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" *Destroys XBOX in frustration with this game*"

''Man do I want to destroy my XBOX'' is what I was thinking after finally getting to the forth level and getting to a checkpoint with only 1/20th of my health, no health items, and literally 30 guys against me and two pistols and a dog. How the blue are you supposed to survive!? Yes, this game is that challenging.

Story: The story is in fact a very much alike to PS2’s Max Payne, not exactly but they share many similarities. First off you’re Jack Slate, a K-9 cop unit and your investigating a crime scene, and you fight many enemies with your sidekick dog. Well wouldn’t you know just like in Max Payne the main character looses a loved one due to some gang/crime syndicate/psychopath and decides to take matters into his own hands. Well in order to prevent major spoilers, he gets framed by someone and ends up being a fugitive….hmm this sounds vaguely like Max Payne. Well the story bounces to a different array of places, from a prison to a construction yard. This storyline is mixed with action, suspense, drama and even some comedy. The story is your basic action-shoot ‘em up story, only problem is the overall story is a bit cliché. The overall story of the game deserves a 7, respectively.

Gameplay: The gameplay is surprisingly not very good. Well gun shooting is but hand to hand is pure horrid. And most of the game revolves around hand-to-hand combat rather than shooting so it’s very annoying. For example, you may try to hit someone but Jack will some how about face and completely miss the guy. Also the people you fight hand to hand hit very hard. You barely do any damage and they deal out God-like damage, it’s very irritating and most of the time you’re up against 20 guys. Also the camera views are very annoying because you will be trying to outrun some guys and suddenly you fall into a pit. It can get quite aggravating but that’s what adds the challenge to the game that some people like. Also the AI is about as smart as a peanut so many people can take advantage of that. Like when you fight a few hand-to-hand you can run from them and when you get a certain distance they turn around and leave like you were never here. A very good way to trick the enemy. Also the adrenaline bar is a very nice effect. It simply allows you to go into “Neo-dodging-gun-shooting-matrix” slow motion. Allowing you to take out multiple enemies without even hitting the ground. This is what makes the game very fun, since you basically never run out of adrenaline. Another cool add feature in the game is “Disarms” which allow Jack to run up to someone and instantly kill the guy and take his weapon, doing this in Adrenaline mode gives it a nice effect. And don’t forget the use of human shields, just run up to someone and grab hold of him and viola! You’re very own shield! Great for fighting multiple enemies, and after all the dust settles and your shield is alive, just thank him, shake his hand and Jack will add another bullet into him. The overall score for gameplay is a mediocre 5, this game needs a lot of work on gameplay.

Graphics The graphics are very nice and all of Jack’s surroundings are well done. This is about the best thing about this game. But the only thing I find odd is the blood in this game. The blood is “strange” looking because a lot of it comes out of the enemy and it’s not very realistic. When I mean a lot I mean like gallons, I don’t even think there is that much blood in someone. But these graphics smooth, rarely skips and are very realistic. The score for graphics deserves a proud 8 but graphics don’t make up the whole game itself.

Sound: I would describe the sound in one way and one way only…very mediocre. Nothing out of the ordinary to make you say “Wow that was cool!” or bad you say, “What the blue hell was that?” It’s just too average and predictable. The best thing in the sound that got my attention for about a second is whenever you into adrenaline mode and shoot a guy and the scream in a low, slow tone. It’s a very neat effect, but besides that the game doesn’t have much spunk as far as sound and audio go. The overall sound receives a 4.

Will this game cause you to destroy your XBOX?:Yes. Yes it will. This little section is dedicated to telling you how incredibly hard this game is. You WILL get very, very frustrated in this game at one point or another. Most likely you’ll throw your controller on the ground and yell vulgar things to your TV. But some people like this kind of challenge I myself enjoyed not being able to complete the entire game in one rental.

Replay Value Most likely if you ever complete this game, you won’t want to play thru the horror of this game again. But also it’s fun to replay the first few levels over again before they get too hard. But other than that you won’t find any hidden secrets or anything else. I’d give it a 2 for those first two levels, which can be fun.

To rent? Or not to rent? And out right buy the game? My suggestion, RENT you will be disappointed if you buy this game automatically. But renting it lets you see if you might like it or not, everyone has their own views, but it’s much safer to pay the 5 dollars than the 50.

Overall: Overall all this game is probably the second best game on the XBOX even though it gets a 5. It is defiantly worth a good look into. But don’t get your hopes up , if you like Max Payne you most defiantly enjoy this

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/20/02, Updated 10/21/02

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