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    Character FAQ by northStar

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 10/16/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *   Character FAQ    *
    *    version 2.0     *
    by C. Page aka northStar
    (formerly pso_ffx@hotmail.com)
    Copyright (c) 2002 C. Page
    version date: 10.15.02
    Table of Contents
    I. Overview
    II. FAQ History
    III. Quick Q & A
    IV. Character Stats Explanations
    V. Character Levels Explanations
    VI. Starting Character Classes
    VII. Secret Character Classes
    VIII. Cheats
    IX. Copyright Statement
    X. Contact Information
    XI. Credits
    I. Overview
    This is a FAQ for the US Playstation 2 game Gauntlet Dark Legacy. It is an in-depth
    FAQ about the different characters types in the game. It includes information on the
    8 characters that are available at the start of the game to play, as well information
    on the game's 9 secret characters. It also contains Multi-player, boss & Single-Player mode
    strategies, character stats and special moves (Turbos) and basic moves as well as magic
    abilties. It also contains Special Character codes that were created by the game
    developers in order to add replay value to your gaming experience.
    You should visit Gamefaqs often for updates of this fact, as I will update it when
    I discover new special character cheats or new information. Some FAQs by nature
    contain spoiler information. If you are a gaming purist who frowns upon cheats, exposed
    secrets, or game guides then do not read or use this fact as it reveals secret characters.
    II. FAQ History
    Version 1.0. was posted on May 27, 2002. It contains 27 cheats for special characters and
    13 cheats for special modes for your characters. It also contains 1 cheat on playing all
    cutscenes together.
    Version 2.0 most current as of Oct. 15, 2002. It is a long overdue massive overhaul of info
    on the characters, now detailing character moves and the powerful turbo moves of the
    characters not listed before, a quick question and answer section, new level effects, plus some
    expanded character strategies for single player and multi-player gaming. **The next update will
    have new info such as the new title monkiers for the classes when they reach certain levels
    and/or the character combination moves. It will also have more information on character moves
    for the special characters which is not included in this version (ah, too much too do in so
    little time) and boss strategies for every character. ** This update should come soon, so plz
    check back for the update.
    III. Quick Q & A
    1. Q: Do the Special Characters change in appearance when they level at special points in the
    game like the regular characters?
    A: Yes, the Special Characters are just essentially variations of the regulars ones so they have
    the same things happen to them, just better starting stats. This happens every 10 levels.
    I forgot to include this info in version 1.0 of this FAQ.
    2. Q: Don't the characters have other changes happen to them during the game?
    A: Yes, they do. The characters change appearance at certain levels, and they get title changes
    at certain levels as well. They also get a host of other abilities such as increased magic and
    pets. I will include the titles changes and combination moves at the next update.
    3. Q: Don't the characters have more than one move? You only listed one!
    A: Of course they do, my first version excluded this info because I hadn't played all the
    characters or noted all the moves. I know that was a rather silly oversight, but I have
    now included tons of new info on the basic moves, and the combo moves & move lists for the
    special characters will all be listed in the next update.
    4. Q: Can I use your FAQ for a character/walkthru FAQ I am doing for the Gamecube/Xbox version?
    A. No, well only if you EMAIL me asking for permission & receive permission. I grant permission
    from my alternate email not listed in this FAQ. I save all requests and all outgoing permission
    emails. I do this to protect my hard work & because I like to keep track of this FAQs' use.
    So plz just email me, I'd be delighted to say yes.
    IV. Character Stats Explanation
    You choose from 8 starting characters and can unlock 9 secret characters. All of the characters
    have four colors to choose from : Green, Yellow, Red, Blue. They are comestic effects
    and don't change anything but the color of your character's outfit. Each character in the game
    is endowed with four types of stat attributes: Strength, Speed, Armor & Magic. When I state a
    comparison like "he has the best magic in the game," I am comparing that character to other
    <starting characters> and not to the secret characters (which will have better stats than the
    8 playable characters). Please keep that dinstinction in mind. The stats details are as follows:
    Srength-- Amount of damage you can do to enemies (and other players)*
    Magic-- Damage you give every time you cast a spell
    Speed-- how fast your character moves (but not how fast it attacks)
    Armor-- how much damage your character can take from enemy (and other players)* attack
    *You can take damage from and give damage to other players in multiplayer mode by choosing that
    playing mode in the menu under "Options."
    As you advance in levels (through kills) your character's stats will increase by 5 at each new
    level, and your maximum health will increase by 100. There is a cap on how high your stats
    can go, which is 400 pts above it's starting stats for the regular characters. The secret
    characters stats maximum is 450 above their starting stats, and no stat is allowed to go over
    999. The secret character Sumner has max stats that at the onset of gameplay. Needless to say,
    he's the best character to have, if you can unlock him!
    You can also increase your stats if you have money. At the shop menu in between levels at the
    bottom of the shop list are the options to spend 1000 gold to increase each stat by 10. You
    are limited by the amount of money you have and your character's stat max which will be 999
    for all characters.
    V. Character Levels Explanation
    Your kills lead to higher experience which leads to higher stats & higher levels. There are 5
    important levels that grant your character special abilities. Those levels are as follows:
    Level 25-- You get more magic abilities
    Level 30-- A pet fires with you making shots more plentiful
    Level 50-- Your magic becomes more powerful
    Level 75-- Your magic can now heal other players
    Level 80-- Your pet becomes more powerful
    Level 99-- You are now a very powerful player of the highest level
    Also there are changes that happen every 10 levels to your character's appearance. Your
    character also will be bestowed new title monkiers at levels 10, 20, 40, 80 and 99. For
    instance, the Wizard will become a Mage at lvl 20.
    VI. Starting Character Classes
    There are 8 starting players to choose from. All stats given are the character's STARTING STATS.
    Bow; Compound Bow in turbo; Huge Bow launcher in flashing turbo
    Basic Moves:
    1. Slow--just shoots powerful arrow
    2. Quick--just shoots standard arrow but very rapidly
    3. Special Move (turbo): Compound Bow shoots huge multi-directional arrows that wipe out
    enemies ahead
    4. Special Move (flashing turbo): she fires an onslaught of arrows off a cannon-like
    crossbow apparatus
    This is one of the faster characters in the game. Her c-bow is great to have with Supershot
    and 3-Way Shot. She can move past enemies with ease and fire very rapidly. You should have her
    fire at not so tough enemies and move quickly out of the way. MULTIPLAYER STRATEGY: Use her to
    take out generators and horders of easy enemies at first, then the medium level enemies when
    she gains stats. Don't start her out taking on the generals alone. Once she hits 50 have her
    destroy secret walls. SINGLE PLAYER: As for all characters starting off, hit what you can and
    avoid getting hit, move pass enemies that are too tough--she can move fast. Use her special
    level effects as well and use her turbos often as they are some of the most powerful & fast ones
    in the entire game.
    Special Level Effects:
    At Level 25--can reveal secret walls with magic potions. At Level
    50--can destroy secret walls. At Level 75--can self-heal by using magic against enemies.
    Bomb; Large boxing-like Gloves in turbo; Large Hammer in flashing turbo
    Basic Moves:
    1. Slow--just pulls out a lager bomb and bats with his staff
    2. Quick--just tosses a short bursting bomb very rapidly
    3. Special Move (turbo)--blows up a pair of boxing-like gloves and hits them together like
    he's getting ready to rumble and the gloves knock down all enemies around him
    4. Special Move (flashing turbo)--swings around a huge hammer/mallet, then launches a
    huge boxing glove that demolishes enemies in front of him
    Also a fast character (same as Archer but he seems faster). MULTIPLAYER: Same as Archer.
    Since he has relatively high magic to begin with, move fast to collect potions as well as
    destroy enemy generators. SINGLE PLAYER: same as Archer but with more emphasis on
    casting/collecting magic.
    Special Level Effects: same as Archer
    Basic Moves:
    1. Slow--a magic blast from both hands that has a long casting period
    2. Quick--a faster magic shot from his staff
    3. Special Move (turbo)--rocks drop around the wizard crushing enemies near him
    4. Special Move (flashing turbo)--a huge skull shoots out before him and wipes out enemies ahead
    The Wizard is obviously the character to choose if you like casting spells and being able to
    cleanse your food at low levels. He has the best magic of the 8, but is weak so strafing, moving
    out of harm's way, is an essential move to master and until you reach extremely high levels.
    MULTIPLAYER: Use his magic to wipe out horders of enemies and have him collect magic as he is best suited
    for it and will do more damage to enemies with it. Have him wipe out enemies from a distance
    while stronger players tank. By all means once you can--cleanse food for everyone! SINGLE PLAYER:
    Cast magic, cast magic, and cast magic. When out of potions--find them. Or hit and get out of
    the way as he can move with some gusto. Use your special level effects when able.
    Special Level Effects: At Level 25--can cleanse spoiled fruit with a potion, at Level 50--can
    cleanse spoiled with a potion. At Level 75--can self-heal by using potions against enemies.
    1. Slow--a green clould in the form of lips (how sweet) wipes out enemies ahead
    2. Quick--a faster magic blast from her wand
    3. Special Move (turbo)--acid sprays from her wand as she spins around hitting enemies that are
    very close to her
    4. Special Move (flashing turbo)--Releases a horde of skeletons that wipe out enemies ahead
    This fatal beauty is much like the Wizard with slight differences: she's faster and
    just a little weaker. When it comes down to it she uses magic just as well and can move away
    from ememies relatively fast. A good player if you want a balance between magic & speed.
    MULTIPLAYER: just like Wizard, but you can take on enemies more if you are a quick button masher.
    SINGLE PLAYER: same as Wizard but more hit and run gameplay with enemies.
    Special Level Effects: same as Wizard
    Speed: 450
    Sword; Multi-Blade in turbo; Lightning Bolt-like Blast in flashing turbo
    Basic Moves:
    1. Slow--a basic sword attack
    2. Quick--her sword becomes a semi-quick spinning blade
    3. Special Move (turbo)--she spins around and cuts down enemies around her like a chainsaw
    4. Special Move (flashing turbo)--a lightning-like blast that destroys enemies
    The most balanced character to start with in the game. For folks who like to bash, run, cast
    magic--the whole nine yards. She is good with magic and can be a tank who also casts spells!
    MULTIPLAYER: Have her cast magic to wipe our hordes of enemies. She can go into battle as a tank
    if no one is playing a Warrior or a Dwarf. She can take enough damage to lead packs if needed.
    Once she hits 50, have her destroy traps. SINGLE PLAYER: You can take on enemies with ease and
    cast magic. When it looks grim, she can move out of the way fast enough to gather your bearings.
    Probably easiest to play for the "play-it-safe" type of gamer.
    Special Level Effects: At Level 25--can temporarily stop traps (good in multi-mode), at Level
    50--can destroy them. At Level 75--can self-heal by using potion against enemies.
    Mace; Mace with Chain in turbo; Spinning Weapon in flashing turbo
    Basic Moves:
    1. Slow--maces spins when attacking enemies
    2. Quick--semi quick mace attack
    3. Special Move (turbo)--mace becomes a mace with chain and gets flung around around
    to kill close enemies
    4. Special Move (flashing turbo)--mace gets larger, turns into a spinnning weapon and shoots
    off to kill enemies
    Just look at his armor class. He's your obvious shield. Have him take on enemies with confidence
    as he can take a lot of damage as well as do a little himself. While he isn't the tank that the
    Dwarf or Warrior is in terms of strength, he certainly moves faster than the Dwarf and can take
    more damage and do more damage with magic than them both. MULTIPLAYER: He can safely attack
    monsters and be a tank alongside both the Warrior and Dwarf, and would probably last longer due
    to his Armor stats (but obviously do less damage, magic aside). Once he reaches 50, have
    him destroy traps. SINGLE PLAYER: Go for it! He can move fast, use magic okay and take a
    lot of enemy hits. Use his special level effects as well.
    Special Level Effects: same as Valkyrie
    Axe; Circle Flame in turbo; Giant Warrior Spirit in flashing turbo
    Basic Moves:
    1. Slow--very slow and sluggish swing of the ole battle axe
    2. Quick--semi-quick swing of the axe
    3. Special Moves (turbo)--a circle of flames that have decent reach kills enemies
    ala a protective shield
    4. Special Move (flashing trubo)--a giant warrior pounds the ground with his axe, knocking
    down enemies around warrior
    Okay, he's your typical badee. He can kick enemy tail with no qualms. With the highest strength
    stats, he's your tank d'jour. Personally I think he is better suited to being the tank over the
    Dwarf because he can move faster (the Dwarf can take more damage). MULTIPLAYER: Have him in
    the lead kicking some tail, which he can do at a very good pace. Don't have him collecting magic
    or worry about using magic--leave it to the other classes. SINGLE PLAYER: GO for it big time!
    He's your best bet for leveling up fast as he can do great damage, take damage well, and can
    move at a okay speed. Use your money forging abilties to increase your Armor & Speed stats, and
    magic stats last.
    Special Level Effects:
    Hammer; spinning Hammer in turbo; Hammer with blast in flashing turbo
    Basic Moves:
    1. Slow--basic smash with the hammer
    2. Quick--semi fast smash with the hammer
    3. Special Move (turbo)--a power (energy) ball appears, he smacks it with his hammer and it
    knocks down enemies close to him
    4. Special Move (flashing turbo)--smashes the ground, a crack appears in the ground which moves
    forward destroying enemies in its path
    This guy is another good tank. He does great damage and can take a great deal of damage. His
    only drawback as a tank is his speed. He can't really lead the killing frenzy because he's
    slow. But, he can certainly get others out of a jam. Don't even think of him as using magic
    all that much unless he encounters Death or you really want to. MULTIPLAYER: Go as fast as
    you can move this guy and have him hack away. Kill, kill, and kill with this little guy.
    SINGLE PLAYER: same as Wizard except he will move slower so don't get caught up fighting
    too many enemies at once unless you have higher Armor stats. Increase his speed stats at
    once to get the maxuim benefit of this character. He will be the ultimate tank then!
    Special Level Effects: same as Warrior.
    VII. Secret Character Classes
    There are 9 secret characters to unlock in this game. During gameplay on certain levels you
    can find a secret door to access the mini-games that unlock these characters. The mini-
    games consist of you running around collecting a certain amount of coins under an hourglass
    certain amount of time. One of the secret mini-games resembles a classical arcade/8 bit
    style Gauntlet board! The secret characters all have higher starting & maximum stats than the
    8 starting characters. When you unlock them, be sure to save your game. They become playable
    when you go to create a new character. All stats given are the character's STARTING STATS.
    Where to Find: Dungeon of Torment (Castle Stronghold)
    Basic Moves: (coming soon)
    After Sumner, she has the highest Armor stat. Her shield and her good strength make her a good
    choice as a fighter. Really, she is good for any role as she is a good magic user and moves fast.
    at level 50 have her destroy traps. MULTIPLAYER: You can have her destroy generators, take on
    enemies or both. She's alo good with magic so you can't go wrong using it. SINGLE PLAYER: same
    as multiplayer. If you find yourself vastly outnumbered on low on health, you can manage to get
    away to safer areas.
    Special Level Effects: same as Knight/Valkyrie
    Where to Find: Haunted House (Dream Realm)
    Basic Moves: (coming soon)
    He's fast as lightning! He can get to generators very quickly and can also avoid large crowd
    enemies with ease. You him if you'd like to get through the levels faster and if you want to
    avoid a lot of controation (but also level slower). He's a good magic user, but is not suited
    for close combat. MULTIPLAYER: Move around (as opposed to through enemies and fighting) enemies
    to destroy generators and clooect potions. Use your magic at level 50 to destroy secret walls.
    Don't try to be the tank, his Armor stat is sad. SINGLE PLAYER: same as multiplayer with
    emphasis on avoiding enemies whenever possible.
    Special Level Effects: same as Archer/Jester
    Where to Find: Battlefield Trenches (Battlefield)
    Basic Moves: 'Tis a secret!
    Okay, it's beyond obvious that he is the best character in the game. He starts off being able
    to cleanse all foods, so do it for the others. Whether you are playing MULTIPLAYER or SINGLE
    PLAYER, just kick some tail, cast spells, cleanse food and heal. He's as good as it gets.
    Special Level Effects: This dude can do it all and better than the rest. Cleanses all foods at
    the start.
    Where to Find: Ghost Town (Forsaken Province)
    Basic Moves: (coming soon)
    She's your magic user extraodinaire. And she's fast to boot. She can dart around trouble and
    hordes of enemies, then cast spells to get rid of them. Since her magic is so potent, with
    potions she can really do some heavy life-saving damage. MULTIPLAYER: SHe is your magic user
    should weave and bob around enemies then slam them with magic. Don't try to lead the pack
    because her Armor stat is next to horrible. SINGLE PLAYER: Weave and bob, hit 'em with magic.
    Spend money to get her Armor and strength up. When she does . . . whoa nelly!
    Special Level Effects: sam as Wizard/Sorceress
    Where to Find: Temple of the Magi (Desert Lands)
    Basic Moves: (coming soon)
    Magic is his thang. When using magic potions he can inflict serious damage on his enemies. And
    he is fast to boot. He also is strong. He'd be a well balanced character f his Armor stat didn't
    sux. MULTIPLAYER: Have him collect and use magic. he can really hurt your foes. Don't lead the
    pack with him. SINGLE PLAYER: Collect & use magic, stay away from the hard enemies and don't
    think about taking them one on one so much without raising your Armor stat. Use his cleanse
    effect when you can to boost your health.
    Special Level Effects: same as Wizard/Sorceress/Medusa
    Where to Find: Dagger Peak (Mountain Kingdom)
    Basic Moves: (coming soon)
    Okay, he's a beast. Really, he does incredible damage and he's fast. Use him as the tank and
    have him take on enemies mano a mano. Don't waster you time collecting potions unless you have
    the desire to really do so or forge money from junk. MULTIPLAYER: He's your hitman, so kill,
    kill, kill. SINGLEPLAYER: same as multi-player. You might want to raise his Armor stat though.
    Special Level Effects: same as Warrior/Dwarf
    Where to Find: Ancient Tree (Forest Realm)
    Basic Moves: (coming soon)
    After Sumner, she has the highest speed stat. So, um she can really zip past enemies, surprise
    them with some magicor destroy generators. Her Armor stat is too low for any front line fighting,
    she's like the second calvary unit. MULTIPLAYER: Have her zip to generators and destroy them, she
    can also slam with magic if necessary. No leading the fighting march though and let her destroy
    secret walls at level 50. SINGLE PLAYER: same as multiplayer, and don't get caught up with lage
    crowds of enemies to deal with.
    Special Level Effects: same Jester/Archer/Hyena
    Where to Find: Arctic Docks (Ice Domain)
    Basic Moves: (coming soon)
    He's most like the Minotaur, only he can withstand more damage and moves much slower. But he
    still makes for the ideal frontline man. Sure, he could stand to be faster, but since he can
    take more hits he almost makes up for his slower speed. MULTIPLAYER: wade through the hordes
    of monsters with confidence. He can lead or be the clean up man. Don't waste time collecting
    magic because he isn't the one for that job. SINGLEPLAYER: same as multiplayer, but watch out
    for large swarms of enemies as he moves a little slow and doesn't do magic well.
    Special Level Effects: same as Ogre/Warrior/Dwarf
    Where to Find: Toxic Spire (Sky Dominion)
    Basic Moves Move: (coming soon)
    He's a well rounded character with mondo defense. Definitely for the "play-it-safe" player. He's
    a competent magic user to boot. Oh, he's a good bet to taking on monsters, moving fast enough to
    take out generators, and he can use the potions he collects to great advantage. MULTIPLAYER:
    Really up to you because he can do it all effectively and safely. SINGLE PLAYER: same as
    multiplayer. You should level at a good pace with him.
    Special Level Effects: same as Falconess/Valkyrie/Knight
    VIII. Special Cheats
    The cheats do not require a cheat device such as Gameshark or Codebreaker. In order to
    perform these cheats simply enter the codes in the spot where you enter your character's name.
    You can only use one code (character change or game mode change) at a time per person. For
    instance you can only be the S&M Drawf and not the S&M Dwarf and the Invulnerable Dwarf at the
    same time, but other players can also use one cheat if you play together. Also, your character
    will only look different with the cheats, nothing else changes such as the characters stats.
    You can use these cheats with Gameshark/Codebreaker codes.
    *Character Cheats*
    Wizard as Sumner-- SUM224
    Dwarf as a General-- ICE600
    Wizard as a Green Alien-- SKY100
    Dwarf in S&M gear-- NUD069
    Jester as a Stick Figure w/Happy Face-- STX222
    Wizard as a Pharaoh-- DES700
    Wizard as Lich-- GARMOO
    Jester as as Stick Figure w/Cap-- KJH105
    Wizard as Evil Character-- GARM99
    Jester with Mohawk-- PNK666
    Knight as Roman-- BAT900
    Knight as Ninja--TAK118
    Warrior with Rat Head-- RAT333
    Warrior as Orc-- MTN200
    Knight as Waitress-- KAO292
    Knight as Bald Guy-- STG333
    Warrior as Ogre-- CAS400
    Valkyrie as Cheerleader- CEL721
    Valkyrie as JP schoolgirl-- AYA555
    Valkyrie as Grim Reaper-- TWN300
    Knight as Football Player- RIZ721
    Knight as Karate Guy-- SJB964
    Knight as 'Darth Maul'-- DARTHC
    Knight in Regular Clothes w/Mace-- ARV984
    Knight in Regular Clothes w/Head on Staff-- DIB626
    Knight in Regular Clothes w/Cap-- CSS222
    Pojo the Chicken-- EGG911
    *Game Mode Cheats*
    All codes are unlimited unless otherwise stated as per every level
    Invulnerable-- INVULN
    Supershot-- SSHOTS
    Full Turbo-- PURPLE
    9 Keys & 9 Potions every level-- ALLFUL
    10k every level-- 10000K
    Anti-Death & Levitate-- 1ANGLI
    Shrink Enemy & Growht-- DELTA1
    Invisibilty-- 000000
    X-ray vision-- PEEKIN
    Rapid Fire-- QCKSHT
    3-Way Shot-- MENAGE
    Extra Speed-- XSPEED
    Reflective Shot-- REFLEX
    *View all Game Movies*
    While the game is loading, hold X. Then, while the movies play, press X to get to the next one.
    IX. Copyright
    Copyright(c)2002 C. Page. All Rights Reserved by C. Page.
    That means you CANNOT distribute, sell, give this FAQ away as a bonus to any services
    rendered, post this FAQ on your website, quote this FAQ in any manner, plagarize, reformat,
    incorporate any part of this FAQ into another document or writing (even updates
    without my permission), print (except for personal non-commercial and non-distributive use),
    or use this FAQ in any publication without my written permission. I am USUALLY happy to
    grant permission to those who bother to ask, so plz just e-mail me to obtain it.
    All credit should be given to me for this FAQ, even if you obtain information from it
    that you think is universal. I have accredited the proper references for information that
    I deemed as universal. You should include them as well in addition to a credit granted to me.
    Using this FAQ for any reason other than personal use (you may print it out for your own
    use) is against the law. *You have been warned.*
    The following sites have my permission to post this FAQ without asking:
    If you see this fact posted anywhere else, or have obtained a copy through sale or
    other illegal means (such as give-a-ways), please contact me at the e-mail address
    provided below. I will honor your confidentiality and will only confront the guilty party
    selling, distributing or posting the FAQ. Obviously you won't confess to selling the FAQ
    (but I hope you do feel a tinge of guilt), but if you are cheated into buying it
    then plz e-mail.
    X. Contact
    Perhaps you found something wrong with my FAQ or just couldn't understand a couple of
    the directions. Hey, I will not hold it against you. Afterall, English is my second
    So, if my memory sux and I gave less than stellar directions, or you found some
    information that I didn't include here and want to receive credit (or hush-bribe
    money--just kidding!)  simply e-mail me at: kaiserpso.com. Note: this is my new email address.
    All mail going to my old one (pso_ffx@hotmail.com) will not be received.
    I will try to answer all inquires in a timely manner and personally. If I cannot
    answer them myself, please know that my little pet monkey Jeeves is fluent in smilie-speak
    and will answer your e-mails in my absence only with winking faces, happy faces, angry faces,
    and the elusive eye rolling faces.
    XI. Credits
    *SPACEDRAGON* for his dsl connection that gave me fast FTP access
    *KAISER* for playing GDL with me and and checking some stuff for me
    *Prima Games* for character attribute stats & important level milestones
    *Video Games Underground* for some of the character cheats
    *Gamefaqs* for hosting this faq and so many others
    Anyone else who I may have unintentionally forgotten to mention. Thx folks!

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