!  
    More importantly, if you don't do this, the final boss gets to completely 
    heal himself 6 times (you will be dead long before then).  But if you do it 
    too, he runs out of chances to heal himself faster, and you get to kill him 
    Light Side Powers
    If you go with the Light Side, there are really only 4 other powers you 
    should bother with in addition to the ones I have already listed.  Depending
     on which class you are, you only get a limited number of powers.  It is
    highly advisable you get the Force Powers previously mentioned first.
    The benefits of this are obvious.  In fact, all of the other Jedi you have 
    in your control should have this too. As your main character, dont bother 
    casting this during combat.  Wait till you have survived and do it then.
    Most Jedi can't wear armor without sacrificing their force powers.  Casting 
    this on yourself before combat will give you the armor you need.  In fact, 
    this in combination with a good personal energy shield makes you nearly 
    Ok, here is a little heads up... the last level has lots and lots and lots 
    of droids.  They are pretty scary too.  Having this power destroys them with
     little effort.  You are going to want this one. Trust me.
    Um, if you have invested in the other Force Powers I have recommended and 
    have some left over, you should probably get this one.  It paralyzes all 
    the enemies in your path making them really easy to kill with your saber.  
    However, it usually only works on the easy enemies you would have no problem
     killing anyway.  Try this on a boss, and you will not like the results.  
    However, its useful on big groups.
    Dark Side Powers
    Force Storm (lightning)
    Oh yeah.  This is probably the whole reason you are playing the game as the 
    Dark Side.  It pretty much decimates any enemy you can see.  It usually 
    takes about 4 or 5 castings to wipe out a group of enemies though. However,
    for knocking out a room of enemies I still prefer Force Wave.
    This one is fun.  Picture Darth Vader doing the force grip in Episode IV... 
    thats what this is.  1 casting of this paralyzes any enemy while inflicting 
    damage on them.  To kill them faster, cast this multiple times.
    Kind of like the Dark Side version of Stasis Field.  It paralyzes all 
    enemies in range by basically making them too insane to move or attack.  
    Usually only workson lesser enemies though.
    Death Field
    The upgraded version of Drain Life that I discussed earlier.  You definitely
     want this for the final battle (the level 1 version works for that though).
      What this does is drain HP from all nearby enemies while restocking your 
    own HP.  Good if you need a quick HP fix, but avoid casting it too much.
    Since you are a Jedi, you only really get one choice.  Lightsaber.  I can't 
    imagine anyone who buys this game and doens't want to use a lightsaber for 
    their main character.  Use two weapons whenever possible. This means you 
    should either use 2 single handed lightsabers or 1 double-lightsaber.  
    Personally, I recommend the double-saber because then you use your very best
     crystals to beef it up.  Color aside,each saber can have two modifying 
    Now I know what you're thinking.  "If I use two separate lightsabers, then 
    I get to use 4 modifying crystals.  That's better, right?"
    There are a few really really good crystals in the game.  The rest arent 
    worth the effort.  If you use a double-saber, both of your hands get the 
    benefits of your two best crystals.  With the other option, you have to 
    portion out your crystals so you end up with either one really stacked 
    lightsaber in one hand and a really weak lightsaber in the other hand.  Or, 
    if you try to balance it out, you end up with two mediocere sabers.  Go with
     a double and use your best two crystals for your main character. YOu will 
    have other good crystals left over, use them in double sabers for your other
     Jedi, or sell them.
    So this begs the question, which crystals should I use?  Crystals can be 
    sold for big money with local merchants, so if you only keep the ones you 
    want to use and sell the rest, thats a lot of potential money for you.
    In my opinion, there are only four crystals your player character should 
    think of using in his lightsaber (assuming you are going with a double-saber.
    .. which you should) before he goes up against the last level.  Until you 
    get to the Unknown World, you will have to use the latter two.
           Upari Crystal ... Gives your saber +3 to hit and +1-8 to Damage.
                  YOu can find it in the Temple on the unknown world
           Solari Crystal... Gives your saber +3 to hit, +2 to damage and +1-8 
               to damage against Dark Jedi.
               This can only be used in the saber of a Light Jedi.  If you are
               going Dark Side, use the  next crystal instead.
              Found in the "Skeletal Human remains" on Korriban.
           Kryat Dragon Pearl... Gives your saber +3 to hit and +2 to damage.
               YOu recieve it as a prize after you kill the Kryat Dragon and find
                the Star Map on Tatooine.
                 {{This is a good crystal to use until you get to the unknown
                     world and find the Upari and Solari crystals}}
           Damind Crystal... Gives your saber a +3 to hit.
                 {{This is a good crystal to use until you get to the unknown 
                   world and find the Upari and Solari crystals}}
               You can find it on Tatooine, Kashyyyk, and Korriban.    
                   Tatooine: Pick it off the corpse of the Dark Jedi who ambush
                              you in Anchorhead. 
                   Kashyyyk: Pick it off the corpse of the Dark Jedi who ambush
                              you on the Great Walkway.
                   Korriban: Pick it off the corpse of Kel Algwyn in the Sith
    II. 8. Armor and Accessories
    Im going to make this section really easy for you and just tell you what the
    best armor and accessories are for your main character instead of discussing
    it.  Please trust me.  If you stock your character with this you will be able
    to kill anything.  I promise.  I have tested all of this.
        Really only 3 possible choices here (1 you wont be able to get until
        nearly the end of the game).
            1. Calo Nord's Battle Armor
               Once fully upgraded, this is the best piece or armor in the 
               game.  It is resistent to some damage and critical hits.  Only
               problem is that you can't have this if you want to use the better
               Force Powers.  If you dont care about Force Powers for your main
               guy, go with this.
            2. Jedi Master / Dark Jedi Master Robes
               The second best Jedi robes out there. Not much in the way of 
               protection, but it gives you a nice bonus to Dexterity.  If you 
               are planning to use Force Powers, this is the best armor you can 
               hope for.
            3. Star Forge Robes (Light Side) / Darth Revan's Robes (Dark Side)
               In my opinion, the only thing you should wear before fighting the
               final boss. You only get it towards the end on the second deck of 
               the Star Forge.  Its to the left of the hallway on the second level 
               where the ion turrets are stationed on the right.  It can be tricky
               to find if you arent sure where to look.  Hope that helps.
               It costs you 25 Computer Spikes. If you are Light Side, you get 
               the Star Forge Robes which, among other stuff,
               gives you +5 to Wisdom and +2 to all saving throws.  If you are 
               Dark Side, you get +4 to Strength and 1 regeneration. Until you 
               can get this. Use one of the other two pieces of armor i have 
    Only worry about investing in these if you are the Scout class and you get 
    this feat for free.  If you aren't a scout, you still might want to get to 
    level 2 so you can buy an implant that will be very useful against the final
    If you aren't a scout...Go with the Retinal Combat Implant.  It only costs 
    750 credits at your local merchants, and provides immunity from critical 
    hits.  The reason its important is because the final boss tries to do a 
    critical strike every third hit.  Having immunity makes the final fight much
    If you are a scout...You get immunity from critical hits anyway as a Jedi 
    Sentinal.  And since you have the implant feats for free, all the options 
    open up to you.  Go with the Cardio Power System to get a serious boost to 
    your HP.  After you have been to the Leviathan, you can buy this from the 
    secret merchant on Korriban.
    Only one choice here.  Dominator Gauntlets.  These cost 9000 credits and are
     only available at the secret Korriban merchant after you have been to the 
    Leviathan.  It gives +5 to strength... the biggest single strength increase 
    you can get.
    If you dont want to shell out the 9000 credits for these gauntlets, there is
     another free option that is nearly as good.  If you are playing as the Dark
     Side, you have the option of completing the Genoharadan Assassain Sidequest.
      Your reward for carrying out the final mission are the Genoharadan Power 
    Gloves, which give you a +4 bonus to strength.
    Two options here.  One for when you take on the final boss, and one for 
    perhaps the rest of the game. However, they are both very expensive, so if 
    you only feel like paying for one, invest in the one that will help you 
    against the final boss.
    Electrical Capitance Shield
        Provides 100% immunity from electrical attacks.
        The final boss loves to use Force Lightning against you.  In fact, its
        the only Force Power he will probably use against you.  If your Will 
        is high enough, you might be able to counter it by casting Force 
        Immunity on yourself.  Or, you can just wear this for 100% reliability.
        You purchase this from Eli on Kashyyyk for 3500 credits. (If you are
        going light side, buy it before you go to the Wookie Village... trust 
    Adrenaline Stimulator
      Gives you +2 to Dexterity and +4 to all saving throws.
      This one is expensive.  Like 18000 credits I think.  You get it from the
      secret merchant on Korriban after you have been to the Leviathan.  The +4
       to all saving throws makes it that much harder for anything (grenades,   
      force powers, enemy attacks) to hit you.
    When equipping up, bonuses to "all saving throws" are the most useful 
    because they counter everything.  So anything that provides a bonus to all 
    saving throws is good.  For headwear, conisder the Stabilizer Mask. It gives
    you immunity from Mind effecting powers and +2 to all saving throws.
    You can buy it from either the secret Korriban merchant after you have been 
    to the Leviathan, or Tyvark on Maanan.
    Note... when you wear this, you are going to look really stupid.  Its better
    if you cope with this now.
    Energy Shields
    Truthfully, any energy shield you can get your hands on is better than 
    nothing.  But the best of the best is the Prototype Verpine Shield.  It 
    provides protection from 70 points of any kind of damage.  You can find one
    or two on the planets, or you can buy them from the secret Korriban merchant
    for around 3000 credits.
    Section III.  Picking the Rest of your Party
    Everyone else is going to feed you the same lines about how every playable 
    character you encounter is useful in his/her own special way.  While this is
     true, its also a bit of an overstatement.  The sad truth is that only
    about half of the characters you get to have in your party are worth 
    anything.  The rest you might as well just leave behind at headquarters.  
    The game is designed so that each of the worthless characters is useful in 
    one part.  But other than that, you'll never need them.
    III. 1. General Tips
    Rather than waste a lot of web-page space going through the pros and cons 
    of each character, Im just going to tell you which characters you will want 
    to use in your party and how to avoid using the other ones when you are 
    convinced you have to.
    But on to the general tips...
    Melee guys tend to do better in combat than do your ranged weapons users.  
    This is because eventually your enemies will close the distance and your 
    guys with guns will be mauled.
    Since your player character will be a melee guy, it is good to have one 
    other melee weapons user and then one ranged user.  THe ranged user can 
    support your other characters from afar, and run away when your other guys 
    are killed.
    But in all seriousness, if you just use the Master Speed / Master Flurry 
    combo before combat, you could probably kill everything by yourself anyway.
    Bearing in mind what I just said, this will work easier if I break it down 
    by weapon types.
           Melee/Lightsaber Users                 Long-Ranged Weapons Users
          ------------------------                -------------------------
             Your Player Character                          Carth   
             Bastilla  (saber)                            Canderous
               Jolee (saber)                               Hk-47
               Juhani (saber)                              T3-M4
                Zaalbar                                    Mission
    When you reach the final stage, your affiliation with the force will affect 
    who you get to take with you. Im not going tell you who gets to go with each
     scenario, but Im going to tell you the best team to take with you in both 
    scenarios. In both cases, the team I have suggested is the most efficient.
    The Most Efficient Light Side Team for the final level (and the rest of the 
    game for that matter)
        *Your Player Character
    The Most Efficient Dark Side Team for the final level
        *Your Player Character
        *[You dont get a choice with the third character.  its someone you have 
    to take with you]
    In any heavy combat situation, the "light side team" is the team you want 
    with you.  It is by far the most balanced and the most efficient combat team.
       Zaalbar is the best melee character in addition to your player character. 
            Reasons: Since he is a big Wookie, he naturally has higher Strength
            modifiers than anyone else in the game (making him better with 
            melee weapons).  He gains enough Feats to take care of all the
            essential melee feats.  And since he is a Scout, he gets free
            implant feats.
       Carth is the best long ranged character.
        1. Since Carth is a soldier, he will get more Feats than any other non
           soldier. He also starts out with the Heavy Armor Feat, which makes
           him better than Mission, T3-M4 or Hk-47.
        2. As you will soon find out, I suggest that any ranged-weapons user
           is best off using two blaster blaster pistols as opposed to a
           single blaster rifle or heavy weapon.  Because of this, Carth is
           better than Canderous because he already has levels 1 and 2 of 
           "Blaster Pistol" and "Two-Handed Fighting" researched, where as
           Canderous does not.  However, if you are unable to use Carth or
           simply dont like him, Canderous is the second-best choice for a 
           ranged weapons user.
    If you are Dark Side, you can use this team up until the final level... 
    because then it makes much more sense to use the other team I have suggested.
     I dont really want to tell you why it makes more sense, but trust me, it 
    There will be various points in the game when you think you have to bring 
    someone else with you. And 90% of the time, this is not true.  For some of 
    the lesser characters, Ill tell you how to avoid using the characters that 
    arent as effective. 
    Carth's best asset is his proficiency with blaster pistols. In the world of 
    long-ranged weaponry, you can only get away with using two weapons if you 
    use a blaster pistol.
    III. 3. A. FEATS
    As a soldier, Carth already has the feats for full armor researched, so you 
    dont have to worry about those.  In addition, he has levels 1 and 2 
    researched for Two-Handed Fighting and Blaster Pistol Proficiency. You will 
    want to get the third level for those.  Carth is going to get a lot of 
    Feats, so after you research all the ones I have suggested you will have 
    space to get some of your own.  
    These feats are essential for maximizing Carth's capabilities.
    TWO-HANDED FIGHTING        level 3
    DUELING                    levels 1 2 and 3
    RAPID SHOT                 levels 1 2 and 3
    CONDITIONING               levels 1 2 and 3
    TOUGHNESS                  levels 1 2 and 3
    III. 3. B. Carth's Skills
      Treat Injury
    For Carth, only worry about putting points into Treat Injury and Demolitions.
     Your player character, if he is a scout as he should be, will be able to 
    knock out the Computer Skill.  Have Carth favor Treat Injury first and 
    Demolitions second.
    III. 3. C. Carth's Attributes
    Whenever you have a chance to give Carth another Attribute point, put it 
    into Dexterity.  For Carth, it is the only logical option.
    III. 3. D. The Best Weapons for Carth
    Sith Assassin Pistol (recieved from the Admiral on the Leviathan)
    Cassius Fett's Blaster Pistol (costs you 10 000 credits... get it from the
    merchant B'ree on Korriban).
    These are Carth's best weapons. Unfortunately, both of these weapons dont 
    become available until after you have visited the Leviathan.  Until then, 
    you will want to use the two Heavy Mandalorian Blasters you get from Calo 
      There are three different Sith Assassin Pistols in the game, and each of
      them are different.  The good one is the one that you get from Admiral
      Kareth on the Leviathan.   
    If you dont feel like shelling out the 10 000 credits for Cassius Fett's 
    Blaster, a decent substitute is one of the Heavy Mandalorian Blaster Pistols
     you get from Calo Nord.  Two of those will be your best weapons until you 
    get to the Leviathan.
    III. 3. E. Carth's Armor
    Calo Nord's Battle Armor 
       Fully upgraded, this thing is the best armor in the game.  It has great
        protection, as well as protecting from various types of damage and
        critical hits.
       And its free, which is nice.
    III. 3. F. Carth's Gloves
    I know they are pricy, but the only way to go here are the KARAKAN 
    GAUNTLETS. You buy them from the merchant in the Tatooine docking bay.  
    They cost 7500 credits. They provide +3 to all Saves and +1 to Dexterity.
    III. 3. G. Carth's Waist
    My suggestion here is very inexpensive.  You probably want to go with the 
    Nerve Amplifying Belt, as it provides imunity from mind effecting powers.
    Since Carth isn't a Jedi, he is vulnerable to the effects of Dark Jedi 
    III. 3. H. Carth's forearms
    Same suggestion here as before with the energy shields.  Any energy shield 
    beats no energy shield.  On your quest, you will pick up many.  Pick out the
     one that looks best to you.
    III. 3. I. Carth's Head
    Believe it or not, I dont really have any strong suggestions for what Carth 
    should wear as a head piece.  Im certainly not going to suggest you spend 
    more money, because I know that is running scarce after you buy all the 
    other stuff I've suggested.
    If you have one left over, you may want to equip him with a Veripine 
    Headwear.  You will find a bunch of these, and it provides +3 to Will and +2
     to awareness.
    This wookie is a powerhouse. Huge emphasis on strength and brute force. Its 
    a lot of fun to just sit back and watch Zaalbar rip your enemies apart. The 
    fact that he's a wookie carries a bit of a disadvantage since he wont be 
    able to wear armor or headwear.  But he is so strong, he will rip most 
    enemies to shreds before they can touch him.
    III. 4. A. Zaalbar's Feats
    With Feats, treat Zaalbar a lot like your player character. You want to 
    favor his combat abilities.  Here are some necessities...
    Two Handed Fighting
    Weapons Specialization Melee Weapons
    Master Flurry
    Master Critical Strike
    Master Conditioning
    In addition to these, you will have some left over to pick some others you 
    III. 4. B. Zaalbar's Attributes
    Strength.  Lots and lots of strength.
    III. 4. C. Zaalbar's Skills
    This should depend on what your player character focuses on.  If your player
     character is a scout like I suggested and you have him focusing on computer
     skills, you want Zaalbar to focus on Repair and Demolitions skills.  If your
     player character isnt focusing on computer skills, have Zaalbar invest in 
    computer skills.
    III. 4. D. Zaalbar's Weapon
    I have gone to great lengths to test possible weapons for Zaalbar, and found
     the best to be the fully upgraded Yussani's Brand.  Its a double bladed 
    sword that can be purchased from the merchant in the Tatooine docking bay.
    Yussani's Brand is better than both Bacca's Blade and Ajunta Pall's Sword.
    III. 4. E. Zaalbar's Armor and Headwear
    Yeah... he's a wookie, he can't wear armor or headwear.
    III. 4. F. Zaalbar's Gloves
    Like your player character, you want anything that gives modifiers to 
    strength. Since you are purchasing the best gloves for your player character,
     you will probably inherit the gloves you use for Zaalbar from someone you 
    The Eriadu Strength Gloves or the Sith Strength Gauntlets provide nice 
    bonuses for Zaalbar.
    III. 4. G. Zaalbar's Implants
    Since he is a scout, Zaalbar gets this feat for free.  And since he is a 
    wookie, he is vulnerable to the effects of Force Powers.
    Giving him the Retinal Combat implant gives him immunity from critical hits.
    This, or something that provides immunity from mind effecting powers is 
    useful to nullify the effects of the force.
    III. 5. Canderous
    The second best gun user in the group.  Your natural instinct with him is 
    going to be Heavy Weapons use since he already has those feats researched.
    Fight this instinct.
    Fight it hard.
    Canderous is much more effective with the dual pistols.  This will mean 
    some sacrifices on your part, but trust me, its worth it.
    III. 5. A. Canderous' Attributes, Armor and Accessories
    You want to treat Canderous exactly as you would treat Carth Onassi.  This 
    is inclusive of everything I have suggested for Carth, with the exception 
    of one or two Feats and Headwear.
    III. 5. B. Canderous' Feats
    Even though I said Canderous is more effective when using dual pistols, DO 
    NOT research the Blaster Pistol Specialization feats for Canderous.  Use 
    those two feats to give yourself something else you want -- your choice.
    III. 5. C. Canderous' Headwear
    There is a piece of headwear that makes Canderous awesome with blaster 
    pistols.  Its the Pistol Targeting Optics headwear found on Manaan.  You 
    buy it from Tyvark's General Store for 8000 credits.
    III. 6. Bastilla
    III. 6. A. Attributes Feats and Accessories
    Treat her the same as you would treat the player character. Her proficiency 
    with a double saber ensures you want to utilize her as a melee fighter.  
    She doesn't quite have the Force Points to be a good Force wizard, so dont 
    bother putting attribute points into wisdom.  Use them on strength.
    III. 6. B. Weapons
    Obviously, you want Bastilla to stick with the double bladed lightsaber. 
    Since your player character will be taking your good lightsaber crystals, 
    Bastilla should get second-best. 
    Since Bastilla doesnt quite have the strength capabilities that your player 
    character has, the crystals you put in her lightsaber should primarily 
    increase the attack and not necessarily the damage.  After all, what good 
    is a deadly lightsaber if it never hits anything?
    With that in mind, definitely put a Damind Crystal as one of the ones in 
    Bastilla's lightsaber.  It provides +3 to attack.
    Next, I would probably give Bastilla the Kryat Dragon Pearl as her second 
    crystal. This is one of the strongest crystals in the game.  If you are 
    playing as the lightside, your player character can use both the Upari and 
    the Solari crystals, which frees up the Pearl.  If you are playing as Dark 
    Side, you can gain dark side points by stealing a second Kryat Dragon Pearl 
    from the hunter whom you help kill the Kryat dragon with.
    III.6. C. Armor
    Since she is a Jedi Sentinal, you dont want to put armor on her.  She 
    doesnt have the heavy armor feat, nor will she be able to use her force 
    powers.  Therefore, find either a Jedi or a Dark Jedi Master robe and fit 
    her with it. In fact, any Jedi robe will do until you find a Master Robe.
    III. 6. D. Headwear
    Since you are throwing Bastilla's attribute points into strength to help 
    with her lightsaber, you want her headwear to boost her wisdom to help out 
    with her Force Powers.
    The Veripine Headwear provides +3 to Will and +2 to Awareness.  And for an 
    aesthetic opinion, the Veripine headwear really looks good on Bastilla.
    III. 6. E. Gloves.
    Like your player character, Bastilla should have gloves that boost her 
    strength.  Your player character should get the best gauntlets.  If you are 
    playing Dark Side and do the assassination sidequest, the Geoharridan 
    Gauntlets will go nicely with her.  If not, the Eridau Strength Gauntlets 
    or the Sith Gauntlets will work well too.
    III. 7. T3-M4
    I hate to say this about any character, but T3-M4 is really worthless.  
    True, he is the best at every skill, but his combat abilities are so lousy 
    you never want to have him in your party during a combat situation.
    There are a few places in the game where it would be useful to put him in 
    your party for a second, only so that he can perform the odd security or 
    computer job.
    III. 7. A. Feats
    Caution.  Definitely caution.  All 3 levels.  This will help boost his 
    skills.  I know he already gets lots of skill points, but since you 
    DO NOT ever want to use him in a combat scenario, it naturally makes
    sense to beef up his points more.  Aside from the combat Feats, all
    that is really left is Caution.  He doesnt get many feats anyway.
    III. 7. B. Skills
    Everything.  T3-M4 will get enough skill points at level up to invest in 
    everything.  But the big ones are Computer skill, demolitions, awareness 
    and repair.
    When you get an attribute point, put it into intelligence.
    III. 7. C. How to Avoid using when you think you have to
    THere is only one point in the game when you think you will have to use 
    T3-M4 for a combat scenario.
    On Taris, you purchase T3-M4 to open the doors to the Sith Base for you. 
    The doors open, and most people assume you have to take him in with you.  
    You don't.
    Once the doors open, switch T3-M4 out of your party and walk in with whoever
     you want.
    III. 8. Mission
    Like T3-M4, Mission is useless in any combat scenario.  Like T3-M4, she 
    might be useful in two or three separate situations during the game, but 
    you should only sub her in once the heavy fighting is done.  
    Nazman (who also posts FAQ Guides and posts on the message boards) has told
    me of other FAQs that say Mission is the best gun user in the game.  Do not
    believe this.
    True, her unique feats (Sneak Attack) would make her deadly in combat, but
    only if she managed to sneak up behind an enemy who had first been
    paralzyed by one of your other characters.  Since she is a Scoundrel, she 
    doesn't gain near enough Feats to make her as proficent with guns ad Carth.
    III. 8. A. Feats
    Like T3-M4, give Mission the Caution feats and anything else that boosts 
    her Computer, Demolitions, or Stealth Skills.
    If you are insisting on using her for combat (please dont... your life wont 
    be fun) she will need the TOughness, Conditioning and Sniper feats.  She is 
    dead without them.
    III. 8. B. Skills
    With Mission, you want to focus on Security, Awareness, and Demolitions 
    Skills.  YOur other characters will knock out the rest.
    III. 8. C. How to avoid using her when you think you have to
    You have to use Mission briefly, but not for as long as you think.  
    *** SPOILER ****
      When Mission joins your party, you have to use her until you rescue Zaalbar
       and lower the energy shield. Once the energy shield is down, sub her out
       before you take on the Rancor and enter the Bek Base.
    III. 9. Jolee
    Comparatively, Jolee is your worst melee fighter.  He is a Jedi... 
    technically... so outfitting him with a blaster is both insulting and stupid.
     However, he is a Jedi Consular, and his affiliations with the light side 
    are menial.  If you are playing your main character as a non- Jedi Consular,
     Jolee can be your Force wizard if you really feel you need one.
    III. 9. A. Feats
    Jolee isnt really too good with a lightsaber, and since he is a Jedi 
    Consular, he gets practically no Feats. This will go against everything I 
    have told you up until this point, but DO NOT set Jolee up to be a 
    double-saber user. 
    Instead, you want to set Jolee up with feats that will keep him alive long 
    enough to use his Force powers.  Stuff like Conditioning and Toughness makes
     lots of sense.
    He will need his lightsaber every once in a while, so feats like Lightsaber 
    Proficiency and Dueling would not be a waste.
    III. 9. B. Force Powers
    Here is where you get to be creative. JOlee's affiliations to the light side
     are not that strong, so he is probably the only character (unless you are 
    playing dark side) that I would suggest covering Dark Side powers with.
    With Jolee, Heal and Master Speed (so you can do the combat combo) are big 
    ones.  Other powers like Force Armor and Force Immunity are useful.
    Other than that, go nuts.  If you want to play with some lightning, go ahead
     and play with some lightning. 
    III. 9. C. Weapons
    I would suggest a single saber for Jolee simply because he doesnt earn 
    enough feats to be efficient with the double-saber.
    As for crystals, dont waste any of your good ones on Jolee's lightsaber.  
    Anything (like the Rubat or Damind crystals) that provide modifiers to 
    attack are good since the Jedi Consular is not a natural fighter.
    III. 9. D. When to use
    At most, there are only three instances where you might use Jolee.  And in 
    two of those instances, you dont have a choice, so it doesnt really matter.
    ****************These are kind of semi-spoilers. ****************************
     ***I wont reveal anything crucial to the plot, but still, be advised. ****
            1st instance: Kashyyyk... This is where you meet Jolee.  You need 
                  him to get past the czerka energy field.  Once it is down, you
                  have to take him with you.  Deal with it.
            2nd instance: the unknown planet... he is one of two possible
                  characters that you are allowed to bring into the Temple with 
                  you. The alternative is going alone.  Take him with you.
           ** 3rd instance: the Leviathian... when your party is captured, you
               have to pick one of your lesser characters (not player, Bastilla,
               nor Carth) to free the whole party.  If you do not have Juhani in
               your party, you should pick Jolee to lead this mission.  Simply, 
               having his Force powers will make up for the fact that he is 
               unarmed and will enable you to defeat the enemy easier.
    III. 10. Juhani (optional character)
    Probably the second-best offensive lightsaber user in your group, next to 
    your player character.  While not the best Force User, her pure combat 
    abilities make her more effective than either Bastilla or Jolee.  But in 
    terms of pure melee potential, Zaalbar is still better.
    The problem is that you can only play with her by gaining some Light Side 
    points.  If you are playing through the game as the Light Side, this isnt a 
    problem for you.  If you are playing as the Dark Side, you have to choose 
    between killing her and getting more Dark Side points, or saving her and 
    going down in the Dark Side points you already have.
    My opinion... just suck it up and take the lightside points to save her.  
    There will be plenty of chances, even on Dantooine, to gain back the Dark 
    Side points, and then some.  She is extremely valuable in two key areas of 
    the game. 
    III. 10. A. Feats
    Treat Juhani exactly like your player character and Zaalbar when equipping 
    Feats.  After you get her, you will only be able to equip like an additional
     7 Feats total.  Since you want her to be useful in combat, you have to 
    choose these Feats wisely.
       Two handed fighting (3 levels)
       Flurry (3 levels)
       Dueling (1 level)
    All Jedi should have the Master of Speed and Flurry combo with a double 
    saber.  This makes them much more deadly.
    III. 10. B. Force Powers
    You definitely want to grab Master of Speed as soon as possible.  Force 
    Push and Destroy Droid are immensely useful for your Light Side Jedi, as 
    are Heal and Force Armor.  Other than that, choose whatever looks good to 
    III. 10. C. Weapons
    As I have suggested with all your front line Jedi, spend the Feats to go 
    with the Double-Saber.  It will make your combat experience much more fun.  
    Since Juhani isnt going to get as many feats as your other characters, 
    putting one of the crystals that helps with blaster bolt deflection might 
    be helpful.  More specifically, this is the JENRUAX crystal.  You find it 
    from the remains of your slain enemies on Manaan and Korriban.
    Probably give her the Rubat crystal too.  Its not that great, but you are 
    going to have a bunch of them so you might as well make use of one.
    III. 10. D. When to use
    If you have read all the way through this guide (I seriously doubt you have)
    ,you will know of my preference for Zaalbar as your other front line melee 
    character.  With this in mind, the only two times I would suggest using 
             ***1. The Leviathian... after you have found the third Star Map 
                   (not counting the one you find on Dantooine) make sure you 
                   have Juhani fully equipped.
                Pick her as the one to free your party.  Since she wont be
                captured, she will have all her weapons and stuff, and her 
                Force Powers make freeing your party easy.
                2. The Unknown Planet (Temple). JUhani is the second (Jolee is
                 the first) of the characters your player character is allowed 
                 to take with you into the Temple on the Unknown world.  Since 
                 the alternative is going alone, take her with you.
    III. 11. HK-47
    III. 11. A. Should you buy him?
    This is really up to you, and should depend on how much money you want to 
    spend.  If you are going as the Light Side, you can probably buy him on 
    Tatooine for about 4000 credits.  If you are going Dark Side, you can buy 
    him for 2500 credits by threatening Yuka Laka.
    If you want Light Side points for doing the Sandpeople sidequest on 
    Tatooine, you are going to need him.  If you dont get him, you can either 
    get Dark Side points or no Force affiliation points.
    That aside, its time to look at HK-47 for his usefulness.  Awesome at 
    skills like Computer, Demolitions, and Security.  Pretty good at combat, 
    but not as good as Carth and Canderous.
    With him in your party, you get a great skill user (good if you arent 
    playing as a scout / jedi sentinal) who can use the droid accessories 
    (useful on their own) but who isnt that great in combat.
    In my opinion, you dont need HK-47.  He is great to have because he is 
    funny, but I would recommend saving the 4000 credits for something else.
    III. 11. B. How you should use him 
    Make him your skill user and stock him up with Computer, Demolitions, and 
    Security Skill.  As for combat, invest in some sort of blaster rifle, as 
    you wont have the necessary feats to get him dual weapons.
    III. 11. C. Feats
    you'll have enough skill points to beef up your skills, so dont bother with 
    the Caution feats.
    Instead, think about the Sniper line of feats and the Rapid shot line of 
    As always, conditioning and toughness are good for anyone.
    III. 11. D. Weapons
    This is the only character I suggest using blaster rifles for.  There are 
    two you will want to think about.  One you can pick off the corpse of a 
    dead guy, the other you can buy from someone not so dead.
    Free one: Zabrak battle cannon
    Expensive one: Jamoh Hogra's Carbine... you buy this from the merchant
    in the Tatooine docking bay.
    III. 11. E. Accessories
    For HK-47's armor, there is only one way to go... Droid Heavy Plating 
    Type 3.  Its strong, and its the only thing you want.  You can find it on 
    Kashyyyk, Manaan, Korriban, the Leviathan, the Unknown World and the final 
    For one of the chips, go with the superior targeting computer to get a 
    boost to your weapons.
    For computer chips, go with the Universal Computer Interface and the 
    advanced computer tool.  This will boost your computer skills by +10.  If 
    you have Hk-47 focusing on computer skills you will be able to do almost 
    any computer hacking for virtually no spikes.
    For Forearm implants, go with the Advanced Stunray and the Carbonite 
    projector if you have it.  This will let you stun your enemies while the 
    rest of your party destroys them.
    For shielding, go with the Energy Shield Type 3.  Its the best you can have 
    for droid shielding.
    Section IV.  LEGAL STUFF
    IV. 1. Why you shouldn't plagerize me
    YOu shouldn't plagerize me because its morally, ethically, ecumenically, 
    politically, legally, and gramatically wrong.  Plus its kind of creepy, and 
    a little sad... but mostly its illegal.
    I put my time and effort into this (I never claimed to have any form of a 
    life), so I deserve my credit.  If you want to use any portion of my FAQ on 
    your own sites or anything, go ahead.  However, attribute anything you use 
    to SirCerberus (thats me!!!!!)  If you use something I have written and 
    attribute it to me, thats cool... we'll still be buddies.
    To plagerize me is to use something of mine on your own site and pretend 
    its your own.
    IV. 2. What I will do to you if you do plagerize me
    Dont worry, Im really not going to hunt you down and destroy you or anything.
    But, I will send an Email to the good people at Game Faq (or anywhere else 
    you post my work) and inform them that its my work and have them take it off.
    IV. 3. A description of how uneventful my life is to prove that I have
           nothing better to do than what I said I was going to do in the
           event that you do plagerize me. 
    Thank you for reading my FAQ... this is the end.  IF you liked it, thought 
    it was useful, hated it, can think of any improvements, please send your 
    emails to SirCerberus@hotmail.com     I'd love to hear from you.  

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