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The Game of the Year nominee? Definitely!08/28/03AllYourBaseBelong2Us
A Star Wars RPG That Everyone Should Ignore...04/27/05Death_On_Impact
The best Star Wars game to date.03/14/05amlabella
Knights of the Old Republic is an incredible game, no matter how you look at it05/03/05bradenzzz
Quite possibly the best Star Wars game ever made.01/25/07ColeMonsen
Knights of the Old Xbox07/17/17DouglasFett
The defining rpg on the Xbox.07/13/05Galactus21
An Engaging RPG For Fans, And Newbies Alike06/20/07IamtheRevan
I bought my X-Box for this? Hell yes01/04/06idiotman7
Another lazy masterpiece07/24/04Jihad
The Casual RPG Fan's Knights Review08/19/03Kid Ish
The best thing to happen to Star Wars since the lightsaber06/24/04Kobold Warrior
The Deconstruction Of The Old Republic10/14/03midwinter
Observation: This game kicks booty.09/26/04MSuskie
The Force Is With This One07/19/05NeoTS
Fits snugly between Halo and Splinter Cell on the must-own shelf.07/24/03northernlion
Move Over Halo, There's A New Killer App07/26/03RobVanDam4
Threat: Failure to purchase this game may be damaging to your health, meatbag!05/07/08SeahawkStrike
One of the Greatest Games Ever Created04/10/04speddersrule567
There is hope.04/28/10SquidTheSid
The Xbox's Best RPG03/03/08TheRedneck14
The force is strong with this one, VERY strong10/14/03TMAC119
Jedis, Soldiers, Scoundrels, Scouts and Aliens (awesome game)12/13/04water_expert_25
Oh god I died! Time to kill myself... Oh wait that's Everquest. Not that this game isn't addictive too.01/20/04Westen Shelton
The Forces of Star Wars and Xbox Combine to Produce and Excellent Game07/26/07Yoh_of_Izumo
Play this game or you will be blasted meatbag!10/13/11Zylo the wolf

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Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
As close to perfection as you're going to get07/19/03Algus
If you have an Xbox, you MUST have this game.07/17/08chickenman77
Never once have I played an RPG as deep as this07/20/03CI254
Excellent RPG with Compelling Story07/21/03Crazy Axel
A truly amazing game07/17/03Disrespected
Choose Your Path - Best RPG on XBOX07/20/03episode2jedi
The newest Star Wars game shines07/18/03Gamedoctor54
Lightsabers...need I say more?07/17/03GameFreak903
This game makes for Clone Wars07/18/03Gandalf685
A truly superb title - A must have for all Xbox owners07/19/03Ice Shard
Star Wars, Bioware-style!07/19/03Katon
Knights of the Old Republic finally arrives....07/19/03Kerek
If you like RPGs and Star Wars, this game is the perfect combination.07/21/03Laplace
BioWare + Lucas Arts = Awesome Game06/26/08LrdofArmageddon
Snatcher + Zelda64 + Shadowrun + Star Wars= KOTOR07/18/03macdawg
Wow, I'm not a fanboy yet i still say this game rocks and its the best SW game to date07/19/03MaddenMaster
Does it live up to the hype?07/19/03Mako
BioWare finally brings gamers a pc style rpg without the bugs07/17/03Mr Pibb
I see your Swartz is as BIG as MINE!!07/31/03mrtzeentch
The Best Star Wars Game if not the Best RPG12/02/09Myrdraal8
And I thought I liked Japanese RPGs......07/18/03Phange
The best pen & paper video game RPG ever...and its Star Wars07/18/03PoopyMcPoopster
Lackluster Game07/23/03Raziel66
Finally, a good Star Wars game!07/17/03RockguyKev
Quite possibly the best video game ever01/05/09Roguesquad6
Baldur's Gate with lightsabers!!!!!! (sort of)07/18/03Seeker85
One great and extremely impressive game!07/19/03shags2dope78
This is what RPG gaming should be07/17/03shierkahn
Wanna be a good guy? OKAY! Wanna be a bad guy? OKAY!07/18/03ShrinaSoldier231
The force is strong in this one...07/17/03SMR II
Not only is this the best Star Wars game is also one of the best RPG's ever.07/17/03starman98
K.O.T.O.R. has been a highly anticipated game, and some say over it an ubergame or ubershame?07/21/03SurfrDawg
One of the best Star Wars games to date.07/19/03THE SOLID SNAKE
Simply Irresistible!07/18/03Thievius Jubei
One of the best Star Wars RPGs out there!07/19/03UltimateGamer5000
Excellent RPG for the xbox!!!07/17/03wolfy42
The Best Star Wars Game Ever07/23/03Zidaneman

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