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"Its a great game, seems to drag"

Before I start I would like to say that Dead to rights is contrary to popular belief, not a Max Payne clone. In fact DTR was in development far before Max payne so the bullet time thing was DEFIANTLY not ripped from payne. DTR is in many rights its own game.

Now for the REAL review

GRAPHICS: This is an X-box game so it has a certain quality that comes along with the advanced graphics processing system of the box. So I must say... the main character's Model is EXTREMELY detailed however the backgrounds and the other characters seem to be at a much lower resolution, this makes the character's model seem slightly out of place. I'll give you an example our character has defining muscle lines and his jacket (when he has it on) has folds and creases, plus it has a clearly visible K-9 on it, however the other enemies' clothes never have any definition and never have any writing on them, plus their facial expressions are always the same. Plus there is an exremely small bit of slowdown in the game, but VERY little.

But for everyone who cares unlike Max Mr. slate does not look like he hasn't ''relieved'' himself in weeks! thank god

CONTROL: I must say, the controls are very well laid out, plus many redundant things are automatic (like switching weapons) and most things (ducking, shooting, diving, dodging, disarming) are done with the touch of one button.
However the autolock system, although INCREDIBLY accurate does not lock on to a different person after the current one is dead, so unless you tap the button again, you'll just be shooting dead air. Also, all of the hand to hand combat seems to be a bit ''delayed'' for instance you'll enter a long combo, and you'll have to wait for the second and third hits to register before anything happens. This is annoying, but all of the combos look really cool so its kinda ok, plus there isn't much mandatory hand to hand combat.

GAMEPLAY: Unfortunately this is where the game comes up short. Fire fights are incredibly fun, detailed, and just plain cool, plus you spend 80% of the game in firefights so this is really cool. However Sometimes you have to fight upwards 100 people at a time, with only like 2 weapons and this is REALLY REALLY REALLLLLLY redundant after a while especially when most of the enemies look the same. Also these tremendous fire fights are often REALLY hard I mean c'mon 100 people versus one person with a couple of out of the ordinary moves is still terrible odds. but its all good...Except for the other 20% of the game, THERE ARE THE GODAWFUL mini games that seem to break up the action and are really boring as well, plus you can't skip them and in some, only a tad are interactive and you can't skip the rest, for instance during the stripping mini game, you match up 10 or so buttons and then watch her ugly self do ugly things for 5 or 6 ugly minutes that you can't skip. ECH!

CONVENTIONS: The slow motion dive is VERY necessary and cool in general, but it lasts for too long, it seems like you are flying , and you can't dive off ledges. However the disarms are very useful and cool looking albiet gory.

Rent or buy: like action, like john woo, like adventure? you'll LOVE this, however this is a very tried and true game if you don't like these things, PLEASE try this first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/21/02, Updated 08/21/02

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