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    Gunslinger Guide by ExiledKnight

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/27/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic:
    |Gunslinger Guide
    |Written By: ExiledKnight 
    | E-mail: crashbackes@gmail.com
    |Copyright 2009, Ryan Backes
    Table of Contents
    1.0	Introduction 
    2.0	The Three Rules to KotOR
    3.0	Classes
    3.1	Starting Class
    3.2	Jedi Class
    4.0	Attributes
    4.1	Strength
    4.2	Dexterity
    4.3	Constitution
    4.4	Intelligence
    4.5	Wisdom
    4.6	Charisma
    4.7	Stat Check 
    5.0	Skills
    5.1	Useful skills
    5.2	Skills to avoid
    5.3	What is persuade
    6.0	Feats
    6.1	Recommended Feats 
    6.2	Feats to avoid
    7.0	Force Powers
    7.1	Recommended Force Powers
    8.0	The Force
    8.1	Which Side of the Credit Line?
    9.0	Leveling
    10.0	Spit and Polish
    10.1	My Character
    10.2	How to Make Your Character God
    11.0	Conclusion and Credits
    11.1	Special Thanks To
    11.2	Who Can Use This Guide
    11.3	Version History
    11.4	Credits
    |As a final note before I get started, simply click Ctrl+F 
    |and the name or number of a section to quickly navigate 
    |through this guide. Much more convenient if you’ve                  
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    1.0	Introduction
    As a member on Gamefaqs, I feel that it is my duty to inform all 
    of you helpless mishaps about the truth; the truth of how to truly 
    build a great character for a very addictive game. But first I would
    like to introduce myself. I am ExiledKnight, just your everyday 
    member on Gamefaqs and fellow KotOR owner who has read the 
    guides here and shaken his head countless times. I mean, come on, 
    the math that people seem to be doing is pathetic! Master Flurry 
    better than Master Power Attack when using two weapons?! Yeah 
    right! Power Attack with a double bladed lightsaber and Master 
    Speed does +40 damage. And that is more than any weapon in the 
    Game can trump. Flurry gives you a single attack using the damage 
    modifier for your main hand weapon. Another thing that I’ve been 
    seeing is how woefully uniformed people are. They are willing to 
    nod their heads at every mistake in every guide dismissing it as truth
    because the author wrote it as such. So that is why I am here. To 
    inform you of everything you might be missing out with the builds 
    Straight away I will admit to you that I skipped my morning coffee 
    This fine day so I am in a slightly bitter mood. Nothing too serious, 
    but enough that my tongue will seem biting to some of you. Take 
    no offense at my words even if they are slightly harsh. Just know that
    the purpose of this is not to shun or mock you. The purpose of this is
    to enlighten you. To bring you into the ranks of the few people who 
    can truly enjoy the game using a very simplistic strategy. 
    Now that I finished that little tangent there, let me tell you about what
    you are getting yourself into. Recently it dawned on me to try the blaster
    Jedi that seems so fun. I brushed off my game, turned on my computer 
    and logged on to gamefaqs. There I searched desperately for a good guide.  
    The best I could find was NukeBlast’s “True Scoundrel Guide” which was, I 
    shall admit, lacking in several ways. No offense offered to him, but I tried 
    his guide. The only way I was able to utilize the full set of abilities he 
    claimed was to use the FLU to get me sneak attack X. And still I was only able 
    to use it once per battle for the most part. So I took a couple more looks at 
    his guide and improved on his ideas. How? Well I started by changing the class 
    around a few times. Of course I never played through the game the dozen or so 
    times  it would take me to try every combination. Instead I used the FLU and 
    already placed saves to check abilities and other things. Though I mentioned 
    his build was lacking, it is still a great concept and build. I merely took 
    it and made one better. Depending on which side you play, this build can be 
    tagged as a “Mercenary” build or a “Paladin” build. Either term is useable 
    in this case.
    The base concept to my gunslinger build is that you can fire your blasters 
    from a distance while your companions cut the idiots who dared defy you down 
    into tiny bite sized pieces. Still having trouble picturing it? How about this: 
    a taller Calo Nord with amazing Force Powers who can take down a pack of Dark 
    Jedi in seconds. There we go. That image should be enough. Otherwise…well… I 
    just don’t know What to do with you anymore….
    2.0	Three Rules to KotOR
    The way I see it, KotOR like many other games can be broken down into an 
    efficient set of basic rules. So I composed a list of them for your benefit. 
    These rules are simple and truly do help make boss battles easier. Or at 
    least they do for me. You on the other hand might enjoy planting mines and 
    hoping your target runs into them before he/she has a chance to butcher you 
    with the Force or some other weapon. I personally find mines cliché and 
    unrealistic. Why? In real life if you step on a mine, what happen? It blows 
    up and chops you into itty bitty pieces IF you are lucky.Those few unlucky 
    ones live through the rest of their lives without an arm or legand with 
    second degree burns in the very least. Gas mines are somewhat realistic,but 
    not much. 
    Rule Number 1: Exploit every advantage you have.
    Use grenades or any kind of blasters that you have to neutralize an opponent. 
    If he Is wearing a shield, take out a disrupter or a set of ion pistols. If 
    he is charging at you just cast a stunning power on him to neutralize him 
    before firing with your most powerful weapon. Do whatever you need to or want 
    to. Use shields. Use melee weapons or lightsabers if the occasion forces it 
    upon you. Do everything in your power to win. The only down side to this is 
    that it costs a few credits to maintain. Especially if you Sell the ion 
    blaster you get on the Endar Spire *low whistle*. 
    Rule Number 2: Hit and run guerrilla tactics.
    Fire your blasters and get your butt out of there. This helps so much against 
    melee Bosses who you face on solo like Marl and Bendak Starkiller. In the 
    dueling ring you just need to move close enough to your opponent so that he 
    starts chasing you.Once you are on the run, fire behind you. Once you see 
    even the slightest amount of damage being dealt to your opponent, run away 
    so that he can’t attack you. Repeat until your enemy is dead. This is also a 
    great strategy when using Canderous. Since he heals every round, just slap 
    him some melee weapons and run him around when he is almost dead. Then face 
    them completely once he is back to full vitality. 
    Rule Number 3: Have fun.
    Now this is the most important rule. If you don’t have fun while playing a 
    certain build, then you shouldn’t continue it. You might find my build boring 
    or too challenging for your tastes. That is fine. Just reload a previous save 
    and make yourself a character you will enjoy. KotOR is one of the few games 
    out there where winning isn’t the best part.The fruit of KotOR is the journey 
    you undertake. Everything you do either comes back to bite you on the arse or 
    to give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. If you aren’t having fun, then what, 
    prey tell, is the point of even playing the game? You might as well read about 
    it and comment on it without trying it for even a minute. 
    3.0	Classes
    Self explanatory. Just chose your class wisely. If you don’t…well I can’t say 
    that the boogieman will haunt your dreams, but suffice to say that you will 
    have a tough time maneuvering throughout the game. 
    3.1Starting Class
    Your class is extremely important though flexible for this build. In the 
    beginning you will have a tough choice to make between three amazing 
    classes: Scoundrel, Scout and Soldier. Each one has its own specialty. 
    So far I have determined a few things about each class. The Soldier is good 
    for immediate damage and being able to take massive amounts of punishment. 
    This is a good choice if you feel that you want more readily tangible damage 
    and think that you won’t be able to survive without the extra vitality 
    points. Scout is a balanced class for the most part. Rapid Shot is useful for 
    dual pistols and the implant feat line comes in handy quite a bit. But still… 
    Scoundrel tops all of these other options in the way that is does more damage 
    and has quite a bit of skills as well. With a Scoundrel you never get the 
    feeling that there is something missing when you send Mission out to collect 
    mines or T3 down to hack into a security door. The sneak attack damage is 
    very good if you know how to utilize it properly. Even if you don’t you will 
    still be killing many, many men with your amazing blasters. Gunslinger is a 
    word used to describe someone like Bendak Starkiller. You will be dealing 
    damage and killing quicker than a Soldier with the added +2 damage from 
    Weapon Specialization will be doing. More than the Scout with the extra 
    attack from Rapid Shot with even a Master Sniper Shot. 
    3.2 Jedi Class
    Ah, the Jedi Class. Probably the one saving grace in the game for us here. 
    Without Force Powers we would be like cattle for the Dark Jedi to slaughter. 
    Pigs for the Butcher’s Yard…bontha for the Krayt Dragon. Get the point? I 
    can’t seem to stress this point enough. Without Insanity/Stasis Field and 
    Master Speed, this build is hardly as effective as it could be. 
    Stasis Field/Insanity stuns opponents, giving you another couple of turns to 
    sneak attack them. 
    I suggest taking Jedi Sentinel as your Jedi Class unless you are planning on 
    using a supplement for stunning powers like Fear and Stun. Those supplements 
    would either be an implant, armor, a belt, or Force Resistance/Immunity. Those 
    abilities are good for any Jedi. Except for the Sentinel. 
    The Jedi Guardian class is amazing as well. Actually, I suggest this one more 
    than the Jedi Sentinel since you will be more powerful in your own state of 
    mind. You’ll get ten feats and fourteen Force Powers. Good enough. A Jedi 
    Sentinel gives you the same amount of Force Powers but only eight feats and 
    eight vitality. Not as good. I would only recommend Jedi Sentinel to those who 
    are true credit sticklers. Or maybe to those who feel like they are willing to 
    give this class a chance. A chance that will probably weaken you in the long 
    4.0 Attributes 
    Attributes are the boundary line. If you give yourself a strength of 18 when 
    you are trying to create a gunslinger than you just ruined your character. 
    Always consider what you need and what works to your advantage. So I’ve taken 
    the liberty to detail exactly how useful each feat is for this build. Your 
    As one final note here, I hate having stats under 10. 10 is an even 0. At 0 
    your stats say that they aren’t exemplary nor are they weak. If you want to 
    you could put an 8in some of the more useless stats like constitution and 
    strength, but I would definitely not recommend it. 
    4.1 Strength 
    Normally strength would be a great thing to invest into. More damage with 
    melee weapons and higher to hit rating. It also gives you the feeling that you 
    are physically powerful as well. But alas, this build dictates that strength 
    is a useless commodity. Leave at 10 unless you feel like making it 8.
    4.2 Dexterity 
    The very crux of what we hope to obtain. Our defense and chance to hit relies 
    on this. We are on the very fringe of destruction without this. Some people 
    might recommend starting out with a 16 in this, but that is a waste of 3 stat 
    points. Just leave it at 15. Put a point into it at every level up and by 
    level 20 you will have a perfect 20 in it. Not including all of the amazing 
    dexterity enhancing equipment you will find throughout the game. 
    4.3 Constitution
    Vitality points and fortitude saves. Useful if you think that you are going to
    get hit enough for that to truly matter, buy otherwise it serves no purpose. 
    If you want to be like Calo Nord than put this at 14. Otherwise keep it at a 
    solid 10. 
    4.4 Intelligence 
    Increases the amount of skill points you get per level and how well you do on
    things such as Computer Use, Demolitions, Security and Repair. If you are 
    playing as a Soldier then put this up to 14. If you followed my class 
    recommendation and put your class as Scoundrel then a 12 will suffice. That 
    way you can get the skills you need. Demolitions and Persuade for the most 
    4.5 Wisdom
    Wisdom influences your Force points and the DC (Difficulty class) of said 
    Force Powers. Other than that it also boosts how much you heal with a medpack. 
    Though I am completely anti medpack I still find Wisdom useful for this build. 
    If you want to heal than give yourself Force Heal or Drain Life. Simple as 
    that. Why waste money or skill points when you have a free version that does 
    so much more? Anyway, boost this all the way up to 14.
    4.6 Charisma
    Pretty much the same as Wisdom. It increases the DC of Force powers and (this 
    is not confirmed) it supposedly increases the amount of Force Points you have 
    as well. Another perk to this is that with it you increase your persuade 
    skill. Which is the most important skill in the game. You’ll miss out on a lot 
    without persuade. Bring it up to 12 or 14 if you can.
    4.7 Stat Check
    I have a few sets of stats built up here for you. Each one is basically the 
    same though they vary depending on starting and Jedi Class.
    Scoundrel 7/Jedi Guardian 13
    Strength: 10
    Dexterity: 15
    Constitution: 10
    Intelligence: 14
    Wisdom: 14
    Charisma: 14
    Put every level up attribute point into Dexterity. This is the classic one 
    that I used to create this guide. Of course I tried another one very similar 
    to this, but this one trumps all other tries for the most part. 
    Soldier 5/Jedi Guardian 15
    Strength: 10
    Dexterity: 15
    Constitution: 14
    Intelligence: 14
    Wisdom: 12
    Charisma: 12
    Pretty much the same thing. More Calo Nord like in my opinion, but how is that
    Scout 5/Jedi Guardian 15
    Strength: 10 (here I recommend 8)
    Dexterity: 15
    Constitution: 12
    Intelligence: 14
    Wisdom: 12
    Charisma: 14
    As with the other two, just put your points into dexterity. 
    Now, if you follow any of those builds then you are in good shape. The odd 
    number might trip you up in the beginning, but that’s only if you are used to 
    seeing nice 14s and 16s littering your screen. 15 is balanced and the shift to 
    16 is actually quite dramatic in a good way for most builds like this. You can 
    try any alternative to these, but as I said, these are what have proven 
    successful for me. 
    5.0 Skills 
    Though the general consensus ranks skills down there with the Sentinel class, 
    I completely disagree. Without Persuades you would miss out on so many 
    interesting and unique dialogue options. As well as some plot hints and other 
    miscellaneous things that pop up here and there. Demolitions comes in handy 
    for my favorite string of quests: the Genohadaran assassin quests. Treat 
    Injury, as I’ve already mentioned, is a waste of time since you will only 
    need it for the first 2-4 hours of your game. 
    5.1 Useful Skills
    The most useful skills are Demolitions and Persuade. Persuade comes in handy
    in almost every situation and demolitions is good to have as well for boss 
    battles where you can plant mines ahead of time to protect yourself. Another 
    good skill to have is security. No more than one rank, but it still helps 
    early on when opening doors without Carth. Destroying those things is so 
    5.2 Skills to Avoid
    Avoid without any precedence: Treat Injury and Awareness. Treat Injury loses 
    its initial value once you become a Jedi and Awareness can easily be taken 
    care of by other party members. 
    Sorry for this brief section, but those are the only noteworthy points 
    available right now…
    6.0 Feats
    It is a proven fact that feats are the second most important thing after 
    class. Not even your stats matter if you screw up on your feats. If you take 
    horrible feats then it won’t matter if you have 18 in every stat. You will hit, 
    but your attacks will be basic. Building feats is a tedious process I know, 
    but it is rewarding once you get everything you immediately need. So without 
    further ado, her are the feats I promised you:
    6.1 Recommended Feats
    There are quite a few feats that I would recommend for this build. So instead 
    of listing out every last feat and what it does, I’ll give you an extremely 
    brief summary by telling you what feats to take. I’ll explain why after I 
    show you the feats. Maybe my laziness will have worn off by then =P
    Two Weapon Fighting: Normal, Improved and Master
    Sniper Shot: Improved and Master
    Toughness: Normal and Improved
    Implants: level 1, 2 and 3
    If you are a Soldier:
    Two Weapon Fighting: Normal, Improved and Master
    Toughness: Normal and Improved 
    Implants: Level 1, 2 and 3
    Rapid Shot: Normal, Improved and Master
    Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Pistol): Weapon Focus and Specialization 
    If you are a Scout:
    Two Weapon Fighting: Normal, Improved and Master
    Toughness: Normal and Improved
    Implants: Level 3
    Rapid Shot: Improved and Master
    Conditioning: Normal
    Alright, it looks like I’m ready to explain myself in slightly more detail. 
    First off, for the Scoundrel you want to take Two Weapon Fighting regardless 
    of other feats. Without Two Weapon Fighting you won’t be able to effectively 
    use two blasters at the same time. Not only does that take down your damage 
    ratio, but it takes down your special damage ratio. And that is not a very 
    desirable end. Sneak Attack is what turns makes this build a strong build. 
    Not a “good” build, but a “great” build. Most people would tell you exactly
    as I have and to take Two Weapon Fighting, but their rationale is different 
    from mine. They want to take Rapid Shot as everyone recommends. But they
    fail to see that Rapid Shot is significantly less powerful than Sniper Shot 
    since Sniper Shot in fact does work with Master Speed and can do up
    to do up to double damage every hit. And with four hits every turn, that
    turns into a heck of a lot of damage. The Stun ability isn’t so useful 
    once you become a Jedi, but it is helpful on Taris if you have a high or 
    moderately high intelligence. I know I suggested a 12, but 14 would work 
    as well if you wish to stun people. Implants are for the Dexterity 
    enhancing one you get close to the end of the game. It gives you +4 
    Dexterity. Add that up with the other Dexterity enhancing equipment and 
    you’ll end up with a Dexterity of over 30! Amazing. Simply amazing. 
    Toughness keeps you alive by giving you +2 vitality every level and takes 
    away 2 damage from every attack that hits you. Not from every round. But 
    every attack. That means that you get a damage reduction on every attack. 
    Way overpowered, but amazing at the same time. 
    The other two are self explanatory. Rapid Shot without Sneak Attack beats 
    Sniper Shot. Weapon Specialization rocks. And Scouts should take 
    conditioning out of necessity at level 2 or 3. 
    7.0  Force Powers 
    Force Powers are great. Not completely necessary, but great in any case. They 
    don’t do anything more than decide how much better you are than the common 
    soldier. Normally you could pwn a normal soldier in two or three turns. With 
    Force Powers he is gone the turn after you cast your stunning power. Most 
    Force Powers are amazing, but some combinations just don’t work. For instance, 
    the Master Speed and Force Armor combo should net you a +8 defense. Instead it 
    subtracts the totals of both powers giving you a defense of +2 instead. Which 
    is less than either of those powers alone. A little glitch, but something to 
    look out for regardless. 
    7.1 Recommended Force Powers 
    I’m going to rate the Force Powers I think you should chose in order of 
    greatest to least using a Scale of A-F. But instead of using A-F I’ll be using 
    the old fashion 5-1 scale. 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. 
    Fear/Horror/Insanity: 5/5.The perfect Force Power. It stuns a large group of 
    enemies at a time for quite a while. Once you have horror you can start using 
    it on groups within 10 meters. And you can get Horror as at level six when 
    you add your Jedi level to your starting class level. So you could pick this 
    up as your first feat and use it to create mass chaos and death around 
    Stun/Stasis/Stasis Field: 4.5/5. Almost as good as Fear/Horror/Insanity, but 
    you don’t get the mass stun effect until you master it at level 15. Not as 
    desirable as Insanity. It is a great ability to have in either case if you are 
    lightside. It stuns exactly the same way as Fear/Horror/Insanity except that 
    it only stuns one at a time until you master it. Force Cure/Heal: 4.5/5. Heal 
    yourself inside or outside of battle. Not only does it effect you, but it also 
    heals all party members within 10 meters. The best ability for lightside
    gunslingers. Don’t leave home without it. This is the reason why Treat Injury 
    is obsolete.
    Burst of Speed/Knight Speed/Master Speed: 4/5. Most would argue and claim that
    this is the best Force Power since it not only lets you move twice as fast but
    that it nets you two extra attacks and a +3 to defense. I disagree. What is
    the use of more attacks when you could easily kill your enemies in a single
    turn after mass stunning them? Still a good ability o have if only for moving
    twice as quickly as normal.
    Drain Life/Death Field: 4/5. Saps the life of an enemy or multiple enemies and
    transfers half of that to you. Not as good as heal since it only heals inside
    of combat and doesn’t effect the rest of your party. Still it is a must have
    for darksiders right below Fear/Horror/Insanity and possibly Burst of
    Speed/Knight Speed/Master Speed, but not by much.
    Force Push/Whirlwind/Wave: 3.5/5. Push your enemies back like the Jedi in the
    movies. It is an average ability for the most part though it makes up for it
    with the mass damage and stun. Pick it up after the rest or when you can’t
    improve any other powers and masterit at level fifteen unless you are
    lightside in which case you should take it at level 16.
    Force Shock/Lightning/Storm: 3.5 The Darksider’s trump. 1-6 damage for every
    level up to level 10. Which means that you are doing a maximum of 10-60 
    damage to a large group of enemies once you master it. The downside is that 
    you can’t master it until level 18. I would prioritize it under Drain Life 
    for any and every Darksider out there.
    Force Resistance/Immunity: 3/5. Resistance from the Force. Good at the end, 
    but useless if you max it out. I would take the first one right away before 
    your first planet just for the mind affecting immunity of it. That way you 
    can deal with those pesky Dark Jedi who seem to love using Fear and Slow on 
    Slow/Affliction/Plague: 2.5/5. Get only if you can’t hit anything. Works 
    against a single opponent and reduces physical stats by 12. It is ok………
    8.0 The Force, which side of the credit line? 
    A slightly different expression than most. Hopefully you haven’t started 
    playing through your game yet and decided to finish reading this guide 
    before you even touched that controller. But as long as you haven’t chosen 
    Force Powers yet than it won’t be much of a problem. 
    Which side of the Force appeals to you? Keep in mind what you get for each 
    side. The Darkside gives you powers that grow more powerfully quickly
    while the lightside gives you support powers. It all depends on what you the 
    gamer want. Do you want to frighten small children and hit defenseless widows
    up for credits? Or do you want to be a righteous savior for the galaxy and 
    show your kind hearted nobility to anyone who crosses your path?
    Obviously the question about Force Powers is more appealing to you, but it is 
    just something to keep in mind. Truly though, I suggest that you play through 
    as many times as your heart contends. Try out every side and build if you 
    wish. Just remember rule #3: Have Fun.
    9.0 Leveling
    Leveling is easy for the most part, but it is always better to have a plan 
    for it. For the sake of keeping this short and brief, I won’t give you 
    every possible combination. I don’t have THAT much time on my hands. 
    Level 1: Two Weapon Fighting
    Level 2: Toughness
    Level 5: Improved Two Weapon Fighting
    Level 8: Improved Sniper Shot
    Level 10: Master Sniper Shot
    Level 13: Master Two Weapon Fighting
    Level 14: Improved Toughness
    Level 16: Implant Level 1
    Level 19: Implant Level 2
    Level 20: Implant Level 3
    Short, simple and sweet. The reason why the implant feats are the last three
    is because you don’t get any worthwhile implants until you are almost 
    finished with the game. By that point you’ll be around level 20 if you
    did almost everything. So having implants as the last three feats doesn’t 
    hurt you that much unless you want to waste money on weaker implants.
    10.0 Spit and Polish
    Yep. Time to clean up your character. Take care of those little details
    like name, gender and appearance. Which you’ve probably already done. 
    Now you need to consider your growth and equipment as well as your
    party. Will you use everything you have like I suggested? Ion blasters
    against droids and disrupter against shielded people? Or will you 
    wing it and hope you can win everything? What armor will you wear?
    Buy the best or use what you have? Stimulants? Medpacks? All of this.
    And most importantly you’ll need to decide how much you are going to
    do. As in side quests and stuff. Take on Bendak or run away like a coward?
    Consider these. You’ll do this automatically, but just some more stuff
    to think about while you play. 
    10.1 My Character
    By now you are probably wondering what I did on my playthrough. Well, 
    it is about time for me to tell you everything about him in a short synopsis 
    using a character build template to save you the time of reading everything
    I thought and me the time of writing it all out.
    Class: Scoundrel 7/Jedi Guardian 13
    Strength: 10
    Dexterity: 34 (final product)
    Constitution: 10
    Intelligence: 14
    Wisdom: 14
    Charisma: 14
    Persuade: 26
    Demolitions: 26
    Stealth: 20
    Security: 3
    Two-Weapon Fighting: 1-2-3
    Sniper Shot: 2-3
    Toughness: 1-2
    Implants: 1-2-3
    Force Powers:
    Burst of Speed: 1-2-3
    Force Resistance: 1
    Force Cure: 1-2
    Stun: 1-2-3
    Force Push: 1-2-3
    Force Valor: 1-2
    Everything else is irrelevant. My gear was pretty much everything
    I could get my hands on. And yeah, almost invincible. But not quite.
    10.2 How to make your Character God
    I can tell that you guys are on the edge of your seats while you read this 
    section. Too bad you can’t actually be god. But if you want to give it a 
    try than start out as a Soldier until level 2 or 4 and switch to Consular. 
    Almost every Force Power you could imagine and enough skill to use
    your twin pistols effectively. Try it out and tell me. 
    Sorry for the disappointment, but the gunslinger is already as close to 
    becoming a god as it gets. Not much to be done about that.
    11.0	 Conclusion
    Alas but I must end this here. Use this guide as much as you want. 
    Also, send me e-mails regarding this guide at crashbackes@gmail.com.
    Try not to just say “your guide sucked” and leave it at that. Write some
    constructive criticism. We writers need that kind of stuff. Tell me what I
    did wrong and prove it. Don’t say “Your calculations are wrong”. Instead,
    show me your calculations and I’ll redo the math. If you are correct then 
    I’ll put you in here. If you have any ideas that could help improve me 
    guide then I’ll put you in here. Sounds like a pretty good deal, eh? 
    11.1 Special Thanks To
    …No one as of yet. As soon as I get some e-mails and updates
    I’ll add to this. Otherwise...nope, no one.
    12.2 Who Can Use This Guide
    As of now only gamefaqs.com is given permission to use my guide.
    If any other sites wish to use this then e-mail me and I’ll probably
    accept what you ask. But seriously, don’t take this without permission. 
    Copyright 2009 Ryan Backes
    11.3 Version History
    Version 1.0: Submitted on April 24, 2009
    Created guide. I will add more as I update this version.   

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