"Slate, Jack Slate... Ready to kick ass!"

You are Jack Slate, one of Grant City's most heroic cop ever. Armed with the gun in your pocket, and with your trusty K9 unit, Shadow at your aid, you undertake a mission, so vastly and deadly, it would have heads spinning, even before you pull the trigger. A mission in which you were framed for murder... With 15 non-stop action/adventure chapters, and killer in-game features, Dead to Rights is bound to soon to become an Xbox classic and a smash hit for all!

Graphics -
The graphics in Dead to Rights, are really very smooth. Staying in, in at least 60 Frames Per Second, the graphics are known to drop at some points, but nevertheless, deliver a thrill ride for all! The cutscenes in Dead to Rights, are beautiful too, I might add. Real life like textures in great quality, Dead to Rights sure is one of the best graphically designed games for xbox!

Overall Score - 9/10

Sound -
You ever wonder what will happen in an average shooting game if you turn the sound up? Not much a result of course, but in Dead to Rights the sounds are real as they get in life. From the bullets of your Ak assault rifle, to the screams of your dog's victims, Dead to Rights, contains one of the very best audio sounds you'll ever hear in a video game up-to-date. To summarize everything I've just thrown at you, 'perfect'.

Overall Score - 10/10

Controls -
Well, the number one thing, or almost the number one thing in a game that determines its success are the controls. The controls, in Dead to Rights, are very simple to learn. With a learning-curve of about 15 minutes, you'll have 3 main buttons to work with. The right-trigger which targets your enemy, the A button which fires the gun, and the Y button for bullet-time, or slow-mo, like in Max Payne. Well in my honest opinion, I found the buttons very easy to learn, and remember throughout the game. But at some points, you might get stuck, and start to go ''Where's that button again?''. Oh, don't worry, I assure you that you'll be a master in less then 3 hours with them.

Overall Score - 9/10

Gameplay -
Ah, yes, we're finally here. The number one thing, that determines the success in a video game - the gameplay. The gameplay is simple. You are Jack Slate, in third person mode. You have guns, your fellow K9 unit dog, Shadow, and a little thing called bullet-time. Known for its success, bullet time first appeared in Max Payne where it was one crazy ride, in slow motion! Reappearing in Dead to Rights, bullet-time doesn't disappoint anyone.

Another thing, I'd like to talk about is the level of difficulty. Right away, the level of difficulty in Dead to Rights, becomes really very challenging. You'll have to think, instead of using those guns of yours to blast your way through. You could interact with the world of yours, throwing canisters at enemies, then shooting them to create a big boom, killing everyone you see instantly. Or you could simply take a human shield with the B button, and laugh at the baddies that shoot their own man down. If you find yourself unarmed, you can disarm an enemy as well with the B button (Ain't life great). But in all, the difficulty level, shouldn't be any harder then Halo's Legendary mode. Sure, some parts will keep your journey from lifting off, but you'll master the gameplay, and soon be called the Dead to Rights master! If that fails, you could always take it to the button cheat codes, but who needs that?

Overall Score - 9/10

The Ups and Downs (A Summary) -

On the up side, I liked:
-The great graphics and textures which will have you drooling over.
-The great audio sounds, as well, which sounds like what you'll hear in an action movie or even in life!
-The great features, such as bullet time, the disarm, the use of Shadow (your friendly k9 unit), and many more!

On the down side, I disliked:
-The lack of Multiplayer or Co-Operate options, which lowers the replay value.
-No level difficulty you could pick, such as an easy mode, normal mode, or a hard one. Instead your stuck with a hard one.
-A little to short? The game does feature 15 chapters, but any way you look at it, you could be on chapter 5 in less then 2 or 3 days and to the 1/3 point of being finished.

Rent or Buy -
Well, if your a hardcore third person shooter (TPS) gamer, you should totally buy and add this game to your collection. If you dislike third person shooters for some reason, I think you should hold off on the purchase with Dead to Rights, and rent it instead. Of course, we are talking about 15 chapters. The replay value, is fun, but for how long, will it last in your appeal? If you want the advice of a hardcore gamer as I, I suggest you buy it, after all, this game will have you begging for more, even after you've finished it.

Final Reviewed Score: 9/10 - Great!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/30/02, Updated 09/03/02

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