Review by Quentonamos

"If you liked Max Payne you'll love this."

This is the tye of game you bought your Xbox for. A action packed non-stop shoot um up game. This game is far better than Max Payne, and not a clone.

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is great, you can do so much more in this game than you can in Max Payne. I'll just say a few things that give this game a edge and make it worth buying.

Wall Mode- Hiding behind a wall with the ability to peek out and see who's there and than when your ready make your move and quickly return to the cover of the wall, easy to use and a great feature.

Disarms- There are ton's of these, and you learn more as you go on, Take a weapon from a baddie and than shoot him with it. Great for when you run out of ammo and think its really cool to snap a guy's neck.

Weapons- Weapons for anyone, get up close and personal with a auto shotgun, or snipe off a enemy with a sniper gun. No matter what type of gunning style you want, its got it. But make your choice's wise because you can only carry so many.

There's much more features that makes this game awesome.

STORY: A great story line, the only same thing about it for you people who say its a max payne clone is that it is a fugitive cop running from the law, but its so much more than that. You a K-9 officer in the crime filled Grant City. You find your father dead and are frammed, And now you must right the wrongs that have been committed against you.

GRAPHICS: Not the greatest for a Xbox game but still pretty good, See blood splatter, see walls crumble from getting shot. The faces of the people are so much better than some other Fugitive cop games out there. What it doesn't have in graphics, which I think are pretty good, it more than makes up for in its story and gameplay.

REPLAYABILITY: Probably not that great, alltho the gun fights and hand-to-hand combat is so fun along with the mini-games by the time you finish the game, you'd wanna give it another go, Maybe next time learn that cool disarm you heard about for the shutgun. Or try out a new combo for hand-to-hand.

RENT OR BUY: If you like all the things i've listed above i'd buy it, but at the very least this game is worth the money to rent it and give it a try.

All in all its a great game that gives gamers a challenge and hours of fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/25/02, Updated 08/25/02

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