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"Syphon Filter says hello to John Woo"


Gameplay- 10
The gameplay is tight... full of action, if anyone has seen John Woo's The Killer, they will know what I mean. The beginning is pretty slow, but right after Chapter 3, you will have 20-30 guys with pistols or 5-10 guys with auto rifles or sniper rifles or shotguns, aiming at you at once. This is seriously not as hard as it sounds or as other people tell you, its actually fun. You can disarm (very cool, I like to run and gun, empty out a clip, disarm someone close to me and use that gun on everyone else), take someone as a human shield, fight hand to hand, call Shadow to take out a chunk of someones neck and bring their gun to you, or throw explosive canisters and shoot them when they are close enough for mayhem.

But aside from the action, there is also mini games. You will have to pick locks, lift weights, arm wrestle, disarm bombs, take control of your dog to sniff out bombs, or other things like getting into a helicopter and taking out everyone in a building, Matrix style.

Control- 10
There is nothing wrong with the control, left analog move you around, right analog rotates camera. Like if you go right on the joystick, the camera rotates on Slates right side. The D-pad, left and and right cycles through weapons, up and down holsters or whips out a gun. Left trigger crouches, right trigger locks on to a target. A is shoot with a gun out, punch if it isnt. B is taking someone as a human shield with a gun out, disarming someone without one, or the ''action button'' to activate switches and what not. Y is diving, X kicks when unarmed.

Graphics- 8
Eight is not bad, these graphics arent the best and dont have to be, it is perfect for these kinds of games where you worry about being heavily outnumbered with hundreds of bullets coming at you. You wont care about the graphics. However, the in game cinematics are hella tite.

Story- 8
Not really original, father dies and you are lookin for the one who did it.

Sound- 9
I love these sounds, the voice acting is really good, you can tell what gun a person has by the sound, and guns sound as strong as they should be. You can hear bones crack in certain disarms, and if you turn the volume up high it sounds like a big shoot out.

Fun Factor - 10
Holy crap, this game is fun, it is not hard, and is intense. Health packs and armor are everywhere, just hidden, and later on in the game enemies drop them too, so its not as hard as everyone says it is.

Rent or buy
I am the person who will not buy a game based on a review, i rent it first to see if i will own it, and look at me, i own it. So give it a rent. But in my opinion, it is worth way more then 5 bux, and well worth the 50. Happy hunting...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/26/02, Updated 08/26/02

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