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Reviewed: 08/29/02 | Updated: 08/29/02

Dead to Rights Review: A game that coulda been so much more, but isnt.

I won't bother talking about anything lame about the game itself or the plot other than its a classic cop movie turned action game. The plot is the revenge of your father's death in your seemingly neverending quest to find the people who framed you for the murder.

Lets start with graphics
The graphics in this game are nothing to be enchanted with. It is good xbox graphics, but its surely not doa graphics or halo graphics. A lot of cool looking surroundings, but when it comes to human models, you're left going hmmm. you can see that awesome face structure on jack by way of a nice polygon.

its very plain. here is the game, now go play it. there are nice cut scene. thank God it outdoes the comic strips we were forced to watch during max payne as ''cut scenes''.

By far the longest and most important section of this review is this one. Where to begin, where to begin. The first level was a nice tutorial level and teaches you how to do everything you're gonna need to know to do anything in the game besides die a million times (you'll do that anyway...just read on). The second chapter, a graphical catastrophy, a slap in the face to the xbox and its capabilities. what we're these programmers thinking? the entire level consists of a boring and played out stripper mini game, and ill be damned if the stripper looks like anything but a stripper. Then in the remainder of the chapters you have the some very major points that drag this game down heavily. First off: the camera angles, the ever present awkward camera angles, and boy if you're surprised from somewhere u cant immediately see, whether it be a gun fight or a fist fight, you're going to lose half your life before the camera is turned around to where it needs to be. The camera can be used to one's advantage in some situation where u can see your enemies and they cant see you, but most of the time its for the worst and you end up dying.
Secondly: This game is HARD, i mean VERY VERY HARD. it is by far TOO HARD. no i do not suck at video games and am just making excuses, but this game is hard. you will die a few hundred or thousand times before beating or getting anywhere beyond level 2. unlike in halo, you will toil a long time not in just a few spots, but a lot of spots. you will beat a gang of enemies barely escaping with some life while your xbox controller vibrates rythmically with jack's heartbeat as he hangs on to dear life, and then a cut scene to a door opening somewhere in the enviroment and out coming more baddies. end result, you die, you die quickly. The bullet time: the bullet time really really sucks and is hampered by once again the odd controls and camera angles you get to see. if you dont dive the right direction, unlike in max payne where you wouldn't be screwed and you could still end up killing a few people, in this game, once you commit, if you're looking the wrong way, once bullet time runs out, you're gonna die, or be close to dying. even though this game innovated bullet time, max payne perfected it and it shows. the mini games: ugh, if i have to go through that retard jail one more time jabbing the A button in a rythym to stay in my hot zone to do ridiculous stuff to gain smokes, im going break my game disc out of anger. the game are dumb, none of them are any good. they all involved things that will make your finger hurt after a while and it gets tedious. The fist fights: this woulda been cool, but it isn't. its poorly done, the camera view goes to Hunter the Reckoning type camera in most areas and well its basically you versus 20 people in a fight for survival where if they dont kill you, they nearly kill you. you got your basic punch kick and throw all of which are blocked very easily by a computer opponent but for some reason the game at times refuses to recognize a player induced block command. the gun fights are intense and the funnest part of the game. you got hide behind things and take human shields out of opponents or else your dead. another review cited, that if you think you can jump and strafe your way through this game, you're mistaken. and its true. you need to use skill and finese and have patience to beat anything in this game. there are a good assortment of guns to use which is cool but you run out of ammo pretty quick unless you want to use the weaker guns and as the chapters progress, those weaker arent gonna be much help. The disarms: the disarms are cool, very innovative part of the game, but for the life of me it doesnt save this game from being what it is. yes there are a buncha disarms you have to unlock by beating certain levels, but the disarms should not have been made a highlight of the game as much as an afterthought of look at this you cant do this in any other game, rather than make it seem like u should disarm the planet.

Other comments
The lasting appeal of this game is non-existent, if you beat one time through i really doubt unless you're some kind of freak ud want to do it again. there is no multi-player which hinders the game big time. you can disarm your friends and then shoot them in the head and laugh evily or use them as a human shields as you kill others. that woulda made this game so much better the ultimate trash talking game. as far as the comparisons to max payne go, i wasnt crazy about max payne, and im deffinately not crazy about this game. its deffinately worth a rent to feel the frustration of the game, but surely save your 50 bucks for something more enjoyable and gratifying. at least in halo, you got the feeling that if you played a level long enough you'd find a way to beat it and you did, in this game, it laughs at you, it taunts you, its legendary difficulty times ten. happy gaming

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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