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    Crazy X FAQ/Walkthrough by TMcCann

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 03/19/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    .   .       _-~\ .    ____ .           .     ,^~=¬…_ .      .
            . …/    >  . |‡‡‡‡|   __  .     ,~=…;       °-¬_   .
      . _~=_ /     ( \_  |‡‡†‡| .|¥¥|   . _/   °            \_,-=~…
    . _j    V          '=|‡‡‡‡|__|••|_…~='                 _;
    -=       \_        _ |‡†‡‡|""|••|               ___…='°
                     _|_ôô_/¶\ôô"|••|-=--_      …='°
                    |'''{}¥¥¥¥{}_|__|_ ""|
              `  _…=|'''||¥¥¥¥||°°°°°°|óò|
         .           ___{} /\ {}°°°°°°\     `
     `         ._…-="        _/ `        *      `
      *   ___…="     ____…='°      `
      …='° _____…~='°       `    .     `        *  `
        ='°      .           *
         &&&&& &&&&&   &&  &&&&& && &&  3333333333   _______  H
        &&    &&  && && &&   && && &&  3333333333   /\  . . \  I
       &&    &&&&&  &&&&&  &&& &&&&&         333   /  \  . . \  G
      &&    &&  && && && &&&     &&         33    /.  .\______\  H
     &&&&& &&  && && && &&&&&&  &&       333      \    /      /
                                      3333        /\  /   .  /  R
     &&&&&&&  &&  &&    &&  &&&&        3333     / .\/______/  O
       &&   && &&  && &&    &&           333    /_____/  . \  L
      &&   &&&&&   &&&     &&          3333     \ . . \    / L
     &&   && &&  && &&    &&         3333        \ . . \ ./ E
    &&   && && &&    && &&&&     33333            \_____\/ R
     -==       Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller - Crazy X Complete Walkthrough        ==-
     -==                  Version 1.02 (FINAL) - 03.19.2003                    ==-
    Written by Tyson McCann
    This Unpublished work is Copyrighted ©2002 by Tyson McCann
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    Tyson McCann
    email: applebrown@gamebanshee.com
    Ver 1.0 -- June 12th, 2002:
    >General Crazy Taxi 3 Tips
    >The completed Walkthrough for all Crazy X Stages
    >Crazy X 3A, 3B & SS include most major shortcut tips that can be used in any
    of the normal modes as well.
    Ver 1.01 -- July 23rd, 2002:
    >edited tids here and there (very little)
    >reformatted tids here and there (very little)
    >added extra help here and there (very little)
    >added places you can find this FAQ/Walkthrough (very little right now)
    >it's basically the same as version 1.0 with a little extra salt & pepper
    Ver 1.011 -- July 25th, 2002:
    >Updated Best Times for Crazy X!
    Ver 1.012 -- July 26th, 2002:
    >What many of you will find VERY useful! I photoshopped a screen capture of
    Small Apple, and drew my path around it for SS. The link's in the SS section :)
    >Updated Best Times for Crazy X! - New Format as well
    >Added a Rolling Credits section at the bottom
    >Moved the list of sites that carry the Walkthrough up to the top
    Ver 1.013 -- July 29th, 2002:
    >Began adding "Other Strats" user submitted strategies below many of my own
    >Updated Best Times for Crazy X! REMEMBER! There are many many spots open still
    on the CT3 Best Times board, so if you've broken the default record by any
    amount send in those times. Your name and time will be in the next version.
    Ver 1.014 -- August 8th, 2002:
    >Added more sites to the list o' sites carrying this (or a version of this)
    >Enhanced the strategies of three of the most difficult stages: Crazy Hopper
    (2A), Crazy Turn (2G) and Crazy Zigzag (2J).
    Ver 1.015 -- September 27th, 2002:
    >Updated the Best Times section - **PICS ARE NO LONGER NECESSARY** so send your
    scores if you have a top time
    >Added another site to the list of sites that carry the walkthrough
    Ver 1.02 Final -- March 19th, 2003
    > Deleted the best times section from the FAQ and part of a corny paragraph
    below, so now it's down to its prime fighting weight. Thanks to all those who
    sent in feedback and/or times and corrections!
    > This is most likely the final version of the FAQ :)
     -==                            INTRODUCTION                               ==-
    Well, hello there. Having had the opportunity to work at Sega on this lovely
    game 8 hours a day over three months, I have unconsciously developed for good
    or for worse a bond with the Crazy X mode found in the Xbox version of CT3.
    Countless hours of testing subtly changed revisions has paid off in this (?!),
    the inside (edit: at one time it was :) info on how to beat the sometimes
    frustratingly hard and unbelievably easy records of all the Crazy X stages, as
    well as most all the shortcuts to help you through the main game. Now there,
    and I'll stress this, _could_ be and probably _are_ better ways to even further
    the techniques mentioned below. So if you find a better or alternative way,
    please let me know and I’ll add them and you'll have my admiration. But my
    guess is that you’ll be, for the most part, sticking with some sort of
    variation (send any variations to me too and I’ll add them) of the tips below
    for the record runs with the almost positive exception of SS, the final Crazy X
    This was my first mastering (beating all the top default records and many by
    quite a bit) of any Crazy Taxi game. After all is said and done… and believe
    me, I am el finito with the game, I do feel I know my limits for patience and
    game ability a little bit more. Is knowing your own limits a good or bad thing?
    Or is it all a state of mind anyway?
    There are some courses where I put my best times. In all cases, I know I could
    beat them if given enough time. You'll find that the same applies to your
    records. For instance, after not playing the game for 2 weeks due to it getting
    finalized, I had the opportunity to play the final final FINAL version. I
    nearly beat my SS time by 10 seconds on my first play through. So there's room
    for improvement. It's very difficult to have a consistently perfect drive in
    the longer X levels such as 3A, 3B & SS. Those times I put up are what I made
    it to, and I know they probably will be beat by someone, if only because I put
    them there and people will know what's possible. But they should prove a good
    challenge and barometer of indication of your own skill or room for
     -==                    GENERAL CRAZY TAXI 3 TIPS                          ==-
    First, some general tips for those who are new or have migrated from previous
    -==About Crazy Dash's:  There are two types of speed boosts, and they are not
    done with exactly the same timing as in the previous Crazy Taxi’s, though they
    are pretty close – they are the Short Crazy Dash and the Long Crazy Dash
    (noticeably faster and longer, but slightly more difficult to do). The manual
    calls them something different, and so does Prima. I feel however, that short
    and long more accurately reflect what they are. Perform the Short Crazy Dash by
    simply tapping the Drive button (B) followed immediately by the Accelerator
    (R-trigger).  The timing between the presses is the key to success. Almost
    immediately after you hit Drive (even if you’re already in Drive), hit the
    Accelerator button. The Long Crazy Dash is done by first putting car into
    Reverse (A) at any time (…while driving or stopped, or in the air - it doesn’t
    matter), followed by the Short Crazy Dash as performed above (B + VERY slight
    delay + R-trigger).
    Crazy Dash Tip: For quicker beginnings on any normal level or Crazy X stage,
    always use the Short Crazy Dash from a stopped position.  Usually you’ll follow
    this up with a Long Crazy Dash and continue with the Long until stopped again.
    -==About Crazy Drifts:  Just as essential as the dashes, are the drifts. You
    can turn much more quickly by pressing and holding both the Reverse (A) and
    Drive (B) buttons at the same time while turning the car. The car will then
    make a skidding sound, usually fire will flare up underneath the tires to add
    some visual flare, and you'll be turned the direction you want to face in no
    Crazy Drift Tip 1: After dropping off your customers in normal mode or in some
    Crazy X modes (Crazy Rush & Crazy Poles), chances are you'll be facing a
    different way than you want to be when stopped. From a stopped position, as
    another customer is getting into the vehicle, press Left or Right on the
    controller, and then do a Crazy Drift (A+B). Continue holding the buttons and
    direction you want to go, and as soon as you regain control of your car, your
    car will slide around smoothly to the direction you want to face. Then Crazy
    Dash your way out of there.
    Whether customers are getting in or not, you'll often have to use the Crazy
    Drift from a completely stopped position, which thankfully is easy to do.
    Crazy Drift Tip 2: Quickest way to a 180 degree turn:  With the car, driving in
    a straight direction, hold the Brake (L-Trigger) and Crazy Drift to the left or
    right. Use this trick especially on the lip near R.B. Station heading to the
    Baseball Stadium in West Coast. With the Horse Carriage, for some reason it's
    easier to hold Accelerate (R-Trigger) and Crazy Drift around than to use the
    -==About stopping very quickly:  For the most part, the quickest way to stop,
    short of ramming into a barrier (which you’ll use sometimes), is with your car
    facing straight ahead, then using the Crazy Back Dash (which is exactly the
    opposite the Short Crazy Dash), performed by hitting the Reverse button (A)
    followed immediately by the accelerator (R-Trigger). It will also help if you
    hold the Brake (L-trigger) as well. If you’re in the air about to land and you
    want to stop as quickly as possible, make sure your car is facing directly
    ahead and not at an angle, and perform a Crazy Back Dash (while still in the
    air) and you’ll stop nearly immediately when you land.  Hold both the R-trigger
    and L-trigger after performing the Crazy Back Dash until you come to a complete
    stop.  Use the air Crazy Back Dash trick to stop on almost all Crazy X goals
    that you must jump to, and the normal Crazy Back Dash at all drop-off points
    while playing the main game.
    -==About Crazy Drift-Hops:  This is the term Hitmaker (the developers) gave for
    performing a Crazy Drift (A + B at basically the same time) and while in the
    drift, performing a Crazy Hop. It nets you a little more height and in most
    cases, you’ll be already turned to the direction you want to be facing when you
    land. Learn to perform them quickly as you’ll want to use the technique in
    certain Crazy X stages, namely 1L, 2G and 2J. Have your thumb over all three
    buttons (A, B & Y) while playing so you won’t have to move your thumb off of
    any buttons, but instead adjust the pressure depending on which buttons you
     -==                  CRAZY X LAYOUT & UNLOCKED BONUSES                    ==-
    1A  1B  1C      1D  1E  1F
       \ | X | \   / | X | /
        2A  2B  2C  2D  2E
           \ | X | X | /		
           / | X | X | \
        2F  2G  2H  2I  2J
       / | X | /   \ | X | \
    1G  1H  1I      1J  1K  1L
    Crazy X is where you unlock all of the glory there is to unlock in the game...
    besides the wisdom of course (that is to say, not altogether very much,
    relatively speaking):
    Completing 1A-1L: Unlocks all three course maps, for the West Coast, Glitter
    Oasis and Small Apple. You’ll find them in the menu after you select the course
    at the main menu.
    Completing 2A-2J: Unlocks three extra modes of transportation – the Bike,
    Stroller and Horse(y) Carriage.
    Completing 3A & 3B: Unlocks the alternative gameplay mode – “Another Day”.
    Completing SS: Unlocks all 12 drivers for any map, giving you access to any
    driver at any time.
     -==                     GENERAL CRAZY X INTRODUCTION                      ==-
    Clearing most of the stages is relatively easy compared with breaking the
    records. Some are obviously going to be harder than others and you can clear a
    stage usually in any multitude of ways. If you're having trouble on any of the
    stages, these tips should help, but for the records, they could prove
    For the walkthrough, if anyone has anything they'd like to add, or an
    alternative way to break the record for any stage, please let me know and I'll
    use it here and give you credit.
     -==                 CRAZY X STAGES 1A - 1L WALKTHROUGH                    ==-
    -1A: Crazy Jump-
    Difficult to get over 950' now. It's more of a jump perfect and you got it kind
    of thing. We played it just enough on the final revs to get over 950' and that
    was it. There is some debate as to whether Crazy Dashing in the air actually
    helps. See the Other Strats section following this guideline.
    1. Get up to full speed with a couple Crazy Dashes, then perform a Long Crazy
    Dash (see description above) near the end of the jump and Crazy Hop at the last
    minute around 2/3 the way through your last dash. It can take awhile to get the
    timing down to successfully break the record. In fact, doing so appears almost
    random. If you’re having trouble, a well timed Long Crazy Dash at the very peak
    of your jump has seemed to have a positive effect as well (kind of like tapping
    your fingers against the edge of a slot machine "helps" when you actually win
    something... it might be a coincidence), though at any other time seemed more
    to hinder the distance. I’ve broken the record both with and without the
    mid-air crazy dash so whether you Air Dash (which may be just for show) or not,
    you'll probably use a similar method.
    -== Other Strats ==-
    Submitted by: Dustin Wood
    I myself wanted to know if mid air dashes helped or hurt, so I tested it.  I
    started multiple times and simply held the gas from the start.  No turns, no
    dashes.  Off the ramp and let it land.  There was a spread of about 10 meters
    in the distances which has to be totally random since I did EXACTLY the same
    thing every time.  I then tried the same thing, but with dashes added AFTER
    going off the ramp.  The landing positions were in the exact same range.  So
    my conclusion is that mid air dashes have no net effect on your distance.
    -1B: Crazy Home Run-
    Very tough to get over 850'. Around that is our record at Sega Test. They
    changed the distance so much on different revs that we're not sure if you can
    go much higher, but after many tries, 850-55' is around the limit we think.
    1. Use the Bike if you have it for the record, due to its more powerful
    beginning and quick turning. Dash at the beginning quickly right or left, then
    quickly back toward the ball and Crazy Hop straight into the ball to hit it at
    an angle. If done correctly, it will miss the stadium scoreboard just to the
    left or right and continue beyond the stands for an outside the park home run,
    usually over 800m (why this isn’t measured in feet is beyond me). If the ball
    hits the scoreboard, it will stop, along with your record chances.
    -1C: Crazy Ball-
    19" something is my best. It's beatable but will be a challenge.
    1. For an average time, never turbo, stay close to the glittering ball, and
    crazy drift on each landing. The Stroller is good for this method, but other
    vehicles except the Carriage are also adequate. The car is the easiest to
    control here, and what I recommend for the record.
    2. For the record, you must use a method similar to this:
    a) jump forward through the ball
    b) while in the air, Crazy Back Dash so when you land, you begin moving
    c) jump backwards into the ball
    d) Short Crazy Dash forward while in the air and immediately Crazy Back Dash to
    begin moving backward on landing (will take practice)
    e) repeat steps C & D until finished
    -== Other Strats ==-
    Submitted by: Dustin Wood
    Your method is certainly better, but here is another method that can be used.
    It's probably easier for most players too.  Though it won't be as good for
    time, it still can get the record.
    a)Start forward, no dash.
    b)Jump through the ball at a slow speed.  You should land just past the ball
    (you were going really slow weren't you?)
    c)Put it in reverse while in the air, but do NOT Crazy Back Dash
    d)Once you land, give it some gas, just enough to move you backwards.
    e)Jump through the ball backwards at a very slow speed.
    f)Switch to forward, but DON'T Crazy Dash.
    g)When you land, give it some gas, just enough to move you forwards.
    h)Go back to step 2 and repeat until finished.
    -1D: Crazy Tornado-
    Not sure what my best time is. I'm not partial to this one.
    1. Gradually move to the right through this stage and you should avoid falling
    off any cliffs.
    2. For maximum speed, continue Long Crazy Dashing until the goal, and when
    nearly there do a fast Crazy Back Dash to end just inside the goal.
    -1E: Crazy Balloons-
    1. Practice finding the best route through the balls, using quick bursts of
    Crazy Dash, Crazy Drifts and for the most part at a slower speed. I usually
    begin by Crazy Drifting to the right through the ball directly ahead, and then
    get the next closest one. From there, I found it easiest to move in a generally
    clockwise pattern around the arena.
    2. Helpful tip: you can pop the pair of vertical balls on top one another and
    the pair of balls close to each other in the air with one jump, no matter the
    direction you approach them from.
    -1F: Crazy Football-
    Shoot for the late 12's or early 13's in seconds. It's doable.
    1. Begin by gradually moving to the right then cut to the left around the first
    set of cars.
    2. After that, begin a series of long right and left swerves, weaving and just
    missing oncoming sets of vehicles. You can also jump every other set if you
    wish... but Long Crazy Dash whenever you can. Jump over the last set of
    18-wheelers and dash for the goal. This stage can be done a variety of ways for
    the record but the constant is that moving back and forth from left to right is
    the safest way to proceed.
    Helpful Tip: It takes a LOT of practice to figure some of this out, but here's
    one that probably wouldn't be the first bit o' gleaming knowledge you'd
    encounter. If you even glance off a car, it will stun you and you won't be able
    to do a Crazy Dash, short or long, for about a second. Try to avoid even
    touching cars on this stage.
    -1G: Crazy UFO’s-
    1. You’ll want to use the Long Crazy Dash as much as possible on this stage to
    get the record.
    2. Gradually move your car from left to right or right to left as the case may
    be after each UFO, instead of making sudden turns. This keeps your speed to
    maximum and makes it easier to control.
    3. Before each hill peak with a UFO on top, jump early to get the least amount
    of air so that you hit the UFO at the peak of your jump. The less air the
    better as you go faster when you’re Crazy Dashing on the ground.
    -1H: Crazy Ring-
    Out of 5 serious times doing this once I figured out the method, my top two
    scores are 90 and 83. There's room for improvement. I think I could get 100 if
    I had more time (but I'm not going to play it anymore). Go for it.
    1. You can do this the obvious way and get 20 or under with practice… or you
    can do this a not so obvious way for the un obvious way to the record.
    2. To clear the stage using the normal method, never use Crazy Dash after going
    through your first ring, but Crazy DRIFT immediately after every landing, stay
    as close as possible to the ramps and Crazy Drift a U-turn around the ramp
    heading back toward the ring. Lightly jump through the ring and repeat.
    3. Using the un obvious method, you can score 80 points and above. The trick is
    similar to how the Crazy Ball is done. Quickly head toward the end of the ledge
    close to the ring. Crazy Drift around 180 degrees so your vehicle is facing the
    ring backward. Crazy Back Dash backward and jump through the ring backwards.
    Crazy Dash forward again in the air after going through the ring. You’ll score
    twice for each jump! While still in the air or when just landing, Crazy Back
    Dash again and jump to repeat the process. This method takes some practice but
    eventually it will be second nature.
    -1I: Crazy Poles-
    1. The top record on this stage is very tough to beat, no matter how you
    approach it. The fastest record-breaking method is to take your vehicle and
    dash straight for each pole, and then:
    a) Crazy Drift at the last possible second to ram yourself sideways into the
    pole, allowing it to stop you immediately while at the same time, facing your
    next pole.
    b) Short Crazy Dash immediately after the next passenger gets into the vehicle,
    followed by one Long Crazy Dash before the next pole.
    c) Repeat steps a & b, but on the last pole, just ram straight into it (tricky
    as it's pretty thin).
    -1J: Crazy Ramps-
    1. The fastest way to the goal is to perform a Long Crazy Dash just before each
    ramp, and do not jump off the ramp at all. Instead let the momentum off the
    ramp carry you to the next platform. Sometimes it will be fairly close, but
    you’ll catch much less air and have a lot more time for Crazy Dashing this way.
    2. The last jump can be the hardest due to its thinness. It’s possible to still
    get the record by jumping off the last ramp if you don’t care to let momentum
    take its course. Perform a Crazy Back Dash in the air before you land to stop
    nearly immediately. Remember to hold the R & L Triggers after the back dash.
    -1K: Crazy Logs-
    1. This is all about timing. Learn the pattern of the logs and when you can
    jump over two at once.  At around the 6th or 7th jump, you’ll have to begin
    jumping over one log, and then immediately over the next two that are slightly
    spread out, followed by one, then two spread out. It’s best if you brake after
    the first spread out two you jump over as the next one comes at you pretty
    quickly. The record on this one is fairly easily attainable, even when messing
    up once or twice.
    -1L: Crazy Plates-
    1. Crazy Drift-Hop as much as possible on this stage instead of taking each
    jump straight on, and then drifting to get your bearings. After every jump,
    perform a Crazy Dash.
    2. A more advanced method: from the beginning Short Crazy Dash then Long Crazy
    Dash at an angle to the next platform, jump at an angle to the next platform,
    Crazy Drift-Hop immediately onto the next platform, Long Crazy Dash at an angle
    to the next one, jump on to it at the angle, Crazy Drift-Hop immediately onto
    the next one, Long Crazy Dash, jump, Long Crazy Dash at an angle, jump, Crazy
    Drift-Hop, and then continue how you see fit. Sounds complicated until you
    really get into the level and think it through. Yeah, I played it way too much.
    3. Toward the end, sometimes you might be pressed for space to Crazy Dash. At
    the very least, perform Crazy Drift-Hops to decrease your time. The record time
    on this is pretty easy to beat, so that method above is only for those
    determined enough to try for the best time, period.
    -Congratulations! Da, da-da-daa! --> ALL COURSE MAPS UNLOCKED-
     -==                 CRAZY X STAGES 2A - 2J WALKTHROUGH                    ==-
    -2A: Crazy Hopper-
    1. This is one of the more difficult stages. Consistency is the key. Try and
    perform one Long Crazy Dash on every platform. At the least, try and be
    consistent each run to make it easier to observe the pattern of the moving
    platforms. Then it’s all a matter of being at the right place.
    2. Gradually move to the left or right depending on which path you took at the
    beginning, staying most likely closer to the outer edge of the platform, as the
    one ahead will be moving even further that direction until the 8th jump. This
    is where the platforms move back toward the center. Cut back in and then it’s
    semi-straight to the goal.
    3. I find it easier to remain consistent by taking the left path at the
    4. Begin with a normal Crazy Dash, followed then by a Long Crazy Dash toward
    the left platform, and then yet another Long Crazy Dash with a jump to the
    first left platform. Put the vehicle in reverse while in the jump, and when you
    land, immediately put it in drive and hit the accelerator for a long crazy dash
    toward the next platform.
    -2B: Crazy Rise-
    This was the only one I didn't concentrate on mastering the "ultimate way", but
    Adam at Sega Test did :). He crazy drift hopped on every platform, around in
    circles up to the top floor. His time was in the 18"-19" range. Insane. Prima
    guide says you'd have to stop occasionally by doing this. I saw him do it
    perfectly. He said himself it was an insane run. With the route described
    below, the much easier route (after so much competition, I like easy), I got
    around 21" with good help from slightly underjumping and getting turned around
    1. Crazy Dash toward the left or right of the platform and head for the one up
    ahead. Jump to the next platform, and when you land, immediately perform a
    Crazy Drift 180 degrees to face the next platform.
    2. Crazy Dash and jump onto the next platform, Crazy Drift around 180 degrees,
    Crazy Dash toward the next platform, jump, Crazy Drift, and repeat until the
    3. Remember to jump to the final goal facing straight. Perform a quick Crazy
    Back Dash in the air and hold the buttons for an almost immediate stop when you
    land on the goal.  You’ll use this trick a lot for the next set of stages.
    -2C: Crazy Floor-
    1. This stage is one of the tougher ones at first, but like most of the others,
    can be mastered. For the fastest time, Crazy Dash as much as possible
    throughout the early part of the stage. And when you feel confident, dash
    throughout the whole thing.
    2. As a general rule, when the conveyer belt is moving from the left to the
    right, enter it on the left. When it is moving from right to left, enter it on
    the right side.
    3. If a conveyer belt is moving from left to right and then curves to the
    right, enter it from the left, continue straight until almost the end, and then
    turn hard to the right. Do not turn too early, be patient, and do not be afraid
    to Crazy Drift a little toward the end of one of these turns if you’re in a
    pinch. Likewise, for right to left belts, enter from the right, continue to
    near the end, and hard turn to the left.
    -2D: Crazy Canyon-
    1. One of the easiest stages, Crazy Dash as much as possible on the
    straight-aways before the crevasses, and Crazy Hop over every larger crevasse.
    2. Near the goal, to be safe and still within record time, stop Crazy Hopping
    over the crevasses and follow the path. On the final hop, perform a Crazy Back
    Dash in the air so when you land, you’ll almost immediately stop.
    3. The record can be had by either Crazy Hopping over the larger crevasses or
    by shimmying over the outer edge almost in a straight line. It’s up to you, as
    the record isn’t too hard to beat, though poses a challenge at first.
    -== Other Strats ==-
    Submitted by: Dustin Wood
    You might want to recommend the Bike for this level.  I found the tight
    handling of the bike made the few sharp outside corners a cinch.  Just a
    thought :-) [Ed. note: Keep in mind the Bike is slower than the car but he's
    right, it turns quicker]
    -2E: Crazy Air-
    1. Crazy Dash to begin the level.  For record time, do not perform Crazy Dashes
    at all on this level except on the final jump to the goal - the less air, like
    in many cases, the better. Instead, hold the accelerator (R-trigger by default)
    down, and take every jump at an angle that’s a little less than the direction
    arrow, so you’ll land close to the lip of the next platform.
    2. When landing, immediately perform a slight Crazy Drift and face the next
    platform at an angle that’s also less than the direction arrow. Do not jump too
    far on to each platform. Stay as close as possible to the top of the ramps for
    the straightest possible line.
    -2F: Crazy Bowling-
    1. This is another one of the tougher levels… in fact, I’d say that this is bar
    none the toughest Crazy X level to beat… after, that is, you finally master 3A,
    3B & SS. It will probably take at least a few tries to learn how to
    consistently make a strike.. and that could be an understatement. The easiest
    way I’ve found, after long practice, is to approach the pins straight on, right
    in between the head pin and the 2 or 3 pin next to it. Crazy Drift into the
    pins just when you hit the first head pin. Make sure your angle is such that
    after your Crazy Drift, you are facing the next set of pins.
    2. I usually perform just the Short Crazy Dash in between each set of pins, as
    with the Long Crazy Dash, it’s easier to lose both orientation and position
    after the jump.  The record is achievable with one miss if you quickly turn
    back around and pick up the spare, but you’ll have to strike at least 6 of 7 to
    make it.
    -2G: Crazy Turn-
    1. Another level in which the easiest way to succeed is to Crazy Drift-Hop. 
    After Crazy Dashing to each ramp, attempt to position yourself on the inside of
    the ramp closest to the next ramp (not the platform itself, but that slope
    thing on the end of the next platform), and then perform a small Crazy Drift
    Hop, not drifting too much before the jump, a little before the lip of the ramp
    for the least amount of air. It’s easy to jump too far with this one, and as
    usual, the less air you have, the lower your time will be.
    2. On the last jump, approach it straight on, jump early, Crazy Back Dash and
    hold the buttons in the air (including the L-trigger brake) to come to an
    almost immediate stop after landing.
    -2H: Crazy Infinity-
    1. Crazy Dash in between turns, and then Crazy Drift in short bursts to achieve
    the minimum time.
    -== Other Strats ==-
    Submitted by: Dustin Wood
    The handling on the Bike allows it to make the turns without needing to Drift.
    You can still Dash on the straight-aways too.  Not sure it's any faster or
    slower, but it is going to be easier.
    -2I: Crazy Rush-
    1. The order in which you pick up the customers doesn't matter as much as Crazy
    Hopping over each route you take. Crazy Dash from each start, and use the Crazy
    Back Dash to stop at the drop offs. I broke the record with plenty of time left
    by normally taking the left customer when you face them, then on the way back,
    the next left customer and finally the duck suited customer. However, after
    reading the submission below, I can sum it up like this: whichever route is the
    most difficult for you, save for last... that way, you'll only have to take it
    one way (as the stage ends when you drop that customer off).
    2. The middle customer when you face them has the easiest route. Therefore,
    you'll want to take this customer either first or second (most likely second as
    he's a tad closer this way). You can Crazy Hop over the large gap on this
    route. The football player (left customer) and the bumps are easy to Crazy Hop
    over, taking the first bump like a jump. The duck suited customer's route is
    able to be Crazy Hopped as well, using the small straightaways at both ends of
    the route as jumping and landing points.
    -== Other Strats ==-
    Submitted by: Dustin Wood
    I go for the duck first.  I find his path to be not only the easiest, but the
    fastest as well.
    After picking up the duck, I Dash to start and again as soon as possible. On
    the path, one good hop and you're at the other end. Drift stop to drop off the
    duck and aim, mostly, back the way you came. Once you start back, Dash onto the
    path, then Hop the curve back to the starting area.
    I rarely have any problem with this customer. I always save the football player
    (the first by your method) for last. I find the bumps on his path make a fast
    time difficult and I'd just as soon only have to deal with the rocky ride once.
    -2J: Crazy Zigzag-
    1. This is also one of the most difficult levels, especially for first timers.
    To get the best time, you’ll have to master the Crazy Drift-Hop. At the end of
    every ramp, Crazy Drift so you’re at an angle approaching parallel with the
    next ramp, and Crazy Hop while in the drift to the next platform.
    2. Once you feel comfortable with the controls, try putting the car in reverse
    while in the air, and then do a Crazy Dash after landing on each platform
    before the next. (Do this trick on 2A-Crazy Hopper as well in between jumps.)
    Once again, jump straight toward the final goal, not at an angle, and Crazy
    Back Dash in the air for an almost immediate stop when you land. If you do this
    one at an angle, chances are you’ll drift right off the ledge.
    3. If you’re having trouble with not making the jump to the next ramp, usually
    it’s because you’re not waiting until the very end of the ramp to Crazy
    Drift-Hop, and instead doing it too early. Either that, or you haven’t Crazy
    Drifted enough before you hop.
    4. It is not imperative that you Crazy Dash on each platform. It’s possible to
    complete the stage without ever doing a Crazy Dash.
    -== Other Strats ==-
    Submitted by: Me
    Despite the above, some of you after practice still find it very difficult, so
    here are a few more:
    a) Keep your thumb over all three buttons, A, B and Y, so that from the crazy
    drift (A + B) you can apply pressure to the Y button without moving your thumb.
    What this does is keep the motion smooth with the car still in the drift when
    the car hops.
    b) When you land sideways, if you're sliding too much and think you're going to
    lose control, do a short crazy dash and it will right you.
    c) The 2 platforms right before the very last two are the most difficult. It's
    vitally important (relatively speaking) that you wait until the very end of
    these platforms, almost jumping on air, before you hop during the drift. Use
    trial and error to find out just how far you can go.
    d) When you reach the last of the tougest platforms and only have two to go
    including the final goal platform, take it slower. The next jump is remarkably
    close and it's very easy to overcompensate and fly right over. Then, when
    facing the goal, make sure to keep your car straight and not turned to the
    side. Just do a plain hop, NOT a crazy drift hop, and while in the air, do a
    crazy back dash and hold all the buttons including the L-trigger brake. You'll
    stop immediately.
    -Congratulations! Da, da-da-daa! --> ALL EXTRA VEHICLES NOW UNLOCKED-
     -==              CRAZY X STAGES 3A, 3B & SS WALKTHROUGH                   ==-
    General Advice for 3A, 3B & SS:
    It's critical that you know the shortcuts on each of the stages 3A, 3B & SS for
    the best time. It's simply not possible to complete 3B or SS in the time given
    without using some or most of the many shortcuts. Fortunately, I have provided
    detailed info for all of the shortcuts that I used to complete these levels. As
    I mentioned before, if you find a better/easier/alternative way to get the
    record, please let me know.
    Secondly, and most importantly, perform one Long Crazy Dash after another ad
    infinitum at every opportunity for the maximum sustained speed.
    -3A: Crazy Attack-
    My best is 2'38"35, after a very nearly perfect run where I only glanced off of
    one car the whole way. Can be beat, but will probably be extremely tough. All
    it takes is one mistake or one piece of bad fortune to throw your
    record-beating pace out the door. I can almost every time get in the
    2'40"-2'50" range though.
    1. Head straight down the middle path of the San Francisco-like hills, not
    jumping off each one. After each landing, do a Long Crazy Dash and fly off the
    next hill. Repeat until at the bottom, then take a left.
    2. After the Yacht Harbor drop off point, stay to the right. Follow the coastal
    road around and be sure to make the jump over the canal. Drive around the
    building to the right, and then follow the coastal road again all the way to
    the Church. (A decent to fairly good time after the jump and past that first
    building is with approx. 3'10" left)
    3. Just before the R.B. Station u-turn curve, make sure to hold the L-trigger
    (Brake) and Crazy Drift over the lip onto the road going the opposite
    direction.  Take a left as soon as you can onto the grass right under the
    space-age parking structure (or jump on top of it and coast off... usually what
    I do since you don't have to navigate as many trees), and make a direct line
    for the freeway entrance.
    4. After a short while on the freeway, when the broken section of freeway to
    your right runs parallel along the main freeway, jump over to the right section
    and then make another jump shortly thereafter to the right onto the last bit of
    freeway section that marks the West Side Tunnel shortcut. Practice this and all
    other shortcuts using the 10 minute normal mode at your leisure.
    5. After the shortcut spits you out near the West Side Mall, make a sharp left
    U-turn, staying on the road with the West Side Mall to your right (do not take
    the Mall “shortcut” – it is not so short). Take a right at the first
    intersection and continue going straight, past the East Side Mall, to the end
    of the road where you must turn left.
    6. At the divided road up ahead with the short underground tunnel, take the
    left branch where the cars are coming at you. This may seem counter-intuitive,
    but there are generally less cars there, and it is much easier to dodge or jump
    over them. Stay close to the left edge near the shops to bypass most of the
    oncoming vehicles.
    7. On the next series of jumps uphill, do take these jumps, as the chances of
    your car avoiding most of the oncoming traffic by jumping over them is greater.
     At the fork in the road at the very top of the hills, take the left branch, as
    it is shorter due to being less windy. Stage Clear!
    -3B: Crazy Tour-
    7'45" is my best, but I know I could beat it by probably 10-20 seconds max. On
    the time that I got that record, I was held up about 10 seconds on one of the
    shortcuts up from the gorge.
    1. Each stop is pretty straightforward until you get to the Campsite drop off
    points - just do your best to make them as quickly as possible.
    2. After the North Gate, take a right and take the shortcut jump that’s
    directly to the right of the North Gate drop off, which lands you right at your
    next destination, Elephant Rock.
    3. After Elephant Rock, follow the direction arrows until you get to Rock’s
    Visitor Center, and then take the shortcut jump that’s also to the right of it,
    landing you right at the Restaurant.
    4. After Canyon’s Picnic Site (the first site at the top of the hill after you
    exit from the Campsite areas), turn your car left and go straight off the
    cliffs perpendicular to the road to land you at the Lodge drop off.
    5. Exit the lodge passing the long dirt path that goes up, and very soon after
    you’ll get to the base of a series of sloped hills. You can take this shortcut
    directly up the mountain in a straight line toward the Visitor Center (diagonal
    to your left when facing up the hill), your next destination. Remember to
    anticipate jumping over the few short cliff edges while traveling uphill. In
    fact, after every drop off point at the base of the Canyon, you’ll take similar
    shortcuts up to the next location atop the high road, never taking the winding
    dirt paths except at their beginnings to jump onto the sloped hills.
    6. After South Station, head straight for the beam of light waving back and
    forth over the canyon – it’s the helicopter station below, your next
    destination. Drop off the cliff at a slower speed right where the light is
    coming from and you’ll actually land conveniently on top of the heli-pad.
    7. After the heli-pad, take a right and begin following the dirt path up until
    the first turn. You'll see the ridge you can jump up on that marks the edge of
    the sloped hills straight ahead. Jump onto the sloped hill at the end of the
    path, take an immediate sharp right to go directly up the hill, and then take
    another right at the dead end cliff near the top. You’ll land back onto the
    dirt road, follow it up to the high road, and it will spit you out right at the
    Hospital at a moderate pace.
    8. The next series of drop-offs is pretty straightforward. After the Lake’s
    Campsite drop off, though, it’s time for another shortcut. Turn right toward
    the water and dive straight out into the watery goodness. Follow it around
    staying close to the left side, and jump out of the water just before the
    Pleasure Boat Stop, your next destination.
    9. After the Pleasure Boat Stop, head directly toward the top of the dam, but
    do not take a right. Jump straight off the end, and after a LONG fall, continue
    moving forward and you’ll be right at the Rafting Point.
    10. High-tail it up to the Dam drop off point using the road, stopping by the
    Visitor Center on your way, and then make yet another leap from the top of the
    Dam back into the Canyon, hopefully landing in the fast-flowing river. Crazy
    Dash down this river all the way until you're close to your next destination,
    the Campground. Takes a little bit of practice to know when to jump out, but
    when you think it's time, jump out of the left side and you'll be right there.
    11. Continue through the Campground onto the dirt path on the other side, and
    just like before, when you reach the end of the path before the first turn,
    Crazy Hop onto the sloped hills straight ahead. Drive further just a bit (as
    there's a ridge just to your left) and then take a sharp left, jumping up the
    small ridge and going straight up the sloped hill right to your next
    destination, the Canyon Restaurant.
    12. Follow the road around to the Canyon Overlook, and then it’s on to the last
    major shortcut, the “leap of faith” jump. Continue following the canyon road
    after the Overlook, despite the arrow pointing you otherwise. At the end of the
    canyon you’ll see a large ramp-like slope before the trees begin. Take this
    ramp as fast as you can, and you’ll jump over the Dam into the water. Once
    there, stay to the right and jump out just before your next drop off, the Lake
    Marina.  From here on, with only 3 more drop-offs downtown, it’s easy going!
    -Congratulations! Da, da-da-daa, da-da, da, daaaa! --> ANOTHER DAY UNLOCKED-
    -SS: Crazy Special-
    Please consider reading the complete walkthrough below before downloading the
    file at the link directly below this. It could be worthwhile for you to think
    about what your own course might look like through the SS, and I completely
    encourage you to find a better way... and let curious me know. :)
    The other (excellent RPG) site I do work for has kindly agreed to host the new
    SS Map, a screenshot with my exact path drawn out, entitled Ty's PATH o' FUN.
    You can find it here: www.gamebanshee.com/screenshots/ct3/sspathofun.jpg
    My best is 5'10" but I messed up something terrible at the Burger King shortcut
    and would have had just around the 5 min mark... this game is frustrating that
    way. I'd say it's beatable by 5 to 10 seconds, and that under 5 minutes is
    definitely possible, though extremely difficult. Unless, you happen to find a
    better route than I did. Please send it to me if you do. Prima is using the
    route I sent to them, below.
    By far the toughest Crazy X stage to get the record on, prepare to do a little
    research before you tackle this one, since you only have 6 minutes (5'15"00 for
    the record). For this stage, your object is to make a drop off at every
    location on the map. I'll suggest this: get a piece of paper and copy the Map
    on the screen which you unlocked by completing stages 1A-1L.
    Study all of the destinations and their proximity to one another, and begin to
    draw a route with a pen or preferably a pencil from the starting position (to
    the right of the Central Park facing the Art Museum) around the map until you
    hit all destinations. Take special note of all the black areas on the map, as
    they represent shortcuts, and you'll want to take as many of these as you can.
    Test it out and see if you can improve on it by using more of the shortcuts.
    There are 35 stops in total which means you have to do nearly one stop every 10
    seconds to complete the stage, even more for the record.  The top record is
    very tough to beat. Here's the route I came up with to successfully beat the
    record. Follow it along with your pen on the map you hopefully made to make it
    easy for you to follow when you're in the game:
    1. (straight ahead to) the Art Museum
    2. (u-turn to) the Band Shell
    3. (right to) the Karate Dojo
    4. (right and shortcut to) the Bookstore
    5. (right to) the Flower Shop
    6. (around to) the Gourmet Store
    7. (around to) the Bowling Alley
    8. (left to) the Disco Club
    9. (around to) the Nightclub
    10. (around to) the Church
    11. (around to) the Hotel
    12. (shortcut to) the Tempura Restaurant
    13. (around to) the Chinese Restaurant
    14. (straight to) the Department Store
    15. (up two streets and right to) Central Terminal
    16. (left to) the Jeweler’s Shop
    17. (shortcut through Mall to) the Clock Tower
    18. (left to) the Theater
    19. (around to) the Movie House
    20. (down and left through the park to) the Ferry Port
    21. (u-turn and around to) the Heliport
    22. (around to) the Bus Terminal
    23. (take small street to the right to) the Crazy Times
    24. (shortcut to) the Music Hall
    25. (left, down and right to) the TV Station
    26. (shortcut to) the Stadium
    27. (around to) the Opera House
    28. (u-turn and around to) FAO Schwartz
    29. (straight, left and right into the park to) the Boathouse
    30. (left out of park and around to) HMV
    31. (straight to) the Hard Rock Café
    32. (right and around to) GAP
    33. (around to) the University
    34. (around to) Burger King
    35. (shortcut atop Burger King to) the Jazz Club
    Note: If anyone wants to send me a screenshot of the Small Apple Map found in
    the game, I'll draw a path around it and post it on GameFAQ's.
    -Conflatulations! --> YOU GET ALL 12 DRIVERS- "Really? Really." -Austin P. 2
     -==                             EPILOGUE                                  ==-
    Hope you enjoyed your tour through Crazy X. I know for certain that if I
    weren't paid for doing what I did on the game, you wouldn't be reading this
    walkthrough… as I wouldn't have had the patience or the competition I did in
    Adam Zehring, the other main tester on the game, to try and master it. ;) If
    you're the competitive type (like me), having competition is like you being the
    well-oiled engine, capable of 100 miles per gallon. The competition is like the
    gasoline. All it takes is a little to make you go a long way. Awww... (and
    pretty much running on your own fumes for the last 10 miles)
    Thanks for reading, I hope it's helped,
    Tyson McCann
    -Rolling Credits-
    A huge thanks to:
    -Brian Ehlert for: a correction (I had the out of date name of a drop off) &
    supplying me with the screen capture that I enhanced in Photoshop to finally
    make a map of my path in SS described above.
    -Dustin Wood for: the altruistic contribution of other helpful strats.
    -Suggestions for Crazy Taxi 4, 5 and beyond-
    To Hitmaker or Sega for a 4th Crazy Taxi:
    Include stats for the characters:
    -Turning (and/or Crazy Drifting)
    Increase the stats by getting different licenses which are difficult to do.
    Include a "Driving School" mode, where you compete in various Crazy X-like
    stages for a new more difficult license, earning points to increase your stats.
    Include a taxi shop where you can buy different hi-performance modifications to
    your taxi with the fare money you earn on your routes, to complement the
    increasing skills of your drivers.
    Include more driving-around-the-course-map Crazy X modes... even a randomizer
    that puts you in a spot with a group of two to four passengers where you have
    to drop them off as quickly as possible in the time given... to help with
    learning the course maps. Could even add another mode to support this.
    Include Weather Effects: Specifically, snow! Yeah it would be more work for
    sure, but wouldn't it be fun to drive around in an alpine city with ski lifts
    running in the background, fog lights, cozy diners and ski huts, icicles, and
    of course, automatic crazy drifts.
    Have different types of people able to be in the same car, for instance, a
    diver, muscleman, cheerleader, and blues brother.
    As always, the more un obvious shortcuts the better. SSX Tricky did this
    These are just a few, there are many more that can make the gameplay fresh, new
    and retain the old-style Crazy Taxi fun.
     -==                              THE END                                  ==-

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