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    FAQ/Walkthrough by OrochiJin

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    Gauntlet Dark Legacy FAQ
    By OrochiJin- Tim Garza
    May 9, 2001 V0.2
    Disclaimer: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. If you 
    decide to use this FAQ it cannot be changed in any way. This FAQ is 
    copyright 2001 Tim Garza AKA OrochiJin. There will be no permissions to 
    post this FAQ aside from those listed at the end. Please e-mail for 
    permission first.
    Gauntlet Dark Legacy is Copyright Midway Games
    Version 0.2 May 9, 2001
    Added Mountain, Castle, and Sky walkthroughs. Please note, if a stage 
    doesn't have a Runestone, Legend Item, or Secret Character, I'm just 
    going to pass over them for now. I want to get the locations of the 
    important items up first, then I'll go back and fill in items about the 
    other levels. Yes I fixed a few glaring errors that a lot of people 
    pointed out to me (thanks BTW). That's what I get for writing notes wile 
    playing multiplayer at 3AM in the morning ^_^. Otherwise, a lot of info 
    added. I need to do the Castle and Sky Runestone notes again since I 
    lost them.
    Version 0.1 May 7, 2001  Start of FAQ
    Well this will be my second FAQ ever. Could be the start of a career 
    here. Nah. After a full weekend of multiplayer and notetaking I'm ready 
    to start. Forbidden Province walkthrough is up. Next is the mountain 
    realm. I'm working on it ^_^
    Table of Contents:
    1. Overview
    2. Let's Get Started! (Game Start and Character Selection)
    3. Controls
    4. How to attack
    5. The items you seek
    6. Level Walkthroughs
       - Start
       - Forsaken Province
       - Mountain
       - Castle
       - Sky
       - Forest
    7. The Enemies/Traps
    8. Items
    9. Frequently Asked Questions
    10. To Do List
    11. Credits/Thanks
    1. Overview
    Welcome to the world of Gauntlet Dark Legacy. As a hero from one of the 
    eight realms, you have been chosen by the wizard Sumner to locate the 
    13 runestones needed to seal the evil demon Skorne back up again. Garm, 
    an evil wizard tried to control Skorne using only 12 of the 13 
    necessary runestones, and instead Skorne took over! Garm is now 
    missing, and may be dead. Along the way to defeating Skorne, you'll 
    face 8 menacing bosses and a horde of enemies all to stop you. 
    After looking in the FAQ's for the arcade version, I've noticed the 
    location of the items and runestones are not in the same place as the 
    arcade. Interesting to say the least. Also in order to open up new 
    worlds to play, you must locate crystals and golden items to allow you 
    to continue on. All this will be covered though.
    2. Let's Get Started! (Game Start and Character selection and stats)
    At the main screen you're presented with either Start or Options. 
    There's the standard options but the two you will want to pay attention 
    to are :
    Difficulty : Easy, Normal or Hard. Affects # of enemies and such
    Multiplayer : Normal : Means it's all nice and peaceful. 
                  Stun   : Your shots stun other players.
                  Hurt   : Your shots HURT other players. 
    Once done, go back and hit start. You'll be given a chance to enter in 
    a name (or secret code). This name will work for all your characters 
    (except secret ones, you're stuck with the secret code as a name and 
    you can only play the character the code gives). Next, there are 8 
    initially selectable characters at start with 8 hidden characters to be 
    Please note, at the end of a stage, you can switch characters, but in 
    doing so, you will only have unlocked what that character does. Using a 
    lvl37 Knight who has made it to the Sky stages, then switching to a new 
    warrior does not give him access to the Sky stages. He will start from 
    the beginning. The same does not apply in multiplayer, if the Lvl37 
    knight is still in the game, and another player uses a new warrior, the 
    warrior can go to the sky stage. BUT the warrior doesn't get credit for 
    any runestones the knight may have. He will get credit for any they 
    find while he is in the game.
    The characters are as follows:
    The Warrior hails from the Mountain region, and looks to slay the 
    Dragon so that peace may return to his realm. He's is one of the two 
    strongest starting characters, and even has better speed than the 
    Knight and Valkyrie! His magic as you may guess is the worst.
    Beginning Statistics 
    Strength  600
    Speed     350
    Armor    - 300 
    Magic    - 100
    Special Magic Abilities
    Lvl 25: Turn Junk to Silver
    Lvl 50: Turn Junk to Gold
    Short and stocky, but fun to play. The Dwarf is from the Ice Kingdom.
    The other of the strong starting characters, with good speed and horrid 
    magic abilities. Note that he has stronger starting armor than the 
    Beginning Statistics 
    Strength  600
    Speed     300
    Armor    - 350 
    Magic    - 100
    Special Magic Abilities
    Lvl 25: Turn Junk to Silver
    Lvl 50: Turn Junk to Gold
    The Valkyrie is a good beginning character to use. She's not really 
    weak in any area, and a high armor rating allows her to take damage 
    well. Her home is the Castle Stronghold.
    Beginning Statistics 
    Strength  300
    Speed     300
    Armor    - 450 
    Magic    - 300
    Special Magic Abilities
    Lvl 25: Freeze Traps for 10 seconds
    Lvl 50: Destroy Traps
    The Knight is a good character as well to start. He adds a bit of 
    strength, but loses that amount in magic power. He makes his home
    in the Sky Realm.
    Beginning Statistics 
    Strength  350
    Speed     300
    Armor    - 450 
    Magic    - 250
    Special Magic Abilities
    Lvl 25: Freeze Traps for 10 seconds
    Lvl 50: Destroy Traps
    This is the person you let pick up potions during the adventure. 
    Capable of screen clearing magic spells, he needs to be in the back of 
    the team (one look at that armor rating tells you why). He lives in the 
    Beginning Statistics 
    Strength  250
    Speed     350
    Armor    - 150 
    Magic    - 600
    Special Magic Abilities
    Lvl 25: Change poison fruit to good fruit.
    Lvl 50: Change poison meat to good meat.
    She gains more speed than the wizard, but the strength is even weaker. 
    She calls the Forbidden Province home.
    Beginning Statistics 
    Strength  200
    Speed     400
    Armor    - 150 
    Magic    - 600
    Special Magic Abilities
    Lvl 25: Change poison fruit to good fruit.
    Lvl 50: Change poison meat to good meat.
    The fastest of the starting characters, her weaknesses are in strength 
    and speed. But you're not looking to go toe to toe with this one 
    anyway. The Archer and her clan live in the Forest.
    Beginning Statistics 
    Strength  250
    Speed     600
    Armor    - 200 
    Magic    - 300
    Special Magic Abilities
    Lvl 25: Show hidden walls.
    Lvl 50: Destroy hidden walls.
    Quite a character, he is. Better magic than the archer, but even worse 
    strength. His home is the Dream World.
    Beginning Statistics 
    Strength  200
    Speed     600
    Armor    - 200 
    Magic    - 350
    Special Magic Abilities
    Lvl 25: Show hidden walls.
    Lvl 50: Destroy hidden walls.
    Additionally there are 8 hidden characters to get in the game. To do 
    so, you must find the hidden secret levels in the game and collect all 
    the coins before time runs out in the level. Their starting stats are 
    the same as another character EXCEPT they have different Turbo attacks. 
    See the chart to match them up to their alter ego. They are as follows 
    (see walkthrough for locations)
    Name        Location          World               Alter Ego
    Medusa     Ghost Town        Forsaken Province   Sorceress
    Minotaur   Dagger Peak       Mountain            Warrior
    Falconess  Tower Armory      Castle              Valkyrie
    Unicorn   - Toxic Spire       Sky                 Knight
    Tigress   - Ancient Tree      Forest              Archer
    Jackal    -                   Ice                 Wizard
    Ogre      -                   Desert              Dwarf
    Hyena     -                   Dream               Jester
    3. Controls
    While there are multiple control schemes, we'll list the default here.
    D-Pad or Analog  Move
    X button        - Weak attack
    [] button       - Strong attack
    circle          - magic
    triangle        - turbo attack
    L1              - Charge (defense while moving)
    L2              - Team attack (when near another character)
    R1              - Strafe
    R2              - Block
    Start (during battle)  Settings
                            End Level
    Start (in tower)      - Settings 
                            Manage Character (Go to Save/Load/Change menu)
                            Inventory (Lists crystals, shards, weapons)
                            End Game
    4. How to attack
    There are 4 basic attack types. Melee, missile, magic, and turbo.
    Your basic hand to hand combat, or is it? You can now perform combos 
    and they help! Try these button combos out, and for an example, this is 
    what the Knight does.
    XXX    basic mace swings
    X[]    mace swing, then hunches over with spikes sticking out
    XX[]   mace swings, then a full circle swing
    XX[][]- mace swings, full circle, then a uppercut to finish
    Each character has their own versions. Try them out!
    Missile attacks
    The standard Gauntlet attacks. You'll throw you're sword/fireball/bombs 
    from a distance. New to this though:
    X button  A fast weak attack
    []button  A slower, but more powerful attack. There is a 1-2 lag 
               startup on these attacks
    Magic attacks
    You now have 3 different ways to use magic.
    Tap the circle button causes you to drop the potion. It's area of 
    effect and damage is dependant on your magic stat.
    Holding the circle button causes you to throw it like a grenade. Same 
    rules as above apply.
    Double tapping the circle button creates a shield around you. Time is 
    determined by stats.
    There are different types of magic  Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue
    Red  Fire based
    Blue  Lightning based
    Green  Poison based
    Yellow  Light based
    Of course, magic is the only way to kill Death, and if Death is hiding 
    in a treasure chest (use x-ray glasses to see) you can use a potion to 
    change him into food!
    Turbo Attacks
    There are two levels, noted by looking at the meter above your level of 
    experience. If it is full yellow and filling up red, that is one type 
    of attack. If it fills up red, and is flashing, that is the other 
    level. Using the knight as the example again:
    Yellow to Red  Ball and Chain  Circular attack around Knight
    Flashing full  Wheel of Death  Ball and Chain followed with a 
                                     straight line wheeling attack.
    For one level of turbo, you may combo attack. This is done by running up 
    to a teammate and pressing L2. An example is the knight's Dive Bomber. 
    He picks up the other character and sends them flying around in 
    a circle of death.
    5. The Items you seek
    There are some new additions to the home version for what you need to 
    collect. They can be broken into the following categories:
    Scrolls      : These helpful scrolls will give you clues to the 
                   locations of the other items.
    Crystals     : Needed to open other realms. You'll find these all over 
                   the place. Note that while you may find multiple colors 
                   in levels, you'll primarily find the ones you need to 
                   unlock the next realm first.
                   Forbidden Province  15 Yellow
                   Mountain           - 100 Red
                   Castle             - 125 Purple
                   Sky                - 150 Silver
                   Forest             - 175 Green
                   Desert             - 200
                   Ice                - 225
                   Dream              - 250
    Runestones   : Needed to get to the final stages. Strewn throughout the 
                   levels and hidden.
                   Forbidden Province, Sky, Ice, Dream  2 in each world
                   Mountain, Castle, Forest, Desert    - 1 in each world
    Gold Items   : Needed to open the paths to the other realms. These are 
                   gained either from killing Gargoyles or finding hidden 
                   12 Golden Fangs to open West Wing
                   20 Golden Feathers to open East Wing
                   28 Golden Claws to open Battle Grounds
    Legend Items : Boss weapons that weaken, damage, or protect. Hidden in 
                   stages, but you'll get an intro movie before a stage to 
                   show where the weapons is.
    Parchment of Fire  Haunted Cemetery of the Forbidden Province
    Used on Yeti. Sets him on fire for damage.
    Javelin of Blinding  Volcanic Cavern of the Mountain Region
    Used on the Plague Fiend. It blinds him, making most of his attacks 
    miss. He will regain his sight though.
    Ice Axe  Castle Barracks of the Castle Stronghold
    Used on Dragon. It freezes him in place for a time allowing you to let 
    him have it.
    Good Book  Mothership of the Sky Realm
    Used on Lich.
    Scimitar of Decapitation  Gnarled Branches of the Forest
    Used on the Chimera. Automatically kills the lion head, leaving you with 
    only two heads to kill.
    Lamp of Dark Obstruction  
    Used on Genie. 
    Toxic Bellows  
    Used on Spider Queen. Poisons her and drains life.
    Latern of Revelation  
    Used on the Shadow Wraith. Damages the wraith and cancels his attacks.
    Soul Savior  
    Used on Skorne. 
    6. Walkthrough
    As soon as you start, you're in the tower. The wizard gives you a quick 
    explanation, and when you are ready, you'll notice 15 crystals 
    onscreen. Collect these, and a message will appear telling you that you 
    have enough crystals to open the Forsaken Province. First though, talk 
    to the Wizard, and you'll see the following menu:
    General Hints : Hints on how to play the game.
    Guardians : Hints on the next boss you must face.
    Runestone : He'll clue you into a Runestone location.
    Legend Items : A general clue to the location of the next Legend item.
    Go to the upper left and enter the realm of the Forsaken Province.
    Forsaken Province
    There are 5 stages to this realm.
    Poison Fields  Runestone
    Ghost Town - Medusa
    Haunted Cemetery  Parchment of Fire
    Mausoleum - Runestone
    Lich's Crypt
    Poison Fields - Runestone
    Welcome to the world of Gauntlet! Make your way through the level til 
    you reach a scroll which states "There is a well guarded vault ahead". 
    After the scroll use the platform to go up, and as soon as you come 
    down on the other side of the mill, there will be a general waiting 
    (the tall guy with a scythe). Eliminate him, then attack the door on 
    the hut to the north. Here's the runestone!
    Ghost Town  - Medusa
    In the tavern there is a gold item. Proceed to the tavern, where the 
    music changes. On the second floor, before the rooms with the maggots, 
    you should see a bullseye on the wall. Hit it to reveal a gold fang 
    downstairs. Go back to collect it. There is a good amount of treasure 
    waiting on the hangman's gallows also. To get this, run up the gallows, 
    hit the switch there. Come back down, and head to the upper left, where 
    there will be another switch. Trigger this to raise the money up. Watch 
    out for the Death at the bottom of the gallows.
    To unlock Medusa, make sure you throw every switch you find. One should 
    show a cutscene of a small bridge being lowered in an area of ramps (the 
    belfry the scroll speaks of). At the end of the stage, don't exit, but 
    go up the ramps to the right of the exit. As long as you triggered that 
    earlier switch you will be able to get to the top. Here is the level to 
    unlock Medusa. You must collect the 25 coins before time runs out (add 
    25 coins per player in multiplayer). If you fail, you'll have to come 
    back to the level for a second try. Hit or miss, go back down the ramps 
    and exit the stage.
    Haunted Cemetery  The Parchment of Fire
    You'll see the intro movie, which is all you need in this stage. Make 
    your way to the fountain of fire. Here you're looking for switches. The 
    first switch will cool the fire off. Run to the upper left past the 
    fountain for switch 2 to turn the statue. Hhead right from here to 
    switch 3 to create the steps to the Parchment. Keep in mind, all the 
    switches needed are in the fountain area, don't leave this area until 
    you find them all.
    Mausoleum - Runestone
    At one point, you will lower a checkered bridge with 2 guards via a 
    switch. Right after this bridge, start looking for a switch (the first 
    one on the wall after the bridge lowers a crystal, so that's not it). 
    Once found, you'll see a cutscene of meat and a switch raising up near 
    that bridge you crossed. Go back to the meat, hit the switch, and a ramp 
    will be made to the altar where there is treasure. Go there, and attack 
    the wall behind it to find the runestone. 
    At this point you should have had no trouble collecting 100 red 
    crystals to open the Mountain Realm. Go there or continue to face..
    Lich's Crypt
    Welcome to the Lich's world! If you have the Good Book from the Sky 
    stage, well this'll be fun. Not only will it damage him, but it will 
    freeze him for a little bit. More than enough time to lay into him. He 
    has six basic attacks.
    Throw: He'll either throw one or two things at you. He throws two to 
    stop you from dodging attacks. 
    Hand : He raises his hand, and a bone hand raises from the ground to  
    slow you down. 
    Earthquake: Slams his axe into the ground creating cracks. Standing on 
    the cracks will cause damage.
    Jump attack : He jumps at you swinging his axe WIDE. Use turbo attacks 
    if you can't get out of the way since you'll be invincible for a second 
    or two.
    Axe Spin : He'll spin in place with his axe. Not a very far area of 
    attack, easy to dodge.
    Maggots : He'll spit out something and maggots will begin to crawl. Just 
    destroy the generator.
    Grab     : He grabs you and chokes for massive damage. Don't stay too 
    close to him.
    The Mountain Region
    There are 6 Stages to this realm
    The Valley of Fire - Runestone
    Dagger Peak - Minotaur
    The Cliffs of Desolation
    The Lost Cave
    The Volcanic Cavern  Javelin of Blinding
    The Dragon's Lair
    The Valley of Fire - Runestone
    Well, Gauntlet Legends players should be familiar with this level. It's 
    a much shorter version of the original one. There is the one runestone 
    like before, and it's in the same place as well. To get it, cross the 
    bridge where the runestone is, and go up the stairs. Destroy a wall here 
    to find the switch. Go back down and get your third runestone. Finish 
    the level.
    Dagger Peak - Minotaur
    Easy to find since this level is pretty straightforward. After the 
    Gargoyle, go up. Kill the Golem here, and head right to the entrance 
    to the secret level.
    The Volcanic Cavern  The Javelin of Blinding
    "If you retrieve the golden fang, you can get the legend item"
    The first time you see the rocks fall, head left. Here, the rocks will 
    fall a second time. Destroy the wall to the left of the falling rocks 
    for the switch that turns the platform with the golden fang. Continue 
    through the level. When you reach the platform, where the golden fang 
    is, pass it as you can't get it since it's down in a hole. Along the 
    wall right after the golden fang platform, there is a treasure chest. 
    Destroy the wall to the left of it for the other switch. Hit it, then 
    backtrack to the fang. Get it, and a platform will appear leading to the 
    Javelin. Near the end of the stage, there is a platform that takes you 
    down to get the Javelin. It's right where the Pojo item is.
    The Dragon's Lair
    The Dragon! If you have the Ice Axe from the Castle level, then as soon 
    as the battle begins, you'll freeze him. Lay into him with all you have, 
    and it'll be an easy fight from there.
    Main attacks:
    Fire breath : Wide sweeping attack
    Fireballs   : One to two aimed to one character, sometimes two.
    Stomp       : Slams the ground. Unblockable? Need to verify.
    Castle Stronghold
    The Castle consists of 5 stages:
    Castle Courtyard
    Dungeon of Torment - Falconess
    Castle Barracks
    Castle Treasury
    Chimera's Keep
    Dungeon of Torment  Falconess
    Simple to find. From start, head right. Unlock the two gates which lead 
    right to the gargoyle, who happens to be perched on the bonus level.
    Castle Barracks  Ice Axe
    After the first bridge you lower, there is a second bridge which you 
    can't. Continue on. In the room with the dinner table, pass it to reach 
    another table. Hit the switch here and see the cutscene of a small 
    platform lowering. Go back to the first table and up the stairs. Kill 
    the general, and past him is a golden feather and a switch. This lowers 
    the second bridge earlier in the level. Backtrack, cross the bridge, and 
    destroy the wall to the left for the Ice Axe.
    Chimera's Keep
    The Scimitar of Decapitation eliminates the Lion's head, making it only 
    2 left to kill. His basic attacks:
    Each head fires shots of a different type : Poison, fire, lightning.
    If all heads are there, they will combine to do a screen sweeping breath 
    Sky Realm
    The Sky Realm has 5 stages:
    Toxic Spire  Unicorn
    Cloud Docks - Runestone
    Sky Shipyard - Runestone
    Mothership  The Good Book
    Vat of the Plague Fiend
    Toxic Spire  Unicorn
    When you actually reach the spire itself, and you're climbing the 
    staircase with the barrels being rolled at you, start hitting the walls 
    of the spire. You'll find a fake wall with a switch. Hit it, then head 
    straight out from the wall onto the small platform with slimes on it. 
    There is a second switch which will lower a wall around the bonus level 
    at the top of the spire.
    Vat of the Plague Fiend
    The Javelin of Blinding will blind him, causing his acid attacks to 
    miss. His area sweeping tentacle attacks will not however. His basic 
    Spit Acid: One to two shots aimed at a character
    Tentacle sweep: Screen sweep with tentacles. 
    Flood: He'll melt into the ground, and the three vats on screen will 
           spew out slime. Just don't be near them when he does it.
    The Forest has five stages:
    The Acid Swamp 
    The Twisted Roots of Evil - Runestone
    The Ancient Tree - Tigress
    The Gnarled Branches  Scimitar of Decapitation
    The Realm of the Spider Queen
    The Twisted Roots of Evil - Runestone
    Locate an area with 2 locked gates to your right with a General behind 
    one (this will be in the very bottom of the area, meaning you can't go 
    downwards any more.) A bridge to the left holds a switch which brings 
    the Runestone platform down. The Runestone will be right past the scroll 
    that says "Search the next bend."
    Ancient Tree  Tigress
    Another easy to find bonus level. Work your way through until you find 
    the Gargoyle, who once again guards it.
    The Gnarled Branches  Scimitar of Decapitation
    The clue is "Pale Crystals and Fierce Generals mark a sacred and ancient 
    Locate an area where you find X ray glasses, a General, and two crystals 
    resting against a tree. Destroy the tree between the two crystals to 
    find the Scmitar just out of your reach. Continue forward, and reach a 
    platform which raises up to take you to a Golem. Before that platform, 
    there is treasure behind a rail at the bottom of a staircase. Get the 
    treasure, which will trigger the platform to raise the Scimitar. 
    Backtrack to collect it.
    7. Enemies/Traps
    There are multiple groups of enemies:
    Grunts: Your typical enemies, and the most common too. Can be soldiers, 
            armor, demons and the like.
    Archers and Bombers: They like to attack from a distance and tend to 
                         back away when you rush them. 
    Ankle biters: Scorpions, maggots, and slime
    Generals: Take a lot of damage, and will chase you
    Death : Two kinds, Red and Black. Red steals 100hp then leaves. Black 
            drains a level. Using Anti Death, you do the same to them. 
    Golems : Huge enemies that take a lot of damage, and have area attacks 
             such as stomps and such.
    Gargoyles : Dragon looking creatures. Can be of fire, lightning or 
                poison types.
    Spikes/Buzzsaws: Will pop out of the ground at intervals. Can be 
                     avoided with Levitation.
    Beams: Wall to Wall traps. Fires in intervals.
    Explosive Treasure Chest : When you open it, a small Mask pops out and 
                               ticking can be heard. Run! 
    Sharpened Logs/Sickle: Get in your way in the Forest. 
    Red barrels: Explosive. Can be used to your advantage.
    Green barrels : Poisonous: Can be used to your advantage.
    8. Items
    Here is a list of items available in the game. The shop prices are 
    Fruit: 50
    Gives 20 Health 
    Keys: 100
    Open chests and gates.
    Levitation: 150
    Allows you to walk over floor traps with no damage.
    Meat: 250
    Gives 100 Health
    Potion: 250
    Growth: 300
    Makes your character bigger.
    Acid/Fire/Lightning Breath: 350
    Wide area attack in front of you.
    Acid/Fire/Lightning Amulets: 350
    Add that status to your weapons
    Super Shot: 400
    A shot that can cut through groups of enemies. 5 Shots
    Reflect Shield: 400
    Reflects arrows and other missle attacks back towards attacker.
    Electric Shield: 425
    Uses lightning on enemies in front of you.
    Fire Shield: 425
    A wall of Fire in front of you. Good for close combat.
    Phoenix: 450
    Familiar who follows and shoots a fireball when you attack.
    Rapid Fire: 450 
    Shot speed increases.
    Hammer: 500
    Acts as a full screen magic spell. 
    3Way: 550
    Fires your weapon in 3 directions in front of you.
    Invisible: 600
    Enemies will ignore you.
    Invulnerable: 600
    Invincibility for a short time.
    X-Ray Glasses: 650
    Allows you to see what is in chests/barrels.
    Gas Mask: 650
    Protects you from poison gas.
    Anti Death: 750
    Allows YOU to steal from Death, not vice versa.
    The items below are PERMANENT stat boosters. 
    Add 10 to Strength :1000
    Add 10 to Armor    :1000
    Add 10 to Speed    :1000
    Add 10 to Magic    :1000
    The following items may only be found in battle:
    Shrink enemies.
    Weakens enemies.
    Time Stop
    Freezes all enemies/traps.
    Extra Speed
    A big boost of speed for a short time.
    Turns you into a chicken!
    9. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. So what are the codes for the hidden characters?
    A. Check the GameFAQs message board for Gauntlet DL or check the FAQ 
       section. The codes are there. I'm not going to add them to here. 
    Q. I've cleared the first realm, and I'm level 18 Warrior. I want to 
       start a new character, but I'm back at start. Help!
    A. Please note, at the end of a stage, you can switch characters, but 
       in doing so, you will only have unlocked what that character does. 
       Using a lvl37 Knight who has made it to the Sky stages, then 
       switching to a new warrior does not give him access to the Sky 
       stages. He will start from the beginning. The same does not apply in  
       multiplayer, if the Lvl37 knight is still in the game, and another 
       player uses a new warrior, the warrior can go to the sky stage. BUT 
       the warrior doesn't get credit for anything found prior to him being 
       in the game. He will get credit for any they find while he is in the   
    10. To do list
    Redo my notes for the Castle and Sky Runestones which I seem to have 
    lost. Add the Desert, Ice and Dream worlds next.
    11. Credits/Thanks to:
    My multiplayer teammates, Charles and John. Though John is annoying as 
    a jester(especially when he blows red barrels up in your face) he is a 
    good member to have along. Nothing like the joy of yelling at each 
    other "I needed that food idiot!" all night long. My poor neighbors :)
    Thanks again to the one and only CjayC, for all his hard work for the 
    gaming community at www.gamefaqs.com.
    Please note the list of web sites below. If you see this FAQ on a site 
    NOT listed below, please email me.

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