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"A waste of money for a below average game."

STAR WARS. A story about a giant empire, a band of rebels, a fading republic. A Legacy. Star wars has been around since the 80's, and is still growing strong. Many Star Wars games have been released, ever since the days of the NES, to the Super Nintendo, Playstation, Nintendo 64, and now the future. I ripped the case of this game apart, and popped the shiny CD in my X-Box. And Thus began one of the most boring journeys of my life.

Game play - 4/10
You start the game on a ship. You get to decide if you want a male character, female character, basically a ''Choose your own path'' Adventure. The game play can get very confusing with this game. You see your great warrior on the screen, your true path to learning the ways of the force await. Turn based!? The coolest thing about past Star Wars games were being able to block shots with your light saber, the feel of control of the force and the Jedi warrior that they gave you pulled you into the game. With Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, you get to sit and watch boring sequences of fighting, with your 'party members' and your Jedi/Sith warrior. The movement of the character was terribly made. They walk like they crapped their pants, its not even funny. There were some nice elements to the game play, of course. I loved how your character would ''kill'' the enemy, in some complicated cool twirl of lights and lasers. This entertained me for a while, but eventually got boring. After playing at least 20 battles, you see the same things over and over again.

Story - 2/10
The worst part of the game is the story. Now, being a die hard Star Wars fan as I am, I expected the traditional ''Play as Jedi, save the world storyline''. I was mildly surprised when it was totally different. Instead, your ship is raided by the Sith, and you are sent to stop a war. The cool part is, that you get to choose the story yourself. The only problem is that it does not follow the storyline George Lucas put out originally. If you play as a Jedi, you shouldn't have partners. Customary Jedi never had partners. They had one pupil, that is all. In this game, you don't have a master or padawan. You are traveling with a group of misfits and aliens, which makes no sense at all. Jedi knights are ultimate warriors, they travel around, keeping peace and order to the universe. They do not travel around with packs of strangers. Apparently, your party members are better in the skills your warrior is ''weak at''. That's the thing, Jedi always strive for perfection, to be the best they can be. In order to become that great, they fight alone. Another bad thing, why would any good minded Jedi become a Sith warrior? They are only accepted into the Jedi if they have a clear mind, read by the others. This way, an error like that cannot happen unless under extreme circumstances.

Graphics/Sound - 7/10
Probably the best part of the game. The graphics are average, at most. They occasionally do have a little ''fuzzed up'' patch of digital programming error. Very annoying, but you can ignore it. I love the sound! All the greatest Star Wars sound tracks in Dolby 5.1 Surround sound. I could just sit and listen to the track all day.

Replay - 2/10
There is only one real ending to this game, with a few alternatives. I'm not going to spoil anything though, but after you start a second game, its boring. That's basically it! Boredom and no fun after that. Its playing the same stuff over again, looking slightly different. I could fall asleep playing it again. Its like, oh yeah.. I did this last time. And this. And this. You will realize its the exact same thing, and your wasting your entire time. The game, is not long, but not too short. You could beat it pretty fast.

Final Score - 4/10
The graphics and sound are a nice touch to this game. I dislike the replay value and game play. If you have free time, rent the game once. See if you like it or not. You will probably beat it. If your one of the busier people in life, rent it twice. It's not worth dishing out 50$ for a bland, slightly below average game. I hope they make a sequel to this game for ONE Reason, it was a new idea and it was fairly good. This game was probably slightly rushed, as there were some loopholes in the storyline. If you play this game and expect ''STAR WARS'', you will be disappointed. You get a game with a light saber warrior, and a few aliens following him/her around.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/22/03, Updated 07/22/03

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