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    Plane Guide by Gundam MissleKnightX

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                                     Plane Guide
    |01. Table of Contents|
    01. Table of Contents
    02. Version History
    03. Legal Notice
    04. Introduction
    05. Plane List
    06. Plane Upgrades
    07. Weapons
    08. Plane Comparison Charts
    09. Contact Information
    10. Credits
    |02. Version History|
    10/16/04 Version 1.0
    Initial Version.
    10/20/04 Version 1.01
    Added www.neoseeker.com to sites allowed to use this Guide.
    04/3/05 Version 1.11
    Went through and made various changes and additions to the Plane list.
    Plane Classes added.
    02/21/06 Version 1.2
    Apparently in the Plane Upgrades section, I have apparently listed the Piranha
    twice instead of the Doppelganger in the 9th slot. Thanks to "Jason" for
    pointing that out to me. It's been fixed now. Sorry about that.
    02/28/06 Version 1.21
    Added www.supercheats.com to sites allowed to use this Guide on their website.
    06/15/06 Version 1.3
    Changed and added some information about the Dauphin, including its weapons
    and where to find it. I've also changed a few details on the Mini-Gyro, 
    Coyote, Desert Fox, Fury, Firebrand, Hellhound, and added Secondary ammunition
    counts to all planes and their upgrades, except for the downloaded planes.
    06/18/06 Version 1.31
    Nothing big. Changed some spelling errors, added secondary ammo count to
    the Mini-Gyro, added to the "Where Found" section of the Vampire.
    06/19/06 Version 1.32
    Slightly larger than the previous update. I've updated my contact information
    to include my new Xbox Live Gamertag, and I've added Secondary ammunition
    counts to the 4 downloadable planes. I completed the list of upgraded planes
    found in multiplayer maps, and have changed a few details here and there.
    08/05/06 Version 1.33
    I just added the last upgraded plane location in multiplayer, I totally forgot
    this one. Also, added an annoying glitch and how to fix it during the "Trial
    of Skill" mission. Credits given in the Credits section, tip put in the Planes
    section under the Desert Fox, under its "Where Found" subsection.
    08/03/07 Version 1.34
    I just realized that I've been spelling Zeppelin wrong this whole time. Fixed!
    08/04/07 - 08/08/07 Version 1.4
    Big Update! Cleaned up and edited in preparation for my Crimson Skies: High
    Road to Revenge FAQ/Walkthrough. Added "Used By" to each plane. Removed
    anything covered in more detail in my FAQ/Walkthrough. Be sure to check it out
    when it comes out!
    06/19/14 - 07/02/14 Version 1.41
    Found the Dauphin in another mission.
    Minor content, spelling, and grammar changes.
    Trial of Skill glitch info moved to my FAQ/Walkthrough.
    |03. Legal Notice|
    Copyright 2004-2014 Robert Clements
    Anyone may use this guide for personal use!
    No site may use this FAQ without my consent. This Guide can only be downloaded
    for personal use. Distribution, for free or for sale is not allowed without my
    explicit consent. The only websites allowed to host this FAQ at the present
    time are the following:
    The most recent version can be found at GameFAQs. It is up to the site admins
    of other web sites to upgrade their version to the one hosted by GameFAQs.
    If you see this FAQ displayed at any other site, please notify me.
    |04. Introduction|
    Hey, this is my first guide, so I decided to make a plane guide that covers
    both SINGLE PLAYER and ONLINE modes. I use the game's own way of measuring
    stats, such as speed, armor, and firepower, but provide my own thoughts on
    the various planes and their various uses. I hope this FAQ will help you
    decide on what planes suit you best so that you may take on the best.
    Please note that this game is not a walkthrough nor does it have basics of
    gameplay. Please refer to my FAQ/Walkthrough for basics or a walkthrough.
    |05. Plane List|
    00. Name of Plane
    CLASS: The Category that the plane fits into. The Classes are:
           -Dogfighter:  All-around in Armor, Speed, and Firepower. Suitable for
                         any situation, a good team has many of these.
           -Interceptor: Planes that are fast and agile go in this class. Best for
                         being hit and run planes and Flag and Chicken runners.
                         The only "weakness" is that their weapons tend to be
                         "weaker" than other planes. But the fact that they can
                         spin circles around other planes makes up for it.
           -Zep-Killer:  These are the power-house planes. They have stronger
                         Armor and Firepower than most other planes. These are
                         best for assault and defense roles. If you like to rain
                         destruction then these are for you.
    Used By: Which faction uses this aircraft in single player.
      -Armor - How strong a Plane's Defense is on a rating of 1-10.
      -Speed - How fast a Plane is on a rating of 1-10.
      -Firepower - The total attack power of a Plane, on a rating of 1-10.
      -Main Weapon - The Main Weapon of the Aircraft.
      -Secondary Weapon - The Secondary Weapon of the Aircraft, like missiles.
      -Secondary Ammunition - The ammo available for the secondary weapon.
    WHERE FOUND: Where the Plane is found in Single Player or if Downloading is
    necessary to obtain the Plane. To keep a plane all you need to do is obtain
    it, once you have gotten in it, it's yours to keep in your hanger.
    COMMENTS: This is where I talk about the planes' abilities and analyze the
    best tactics for using the plane.
    01. Devastator
    CLASS: Dogfighter
    Used By: Nathan Zachary and Betty Charles of the Fortune Hunters
      -Armor - 5
      -Speed - 5
      -Firepower - 6
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Magnetic Missiles
      -Secondary Ammunition - 20 Missiles
    Where Found: You start out the Single Player Game with this Plane.
    Comments: This is the best all-around plane in the game. Four machine guns
    and 20 missiles make this plane versatile. Use this plane for most Dogfighting
    situations. The agility of this plane makes it easy to lead the target and
    unleash a volley of missiles. This is a great plane for any situation.
    02. Bulldog
    CLASS: Interceptor
    Used By: DeCarlo Family
      -Armor - 2
      -Speed - 9
      -Firepower - 6
      -Main Weapon - Twin Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Shotgun
      -Secondary Ammunition - 24 Shotgun Shells
    Where Found: In Sea Haven during the chapter 'Ship Without a Captain', on the
    other side of the mountain from the Pandora.
      -Location 2: In Chicago during the Chapter 'Finding Brooklyn in Chicago', it
    is on top of the tallest building AND near one of the DeCarlo buildings on the
    side of the map farthest from the Pandora, as well on the Police building near
    the Taxicab mission building.
      -Location 3: In the 'Payback' chapter, there is a Bulldog where the Mini-
    Gyro was in the previous mission.
    Comments: A very good plane if you know how to handle it. This plane is the
    fastest in the game, but its armament balances it out. If you're good with
    cannons then you have it easy, but those who are good with machine guns should
    try something else. The trick with this plane is to use its speed to rush up
    close while firing the cannons. As you get closer, start unleashing the Shot-
    gun, which is devastating if you can connect with it.
    03. Dauphin
    CLASS: Zep-Killer
    Used By: Louis Thibodeaux of the Rajin Cajuns
      -Armor - 6
      -Speed - 3
      -Firepower - 7
      -Main Weapon - Twin Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Triple Magnetic Missile
      -Secondary Ammunition -20 Missile Volleys
    Where Found: In Sea Haven during 'Man Overboard' your teammates will tell you
    to take Thibodeaux's plane. Go up to the Steal Plane icon near the Pandora. A
    cutscene will play and after it, you will have this plane.
      -Location 2 & 3: This plane can also be found in the Chapter 'Send 'Em
    Packing' in a small Rajin Cajun base, and also is near Doc's workshop in the
    chapter 'A Dark Night' but since you automatically get Thibodeaux's Dauphin,
    they're only there for a replacement plane if you're running low on health or
    secondary weapon ammo.
    Comments: Though small, this plane is a Zep-Killer class. It has twin cannons
    and THREE magnetic missiles. Each magnetic missile does 1/3 the damage of the
    one a Devastator fires, but the three of them together equal one Devastator
    missile, so it's about even. Hey, at least you have three chances to hit the
    target plus those cannons make up for the damage.
    *NOTE* Thanks to TXFirefighter112 for informing me that the each missile does
    NOT do the same damage as the Devastator, instead they each do 1/3.
    04. Mini-Gyro
    CLASS: N/A
    Used By: Red's Gang
      -Armor - 1
      -Speed - 2
      -Firepower - 1
      -Main Weapon - Two Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Sniper Cannon
      -Secondary Ammunition - 20 Cannon shells
    Where Found: In Arixo during 'A Mine in the Desert' a guy named Carl will have
    you steal one of these from the Red's Gang. Once you've stolen it you are
    taken on a mini-tutorial where you learn how to use this puny thing. After you
    steal one, there will be one at Carl's shop you can switch to if you need one.
    You can also get one during the 'Jail Break' chapter, but you need to rent
    that one for $500 to it use during the mission if you want to use it.
    Comments: Only recommended for Aces, this chopper gets taken down in a matter
    of seconds. The only real good things about the Gyro is that it's very small,
    hard to hit, hard to see, and its sniper cannon kills in few hits and can also
    zoom. So the main tactic with this is to hide and try to snipe other planes.
    The 'hover' function makes sniping much easier. I don't recommend this "plane"
    to those who've not practiced a lot with it. One or two magnetic missiles and
    you're toast.
    05. Coyote
    CLASS: Dogfighter
    Used By: Los Muertos
      -Armor - 4
      -Speed - 6
      -Firepower - 6
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - 'Detonator' Fireball Cannon
      -Secondary Ammunition - 20 Fireballs
    Where Found: In Arixo during 'A Mine in the Desert' fly near the Sheriff's
    station and go in the direction OPPOSITE of the Race mission. Keep flying this
    way and you will see a canyon with a Los Muertos base. In the base is a Coyote
    lying around for you to take.
      -Location 2: You can also find one in the chapter 'The Mystery of the Mine'
    on a small airfield near an AA gun and a repair station.
    Comments: A good dogfighter, the Coyote is a great balance of firepower and
    flight ability. Its Fireball Cannon does great gradual damage, meaning you
    only have to be lucky once to inflict continuous damage. Mixed with the
    machine guns, you have a nice constant drain on an enemy's armor.
    06. Dust Devil
    CLASS: Dogfighter
    Used By: Maria Sanchez of the Fortune Hunters
      -Armor - 4
      -Speed - 5
      -Firepower - 4
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Gatling Gun
      -Secondary Ammunition - 250 Rounds
    Where Found: In Arixo during 'Desert Mirage' after you meet Maria in the cut-
    scene, you automatically obtain this plane.
      -Location 2: You can steal Maria's Dust Devil at the end of 'Darkness
    Within' if you need health or a new plane during the Lost City fight.
    Comments: This plane is a fantastic dogfighter. If you're really good with
    machine guns then you are going to love the Gatling Gun. It is similar to a
    machine gun but deals much more damage. That means the enemy will have to face
    a constant hail of lead if you're on his tail. A great plane for many skill
    levels, but the lack of a cannon or heavy weapons hurts this plane against big
    07. Desert Fox
    CLASS: Interceptor
    Used By: Navajo Indians
      -Armor - 2
      -Speed - 8
      -Firepower - 5
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Eight Drunken Rockets
      -Secondary Ammunition - 30 Rocket Volleys
    Where Found: In Navajo Territory during 'Soloho and the Three Trials' you get
    to use this plane in the Trial of Courage and the Trial of Skill, but it has
    no guns. Please note, that you may NOT keep the unarmed versions used in those
    trials. After you complete the Three Trials you can take an armed Desert Fox
    from the Navajo village during the fight against some bandits that takes place
    after you complete the Three Trials. This is the ONLY TIME you can get the
    Desert Fox, if you miss it, you must wait until you beat the game and play it
    over again.
    Comments: This plane is the 2nd fastest. Its speed is necessary for its Drunk-
    en Rockets. If you want something fast like the Bulldog, but don't care for
    the cannons, then try this plane. Use the speed to get very close to the enemy
    and let the rockets loose as you fire the machine guns. Due to the erratic
    flight pattern of the rockets, close range or head-to-head is the best way to
    ensure a hit or six. The erratic pattern is also good because it covers a wide
    area almost ensuring a hit against a big target, but it still takes practice
    to use effectively.
    08. Brigand
    CLASS: Zep-Killer
    Used By: Red Skull Legion
      -Armor - 7
      -Speed - 1
      -Firepower - 9
      -Main Weapon - Four Cannons, Two Cannons on Back
      -Secondary Weapon - Concussion Rocket
      -Secondary Ammunition - 25 Rockets
    Where Found: In Chicago during 'A Spider to the Fly' you receive this plane
    automatically after the beginning cutscene. You can also steal another one
    during the mission.
    Comments: This plane is one heavy beast. It has FOUR cannons and most likely
    the most powerful missiles in the game. Plus it has a turret on the back that
    automatically fires at things within a certain range behind you. You can also
    man this turret by hitting 'A' in flight. The cannons fire in a pretty fast
    succession, making them easier to aim than some of the other cannons in the
    game. The Brigand can pretty much rip up any other plane in the game very
    quickly. The downside is it's pretty slow so it makes an easy target in some
    situations, but its armor makes up for that. Too bad the name Flying Fortress
    is already taken! However, I personally don't use this plane because it's a
    bit too slow for me, but maybe you'll like it.
    09. Constable
    CLASS: Interceptor
    Used By: Arixo Sheriff Deputies, Chicago PD
      -Armor - 3
      -Speed - 7
      -Firepower -3
      -Main Weapon - Twin Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Gatling Gun
      -Secondary Ammunition - 250 Rounds
    Where Found: In Chicago during 'A Spider to the Fly' you can steal one from
    one of the taller buildings in the middle of the map. You can't keep it.
      -Location 2: In Chicago during the first part of 'Jail Break' when you must
    defend the rogue cop from the crooked cops, you can steal the one on the far
    side of the map. You cannot keep this plane.
    Comments: I personally like this plane. It's very fast and is a mix between
    two of my favorite planes, the Bulldog and the Dust Devil. Why? Because it's
    fast (Bulldog), has cannons (Bulldog), and has a Gatling Gun like the Dust
    Devil. This gives it a punch and a dogfighting edge. Against some of the big-
    ger planes, the cannons can really put the hurt on them. And of course the
    Gatling gun rips apart those dogfighters. It takes a little practice to use,
    but before the downloadable planes came out, this was a favorite amongst aces.
    10. Piranha
    CLASS: Dogfighter
    Used By: Die Spinne
      -Armor - 5
      -Speed - 4
      -Firepower - 7
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Twin Tesla Coils
      -Secondary Ammunition - 20 Tesla Coil Charges
    Where Found: In the Lost City during 'The Lost City' level your teammates will
    tell you about a Die Spinne camp nearby. In that camp is a parked Piranha.
      -Location 2: The Piranha is also found in 'Darkness Within' inside the first
    large cavern where you fight enemy fighters. It is best to get it in 'The Lost
    City' so you can focus on getting the Doppelganger in this room.
      -Location 3: You can find one last Piranha in the chapter "Escape!" in the
    first large cavern (the trap) that you fight Die Spinne fighters, next to a
    parked Doppelganger.
    Comments: A plane people love to use but hate to fly against. The Tesla coils
    coupled with some machine guns and the good agility of the Piranha make this
    a deadly dogfighting machine. The Tesla Coils do a good amount of gradual
    damage similar to the Coyote's Fireball Cannon, but it has to be touching the
    enemy plane to do damage, unlike how the fireball is more of a fire-and-forget
    weapon. A good plane for a wide range of skill levels, but expect popularity
    to be low if you use this plane too much.
    11. Doppelganger
    CLASS: Zep-Killer
    Used By: Die Spinne
      -Armor - 8
      -Speed - 1
      -Firepower - 8
      -Main Weapon - Dual Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Blockbuster Tank Gun
      -Secondary Ammunition - 18 Tank shells
    Where Found: In the 'Darkness Within' you can find one in the first cavern
    where you first fight enemy fighters. There is also a Piranha in this room.
      -Location 2: In 'Escape!' You can find two Doppelgangers in this chapter. It
    can be found in both of the two large caverns where you engage enemy fighters.
    These two are your last chance to get a Doppelganger before the game ends.
    Comments: This plane has very strong weapons, but being as they are all can-
    nons, they can sometimes be hard to aim when fighting smaller, faster aircraft
    in dogfights. But if you can get up close and sometimes even right behind them
    you can deal massive damage with the Tank Gun. This is a good plane to use
    against enemy Brigands and Doppelgangers, since it tears apart armor with that
    there Tank Gun. This thing can also take quite a beating, so planes without
    heavy weapons (like the Dust Devil) will take a little longer to take you out.
    12. Fury
    CLASS: Dogfighter
    Used By: Rajin Cajuns
      -Armor - 4
      -Speed - 5
      -Firepower - 5
      -Main Weapon - Two Machine Guns 
      -Secondary Weapon - Machine Cannon
      -Secondary Ammunition - 100 Cannon Shells
    Where Found: Must Download from XBOX Live. Can only be used ONLINE.
    Comments: This plane is tied with the Devastator for the best dogfighter. It
    is also similar to the Dust Devil. The machine cannon has the same punch as
    many of the other cannons, but shoots faster. Just use the machine guns as
    tracers while leading a target and unload the cannon for extra damage. Put me
    in one of these and I can take on anyone. I suggest you try this plane if you
    haven't found another or if you're having trouble against some of the better
    players. The lack of missiles could hamper your efforts against the bigger
    planes, but a constant stream of bullets should do the trick. Just stay alive
    long enough to unload that much lead.
    13. Firebrand
    CLASS: Zep-Killer
    Used By: Hollywood Militia
      -Armor - 8
      -Speed - 4
      -Firepower - 5
      -Main Weapon - 3 Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - 'Detonator II' Fireball Cannon
      -Secondary Ammunition - 15 Fireballs
    Where Found: Must Download from XBOX Live. Can only be used ONLINE.
    Comments: This plane is a heavy hitting monster. It has three cannons that
    fire fairly fast, making it easier to lead a target. The heavy armor also can
    give you more time to use the Detonator II, which is a solid improvement over
    the Coyote's fireball cannon. This Fireball cannon is nothing short of death
    towards most of the smaller planes. And one hit leaves them hurting for a few
    more seconds, so losing track of a smaller, more agile plane doesn't hurt too
    much because the fire will continue to destroy your enemy, killing him event-
    ually or leaving him crippled for a teammate to finish off.
    14. Hellhound
    CLASS: Interceptor
    Used By: Los Muertos, Red Skull Legion
      -Armor - 4
      -Speed - 8
      -Firepower - 5
      -Main Weapon - Two Machine Guns 
      -Secondary Weapon - Burst Cannon
      -Secondary Ammunition - 60 Cannon Shells
    Where Found: Must Download from XBOX Live. Can only be used ONLINE.
    Comments: This plane is very good if you know how to use it. You must utilize
    its speed to keep on an opponent's tail. The burst cannon can make short work
    of any opponent especially when you tap the button quickly. After practicing
    the trigger pull a little, you can stream cannon shells 2 to 3 times faster
    than the Fury could ever do. Plus limiting the fire to three round bursts
    makes it easier to focus shots on an enemy. Again, like the Fury, the lack of
    missiles can hurt against some of the bigger guys, but it's nothing the cannon
    can't make up for. This is a good plane to try out, I strongly suggest it.
    15. Vampire
    CLASS: Dogfighter
    Used By: Die Spinne
      -Armor - 6
      -Speed - 5
      -Firepower - 6
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Plasma Projector
      -Secondary Ammunition - 15 Plasma Charges
    Where Found: Must Download from XBOX Live. Can only be used ONLINE.
    Comments: This plane is an alternative to the Piranha. It's faster and its
    Plasma Projector has effects similar to the Tesla Coils, but it has the
    effectiveness of the Fireball cannon. This combination makes for a heck of a
    weapon that is useful against many panes. This plane is fairly more agile than
    the Piranha and has better armor. All in all a good dogfighter, but it isn't
    very beginner-friendly. The best way to learn this plane is to know the Coyote
    and Piranha enough to be able to aim the Plasma and learn to know the stun's
    effects. I'm fairly decent with this plane but yet again I don't practice
    enough. So learn your planes!
    |06. Plane Upgrades|
    00. Name of Plane (Cost of Upgrade)
    To upgrade a plane you must have it in your Hangar and have the required
    number of Tokens and the correct amount of money. Tokens can be found lying 
    around maps in semi-hidden locations or for beating certain missions. Money is
    earned from beating missions or from attacking Civilian Zeppelins until they
    surrender. A plane can only be upgraded once.
    For multiplayer, to obtain an upgraded plane you must find it lying around the
    map. There is only one upgraded plane per map and that plane can only be used
    by one player at a time. To make the plane respawn, just destroy the player
    using that plane. The locations of these upgraded planes in multiplayer are as
    Sea Haven: Dauphin
    Badlands: Coyote
    Arixo: Desert Fox
    Chicago: Bulldog
    Plateau: Devastator
    Caverns: Brigand
    Lost City: Dust Devil
    Windy City: Doppelganger
    *NOTE* Thanks to Jason for info on which upgraded planes are on which maps.
    01. Devastator Upgrade (Cost: 14 Tokens, $4200)
      -Armor - 7
      -Speed - 6
      -Firepower - 7
      -Main Weapon - Six Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Magnetic Missiles
      -Secondary Ammunition - 25 Missiles
    02. Bulldog Upgrade (Cost: 12 Tokens, $3600)
      -Armor - 4
      -Speed - 10
      -Firepower - 7
      -Main Weapon - Twin Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Shotgun
      -Secondary Ammunition - 30 Shotgun Shells
    03. Dauphin Upgrade (Cost: 10 Tokens, $3000)
      -Armor - 7
      -Speed - 4
      -Firepower - 7
      -Main Weapon - Twin Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Five Magnetic Missiles
      -Secondary Ammunition - 25 Missile Volleys
    04. Coyote Upgrade (Cost: 12 Tokens, $3600)
      -Armor - 6
      -Speed - 7
      -Firepower - 7
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Twin 'Detonator' Fireball Cannon
      -Secondary Ammunition - 25 Fireballs
    05. Dust Devil Upgrade (Cost: 12 Tokens, $3600)
      -Armor - 6
      -Speed - 6
      -Firepower - 5
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Dual Gatling Guns
      -Secondary Ammunition - 350 Rounds
    06. Desert Fox Upgrade (Cost: 12 Tokens, $3600)
      -Armor - 4
      -Speed - 9
      -Firepower - 6
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns 
      -Secondary Weapon - Fourteen Drunken Rockets
      -Secondary Ammunition - 40 Rocket Volleys
    07. Brigand Upgrade (Cost: 16 Tokens, $3600)
      -Armor - 9
      -Speed - 2
      -Firepower - 10
      -Main Weapon - Six Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Concussion Rocket
      -Secondary Ammunition - 30 Rockets
    08. Piranha Upgrade (Cost: 14 Tokens, $4200)
      -Armor - 7
      -Speed - 5
      -Firepower - 8
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Twin Tesla Coil
      -Secondary Ammunition - 25 Tesla Coil Charges
    09. Doppelganger Upgrade (Cost: 14 Tokens, $4200)
      -Armor - 10
      -Speed - 2
      -Firepower - 9
      -Main Weapon - Dual Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Blockbuster Tank Gun
      -Secondary Ammunition - 24 Tank Shells
    |07. Weapons|
    Main Weapons
    01. Machine Gun - Main Weapon of most planes. This is the better main weapon
    for dogfighting, as the rapid fire makes it easier to lead the target. Will
    overheat if you fire for too long a period of time.
    02. Cannon - This weapon is much slower than the machine gun but does much
    more damage. This weapon is better for hitting the bigger, slower planes. Dog-
    fighting is a bit harder with this weapon, because the slow rate of fire makes
    it hard to track how much you are leading a target. This weapon is the better
    choice for Zeppelin-Hunting. Less prone to overheating (but still possible)
    than the machine gun.
    Secondary Weapons
    01. Magnetic Missile - These are unguided rockets that travel in a straight
    path until it gets close to a target, in which case it gets magnetically
    attracted to the target and begins to follow it. These are good for both Air-
    to-Ground and Air-to-Air roles.
    02. Shotgun - Like the name implies, this weapon launches shot in a spreading
    pattern in front of you. It is very good for close range dogfighting and for
    taking out Zeppelins, but isn't very good for hitting smaller ground targets.
    03. Sniper Cannon - This launches a shell at a very fast speed and is good for
    ground targets and Zeppelins, especially at long, safe ranges.
    04. 'Detonator' Fireball Cannon - This cannon launches a fireball straight
    ahead of you. This fireball does damage and sets the target on fire, causing
    more damage for a couple more seconds. Good against all targets, great against
    enemy fighters.
    05. Gatling Gun - This is a machinegun that has a tiny bit slower rate of
    fire but deals more damage per shot than a regular machine-gun. Couple this
    with a machine-gun weapon and your enemies will have to face a hail of lead.
    If you like dogfighting with machine guns, this might be the weapon for you.
    06. Drunken Rocket - This launches several small rockets in a very erratic
    pattern. Not so good for ground targets, but great against Zeppelins. In a
    dogfight, the best use for this weapon is close up, or when many planes are
    grouped together. This is also a good for when going head to head, and the
    enemy is about to pull away, the rockets can cover almost anywhere the plane
    can go.
    07. Concussion Rocket - This weapon has a longer range and more homing
    capability than the Magnetic Missile. This also does much more damage. Good
    against any type of target.
    08. Tesla Coil - This weapon shoots out lightning in a forward direction up to
    a certain distance. This weapon locks on and tracks the enemy to an extent and
    does good damage and stuns the enemy. The only down side is that the lightning
    easily gives away your position, but the strength of this weapon outweighs the
    09. Blockbuster Tank Gun - This weapon is a powered up version of the regular
    cannon. It deals a lot of damage and is really good against ground targets,
    slow moving planes, and zeppelins.
    10. Machine Cannon - This weapon fires much faster than the regular cannon. 
    The faster speed also makes it easier to aim while dogfighting. It is fast and
    also has a great punch to it, making it a great weapon.
    11. 'Detonator II' Fireball Cannon - A direct hit from its fireball produces
    immediate damage, which increases over time. It has a slower rate of fire than
    the original Detonator, but it does more damage. This weapon is incredibly
    devastating against weaker craft, because of all the continuous damage.
    12. Burst Cannon - This weapon is much like the Machine Cannon. The difference
    is that the rate of fire is much, much faster. But the thing is that this gun
    only fires three rounds at a time with one push of the button. This downside
    is easy to ignore because rapid tapping of the button fires more bursts, and
    used either in dogfights or for hitting heavy targets, this weapon shines.
    13. Plasma Projector - This weapon is a mix of the Tesla Coils and the Fire-
    ball Cannon. When launched, it travels in a straight path and when it hits a
    target, it has a small stun effect and does gradual damage similar to the fire
    -ball cannon. One Plasma Projector does damage equal to two Tesla Coils. A
    plus side over the Coils is that this weapon has a much longer range and does
    not give away your position like the Tesla Coils. A downside is that the ball
    of energy does not track like the Tesla Coils, making it somewhat harder to 
    aim, but no harder than an ordinary unguided weapon.
    |08. Plane Comparison Charts|
    I provided these charts so you can take a statistical look at the planes to
    help you decide what to use.
    Name         | Armor | Speed | Firepower |
    Firebrand    |   8   |   4   |     5     |
    Doppelganger |   8   |   1   |     8     |
    Brigand      |   7   |   1   |     9     |
    Vampire      |   6   |   5   |     6     |
    Dauphin      |   6   |   3   |     7     |
    Devastator   |   5   |   5   |     6     |
    Piranha      |   5   |   4   |     7     |
    Hellhound    |   4   |   8   |     5     |
    Coyote       |   4   |   6   |     6     |
    Fury         |   4   |   5   |     5     |
    Dust Devil   |   4   |   5   |     4     |
    Constable    |   3   |   7   |     3     |
    Bulldog      |   2   |   9   |     6     |
    Desert Fox   |   2   |   8   |     5     |
    Mini-Gyro    |   1   |   2   |     1     |
    Name         | Speed | Armor | Firepower |
    -------------|-------|-------|---------- |
    Bulldog      |   9   |   2   |     6     |
    Hellhound    |   8   |   4   |     5     |
    Desert Fox   |   8   |   2   |     5     |
    Constable    |   7   |   3   |     3     |
    Coyote       |   6   |   4   |     6     |
    Vampire      |   5   |   6   |     6     |
    Devastator   |   5   |   5   |     6     |
    Fury         |   5   |   4   |     5     |
    Dust Devil   |   5   |   4   |     4     |
    Firebrand    |   4   |   8   |     5     |
    Piranha      |   4   |   5   |     7     |
    Dauphin      |   3   |   6   |     7     |
    Mini-Gyro    |   2   |   1   |     1     |
    Doppelganger |   1   |   8   |     8     |
    Brigand      |   1   |   7   |     9     |
    Name         | Firepower |  Main  |    Secondary Weapon    | Armor | Speed |
    Brigand      |     9     | 4x Can |   Concussion Rocket    |   7   |   9   |
    Doppelganger |     8     | 2x Can |  Blockbuster Tank Gun  |   8   |   1   |
    Dauphin      |     7     | 2x Can |  3x Magnetic Missiles  |   6   |   3   |
    Piranha      |     7     | 4x MGs |     2x Tesla Coils     |   5   |   4   |
    Bulldog      |     6     | 2x Can |         Shotgun        |   2   |   9   |
    Devastator   |     6     | 4x MGs |   Magnetic Missiles    |   5   |   5   |
    Vampire      |     6     | 4x MGs |    Plasma Projector    |   6   |   5   |
    Coyote       |     6     | 4x MGs | Detonator Fireball Can |   4   |   6   |
    Firebrand    |     5     | 3x Can |      Detonator II      |   8   |   4   |
    Desert Fox   |     5     | 4x MGs |   8x Drunken Rockets   |   2   |   8   |
    Hellhound    |     5     | 2x MGs |      Burst Cannon      |   4   |   8   |
    Fury         |     5     | 2x MGs |     Machine Cannon     |   4   |   5   |
    Dust Devil   |     4     | 4x MGs |      Gatling Gun       |   4   |   5   |
    Constable    |     3     | 2x Can |      Gatling Gun       |   3   |   7   |
    Mini-Gyro    |     1     | 2x MGs |     Sniper Cannon      |   1   |   2   |
    |09. Contact Information|
    As this is my first guide, I will take a lot of feedback, not only on the
    information presented, but I will also take feedback on how my FAQ is written.
    If you have any problems with my guide, please email, AIM, or place the
    question on the Crimson Skies Message Board, and I will be happy to answer.
    Email is the best way to reach me, as I check that most often.
    GameFAQs Message Boards: Roc_Kor/Gundam MissleKnightX 
    Email: jeffclem360@aol.com
    AIM: Roc Kor AK47
    XBL Gamertag: Roc Kor II
    |10. Credits|
    "Jason" - For pointing out that I had Piranha listed twice in the Plane
              Upgrade section instead of listing the Doppelganger.
            - For the info on upgraded planes in multiplayer, and ammo counts for
              secondary weapons.
    "TXFirefighter112" - For pointing out that the Dauphin's magnetic missiles do
                         less damage per missile than a Devastator.
    Xbox.com - For the names of the secondary weapons.
    GameFAQS.com - For hosting my Guide.
    NeoSeeker.com - For offering to host my Guide.
    Supercheats.com - For hosting my Guide.

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