"A very good action game, brought down by very few problems!"

What can I say, i'm an action junkie. I love action games so much. And this game gives me everything I could hope for. Guns, Fighting, and Strippers. Who could ask for more. Dead To Rights does have it's flaws, but in my opinion there are heavily out numbered by the number of good things in this game. The fighting system is a little weak, but i can live with that. The story, not to shabby. The main character is Jack Slate, your a fugitive cop wanted for a murder, well at least one you didn't do. Your father has been murdered. You getting the picture here. This game is an all out shoot and kill action game. The kind that have seemed to pass by us action junkies here lately. Here's my review breakdown.


Like I said, your Jack Slate. One night your called while pulling your routine drive, to investigate some shootings. But little do you know, that your about to make your way into something that there is no escape to. Jack has been pulled into a huge world of nothing but trouble. Which all us action fans know, means there is trouble ahead.


Very fun, at least I think so. The gameplay is simple to Max Payne. But I like DTR's control scheme and action sequences alot better than last years hit Max Payne. Your can disarm enemies. And there are alot of these disarm moves. You can unlock some as well as use the ones that currently have. You can take enemies hostage as a human shield. Which I can say is one of the greatest things to do in this game. Gives you lots of protection.


Easily the weakest thin about this game. It doesn't live up to what the Xbox is capable of doing. The graphics could have been so much better. But that doesn't take away from the fun gameplay. You'll hardly notice any glitches or jumps in the game. It pretty smooth from the beginning to the end.

Lasting Appeal:

DTR will last a pretty long time for the people who aren't great at action games. The average time of play is around 10 hours. So it's a pretty long action game, compared to some of the games companies have been slapping on shelves here lately. I would definitely recommend you pick this up if your looking for a fun and action packed game full of surprises and a pretty good story to boot.

Why I recommend Dead To Rights:

This game stays true to my favorite type of games. The pure non stop action games. The ones that I have the most fun playing and enjoying. My advice to you is to at least go to your local video rental store and give this game a try, if not, you may miss out on a very good experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/15/02, Updated 10/15/02

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