Review by cmdrdredd

"A Good game that falls short of the expectations"

Presentation: There is none...the menu is nonexistant and aside from the great introduction video nothing draws you into the game.

Graphics: Eh, so so here. Nothing to talk about. Generic brick textures cement etc. The lighting is pretty cool in some parts, but nothing we haven't seen before or seen done better in the past.

Gameplay: Before I go on let me say that I had high hopes for this game when I read about it. Unfortunately it is really bad. The Hand to hand fighting is really bad. Each character has many 5 or 6 different moves and combos. Each character copies the main character's moves which makes the game not very interesting. The enemies seem to block alot and after a failed attack pound you with combos before you can block. If you try to block you will still get hit before the character reacts. BAD! The Gun fights are cool enough, but to have literally 50-60 characters shooting at you while you fidget with the camera and attempt to get a good shot off they kill you. You cannot just aim and shoot you have to get a red indicator which usually means running slower or standing still. If you move you lose the shot! If you stand still to get a shot off you are killed by the other 45 or so men with shotguns and AK-47s. This is by far the worst gameplay in a long time. The minigames also are very annoying. Requiring you to press buttons in timing or mash buttons to build up a guage etc. This is very very very annoying. Especially when you fail 6 or 7 times in a row and cannot skip past it to go back to the action.

Sound: Sounds like Max Payne and really doesn't impress you. You'll hear the same sounds repeated over and over. Not even 5.1 is present. This makes me wonder why they bothered to put Dolby Digital on the back of the box.

overall 4/10

Good effort, and could have been better but the poor camera angles prevent you from seeing your target at times. There are even points when the game prevents you from moving the camera at all! The annoying and rediculous minigames take alot away from the action and make you feel like you're wasting your time.

to rent or to buy: Definately rent may even like it. Just don't spend $50 on it without playing it a bit first...please!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/21/02, Updated 08/21/02

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