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    Beginner's Guide by gbash

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/12/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     Star Wars (TM) Knights of the Old Republic    
                     New Player's Guide (Light-side Scout/Jedi)
    Author:               Greg Ash (gbash, gash@aokweb.com)
    Platform:             PC, with 1.03 Update
    Version:              1.0
    Date:                 28 February 2005
    Copyright:	      2005, Greg Ash
    Character Build
     -Force Powers
     -Main Character
     -Lightsaber Upgrades
    Armored Jedi Option
    Gameplay Notes
     -Team Members
     -Light Side vs. Dark Side
     -Resisting Dark Side powers
     -Ebon Hawk
     -Equipment Management
     -Ultimate Team Members
    Planet Quest Notes
     -Unknown World
     -Star Forge
    Best Weapons
    Misc. Quest Solutions
    Combat Basics
     -Die Roll System
     -Saving Throws
     -Base Attack Bonus
     -Attacks per Round
     -Dueling vs. Two-Weapons
    Bugs Still in Program (after 1.03 patch)
    Version Information
    This guide will help new players get through the game with less frustration
    about character build, missed opportunities, or trying to figure out some
    puzzles. This is not a walk-through guide. I've minimized spoilers, but there
    are some. And I've also tried to give you options on building a character to 
    suit your playing style. Essentially, this guide is what I wish I knew when
    I first played this game.
    Your main character will be a Scout who then becomes a either a Jedi 
    Guardian (more melee oriented) or a Jedi Consular (more Force oriented). As a
    Scout, he relies on guile and his blaster pistol or vibroblade. But when he 
    becomes a Jedi, he learns to rely on the Force, in which he is very strong. 
    Choose to use either a single or dual lightsabers early. Either way has some 
    advantages: Single- better defense and attack, Dual- extra attack and chance 
    to use more lightsaber crystals. If dualing, use a short lightsaber in the 
    off hand to further reduce attack penalties. 
    Note: As a Jedi Consular, you could benefit from the extra DC of being a single
    weapons user with Dueling feats.
    See the section on Combat Basics to better understand how gameplay works
    for battles.
    Upon arriving on Taris, this character should never need to use a blaster 
    Die roll- The basis of combat and skills use thoughout the game. For example,
              the program picks a random number from 1-20 (based on one 20-sided
              die--a 1d20 die) for an attacker to determine whether or not the 
              attack is a successful hit. The rolled number is added to the 
              attacker's BAB + DEX mod + other attack bonuses, and if the total
              number is greater than the defender's Defense, then that hit is 
    VP-       Vitality points, the health of your character.
    SP-       Skill points, your ability to perform certain skills.
    FP-       Force points, your ability to use Force powers.
    XP-       Experience points, required to level up.
    DC-       Difficulty Class; the relative difficulty of a task. DC applies to
              skill use and saving throw attempts.
    Skills-   If you have a usable skill for target (such as mine or door), which
              shows in action list, you get a 1d20 die roll + skill rank + bonuses
              vs. DC of target.
    Attack-   Chance to hit opponent (1d20 die roll + STR mod + weapon mod +/-
              Feat/Force bonuses). Must beat opponet's DC. Note: DEX mod used for 
              ranged attacks. Higher of DEX or STR used for lightsabers.
    Defense-  A character's Difficulty Class; the chance to avoid being hit 
              (Base DC10 + armor + DEX mod +/- Feats bonuses + Force bonuses). 
    Damage-   Amount of hurt done by successful Attack, measured in VP. (Weapon die
              roll + STR mod + Feats bonuses - defender bonuses). 
    BBD-      Blaster bolt deflection with lightsaber.
    BAB-      Base Attack bonus (fighting ability), increases through level-ups,
              based on Class to a max of 15-20 (added to Attack die roll)
    Saves-    Ability to resist certain types (All, Fortitude, Reflex, Will) of 
              damage, effects, or powers (number added to die roll). Also called
              Saving Throw. Grenades, mines, and force powers have a set DC that
              you must beat to avoid or reduce damage. Your saving throw includes
              a 1d20 die roll + save type rating + attribute mod.
    Melee-    Hand-to-hand type fighting, using swords or lightsabers.
    Ranged-   Attacks using blaster-type weapons.
    CH-       Critical Hit, a hit that doubles the damage, if the next die roll is
              also a hit.
    CT-       Critical Threat, a weapon's ability to cause a Critical Hit (CT is 
              normally 20 based on 1d20 roll, but can be increased to 19-20 or more
              by weapon or feats).
    LS-       Light side, being nice and noble.
    DS-       Dark side, being self-serving and mean.
    Start with Scout for extra skill points and the Flurry feat. With Scout (lvl 4)
    instead of Soldier, you also gain the useful feats Implant 1 and 2 and Uncanny
    Dodge, and you also gain +3 Reflex and +3 Will saves, while you only lose one
    BAB, one Feat, and 8 VP. 
    As a Guardian instead of Consular, you gain 64 VP, 4 BAB, 2 Feats, and +3 
    Reflex. You lose 64 FP, 3 Force Powers, and 3 Will.
    As a Consular instead of Guardian, you gain 64 FP, 3 Force Powers, have
    stronger force use (Force Focus), and +3 Will. You lose 64 VP, 4 BAB, two 
    Feats, and 3 Reflex.
    Build up as Scout to level 4 and then go Jedi for the remaining 16 levels. Save
    your level ups after the fourth until you become a Jedi on Dantooine. Your XP
    will always be boosted to the next level-up amount when you first become a
    Jedi, so it's best to have at least 28,000 XP (or 36,000 XP) before leaving
    Scout: 8 VP, 3 SP/level, +bonuses
       Class Skills: Awareness*, Computer Use, Demolitions, Repair, Treat Injury*
    Guardian: 10 VP, 4 FP, 1 SP/level, +bonuses
       Class Skills: Awareness, Persuade*, Treat Injury*
    Consular: 6 VP, 8 FP, 1 SP/level, +bonuses
       Class Skills: Awareness, Persuade*, Treat Injury*
    *Concentrate on these. You can save SPs for later use.
    Scout (4)/Consular (16) Statistics-
    With the recommended Attributes and Class levels, your character can have the
    following statistics at character level 20 (max):
     VP (8 norm + 2 CON + 1 Toughness) x 4 Scout lvls      =  44
        (6 norm + 2 CON + 1 Toughness) x 16 Consular lvls  = 144
                                                    Total = 188 VP
     FP 40 Force Sensitive + ((8 norm + 9 WIS + 2 CHA) x 16 Consular lvls) = 344 FP
    Scout (4)/Guardian (16) Statistics-
     VP (8 norm + 2 CON + 1 Toughness) x 4 Scout lvls      =  44
        (10 norm + 2 CON + 1 Toughness) x 16 Guardian lvls = 208
                                                    Total = 252 VP
     FP 40 Force Sensitive + ((4 norm + 9 WIS + 2 CHA) x 16 Guardian lvls) = 280 FP
    Strength (STR): Represents physical power. Each increase in STR mod increases 
    melee damage and chance to hit (attack) by +1, which is important for 
    characters who use close-combat weapons (vibroblades, swords, lightsabers).
    Dexterity (DEX): Represents agility and reflexes. Each increase in DEX mod
    increases ranged attack (blasters) and increases a character's Defense 
    (DC) rating by +1, making them harder to hit. Note: The chance to hit for 
    lightsabers uses whichever is higher: STR or DEX. Because your character will
    depend on lightsabers, it will be better to increase DEX rather than STR. A
    Damage +1 or +2 means little if your hits rarely land.
    Constitution (CON): Represents health and resiliency. Each CON mod inceases
    the character's VP by one per level. This is important for all characters 
    and classes, but essential for Jedi guardians.
    Intelligence (INT): Represents knowledge and reasoning. A high Intelligence 
    adds modifiers to the number of points a character has to spend on essential 
    skills. Not required for this character build. You have to have INT 14 to get
    extra Skill Points per level up.
    Wisdom (WIS): Represents willpower and perception. Each WIS mod inceases
    the character's FP by one per level. The force powers of a Jedi with high 
    WIS are also much harder to resist. 
    Charisma (CHA): Represents personality and the ability to lead. Each CHA mod 
    inceases the character's FP by one per level. The force powers of a Jedi with 
    high CHA are also much harder to resist.  It is also central to any persuasive
    Your base attributes start at 8 and you will receive 30 points to add to your
    six attributes.
    Point Cost
     8-14 = 1 point per increase
    15-16 = 2 points per increase
    17-18 = 3 points per increase
    You get a +1 bonus for each 2 points over 10 for each attribute. You get to
    increase one attribute each 4th level.
          Start  End   Start Bonuses
    STR  - 12    12*   +1 Attack and +1 Damage with melee weapons**
    DEX  - 14    15    +2 DC, +2 Reflex saves, and +2 Attack for ranged**
    CON  - 14    14    +2 VP/level and +2 Fortitude saves (increases are 
    INT  - 10    10    +0 SP/level (requires 14 to get SP increase)
    WIS  - 14    18    +2 FP/level, +2 Will saves, and makes Force power
                          use stronger (increases are retroactive)
    CHA  - 14    14    +2 FP/level, +2 Persuasion, and makes Force power 
                          use stronger
    *Note: With a maximized light side rating,a Guardian gets a +3 STR bonus.
           The higher of STR or DEX is used to figure Attack bonus for lightsabers,
           while STR is still used for Damage bonus. High DEX also increases DC.
    By game end, your equipment can boost the following:
    DEX = Advanced Stabilizer Gloves, +3, and Adrenaline Stimulator Belt, +2,
             for total of 20 DEX (+5 bonus)
    WIS = Star Forge Robe, +5, and Circlet of Seresh, +5, for total of 28 WIS 
            (+9 bonus)
    Saving Throws:
         No Equipment    With Equipment
    Fort   -  16             22 (14 base + 2 CON + 6 equip)
    Refl   -  16             25 (14 base + 2 DEX + 9 equip)
    Will   -  16             27 (12 base + 4 WIS + 11 equip)
    Awareness - Spot objects, mines, or enemies hidden by stealth. At least one 
    member of party should have medium rating (6-9). Related to WIS.
    Computer Use - Slice computers with computer spikes to disable turrets, disable
    shields, or flood rooms with gas. At least one member of party should have high
    rating (10+). Related to INT.
    Demolitions - Set, recover, or disarm mines. At least one member of party 
    should have high rating. Related to INT.
    Persuade - Main player only. More dialog options. Useful, somewhat. 4 early,
    then some more after Jedi. Related to CHA.
    Repair - Repair and reprogram droids by using repair parts. Only low amount
    needed in party. Droids need this for self repair, so go high. Related to INT.
    Security - Open locks and security doors. Not necessary for main character--
    You can bash open most locks. T3-M4 and Mission are good for this. Related to
    Stealth - Use stealth type devices (belts). Can do most tasks while in stealth
    mode. High points not necessary. Put 1 pt into Stealth at start to get option 
    to wear stealth generator (and get a stealth belt free at beginning). Related
    to DEX.
    Treat Injury - Improves amount of healing when using medpacs or force healing.
    Helpful early in game. Related to WIS.
    Note: All classes receive 4x their normal amount of skill points at Character
          Creation. Also, your class skills can be your level +3 and take one
          point for each increase. Cross-class skills can only be one half of the
          Class skill level and cost two points for each increase.
    Feats (Consular has 9 available and Guardian has 11):
    Choose to go either as a single or dual lightsaber wielder (using double-blade
    lightsaber is same as dual-wielding). Note that some feats improve attacks 
    while lowering your DC at the same time. Also, some feats are always applied
    (passive combat feat), while others are only in effect when you choose them
    during combat (active combat feat). Flurry, Power Attack, and Critical Strike
    are active combat feats, and you should maximize only one progression of
    them and do not select the others as feats. Also note that higher Attack 
    ratings mean that you hit more often, and is especially useful for dual weapons
    users, who have Attack penalties.
    Single weapon (always applied when using single weapon):
    _ Dueling                            [DC +1, Attack +1]
    _ Improved Dueling (lvl 4)           [DC +2, Attack +2] 
    _ Master Dueling (lvl 8)             [DC +3, Attack +3] 
    Dual weapons (always applied when using two weapons):
    _ Two-weapon Fighting                [Attack penalty reduced to -6/-6]*
    _ Imprvd Two-Weapon Fighting (lvl 4) [Attack penalty reduced to -4/-4]*
    _ Master Two-Weapon Fighting (lvl 8) [Attack penalty reduced to -2/-2]*
       *Note: a balanced weapon in the off-hand can further reduce the Attack
              penalty by +2/0.
    The following four:
    _ Toughness                          [+1 VP/level]
    _ Improved Flurry (lvl 4)            [Extra melee attack/rd, Attack -2, DC -2]
    _ Weapon Focus- Melee                [Attack +1]
    _ Weapon Focus- Lightsaber           [Attack +1]
    Choose remainder from the following:
    _ Conditioning                       [Saving All+1]
    _ Improved Toughness (lvl 4)         [-2 damage per each hit you take]
    _ Master Toughness (lvl 8)           [+1 VP/level, added to previous]
    _ Implant Level 3 (lvl 8)            [Only if you want Level 3 implants]
    _ Armor Prof. (Heavy)                [Only if you want Sith Mask later]
    _ Weapon Specialization- Lightsaber  [Damage +2]
    _ Advanced Jedi Defense (lvl 4)      [BBD (blaster bolt deflection) +3]
    _ Master Flurry (lvl 8)              [Extra melee attack/rd, Attack -1, DC -1]
    _ Power Attack                       [Damage +5, Attack -3]
    _ Improved Power Attack (lvl 4)      [Damage +8, Attack -3]
    _ Master Power Attack (lvl 8)        [Damage +10, Attack -3]
    _ Critical Strike                    [Doubles Critical Threat, stun 6 sec, 
                                          DC -5, melee only]
    _ Improved Critical Strike           [Triples Critical Threat, stun 6 sec,
                                          DC -5, melee only]
    _ Master Critical Strike             [Quadruples Critical Threat, stun 6 sec,
                                          DC -5, melee only]
    Scout Feats received automatically:
    Weapon Prof- Pistol, Rifle, Melee
    Armor Prof- Light, Medium
    Flurry (Scout 1)                     [Extra melee attack/rd, DC -4, Attack -4]
    Uncanny Dodge 1 (Scout 4)            [Retains dex bonus, +2 vs. grenades]
    Rapid Shot (Scout 1)                 [Extra ranged attack/rd, DC -4, Attack -4]
    Implant Level 1,2 (Scout 1,4)
    Jedi Feats received automatically:
    Lightsaber Prof. 
    Jedi Defense                         [BBD, must beat die roll by 10]
    Jedi Sense (Jedi 1,6,12)             [DC +2,+4,+6)
    Force Sensitive                      [FP +40, main character only]
    Consular Feats received automatically:
    Force Focus                          [adds +1 to vs. DC for saving throws]
    Imp. Force Focus (lvl 6)             [adds +2 to vs. DC for saving throws]
    Master Force Focus (lvl 12)          [adds +4 to vs. DC for saving throws]
    Guardian Feats received automatically:
    Force Jump                           [instantly move to target > 10m away on
                                           normal attack with lightsaber]
    Improved Force Jump (lvl 6)          [+2 Damage and Attack on first hit]
    Master Force Jump (lvl 12)           [+4 Damage and Attack on first hit]
    Force Powers (Consular has 20 available and Guardian has 17):
    You only get Force Powers after you become a Jedi on Dantooine.
    These powers are all universal or light side. Be sure to note which cannot be
    used while you are wearing armor (AR). Also, the higher your light side 
    rating, the less FP it costs to use light-side (LS) force powers.
    _ Force Push                [Push back, Stun 3 sec, Damage +level, save= 1/2
    _ Force Whirlwind (lvl 9)   [Immobolize 12 sec, Damage +level/3 per 2 sec]
    _ Force Wave (lvl 15)       [All Pushed back, Stun 6 sec, Damage +1.5xlevel]
    _ Burst of Speed            [DC +2, Speed x2 for 36 sec) AR
    _ Knight Speed (lvl 9)      [DC +4, Attack/rd +1, Speed x2 for 36 sec] AR
    _ Master speed (lvl 15)     [DC +4, Attack/rd +2, Speed x2 for 36 sec] AR
    _ Stun                      [Stun 9 sec, save= slow]
    _ Stasis (lvl 9)            [Stasis 12 sec, save= slow]
    _ Stasis Field (lvl 15)     [All within 10m Stasis 12 sec, save= slow] AR
    _ Cure                      [Heal party 5 VP + CHA + WIS + level]
    _ Heal (lvl 12)             [Heal party 10 VP + CHA + WIS + level, neutralize
    _ Stun Droid                [Immobilize for 12 sec, damage +level]
    _ Disable Droid (lvl 6)     [Immobilize all droids within 5m for 12 sec, 
                                 damage +level]
    _ Destroy Droid (lvl 12)    [Immobilize all droids within 6m for 12 sec, 
                                 damage +1-6 xlevel]
    Choose remainder from the following:
    _ Force Resistance          [Some resistance for 60 sec] AR
    _ Force Immunity (lvl 15)   [Some resistance +5 for 60 sec] AR
    _ Affect Mind               [More dialog options]
    _ Force Aura                [DC +2 All +2, for 20 sec] AR, LS
    _ Force Shield (lvl 6)      [DC +4 All +4, for 20 sec] AR, LS
    _ Force Armor (lvl 12)      [DC +6 All +6, for 20 sec] AR, LS
    _ Energy Resistance         [Shields against 1st 15 sonic, fire, cold, elec,
                                 lasts for 2 minutes]
    _ Imp. Energy Resist (lvl 9)[Shields party against 1st 15 sonic, fire, cold, 
                                 elec, lasts for 2 minutes]
    _ Throw Lightsaber          [Damage 1-6 x level/2]
    _ Advanced Throw Lightsaber [Damage 1-6 x level/2 up to 3 targets]
    Main Character:
    Armor-   Any Mod Armor early > Qel-Droma Robes (DC+5, WIS+2, Korriban) > 
              *Star Forge Robe (DC+5, WIS+5, All+2)
    Gloves-  *Advanced Stabilizer Gloves (DEX+3, BBD+5) (Yavin, 8500)
    Implant- Retinal Combat (protects against critical hits) (Taris- Igear, 562)
             *Advanced Bio-Stabilizer (Immunity to Mind Attacks and Poison)
              (Lvl 3 implant, Yavin, anytime, 3000)
             Advanced Alacrity (DEX+5, level 3 implant, Yavin after last
              star map, 22000)
    Belt-    *Adrenaline Stimulator (DEX+2, All+4, Mika's premium on Korriban, 
             Electrical Capacitance Shield (optional for final battle) (Kashyyyk,
              before quests, 8500)
    Head-    *Circlet of Seresh (WIS+5, Kashyyyk, off of great beast)
             Advanced Bio-Stabilizer (Immunity to Mind Attacks and Poison, All+1)
              (Yavin, anytime, 3000)
             Sith Mask (Immunity to Mind Attacks, VP Regen +1, Weapon Focus- 
              Lightsaber)(Korriban, from Uthra's footlocker, requires Heavy
              Armor feat)
    Shields- *Brejik's Arm Band (Taris, reduce slashing damage by 5 per hit, 5/-)
             *Energy shield
    With recommended equipment (*), you can increase the following stats:
    DEX        +5
    WIS        +10
    All Saves  +6
    BBD        +5
    Immunity to Mind Attacks and Poison
    Lightsaber Upgrades  (upgrades yours and team members'):
    BBD- 	             Jenruax (+5, +7 with HoG), 
                         Krayt (+3 with MoF), 
                         Solari (+4 with HoG), 
                         Upari (+8 with MoF)
    Ion (vs. droids)-    Firkrann (+2-12, +3-18 with HoG or MoF), 
                         Luxum (+1-6, +2-12 with HoG or MoF)
    vs. Dark side-       Solari (+1-8, +1-10 with HoG or +2-12 with MoF)
    FP regen (with MoF)- Damind (+2), 
                         Rubat (+3)
    Physical damage-     Phond (+1-6, +1-10 with HoG or MoF)
    Stun-                Bondar (25% vs. DC10 for 1 rd, 25% vs. DC14 for 2 rds
                           with HoG, Paralyze 25% vs. DC14 for 2 rds with MoF)
    Massive Criticals-   Opila (+2-12)
    Final Lightsaber upgrades:
    Main or Single or Double-bladed lightsaber-
    Mantle of the Force + Solari + Damind on a 2-16 saber = 6-37 Energy vs. Dark
    Side, 4-25 vs. everything else, +5 to Attack, and +2 FP Regeneration.  You 
    may also add the Rubat instead of Damind for +3 FP regen, but you lose 1 pt 
    to Attack and 1 Damage. 
    Dual 2nd, short lightsaber- 
    Heart of the Guardian + Krayt Dragon Pearl + Upari = 5-32 Energy Damage, with
      +7 to attack.
    or Heart of the Guardian + Jenruax + Upari = BBD +7, 6-28 Energy Damage, with
      +4 to attack.
    You can also go through the game being a Jedi who chooses to wear armor rather
    than Jedi robes, to get the extra damage protection and immunity to mind 
    attacks and critical hits. If so, make the following adjustments:
    Use Scout/Guardian build.
    Change final attributes for DEX and WIS- DEX 14, WIS 19
    Get the three levels of Dueling or Two-Weapon feats and the following feats-
    _ Toughness                          [+1 VP/level]
    _ Weapon Focus- Melee                [Attack +1]
    _ Weapon Focus- Lightsaber           [Attack +1]
    _ Weapon Specialization- Lightsaber  [Damage +2]
    _ Armor Prof. (Heavy)                [Req. for Calo Nord's armor]
    _ Implant Level 3 (lvl 8)            [Req. for Advanced Alacrity implant]
    _ Improved Flurry (lvl 4)            [Extra melee attack/rd, Attack -2, DC -2]
    _ Master Flurry (lvl 8)              [Extra melee attack/rd, Attack -1, DC -1]
    Get only Force Powers that are not Armor Restricted. Do not get Statis Field.
    For equipment-
    Any Mod Armor early, then
    Calo Nord's Battle Armor (DC12, Dex +1, 10/- Cold, Fire, Sonic, Immune CH and 
    Mind-Affecting) with Advanced Alacrity implant
    and optionally later change to 
    Environmental Bastion Armor (DC 9, Dex +3, Immune Cold, Fire, Sonic damage, 
    Immune to Mind-Affecting and Poison, Yavin, 22000) with Retinal Combat implant.
    However, I believe Calo Nord's armor is sufficient.
    * Quick-save often (F4); and quick-load if needed (F5).
    * Use the Spacebar to pause the game.
    * Be sure to explore all areas on all maps (look for doors to other areas).
    * Read your journal to see status of quests.
    * Read any datapads you pick up. They usually give strong hints about what you
      need to do to get through the area. Read datapads by looking at them in your
    * When in neutral territory, you can jump back to base (apt. or Ebon Hawk) and
      be healed fully before transiting back to location (use map). While at base,
      you can freely move around the base vicinity before transiting back.
    * Use computer consoles to view rooms and cause damage.
    * Activate disabled droids to fight for you (often not worth the trouble) but
      does give some extra XP, even if there are no enemies left to fight.
    * Save up your credits for expensive items at Yavin and Korriban.
    * Pazaak and Swoop racing are just sideline entertainment.
    * There are no swoop bike upgrades available after Taris.
    * Look for people and aliens with names. They often have information you need
      or additional quests for you.
    * To level up, you must have current level x 1000 XP to reach the next level,
      so it takes more for each new level.
    * Use "Solo" mode to scout with a single character.
    * For a better view of your surroundings, press the Caps Lock key.
    * You can sell your items for much better prices at Yavin.
    Team Members:
    * Build up team member's skills, feats, and force powers to compliment your 
    * Give some Jedi team members at least one point in stealth so that they can 
      use stealth equipment.
    * You can see all available party members' character, ability, and equipment 
      screens while on the Ebon Hawk or in the apartment. 
    * HK-47 can become a team member if you purchase him on Tatooine. However, he
      is not necessary, and you cannot upgrade him fully with the Scout/Jedi build.
    * There are interactions (some funny) between differing team members, so try
      different combinations to see what they say.
    * Be sure to talk to team members frequently to trigger their quests (not
      droids). Then leave the Ebon Hawk with each at a planetary docking port and 
      walk away from ship to trigger events: 
         -Mission-   brother on Tatooine (Sandpeople enclave)
         -Carth-     son at Sith Academy on Korriban 
         -Bastila-   mother on Tatooine (Cantina)
         -Canderous- duel on Tatooine (1st Dune sea)
         -Jolee-     friend's murder trial on Manaan (just have in party)
         -Juhani-    slaver Xor (seems to be Korriban only)
    * Give your Jedi members different colored lightsabers to help remember who 
      has what (change the colors on the workbench).
    Light Side vs. Dark Side:
    * The higher your LS score, the less FP it takes for using LS Force powers,
      which can be significant later in game.
    * To get max LS points, always choose to save lives, avoid fights, refuse 
      rewards, and give people extra money.
    * One DS deed can offset several LS deeds.
    * Some DS points early in game is not significant; you can easily make up
      for those later.
    * A maximized LS rating will grant you a bonus, such as STR+3 for Guardians 
      or CHA+3 for Consulars.
    Resisting Dark Side powers:
    As shown below, high WIS and CHA modifiers and high Fortitude will help protect
    you from Sith attacks:
    Force Suppression/Breach
                      Equipment that makes you immune to mind-affecting attacks
    Wound/Choke/Kill- DC5 + level + Fortitude + WIS mod + CHA mod
    Slow- 		  DC5 + level + Will + WIS mod + CHA mod
                      Equipment that makes you immune to mind-affecting attacks
    Affliction-       DC20
                      Equipment that makes you immune to mind-affecting attacks
    Plague-           no save (armor restricted)
                      DC5 + level + Will + WIS mod + CHA mod
                      Equipment that makes you immune to mind-affecting attacks
    Shock/Force Lightning/Force Storm- 
                      DC5 + level + Will + WIS mod + CHA mod reduces damage by 1/2
                      Shields that protect against electrical damage
    Drain Life/Death Field- 
                      DC5 + level + Fortitude + WIS mod + CHA mod reduces 
                        damage by 1/2
    Any equipment that improves your saving throws help against these powers.
    * Vibroblades work better than blasters against shields (early in game).
    * Early in the game, you will probably get more hits by using normal attack 
      rather than choosing active combat feats (to avoid Attack penalties).
    * Take time to activate shields and apply stimulants or Force powers for each
      character at the beginning of tough battles.
    * For tough fights, gang up on one enemy at a time.
    * You can instantly use items from your inventory screen while paused.
    * Before you have good Force powers, use grenades to soften up enemies before
      closing in for melee.
    * Use concussion, cryo, or adhesive grenades to hold enemy and then throw
      frag, plasma, or sonic grenades to damage.
    * Ion-based weapons and grenades are best against droids and shields.
    * With advanced Force powers, you can take out entire rooms without using
      weapons: use Stasis to hold or slow down all, then use Wave twice to damage,
      and repeat.
    * You cannot change armor while in a battle.
    * Wearing armor will prevent you from using some Force powers.
    * Downed party members will revive at end of current battle.
    * If all of party dies, load your last quick-save or auto-save, whichever was
      later, and try different tactics.
    * To use Jedi Force Jump, the enemy must be far away, then just click on enemy
      without choosing any combat specialty (must be clear between you and them).
    * To change opponents or order of combat selections, click on Disengage and
      then make new selections.
    Ebon Hawk:
    * Talk to team members onboard Ebon Hawk to have them make items (if you have
      less than 10 combination total of each): 
         -T3-M4-     computer spikes
         -Canderous- stimulants (random strength, alacrity, and stamina)
         -Zalbaar-   grenades (random adhesive, concussion, and ion)
         -Jolee-     life support packs
         -Mission-   security spike tunnelers
    * Take stowaway to Dantooine before seeking 4th map (you must learn her 
    * A buyer on Manaan can be persuaded to take the Gizka.
    * You can click through planetary travels scenes to speed it up.
    Equipment Management:
    First, my main character always gets the best items available for his build.
    I like to focus on keeping a minimum inventory of the best equipment for my 
    team. I am a melee fighter, and I usually travel with two melee fighters
    (Bastila, Zaalbar, Jolee, or Juhani) or one range support (T3-M4, Canderous,
    Carth, or Mission). As such, I swap inventory items among my team members, 
    based on who is travelling with me at the time. I only keep the two best 
    blasters, the one best rifle, the one set of the best droid upgrades, the two
    best implants, headgear, etc. Trying to balance and maximize all team members
    is confusing.
    Ultimate Team Members:
    It is best to spend your hard-earned credits on just a few selected team 
    members, especially those who can have the best supporting skills for your 
    My favorite range support is T3-M4 (inside buildings) or Carth (outside).
    * Build up T3-M4 to be a dual wielder and as your computer use, demolitions,
      repair, awareness, and security expert. He can eventually have a 30+ DC,
      along with great firepower with dual pistols (give him your best) and his
      other armament. Build up his DEX and CON.
    * Build up Carth with good armor and implants. Increase his INT to 14 to get
      extra skill points to use. Build up his demolitions skill and his DEX.
    I often use another Jedi for melee fighting; however, Zaalbar is a great melee
    fighter as well (maybe the best):
    * Build up Zaalbar to be a dual wielder and as a repair and demolitions
      expert. He can be the most powerful melee fighter with the upgraded Baragwin
      Assault Blade (6-36 damage, Attack +5, 17-20 Critical, available from Yavin)
      and the upgraded Sanasiki's Blade (4-18 damage, +3 vs. Droids, Attack +4, 
      17-20 Critical, Balanced, available from Crattis Yurkal on Dantooine for 
      7000). Give him more DEX to help his defense (he can't wear armor). I have
      watched him kill rancors by himself.
    You start on Taris and then travel to Dantooine. Travel to the planets in any
    order you want as many times as you want. However, you may want to travel to 
    Korriban only after you have completed another planet's quests. All quests not
    directly related to finding star maps are optional, but complete most to get
    the XP and chance at LS points.
    Before you travel to the Star Forge, make all final purchases (lots of shields,
    advanced medpacs, life support packs, and stims). Also, be sure to have a lot
    of computer spikes on hand. Be sure to complete any outstanding quests on the
    other planets.
    * Buy Permacrete Detonator at Equipment Emporium for later bounty quest.
    * Open door at back of Medical Center for some possible LS points.
    * Be sure to get Zalbaar's equipment in footlocker near where you free him.
    * Buy any items from Igear before giving all journals to Rukil in Undercity.
    * In Vulkar base, use disabled droid by entrance to garage to ram open loading
      bay doors, or use computer terminal in garage head's office to open all 
      security doors.
    * Uriah, near lower cantina entrance, has good +/- Pazaak cards for sale.
    * Killing Bendak Starkiller in a duel will get you DS points.
    * Be sure you have more than 28000 XP before leaving Taris to get maximum
      XP boost when upgrading to Jedi on Dantooine.
    * For extra XP, you can continue to hunt Rakghouls in undercity. Just kill
      them, then return to base and transit back (not in all areas).
    * Answer the Jedi type questions any way you want: you still get to pick.
    * Purchase any items on Dantooine before seeking 4th map.
    * Complete Grove quest before you can start Feud quest. Then search on Matale
      grounds for dead settler remains.
    * For extra XP, you can continue to hunt Kath Hounds. Just kill them, then 
      return to base and transit back (not in all areas).
    * Tatooine Cantina owner has good +/- Pazaak cards for sale.
    * You will not be able to reactivate HK-47's functions; it requires your main 
      character to have Repair level 10-17 for all. He is a funny character to
      have around though, but he is expensive at 2500 to 5000 credits.
    * You can go without HK-47, but be ready to fight as soon as you sneak into
      Sandpeople compound.
    * After freeing prisoners from Sandpeople on Tatooine, take items from baskets
      (prepare to fight all there): lots of good grenades and misc. and no DS 
    * Talk to academy entrance guard before you can find Yuthura at bar.
    * Talk to Sith students and instructors at Academy for additional quests.
    * Ask Yuthura about Sith code before you can recite it to Uthar.
    * In Shyrock cave, be sure to go to far north end across bridge to find
      Qel-Droma robe.
    * Doublecross both Yuthura and Uthar.
    * After star map quest, kill Yuthura to fight all in Academy for some good loot
      (will get some DS points though). Optionally, you can let her go for LS 
    * Bartender Mika will have premium items for sale after Leviathon.
    * Purchase any items on Kashyyyk before completing all quests (light-side).
    * Talk to Woorwill in home near Chieftain hall for additional quest.
    * Complete the slave mechanic (Matton) quest before going into the lower
    * For Jolee's quest, talk to the sonic emitter guards...
    * At star map, "tactically correct" answers will get you DS points.
    * Use spacesuits to get to Bridge.
    * Be sure to open Hangar bay door at Leviathan bridge terminal.
    * For Sunry trial in Ahto West, talk to hotel people and Republic embassy head
      in East Central. Slice into Republic Embassy large computer in back room for
    * In Ahto West cantina, talk to some locals in cantina for additional quests.
    * For your own trials, represent yourself and tell them what you found or what
      you know.
    * Joining the bounty hunter's guild (GenoHaradan) will get you DS points.
    * Yavin will have more (expensive) items for sale after each star map is found
      after 3rd.
    * Special lightsaber crystals will be for sale after you find all maps, at 
      20-25,000 credits each.
    Unknown World:
    * Go to North Beach first.
    * Talk to loremasters in both settlements for extra XP.
    * Check all baskets in both settlements for good loot.
    * Talk to Warleader Garn outside of Rakatan settlement for quest at temple, 
      and complete before going to Eldars (go to extreme south side of temple to
    * Talk to Eldar Rakatan researcher for quest.
    * Check around wreckage for ship part. Other ship part is in rancor pen in
      Rakatan settlement.
    Star Forge:
    * Just keep moving forward: don't worry about exploring entire station.
    * Be sure to get Star Forge Robe and shut down turrets at computer center 
      (away from turrets on Deck 2).
    * Slice into computers to shut down droid generators (get spikes from bins).
    * Destroy Malak's "Power" sources.
    Melee (Fully Upgraded if available)-
    * Bacca's Ceremonial Blade, Damage 6-16 +4 Energy +2-12 vs. Droid, 
         CT 19-20 +2-12, Attack +4, Kashyyyk
    * Raito's Gaderffii, Damage 6-13, Attack +5, Tatooine Sand People Enclave
    * Yusanis' Brand, Damage 4-18 +6-9  vs. Droid +3 Fire, Attack +3, CT 19-20,
         Stun 50% chance for 12 seconds DC 10, Tatooine from Mic'Tunan'Jus
    * Ajunta Pall's Blade, Damage 5-15 +2 Fire, Attack +5, Korriban
    * Echani Foil, Damage 5-15, CT 17-20, Attack +3, Manaan Sith Academy
    * Baragwin Assault Blade, Damage 2-12 +2-12 Energy +2-12 Sonic, CT 17-20, 
         Attack +5, Yavin after the 3rd Star Map, 9000
    * The One's Vibrosword, Damage 7-17, CT 19-20, Attack +5, Unknown World
    * Prototype Vibroblade, Damage 1-10 +4 Physical, CT 19-20, Attack +3
    * Echani Vibroblade, Damage 3-12 +2 Cold, CT 19-20, Attack +2, Manaan
         from Tyvark Luowan
    * Sanasiki's Blade, Damage 3-12 +3 Ion +1-6 Energy, CT 17-20, Attack +2, 
         Dantooine from Crattis Yurkal, 7000
    Lightsabers (not upgraded)-
    * Lightsaber, Damage 2-16, CT 19-20
    * Short Lightsaber, Damage 2-12, CT 19-20, Balanced
    * Double-Bladed Lightsaber, Damage 2-20, CT 20
    Pistols (Fully Upgraded if available, all Balanced)-
    * Carth's Blaster, Damage 4-9, Attack +2, from Carth
    * Bendak's Blaster, Damage 5-10, Attack +3, Taris in Dueling Ring
    * Cassus Fett's Heavy Pistol, Damage 6-19, Attack +5, CT 19-20, Stun 25% chance
         for 6 sec. DC 10, Korriban from B'ree, 10000
    * Mandalorian Heavy Pistol, Damage 4-11 +2 Physical, Attack +3, from Calo Nord
    * Sith Assassin Pistol, Damage 3-6 +1-10 Ion, Attack +2, CT 19-20, Stun 25% 
         chance for 6 sec. DC 10, Tatooine, Korriban
    * Saul's Sith Assassin Pistol, Damage 6-9 +1-10 Ion, Attack +5, CT 19-20, 
         Stun 50% chance for 6 sec. DC 10, Leviathan
    * Zabrak Blaster Pistol, Damage 4-9, Attack +3, Stun 25% chance for 6 seconds 
         DC 10, Korriban in Naga Sadow's tomb
    * Zabrak Tystel Mark III, Damage 3-10 +2 Physical, Attack +2, Kashyyyk or 
         Unknown World
    Rifles/Carbines (Fully Upgraded if available)-
    * Zaalbar's Bowcaster, Damage 3-12, CT 17-20, Attack +3, Taris
    * Chuunder's Bowcaster, Damage 3-12 +4 Physical, CT 19-20, Attack +2, Kashyyyk
    * Jomah Hogra's Carbine, Damage 3-10 +1-4 Physical, CT 19-20, Attack +2, 
         Tatooine from Mic'Tunan'Jus, 9000
    * Mandalorian Assault Rifle, Damage 3-10, CT 19-20, Attack +2, Stun 25% chance
         for 6 seconds DC 10, Kashyyyk in the Lower Shadowlands
    * Zabrak Disruptor Cannon, Damage 8-13, Attack +2, Unknown Planet
    Heavy Weapons (Fully Upgraded if available)-
    * Ordo's Repeating Blaster, Damage 5-14, Attack +1, from Ordo
    * Baragwin Assault Gun, Damage 3-20 +3-18 Sonic, Attack +5, Yavin, 15000
    * Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster, Damage 3-22 +4-24 Fire, Attack +3, Yavin,
    For armor, the DC number is the amount of Defense added to character's base DC
    of 10, and the Dex number is the amount of allowable character's DEX mod 
    allowed for Defense. High DEX characters can lose some Defense when using some
    medium or heavy armors. A number such as 10/- means that the armor will protect
    you from the first 10 points of that type of damage per hit.
    Light (Fully upgraded if available)-
    * Republic Mod, DC6, Dex +4, Immune Mind-Affecting, Taris
    * Enchani Fiber, DC7, Dex +5, 20/- Cold 20/- Fire, Immune Mind-Affecting, Taris
    * Darth Bandon's Fiber, DC7, Dex +5, 25/- Fire, Immune Mind-Affecting
    * Light Exoskeleton, DC8, Dex +5, DEX +1, STR +2, Yavin, 10000
    * Baragwin Shadow Armor, DC 9, Dex +4, Stealth +8, Yavin, 6000
    Medium (Fully upgraded if available)-
    * Davik's War Suit, DC8, Dex +3, 10/- Cold, Fire
    * Jamoh Hogra's Battle Armor, DC11, Dex +2, STR +1, Immune CH, Kashyyyk, 10000
    * Environmental Bastion Armor, DC9, Dex +3, 100% Cold, Fire, Sonic, Immune
         Mind-Affecting, Yavin after 3rd Star Map, 22000
    * Heavy Exoskeleton, DC13, Dex +2, CON +3, STR +3, Yavin, 20000
    Heavy (Fully upgraded if available)-
    * Cassus Fett's Battle Armor, DC10, Dex 0, 10/- Cold, Fire, Sonic, Dantooine,
    * Calo Nord's Battle Armor, DC12, Dex +1, 10/- Cold, Fire, Sonic, Immune CH
         and Mind-Affecting
    * Mandalorian Assault Armor, DC13, Dex 0, 25/- Cold, Fire, Unknown World
    * Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh, DC12, Dex +1, 25/- Cold, Fire, Sonic, Unknown World
    Twisted Trio-
    Taris Military Base prisoner wall panel-
     Middle switch
     Left switch
     Right switch
    Jedi Code-
     Emotion- Peace
     Ignorance- Knowledge
     Passion- Serenity
     Chaos- Harmony
     There is the Force
    Sith Code-
     Peace - Passion
     Passion - Strength
     Strength - Power
     Power - Victory
     Victory - my chains are broken
     The Force...
    Korriban Tomb Assassin Droid (use silence stealth before opening door)-
     combat matrix
    Manaan: Sith encryption code puzzle 
     Additive:       22
     Subtractive:    18
     Multiplicative: 64
     Divisive:        2
     Exponential:     6
     Logarithmic:     7
    Destroy Manaan harvester-
     Fill Container pod
     Transfer from Container to Injector
     Dump Injector pod
     Transfer from Container to Injector
     Fill Container pod
     Transfer from Container to Injector
    Unknown World Temple Catacombs floor puzzle-
     Make a large H by walking straight across tiles (either direction)
       *   *
     3>* * *
       *   *
       ^   *
       2   ^
    D&D Die Roll System:
    The rules for KOTOR are based on the 3rd Edition of Dungeon & Dragons (D&D),
    with some modifications.
    Generally each player gets one turn per round, and order of action (for the 
    entire current conflict) is determined by a character’s initiative. The number
    of attacks a player can make per round is based enhancements such as “Speed.”
    The following is highly simplified and only gives a general idea about how 
    combat works. One 20-sided die is used (1d20); that is, the computer chooses a
    random number from 1 to 20.
    --Determine who gets to hit first:
        Initiative throw (1d20) plus DEX bonus = Initiative. Order of attack is 
         highest to lowest.
    --Determine if a hit is successful (Attack roll):
        Attack = Attack roll (1d20) + BAB + STR bonus (DEX for ranged or 
         lightsaber if greater) +/- Combat, Force, etc. modifiers
        Defense Class (DC) = Base DC 10 + Armor bonuses + Equipment bonuses + 
         DEX modifier +/- Combat, Force, etc. modifiers
        When Attack => DC, you get a hit (which does NOT determine the amount of 
    --Determine how much damage the hit causes (Damage Roll):
        Damage = Weapon die roll + STR bonus (DEX for ranged) + Weapon bonus 
         +/- Combat, Force, etc. modifiers of you and opponent
    Note: Feats, circumstances, and special items can affect all the above.
    A Critical Hit is an Attack roll of 20 (or could be more based on equipment and 
    feats in use). When a Critical Hit is rolled, a new Attack roll takes place. If
    that Attack roll is a hit, then the following Damage roll amount is doubled.
    Saving Throws:
    Certain hazards use Saving throws, meaning that the opponent or device gets
    a 1d20 die throw and the victim gets a die throw plus any saving modifiers.
    So, a higher saving throw helps to reduce or prevent damage. Each is affected 
    by a physical Attribute: Dexterity for Reflex, Constitution for Fortitude, and
    Wisdom for Will.
     - Fortitude saves against disease, poison, or paralysis
     - Reflex saves against damage from mines or grenades
     - Will saves against mental influence or Force mind attacks
    Base Attack Bonus (BAB):
    The BAB is the Attack bonus your character gets as you level up. A BAB of +5
    means that the character gets a +5 Attack bonus. A Scout/Consular build will
    have a final BAB +15, and a Scout/Guardian build will have a final BAB +19.
    Note: KOTOR BAB does not follow regular D&D rules: you will only have one 
    attack per round. See the next section.
    Attacks per Round:
    You always get one attack.
    Flurry will give an extra attack (with DC and Attack penalties).
    Using two weapons or a double-bladed weapon will give an extra attack (with 
      Attack penalty).
    Using Knight Speed will give an extra attack (with DC bonus).
    Using Master Speed will give an extra two attacks (with DC bonus).
    Therefore, maximum attacks per round is 5. (One from base, one from flurry, 
    one from two weapons, two from Master speed.)
    Dueling vs. Two-Weapons:
    With maximized character stats for Scout/Guardian build:
    Dueling maxed = Attack+3, DC+3
    Max of 4 attacks/round
    Two-weapons maxed = Attack 0/-2
    Max of 5 attacks/round
    Defense, using Master Flurry and Knight Speed = 
      10 base + 6 Jedi Defense + 5 armor + 5 DEX - 1 Flurry + 4 Knight Speed = 29
    Two-Weapon = 29             
    Dueling    = 29 +3 = 32 (10.3% stronger)
    Attack = BAB 19 + 5 DEX + 5 weapon + 1 feats = 30
    Two-Weapon Main = 30 (4 attacks)
    Dueling = 30 + 3 Dueling = 33 (4 attacks)(10% Stronger)
    Two-Weapon left = 30 - 2 = 28 (1 attack)(15.2% weaker)
    So, Two-weapons vs. Dueling = 4 10% weaker attacks = 40% greater chance that
                                                         one attack will miss
                                  1 extra attack with 15% greater chance of missing
    Summary, Two-weapons are better against weaker opponents and Dueling is better
    against strong opponents. Not enough overall difference between the two, so go
    with whatever you think looks better.
    Bugs Still in Program (after 1.03 patch):
    * On Dantooine, if you persuade Matales and Sandrals to quit feuding, after
      rescuing Shen, speak to Rahasia again and watch a new set of fathers and
      droids appear as you repeat scene.
    * On Leviathan, do not operate computer console with a character in stealth
      mode or with shield operating--the game will freeze.
    * When changing equipment on team members while onboard Ebon Hawk, it may
      seem that some items are being duplicated (shows in inventory and still
      on the person), but it actually is not. That item will disappear off that 
      person later.
    * On Ebon Hawk, when looking at character stats, their DC will not show
      equipment bonuses.
    * If you have erratic character movement, try turning off V-synch in Video 
      options. Also make sure you have the latest video drivers for your video
    This document is copyright (c) 2005 to Greg Ash.  
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.  
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders. 
    V1.0 – Guide is complete.

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