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    Soldier Guide by AgeofKnights

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    KOTOR: True Soldier Guide.
    Version 1.3
      "You Underestimate The Power of The Dark Side"    
     -Darth Vader
    How Right you are Vader. I Know Many of you proably have played as a 
    Soldier or Guardian, but "You don't know the power of the Dark Side". 
    The ultimate goal of this guide is for you to end up with a powerful, Lightsaber
    wielding, dark sided, Jedi Guardian, soldier.
       This is by no means a complete KOTOR guide.   I am going to assume you have 
    played through KOTOR before and are familiar enough with it that
    I can skip over many of the basics.  Lastly, this document contains spoilers; do
    not read any further if the thought of accidentally reading a spoiler will cause
    you to become agitated and/or sad.
    Table of Contents
    1. Character Stats
    	1.1 Strength
    	1.2 Dexterity
    	1.3 Constitution
    	1.4 Intelligence
    	1.5 Wisdom
    	1.6 Charisma
    2. Starting Class
    3. Skills	
    4. Feats
    	4.1 Armour Proficiency Heavy
    	4.2 Master Power Attack
    	4.3 Lightsaber Weapon Proficiency
    	4.4 Implants
    5. Jedi Class
    6. Force Alignment
    7. Force Powers
    	7.1 Death Field
    	7.2 Kill
    	7.3 Force Storm
    	7.4 Force Wave
                7.5 Plague
    	7.6 Dominate Mind
    	7.7 Adv. Lightsaber Throw
    	7.8 Force Imunity
                7.9Destroy Droid
    8. Allies
    	8.1 Jolee Bindo
    	8.2 Juhanni
    	8.3 Bastilla
    	8.4 Mission
    	8.5 Zalbaar
    	8.6 HK-47
    	8.7 Canderous
                8.8 Others
    9. Leveling
    10. Equipment
            10.1 Implants
            10.2 Headgear
            10.3 Left Arm
            10.4 Left Hand
            10.5 Body
            10.6 Right Arm
            10.7 Right Hand
            10.8 Belt
    11. Final Results/Thoughts
    12. Authorized FAQ Holders.
    13. Thanks
    1. Character Stats
    As we all know, stats can make or break a character.  Knowing what the various
    stats do, and where to place your stat points are of paramount importance.
    Please read the following carefully.  
    1.1 Strength.
    Strength adds to your to-hit and melee weapon damage. This is the 'money' stat, 
    since we are usingsabers, we can not ignore this stat. Take it to 18.  
    1.2 Dexterity.
    Dexterity adds to your to-hit and ranged weapon damage, as well as adding to
    your defense rating.  I recommend 10 points for starting.
    1.3 Constitution.
    This stat determines how many hit points your character receives per level.
    I recommend 10 points as a base for this stat.  There's no
    reason to incur a negative penalty in this stat by placing it at 8; by the same
    token any more than 10 can be considered overkill for normal difficulty.  With
    all of the enhancements your character will receive from items and force powers,
    I find that your ending HP is quite sufficient with this amount of stat points.
    1.4 Intelligence.
    Widely regarded as a waste of stat points.  Intelligence raises the amount of
    skill points you receive.  Since all skill points are relatively useless, we
    will leave this at a base of 10, as to not incur a negative penalty.  
    1.5 Wisdom.
    Wisdom raises the amount of force points you receive as well as determines how
    effective you are at using and resisting force powers.  This is the other
    'money' stat for this build.  We need to be able to effectively use our force
    powers on the enemy without them being resisted as well have the ability to
    avoid the enemies force powers.  Think of wisdom as force dexterity.  I
    recommend putting 11 points into this stat.  Combined with items, you should be
    able to resist most of the dark Jedis' attempts to strike you down with force
    powers, while dealing out a beating yourself.
    1.6 Charisma.
    Charisma determines how amiable you are; how well you interact with others.
    The higher your charisma, the better you'll be at being able to persuade.  There
    are plenty of persuade options in the game, none of which are truly critical.
    In addition to being correlated with your persuasion skills, charisma also adds
    to the amount of force points your character will have; and to a lesser extent,
    the power in which you use the force.  Charisma does not have as profound an
    effect on your force abilities as wisdom, but the effects are evident,
    nonetheless.  For example; the more points you put into charisma, the more force
    points you'll have available to you for casting force abilities.  In addition,
    the power in which you use those abilities, will be greater than if your
    charisma was lower.  I recommend putting 13 points into this stat initially,
    and boosting it with various equipment throughout the game.
    Note: if you plan on having your character only use the treat injury skill
    (described below in greater detail; section 3), you could drop your
    intelligence to 8; then using those skill points in charisma, boosting it to
    12.  If dexterity or wisdom is more of a concern to you, you could also use
    those two points to raise them a point, to 17.
    My starting stats looked like this:
    STR: 18
    DEX: 10
    CON: 10
    INT: 10
    WIS: 11
    CHA: 13
    Every subsequent stat point you receive should go into getting both your
    strength, dexterity and wisdom to 20.  Because of all the +dexterity equipment 
    you can getthroughout the game, I recommend getting your wisdom up to 
    20 before your dexterity.
    2. Starting Class
    As you've read, we will be choosing the Soldieras our non-Jedi class.  Why
    choose the Soldier class?  More Vitality, good reader, more vitality .  
    3. Skills
    As a Soldier, we get more skills than the other classes.  Fortunately, many 
    of these skills are worth while.  I recommend that you max Treat Injury at
    every level.  The higher your proficiency in treat injury, the more health
    you'll gain from medical packs.
    With your leftover points, you should do one of two things.  Add the points to
    Persuade, which if you get high enough, could allow you to put your charisma
    stat down to 8.  With those two extra points you've saved, you could then move
    the points into something more useful, like wisdom, dexterity, or constitution.
    You could also, add the points into Repair.  The main reason for doing so is
    that you may be able to unlock the functions of HK-47 when you purchase him.
    Make the choice after determining if you're going to use HK-47 as one of your
    main NPC allies or not.
    All other skills can be performed masterfully by your allies.
    4. Feats
    As a Soldier, we get the Most feats of the bunch, but we have to make them
    count.  I will list the feats you should consider getting, in order of
    importance, highest to lowest.
    4.1 Armor Proficincy Heavy
    Maxing This skill will greatly benifit your charecter,  it allows you to where 
    Heavy Armor  .A must have
    for this build.
    4.2 Master Power Attack
    A truly powerfull attack hence it's name, this attack allow the soldier to jump 
    in the air and land with a damage dealing attack on your enemies. 
    4.3 Lighsaber Weapon Proficincy
    You need level one to use Lighsaber, but when you 'Jedi' you automaticly reciev 
    this feat.  At the maximum level, this feat adds +1 to your to-hit and a +2 on
    top of your damage dealt.
    4.4 Implants.
    Depending on the level invested, will allow you to use level 1, 2, or 3
    implants; which in turn can grant bonuses such as mind-immunity and +dexterity.
    5. Jedi Class
    The Jedi Guardian will be our class of choice for two reasons.  The first
    reason is that we get more Level-up points as we progress, compared to 
    the other Jedi classes.  The second reason is that we obtain Force Jump.  At
    master level, force jump gives us a +9 bonus in  dealing  powerfull
    6. Force Alignment
    I have only gone through this build as a master dark-sided Jedi, and I believe
    this is the best alignment for this build.  I'm positive that it can be done as
    light-sided, but the force powers that accompany a dark-sided Jedi are much more
    aesthetically pleasing to this build.  After all, we're supposed to be a Saber
    wielding Soldier that hacks his way out of a fight, not a light guardian who
    prefers to use the force to do his dirty work.  I suppose one could remain
    neutral in alignment, but I don't honestly believe that there 
    are any light-sided powers to use that warrant the penalty 
    of being aligned as neutral.  The choice is yours, 
    but I will only out line light-side force powers in the next section.
    7. Force Powers
    As a dark-sided force user, you will use these powers 
    to enhance your killing and defending abilities .  
    I will list the more optionalforce powers toward the bottom.  
    As always, it is your preference as to which ones you'd like to get.
    7.1 Death Field
     Truley Dark, this power tears life from surrounding enimies and heals the Jedi
    by the highest damage suffered. Does not effect droids.
    7.2 Kill
     A vile use of the Force. The Target must succeed at a Fortitude save
    or simply choke and Die. Does not effect droids.
    7.3 Force Storm.
    An electrical attack on all enemies near the target, inflicting level-based
    damage to both vitality and Force piont totals. Not useable with armor.
    7.4 Force Wave
    The Force pulses from the Jedi . Nearby enemies are thrown back and
    knocked down, suffering damage modified by the Jedi's level. May
    also stun target
    *Any spell I list below here, you should consider optional in maxing, or getting
    7.5 Plague.
    Horribly deibiltating, this power slows the target and inflicts attribute 
    penalties that get worse over time.  
    7.6 Dominate Mind.
    Putting a point into this skill opens up a new dialog option; force persuade.
    Get this skill if your persuasion is low,  be careful as many of the persuade
    options are inherently dark-sided in nature.  Try to avoid using this on any of
    your allies, as they'll usually know when you're using the power on them.  
    As a dark-side user, you should  force peopleagainst their
    7.7 Adv. Lightsaber Throw
    Using the Force, the Jedi guided the lightsaber to the 
    target and back. Attacks all enemies within 5 meters 
    of the first target. A successful attack confers 
    level based damage.
    7.8 Force Imunity.
    This power has it's downside and it's up side. The up is that this power Resits
    ALL enemy Force Powers. The down is that it only works for 1 minute.   
    7.9 Destroy Droid.
    Not only will this force power deal damage to a droid(s), it will stun them for
    a period of time as well.  At master level, this power turns enemy droids into
    free experience.  Normally, I allocate this power to one of my Jedi allies;
    Jolee can easily get this to master level.
    8. Allies
    I won't explicitly tell you who to use in this section, but rather gloss over
    the party members, who I feel, benefit you the most during your journey.
    Remember that you are a ranged attacker that benefits from stunned or
    pre-occupied opponents.  Jedi party members can fill both roles, but certain
    non-Jedi members bring some other, much welcomed, benefits to the party.
    8.1 Jolee Bindo.
    Jolee is a neutrally-aligned Jedi counselor.  He is helpful in many regards.
    If you fail to stun one or two opponents Jolee can chime in with a stasis field
    of his own.  When you encounter mini-bosses, Jolee can use Force Kill on
    individual targets or Force Lightning on groups of targets; making your life
    much easier.  If you're tied up in battle, or simply don't have the force
    reserves, he can cast force heal or force valor in a pinch.  Let's not also
    forget that this game has many, hard-to-kill droids.  Have Jolee get Destroy
    Droid, and you can cake-walk past their broken hulls.
    8.2 Juhanni.
    Juhanni is a light-sided Jedi guardian.  As a guardian, Juhanni should be used
    as a melee combatant, engaging opponents while you work your game.  Give her
    force speed and force healing, and she can be force to be reckoned with.
    8.3 Bastilla.
    As a light-sided Jedi, you will have to battle Bastilla on both the unnamed
    world, and the star forge.  For these reasons, I recommend developing her as
    little as possible.  It doesn't hurt to do her side-quest or romantic story,
    but the star forge battle may take longer than if you hadn't.  Make sure you
    strip her of all equipment before you run into Malak on the Leviathan.
    8.4 Mission.
    Mission is a non-Jedi scoundrel.  At first glance, Mission doesn't seem like a
    very competent combatant.  She is, however, quite the opposite.  Mission shines
    for one reason and one reason only; sneak attack.  Unlike your character,
    Mission's sneak attack ability can increase to level 9, which can deal massive
    damage on top of her attacks.  You can equip her in a plethora of attack options
    such as a melee combatant, rifle user, or blaster pistol user.
    There are many good melee weapons in the game, and some can come close to being
    as powerful as finely crafted light-sabers.  Have Mission use a double bladed
    weapon with flurry on stunned opponents, and she will probably kill faster than
    even you.  The downside to Mission as a melee combatant is that she has a low
    hit point pool.  Boost her constitution with equipment, implants, and force
    valor to keep her going.
    8.5 Zalbaar.
    You can't assume that because someone is a Wookie that they should use a
    crossbow.  One look at Zalbaar's stats and you should be able to tell that he is
    befitting a melee warrior.  Equip him with some of the great double bladed
    weapons throughout the game and use him as a high hit point tank.  Raise his
    already high strength to do some extra damage, or raise his constitution to
    help him live longer.  Make sure you get him the level 3 implant feat since he
    cannot equip armor or headgear.  Because of his high hit point pool, make sure
    you put all of his skill points into treat injury; otherwise you'll be using a
    lot of force heal and medical kits to get him back to full health.
    8.6 HK-47.
    If you've taken the time, and invested the points to repair HK-47's latent
    abilities, he can become a very helpful ally.  A good heavy blaster, and flame
    thrower will serve him well.  He has a high hit point pool, but can only be
    healed by using repair parts.  He is also very expensive to upgrade.  If you
    wish to use HK, brush up on your Pazaak skills to get some easy money.
    8.7 Carth, T3, Canderous Ordo.
    I will skip these teammates because I feel the other allies listed above do
    their job better.   Mission wields pistols better than Carth.
    T3 is the weakest combat character.  HK-47, Mission, and Zalbaar can all
    competently replace Canderous in battle, as well.
    9. Leveling
    There are many viable options as to how you level up your character.  Do you
    save a majority of your levels until you become a Jedi, or do you level up as a
    scoundrel before becoming a Jedi?
    There is no definitive right or wrong answer.  If you save your levels until
    you become a Jedi, you will have more force powers to use, or you can level 
    as much as possible as a Soldier. 
    If you're into making your character streamlined toward one end of the spectrum
    or the other, by all means, go for one of the above strategies.  For a more
    balanced approach, I reccomend getting to a level 5 or 7 Soldier
    The damage doesn't increase much between level 3 and 4 , but you
    can still get all of your core force powers, including extras, as a level 7
    10. Equipment
    There are various FAQ's touching on the equipment throughout KOTOR.  Feel free
    to use them in scouting out the equipment you'd like for you and your allies.
    I will list, briefly, in this section what my final character was wearing.  The
    equipment you use can be open to so much debate, that to think that any one
    setup is the definitive, would be silly.  I was under much duress as  to which
    equipment I used; I hope you take as much consideration.
    10.1 Implant.
    I mainly used +dexterity implants throughout the game.  At endgame, my character
    was using the Advanced Alacrity, level 3 implant.  Dexterity +5.
    10.2 Headgear.
    I can't think of a better headpiece to wear than the Band of Naga Sadow .  It
    grants a +5 to wisdom.  If you use this headgear, you could leave your wisdom
    at 19; the +5 from the helmet will put your end statistic at 24, for the extra
    +2 bonus.
    10.3 Left Arm.
    I used various shields throughout the game on both arms.  
    Use them before engaging Sith, droids or Mandalorians 
    to absorb the blaster damage.  
    10.4 Left Hand.
    My offhand.  Believe it or not, I was still using a fully 
    upgraded Vibro-Poison Bladeup to the last battle. 
    This Blade  deals amoderate 5-10 damage, but also sports
     a +3 to attack modifier.
    10.5 Body.
    Before you become a Jedi, make use of the various light armors you find on Taris
    that don't give big penalties to dexterity.  I recommend not investing in medium
    or heavy armors as you will be unable to cast various force powers later in the
    game when you are wearing them.  I could not find a better robe than a simple
    Jedi Master Robe.  My defense ended up at 33.
    You can, however, find better robes.  Qel-Droma's Robe is a light-side only
    robe that is found on Korriban.  The Star Forge/Darth Revan robe would also be
    a good choice if you can manage to get them.
    10.6 Right Arm.
    Once again, I used mainly shields throughout the game.  If you're knee deep in
    action, you may consider using Brejik's Arm Band and Belt to suppress melee
    damage.  This is a good setup for dueling on Taris.
    10.7 Right Hand.
    Take note that you should be using your highest damage 
    Saber in your main hand.
     The best Crystal in the game is the Mantel of the Force.  It
    does a huge 7-20 damage.  
    You will, of course, pay dearly for a crystal this good, 
    but to use anything less 
    would be criminal.  This item can be bought on Yavin.
    10.8 Belt.
    I found a nifty little belt in my journeys, the Adrenaline Stimulator.  This
    belt boosts your dexterity +2 and adds a +4 to all saves.
    11. Final Analysis
    Let's quickly recap what you should have accomplished through reading this
    guide.  You are Hard to Kill Soldier , who can use THE Powerfull Attack, 
    you wear only a robe, yet your defense is very high; your saving throws 
    are unparalleled.   You're also a dark-sided Jedi
    Guardian who casts Force powers to kill his/her enemies.
     The only good compliment to a Saber by your side is a stunned
    opponent in front of you; Kill is the basis of all your attacks.
    12. Authorized FAQ Holders.
    13. Thanks
    Above all else, I hope you have fun experimenting, and tinkering with this
    build.  I also hope that some of you may be influenced to write some
    'not-so-run-of-the-mill' build order guides in the future.  All feedback and
    correction information can be sent to the following email address:
    Thanks for reading,
    -Age of Knights
    This work is copyrighted. Any who copy it will be 
    prosicuted o the full extent of the law
      All statistics and information were
    derived from the PC version of Star Wars: 
    Knights of the Old Republic; published
    by Lucas Arts, developed by BioWare.
    V 1.0. Everything's new.
    v  1.2. Fixed copyright info, and added 
    list of authorized FAQ holders. 
    v 1.3 Fixed starting stats

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