Review by Pogo the Clown

"With one or two major flaws, this game is NEAR perfect!"

So Pogo, how is the game at first glance: Put this game in, and prepare to be amazed right away! The intro to this game has to be one of the best done for any game. Gives you a feeling that theres going to be non stop action through the whole game. And how right that is.

What about the graphics- I don't think the game really takes full advantage of the XBOX's capabilities. They're nice graphics... But I think they could have been done a little bit better.

Hey Pogo...How's the game control?- Heres where the game can take a turn for the worse. The controls are kind of tricky sometimes, and Slate might not always point to who you want him to. There have been times where theres a guy in front of me about to load my chest full of buckshots, but slate decides to point up to some guy up the stairs. Blam... ''FAILED.'' But now worries. You can always try again, and you will probably get it right this time. Another tricky thing is controlling your dives. It takes some time to dive the way you want to, and one thing that upsets some people is that he wont look all the way around when you do dive. After playing Max Payne, not being able to do it in Dead to Rights is kind of a disappointment. So that means dives must be made perfectly, or hes just going to dive and do nothing.

Is the story any good?- The story takes a bunch of changes. You go from doing one thing, to all of a sudden needing to do something else. But thats not a bad thing. It actually makes the game longer, and thats a good thing. So expect to be here longer than you were on Max Payne

How's the sound, Pogo?- The sound isnt all too impressive. Its not something I particularly look for, but it fits the game.

Am I going to want to play it again?- Maybe. Most people go back and want to unlock all the disarms, so I guess that could bring you back for more. But I'm sure if you have it lying around for a month, you might pop it back in and play for some good old fashioned movie style gun fights.

So... Should I go out and buy it?- That all depends. If you are somewhat good at most video games, I would totally recommend it. It has some insanely hard parts, and if you arent too good at games, it just wont be any fun. But if you have the patience, and the skill, then you should be able to have a good time.

So...what did you think overall, Pogo?- Honestly, I loved this game. I havent had such a good time playing a game for the XBOX since I picked up Halo. Some parts really upset me, but I sucked it up and tried again. The game will teach you to find other means to do things, and it will show you frustration. So if you want some intense gun fights, fun features, (disarms, Co2 cans) or just an overall fun game, then you have to pick up Dead to Rights!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/29/02, Updated 08/29/02

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