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Reviewed: 06/01/03 | Updated: 06/01/03

Not the game for a sore loser... But MAN is it fun!

As I indicated, this game is not for the sore loser. Even with targeting, the masses will overcome you, and make you suffer!!! Seriously, I love a challenge and I heard this game has plenty of it, so I got it and lost on level one. Hey, I wasn't expecting there to be so many adversaries. But this game can be a little aggrivating sometimes, especially on some of those ''A/B'' mini games. It will last you a while, if you can handle having your ass handed to you in every area at least once. And it's even good for the animal lovers(filtered thoughts), because since you were on the canine unit, you get to use your own attack dog, Shadow! But I don't advise you to play it if you don't like bloodshed, because there's lots!

Story: 9/10
I'd give it a ten, if it didn't seem to follow after another well-known game(which I also own). You find out your father's been shot, so you seek revenge. You travel through fifteen different levels trying to find out who killed him and to bring justice by your own means, but you are a fugitive cop due to one foolish mistake that Jack makes. So you're running from the law, a private S.W.A.T. team, an assassin's guild, and basically everyone who has a high seat in Grand City. I don't know if the ending's happy or sad, because I've been on the first part of level fifteen for the past 6-8 months!

Graphics: 8/10
Not too great, not at all bad, above average to say the least. They are very clear - especially in the cinematics. They are actually very good compared to many other games(on newer systems).

Controls: 9/10
The controls are not at all what make this game so tough, because it is a very convenient setup. They are easy to use and learn.

Gameplay: 10/10
Very good indeed! You will like it. It is very fun to lock on to people and shoot them at point-blank range with a shotgun. The little mini-games are fun too. Fist-fighting is not lacking in performance in this game, either, as you can actually mix 'n' match combos. If you don't like that, take someone hostage to save body armor, or just press ''down'' to put your gun away and disarm them. Or just toss a canister at someone and shoot it to blow them to pieces. Did I mention that there are different disarms to unlock?

Fun Factor: 8/10
Too much stuff to do to not have fun! You can just try headshots on everyone if you're REALLY bored. It can get boring after a while though.

Replay Value: 7/10
IF you can beat this game, you can always try to get all the disarms, replay levels and look for hidden routes/goodies, or just replay the level and try beating it in one specific way(i.e. I kill all with Shadow).

Overall: 8/10
`don't know if I've played other Namco games, but I sure hope they all are(were) as good as this one.

Buy or Rent:
You should always rent a game first, or need I tell you about the `99 incident? When I got my N64, I was too impatient to wait for OOT to restock, and I bought Superman 64 instead.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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