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Dead to Rights is a game that I first thought was going to be the next Max Payne. But, after playing it for 30 min, I realized that the game is quite original and quite tweaked to excellence.

The plot is a noir rip off; a cop with nothing left to lose. Similar to John Woo films the main character is out for vengeance. The voice acting is well done and the sound and music are adequate. Graphics are good with lots of detail to the surroundings and character models. There is little slowdown and graphical glitches, for those who care about graphical things like that.

Now, the main part of any game; the gameplay. Controls are good, with the B button doing most of the actions and the A button doing most of the shooting. Right Trigger is auto aim, and Y is dive. The interesting thing is, tapping Y will do a normal dive, and holding on to Y will put everything in slow motion. Similar to Bullet Time, the slow motion does help, although enemies are still quite accurate while you are in slow motion, so mid air deaths are aplenty. Hand to Hand combat is quite fun and reminds me a lot of the fight with Liquid Snake in Metal Gear Solid. While the combat system is limited to Punch, Kick and Throw, the buttons can be pressed in combination resulting in a combat system that is well thought out. Some may just mash the punch button and the hold on the block/dodge, but those people won't get far when fighting 6 people at once.

Besides gameplay, another great thing about this game is the number of enemies on screen at a time. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming, especially when you must fight them hand to hand.

One thing that will either annoy the hell outta you or be brushed off easily is the camera system. I hate is when I dive and then end up shooting people I can't even see. Usually when I dive, I aim then shoot until their life meter is gone (the enemy life meter is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen) and then continue until he reaches the ground. The camera can be controlled with the right analog stick, but sometimes it can get annoying.

+ Great Hand to Hand Combat System
+ Great Firefights and Gun system
+ Long game, possible replay value (depending on how much you like
the gameplay)
+ Using enemies as human body shields actually pulled off (Metal Gear Solid 2 was able to do it)
+ Mini Games
+ Challenging
- A bit too challenging at times
- Camera can get annoying
- Plot bit cliché

So, overall, this is a very nice game to add to any action gamers collection, although Max Payne is better. But keep in mind that Dead to Rights does not try to compete with Max Payne as a game (Max Payne has a superior graphical style, a more interesting plot, is actually more noir and bullet time works better) but instead tries to outdo most average action games on the X Box, and it succeeds. Dead to Rights is an above average action game that is entertaining and a blast to play.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/25/02, Updated 08/25/02

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