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Reviewed: 12/22/02 | Updated: 12/22/02

Game? What game? This was junk!

Storyline/Sound: 4/10
Storyline? What storyline? As far as I'm concerned, this game was a wretched one. The storyline is awful. First of all you start out on this mission out of the wild blue. There is no reason or point to the beginning; you start off in a dark alley with a gun. There's no explanation as to what you're doing in the alley except that you need to get some gang members. Then you end up in a club. I'm like what the hell, it has relevance to this first part of the mission, but it's too short. This game could easily be beaten in about 5 hours. First you're a cop, then you're an ex-cop.....let's just not get into the details, it isn't a pretty sight at all.
The sound is just as bad as the storyline, the voice of the main character is a bit rough. It's serious, and then kind of playful. I mean come on, is this the bipolar convention? The dog has this weird barking noise that's just pretty darn generic. Also, while going through the levels, this is what really disappointed me, was that the dog, Shadow, pops up out of no where as if he were an illusion. He'll call for Shadow, his dog, and instantly he's there. So much for realism. Skip this game.

Characters/Control: 2/10
Characters my foot. The characters in the game have nothing real about them. It's like the characters are just images of random super heroes with different voices and different apparel. I'm like ''O...k.....'' and this game is bugging me out. Shadow, the dog, is just the most pointless character there is, the only purpose he serves is to do chores. He attacks sometimes, but I'm mean, they could have put better effort into this character, seeing as though he was the only one to have a decent plot.
The control is good, in a way, but bad in more. The controls are ''button-mashing controls'' and can sometimes can be too difficult to handle if you don't have gargantuan hands for the massive controller. There are sometimes three-button combos that are so hard to pull off, even if you've had it memorized! To me, this is just a bad quality of the X-Box version. The pitch that really strikes down my interest in the control is how you can have an oversensitive controller. The controller on certain buttons (unless it's just my controller) are over effective, and are too sensitive, especially the control sticks. Don't buy this game....maybe just borrow it from a friend who says it's good.

Graphics/Scenery: 3/10
The graphics on this are good, but they can be a bit stubborn in terms of vision. The graphics are the nice ''space-aged'' 3D environment system, but are still a bit choppy. You may say that the graphics are just, underprivileged, I just say they're downright horrid. They may look good from commercials, or box art, but in the game it's just horrible, terrible, and utterly mortifying. What I mean is that the graphics are just sort of ''up there'' so to speak. If you've played games like Half-Life: Counter Strike, or Rayman (Series games) you'll know what I mean.
Scenery? Haha, what a good laugh. There isn't scenery except for the mission when you're in the club. The scenery breaks down like this: BAD! When you've played game like Super Mario 64, and Rayman Advance, you can say that you have seen scenery, but this is nothing more than blood, and gore spilled all over the ground. Here's some good scenery, watch how your character dies, that's pretty much the best thing about the game, because they show you different, more ''scenic'' areas of the game, and when you get to them. On the bright side there are some good pieces remaining to this boring scene, the rest of the game.

Replay Value: 1/10
What replay value? You accomplish everything through the game in missions. (There is no going back unless you restart).

Buy or Rent:
Rent. This game isn't worth the money, and besides, it's too short anyway, and gets boring way too fast.

This game is down right bad, and you would be a little disappointed even if you did state that this would be the best game in the world.

All in all, bad game, bad creators. What were they thinking when they made this?

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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