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"Tom Clancy does it again."

Ah, the rebirth of Squad based shooters. Tom Clancy has come and pulled another rabbit out of his already oversized hat. I have never had an experience like Rainbow; it adds all of the great things needed to keep not only an FPS going, but also a squad shooter. Probably the most popular of the Clancy games, Rainbow 6 3, is the pure genius.

One of the main reasons I like Rainbow, is because the controls are so easy to work with. The squad commands are so easy to master; it makes other games look just plain stupid. You can have your squad do everything from covering you, to burst open and door and frag it with flash grenades. And they are smart; they don't just stand around in the open and get shot. If they are being hurt, they find cover, and return fire.

But relying on your squad is something you should never do, because they might die, and you might still have half a level with one tick of health left. But don't fear, Tom Clancy is here. You are just as dangerous as your squad, if not more. The button layout is so simple and easy to use; this is one of the first FPS's I play to actually give me the option to think outside the box. There are multiple ways to enter a room, or defeat enemies. Right from the start, you have the choice of dozens of weapons. Anything you could ever need is right there in front of you.

The AI is also very smart in Rainbow. They aren't always going to hide behind walls and try to hide from you, but when they do, it could prove to be a real hassle. But the game never fails to impress me overall game play wise, and it was very nice to see that squad based shooters weren't completely dead.

Story wise, well not its greatest asset. The story is good, if you like going into fine details and complex things. The game starts as, its 2007, and the world is in an uproar of terrorism. The United States is becoming uneasy, and the only ones left in the world to protect us, is four men, the last hope everyone has, but no one knows the. The United Nations secret weapon, Rainbow. You are Ding Chavez, the leader of Rainbow. Your squad consists of, Louis Loiselle, Eddie Price, Dieter Weber. You are four of the best trained men in the world.

A group of terrorist has captured hostages that hold several secrets and information on top secret things and the like. And the team must go in and get them out. After a while, the team will learn there is a lot more than just hostage situations at stake.
It's greatly developed, but very confusing.

Who would have thought it? A squad based shooter with not all Americans in it. Being American, I am tired of hearing four white guys talk amongst themselves. I thought it was great how you, are American, and the rest of your squad come from all other parts of the world. They all have their distinctive voices, and add a very detailed realism to the game. Rainbow is also has a very strong music line up to. The music isn't great, and doesn't always play, but when it doesn't, it makes you up and going and gets you excited.

I couldn't believe how great Rainbow looked when I first put it in. The cut scenes are a little dark, and kind of hard to see sometimes, but in game looks amazing. Terrorist look very realist and your squad also looks great. The snow on the ground in the first level was amazing, and the lighting features are key to the game. Because night vision is a big part of Rainbow. Heat vision, doesn't really do much in this game, but night vision is an asset to the squad. But anyway, everything looks spectacular and I was pleasantly surprised by the execution in this area. The only problem I had though, was the cut scenes jut failed to impress me, and were a little boring.

If you like shooters, Tom Clancy games, or looking for a great game, buy it. But if you just want something to do for a weekend, rent it, it's a great game, but an average gamer can beat it within a weekend.

Rainbow 6 3, is one of the Tom Clancy games that I without a doubt enjoyed. I have almost no complaints about the game, and everything was great. The story isn't all to great per say, but will keep your interest, as long as you don't take day long breaks in between missions, because you will forget what had happened before. But Rainbow 6 3 looks sweet, and sounds awesome also. Its probably the game that made me have faith in Tom Clancy again, and is a great addition to any gamers collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/10/05, Updated 01/16/06

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