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    Light Side Sentinel Guide by FinalLegendZero

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    Star Wars: KoTOR Light-Side Sentinel Guide
    Version 1.01
    by: FinalLegendZero
    1) Introduction
    As I look over the character guides for KoTOR here on GameFAQs, I noticed
    something was missing. There was a distinct abscence of a Sentinel guide.
    There are Guardian builds, Consular builds, and even a couple of Gunslinger
    builds, but no one has made a guide on the Jedi Sentinel. I don't see why
    this is; a properly-built Sentinel is the only character in the game capable
    of doing everything while being Light Side in Difficult mode. This guide,
    my very first FAQ, was written to remedy this situation. Here, you will
    find detailed how to achieve the above challenge (do everything as a Light
    Side Sentinel in Difficult mode).
    First of all, here is a list of what you will and won't find in this guide:
    You will not find advice for developing NPC (more on that in a later FAQ).
    You will not find walkthroughs for quests.
    You will not find suggestions for a Dark Side Sentinel.
    You will find optimal setups for Attributes, Skills, Feats, and Powers
    You will find optimal equipment, and where to get it.
    You may find minor spoilers.
    Without further ado, let's get to the meat of the guide.
    2) Classes
    There are three classes you can choose to be at the beginning of the game; the
    first is the Soldier, which is the most combat-oriented, having high amounts of
    Vitality and Feats, as well as a superior accuracy, but a pitiful amount of
    Skills. The second is the Scout, which is a jack-of-trades character, with a
    good amount of Vitality, Skills, Feats, and the best saving throws in the game.
    The final one is the Scoundrel, which combines excellent Skills with a pitiful
    number of Feats and a suicidal amount of Vitality. The best choice is the
    Scout, as it has the same strong points as the Sentinel; high saving throws,
    good Skills, and a decent number of Feats.
    After the first planet, you will change classes to become a Jedi. The first
    choice, the Guardian, is basically a Jedi Soldier. The second, the Sentinel, is
    the all-rounder of the Jedi (which is probably why it is flamed so often). The
    Consular, the third Jedi class, uses the Force more than any of the others, and
    is worse than the others at combat. Since this guide is based on the Sentnel,
    that is what we will be choosing. Please note that this guide will assume
    changing class at level 8. Why? Two reasons. First, most characters will be
    level 8 upon becoming a Jedi. Second, it is the best level to make the change.
    Switch any later than that, and you won't have enough Force Powers, and the
    Sentinel's innate Feat will be stunted. Switch earlier, and you will miss out
    on Feats you need.
    3) Attributes
    The way the six attributes are distributed are of absolute importance.So much
    so, that I will discuss each one separately.
    3a) Strength
    Strength is what determines the damage you will do, as well as you accuracy
    with a melee weapon and (if it is higher than your Dexterity) lightsaber. You
    will want this to end up at 20, no questions asked. Raise this to 15 at your
    first level, but DO NOT TOUCH IT afterwards; your equipment will boost it the
    rest of the way.
    3b) Dexterity
    Dexterity adds to your defense, your Reflex save, your accuracy with ranged
    weapons, and (if it is higher than your strength) your lightsaber accuracy. Due
    to a glitch in Force Armor (explained later), the optimal amount of Dexterity
    is 14. Put 12 points in at first, and you're set.
    3c) Constitution
    Constitution determines Vitality and your Fortitude save. 20 is the optimal
    ending Constitution. Put 14 points at the beginning, and add more at levels 4
    and 8.
    3d) Intelligence
    Intelligence increases your number of skill points. The optimal amount is 14,
    and you should have it from the beginning.
    3e) Wisdom
    Wisdom determines the power of your Force Powers, the amount of your Force
    points, and your Will save. The final number you want is 20. Start with 12, add
    points at levels 12, 16, and 20, and your equipment will carry you from there.
    3f) Charisma
    Charisma increases your Persuade skill and Force powers' strength. You only
    have enough points to  raise it to 10 at the beginning.
    Yes, I know that your base attributes won't be as high as the optimal amounts,
    but your equipment will add to those numbers to boost them to the desired
    4) Skills
    Most people consider skills completely useless. This is a common misconception;
    the truth is, there are some obstacles which require You to have high skills,
    NOT your party members. Like attributes, I will discuss each one individually.
    Also, there is not a specific order in which they must be added (with a few
    exceptions). Note that amounts listed are without +skills; you need to add as
    many hard points as I list.
    4a) Computer Use
    Computer Use is the art of using Computer Spikes to hack into computers. This
    is usually reserved to party members, as they are usually superior to you at
    this, but there is one quest on Korriban that can only be handled in a Light
    Side approach if you have high Computer Use. Get it to 10 fairly early, and
    keep some +Computer Use rquipment handy.
    4b) Demolitions
    Demolitions is the art of placing, disabling, and recovering mines. This skill
    is useless to you; there is only one place in the game that requires a mine,
    and it doesn't require any Demolitions skill.
    4c) Stealth
    Stealth is the art of moving unseen. Again, useless.
    4d) Awareness
    Awareness is the art of detecting mines. It only works for the person you
    actively control,so this is an important skill for you. Every spare point will
    go here.
    4e) Persuade
    Persuade is the art of getting other people to do what you want them to. Only
    the main character can get this, and it is critically important. Putting points
    into this is tricky, as it is not a class skill until you are a Jedi. Every
    level (including character creation), set points aside for your Presuade skill,
    then throw them all in onceyou are a Jedi. Getting this to level 20 is your #1
    priority as far as skills go.
    4f) Security
    Security is the art of getting through locks. It is absolutely worthless; you
    can just as easily vaporize the lock by bashing it with a lightsaber.
    4g) Repair
    Repair is the art of repairing and reprogramming droids. This also allows you
    to upgrade HK-47 to absurd levels. Getting this to level 15 (the number of hard
    points needed to repair HK) is your #2 priority.
    4h) Treat Injury
    Treat Injury is the art of using Medpacs. Since you will not be learning Cure,
    you will need this for the final battle. Get it to level 20 ASAP.
    5) Feats
    Your Feat selection will make or break your character. As a Scout/Sentinel, you
    will have 10 feats.I will only discuss the feats worth having, and also give
    the order in which to get them.
    Two-Weapon Fighting/Dueling
    These are the feats that allow you to fight with the number of weapons you want
    to. If you wield two weapons (or a double-bladed one), you will use Two-Weapon
    Fighting to reduce the penalties to your accuracy. A Jedi with a single weapon
    will use Dueling to increase their accuracy, damage, and defense.
    Flurry adds an extra attack per round in exchange for penalties to accuracy and
    defense. At top tier, these penalties are almonst non-existant at -1 each. It
    is universally considered the best combat feat, and should  definitely be used.
    Tiers 1 and 3 of Toughness add 1 Vitality per character level. Tier 2 takes 2
    damage off each attack you take. Since you are not a Guardian, you will
    appreciate the extra life.
    Weapon Focus: Lightsaber
    As a entinel, you can only get tier 2 of this line of feats, which enhance
    lightsaber combat. You will want tier 2.
    These allow you to use Implants. Each Implant has a level, and your Implant
    Feat level must be at least as high to use them. Scouts get these feats for
    free, so you don't need to worry.
    Force Immunity
    A little bonus for being a Sentinel, this line of feats protects you from stun
    effects. Tier 1 blocks Mind-Affecting, tier 2 disables stun, and tier 3 grants
    immunity to Stasis.
    My reccommended feat distribution is as follows:
    Level 1: Two-Weapon Fighting/Dueling
    Level 2: Toughness
    Level 3: your choice*
    Level 5: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting/Dueling
    Level 7: Improved Flurry
    Level 9: Master Two-Weapon Fighting/Dueling
    Level 11: Master Flurry
    Level 14: Weapon Focus: Lightsaber
    Level 17: Improved Toughness
    Level 20: Master Toughness
    *There is one leftover Feat point to put wherever you see fit. I reccommend
    Conditioning (+1 all saving throws) or Empathy (+1 Persuade, Treat Injury, and
    6) Force Powers
    What is a Jedi without the Force? I don't know, actually. But you don't have to
    find out; a Scout/Sentinel has 13 Force Powers. Like Feats, I will only discuss
    the ones worth having. There is no specific order to get these.
    Force Wave
    The highest tier of the Force Push line, this damages, stuns, and knocks back
    every enemy around you. This is your primary offensive power, and is handy for
    putting enemies out of commission while healing/buffing, or when you are
    Burst of Speed
    I love this line of powers. At tier 3, it grants you double movement speed, +4
    defense, and +2 attacks per round. What more could you want? This is your
    primary buff, and should be used in every battle.
    Force Armor
    This power grants +2 defense and all throws per tier. At least, it is supposed
    to. But due to a bug in the game, the defense is counted as +Dexterity modifier,
    which is why I reccommend such a low Dexterity. This should be used against
    Jedi and bosses.
    Affect Mind
    This power allows you to use good, old-fashioned mind tricks on your opponent.
    It is a great way to persuade people to do things that your Persuade alone
    Throw Lightsaber
    This does what the name says it does. It is an unblockable attack, so it is
    useful against high-defense enemies. It also helps in the final battle. The
    last boss has eight Jedi imprisoned in his arena, which he casts Drain Life on
    to refill his Vitality completely. Throw Lightsaber can destroy the prisons,
    depriving the boss of what is, essentially, eight extra lives. Tier 2 allows
    you to hit three people in one throw, adding limited crowd control.
    7) Equipment
    You are going to need good equipment to get through the game. Early on, just
    make do with what you can find. The optimal equipment, and its locations, are
    as follows:
    7a) Implants
    The Power Cardio System grants +4 to Constitution. You can find it at the
    secret shop in Korriban*.
    7b) Headgear
    You will have two optimal headgear items; one for hacking, and one for
    everything else. The first is the Interface Visor, which can be found in
    various locations. This grants, among other things, +4 Computer Use. The other
    optimal item is the Stabilizer Mask, which grants immunity to Mind-Affecting
    (useless to a Sentinel) and +2 all saving throws (awesome). This supremely ugly
    helmet is in the secret shop on Korriban*.
    7c) Gauntlets
    The Dominator Gauntlets offer a massive +5 Strength. This, the most expensive
    item in the game, is at the secret shop on Korriban*. However, you will also
    want to buy the Infiltrator Gauntlets from Dantooine for their +4 Computer Use.
    7d) Shields
    Use whatever you want. The best ones are the Verpine Prototype shields.
    7e) Armor
    The best armor is, by far, the Star Forge Robe. This Light Side-only armor
    grants +5 Wisdom and +2 saving throws. This can only be created at a console at
    the Star Forge.
    7f) Belt
    The Adrenaline Stimulator, found only at Kashyyyk, grants +2 Dexterity and +4
    all saves. Do not confuse this with the much weaker Adrenaline Amplifier, which
    only gives +2 Reflex save.
    7g) Weapons
    Your weapon will be a Lightsaber. Single-hilt, double-bladed, dual-wield,
    that's up to you, but you will wield lightsabers. Your main-hand one should use
    the Upari crystal (+3 accuracy, +1-8 damage) and the Solari crystal (+3
    Accuracy, +3 damage, +1-8 damage vs, Sith). If you have an off-hand saber, give
    it a Sapith (+2 accuracy, +3 damage) and a Damind (+3 accuracy). The Upari and
    Sapith crystals are on the Unknown World, the Solari crystal is in the Tomb of
    Naga Sadow, and the Damind is found on the corpses of the Sith that
    periodically stalk you.
    *The secret shop on Korriban open after you escape the Leviathan.
    8) Copyright
    This is the property of FinalLegendZero. The only site authorized to host this
    FAQ is GameFAQs.com, and the public distribution of this FAQ is strictly
    prohibited. Private use, however, is encouraged.
    9) Credits
    All glory and honor goes to Jesus Christ.
    Thank you BioWare for making this great game.
    Thank you GameFAQs for hosting my guide.
    Thank you eaceNLove for the data on the lightsaber crystals.
    Thank you STam for the skill point numbers for the Sentinel and Scout
    10) End of FAQ.

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