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You are Jack Slater. A cop.

You might be saying to yourself this game is to hard. But trust me you will get the hang of it. All it takes is skill and practice. Now for the review.

This took a back seat behind gameplay but even though it doesn't use the full potential of the Xbox doesn't mean its bad. The character models are ok at best. What I really didn't like was how the characters didn't have any mouths. Whenever it when to a movie scene the characters would talk with no mouths. The animation in this game is good. All the animations look real except for a few. But nothing is perfect so now on to gameplay.

This is what took the cake for me. The adrenaline meter is a godsend. If this game didn't have it it would be that much harder. The adrenaline meter is just like that of Max Payne's but it is better. The way this games combat systems works is you hold R and press A to shoot. Sounds simple? Yeah it is but when you have 10 guys shooting you that's when it gets tricky. The other combat system is the hand-to-hand system. This has very basic controls for punching, kicking, and throwing. You can also dodge so that makes it a lot easier. One feature I liked was the assortment of guns at your disposal. You can have shotguns to pistols to throwing fire extinguishers at the enemies' then shooting it to make it explode on them. Another weapon is the dog. You can only use him once then you have to wait a little so he gets back his energy. So all in all the gameplay is what is really driving this game. Another part of the game are all the mini games. I myself enjoyed them but others may not when most of the time its just tapping buttons. But I found it fun.

Sound can be good or it can be bad. In this game it can be both. The bullets hitting objects is off a little.This game doesn't use Dolby 5.1 properly either. The voice acting in the game isn't bad but it also won't annoy you. Guns sound like what there suppose to and that's all I can say about that.

The controls in this game are good but I found myself like the control scheme for Max Payne better. What I didn't like was when I pressed R it was towards a guy no where near me when there was a guy a few feet away. I would've preferred it if they let you aim for yourself just like in Max Payne because it would've made it a lot funner. The camera in this game is bad. Sometimes its right on target but other times you press R and you don't see who your shooting at. But at other times it's good. This games controls are easy to learn and shouldn't take you a long time to figure out.

Fun Factor
Even with all the bad things in this game I have found it very enjoyable. The good things outweigh the bad by a lot. I enjoyed Max Payne more but this I to enjoyed. It will give you a few hours of enjoyment also. So go out and give it a rental. And if you like it go all the way and buy it. Some will like it some will not.

End Comments.
This game had so much potential but it only put out a little. It could've had better graphics, better sound, and better controls but the heart of every game is the gameplay. And that's where this game delivers its best.

Overall-8(not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/22/02, Updated 09/22/02

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