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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gundam MissleKnightX

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    |01. Table of Contents|
    01. Table of Contents
    02. Version History
    03. Legal Notice
    04. Introduction
    05. Controls
    06. Walkthrough
    07. Plane List
    08. Plane Upgrades
    09. Cheats
    10. Contact Information
    11. Credits
    |02. Version History|
    08/02/07 - 08/08/07 Version 1.0
    Initial Version.
    06/19/14 - 07/02/14 Version 1.1
    Changes to Chapter 3 "Send 'Em Packing"
    Found a 10th token in Chapter 11 "Finding Brooklyn in Chicago"
    Found a 4th token in Chapter 12 "Jail Break" (thanks to Carmine_Izzo!)
    Changes to Chapter 18 "Escape!" to make it more readable.
    |03. Legal Notice|
    Copyright 2014 Robert Clements
    Anyone may use this guide for personal use!
    No site may use this FAQ without my consent. This Guide can only be downloaded
    for personal use. Distribution, for free or for sale is not allowed without my
    explicit consent. The only websites allowed to host this FAQ at the present
    time are the following:
    *These sites have not offered to host this guide, but they host my Plane Guide
    and have my permission to host this guide as well.
    The most recent version can be found at GameFAQs. It is up to the site admins
    of other web sites to upgrade their version to the one hosted by GameFAQs.
    If you see this FAQ displayed at any other site, please notify me.
    |04. Introduction|
    Hey again! This is my second guide and I thought I'd make a Walkthrough for
    Crimson Skies: Highroad to Revenge to go along with my Plane Guide. This guide
    will cover all the basics of the game as well as the walkthrough. There may be
    spoilers in this guide but I will try to minimize them as much as possible.
    Well, enough about the guide, let's get to it!
    |05. Controls|
    Plane Controls
    Left Thumbstick Up: Dive (INVERT setting), Ascend (NO INVERT setting)
    Left Thumbstick Down: Ascend (INVERT setting), Dive (NO INVERT setting)
    Left Thumbstick Left: Turn Left 
    Left Thumbstick Right: Turn Right
    Right Thumbstick Left: Roll Plane Left
    Right Thumbstick Right: Roll Plane Right
    Click Right Thumbstick: Special Moves (See Below)
    Directional Pad Left: Look Left
    Directional Pad Right: Look Right
    Directional Pad Down: Look Backward
    Left Trigger: Fire Secondary Weapon
    Right Trigger: Fire Primary Weapon
    Y Button: Boost
    X Button: Action
    B Button: Brake
    A Button: Sniper View (Mini-Gyro, Brigand Turret), Enter Turret (Brigand)
    White Button: Broadcast (Multiplayer)
    Black Button: Camera Locks onto Enemy
    Start Button: Pause
    Back Button: Scores (Multiplayer)
    A/A Turret Controls
    Left Thumbstick Up: Aim DOWN (INVERT setting), Aim UP (NO INVERT setting)
    Left Thumbstick Down: Aim UP (INVERT setting), Aim DOWN (NO INVERT setting)
    Left Thumbstick Left: Aim Left
    Left Thumbstick Right: Aim Right
    Right Trigger: Fire Turret
    Y Button: Move to Previous Turret
    X Button: Exit Turret
    B Button: Move to Next Turret
    A Button: Sniper View
    Special Moves
    To do a special move either move the two thumbsticks into position and then
    click the Right Thumbstick, or click the Right Thumbstick down then move the
    sticks into position. 
    Move Name          | Left Thumbstick | Right Thumbstick
    Split S            | Up              | Up
    Snap Turn          | Up              | Down
    Power Climb        | Down            | Up
    Back Stall Loop    | Down(Hold)      | Up
    High-Speed Yo-Yo   | Down then Up*   | Up
    Immelmann          | Down            | Down
    Snap Roll Left     | Left            | Left
    Double Snap Left   | Left(Hold)      | Left(Hold)
    Snap Roll Right    | Right           | Right
    Double Snap Right  | Right(Hold)     | Right(Hold)
    Barrel Roll   (CW) | Left            | Right
    Double Barrel (CW) | Left(Hold)      | Right(Hold)
    Barrel Roll   (CCW)| Right           | Left
    Double Barrel (CCW)| Right(Hold)     | Left(Hold)
    * = Hit Down first, then hit Up as your plane points up.
    (Hold) = Hold the stick in that direction.
    (CW) = Clockwise
    (CCW) = Counter-Clockwise
    |06. Walkthrough|
    This walkthrough was written for the Normal difficulty. It will work for the
    higher difficulties as well, but expect more enemies and longer or harder
    Prologue - The Morning After
    Objectives - Follow Betty.
                 Shoot down all three weather balloons.
                 Use your secondary weapons.
                 Press the B button to use your brakes.
                 Do an Immelmann.
                 Perform other special moves.
                 Rendezvous with Betty when you're done.
                 Press the Y button to use your boosters.
                 Recover the Pandora.
                 Destroy the enemy plane.
                 Destroy the incoming enemy planes.
                 Destroy the last enemy plane.
                 Destroy the remaining enemy anti-aircraft gun.
                 Board the Pandora.
    Planes to Steal - None
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - None
    After the opening cutscene, you'll be in your Devastator behind Betty in a
    mission designed to teach you the basics of the game. I suggest that you pay
    attention if you are new to this game. Heck pay attention even if you're a
    veteran, you might learn something! Ok, first thing you need to do is shoot
    down the three weather balloons with your machine guns. After this you'll be
    told to attack the three gun towers with your secondary weapon. Do so and get
    a feel for them as you'll be using those missiles a lot. Make sure you pay
    attention to your secondary weapon ammo count in the top left of your screen.
    After testing your brakes you'll be asked to perform an Immelmann. Scroll up a
    bit to see how to perform an Immelmann in the Special Moves section. After the
    Immelmann, you can try out a few other special moves. Be sure to get a feel
    for them as they can really help sometimes. Watch your boost meter as you do
    these special actions, because if you try to do one with an empty meter, you
    will spin out of control - making you an easy target for enemies or walls. Fly
    towards Betty when you're done practicing the special moves. Try out your
    boosters when asked, then get ready for your first battle. You'll notice a
    floating box with red lights and a red cross on it. That's a health pick-up.
    Always be on the lookout for these. They may drop from enemies or be hidden
    among the environment. An ammo pick-up has green lights and a green symbol on
    its side. A money pick-up is just a brown money bag with a green $ on it.
    Shoot down the enemies using any of your weapons to get a feel for combat. Aim
    ahead of them using your machine guns and if you shoot missiles at them, make
    sure they will get close to the flight path of the missile so it will start
    tracking them. Enemy reinforcements come, so waste them as well. Make sure you
    take out the anti-aircraft gun as well (if you don't an objective will come up
    to remind you to do so.) Congratulations! You've completed the mission and now
    have your first Upgrade Token! Collect these to be able to upgrade your planes
    in the hangar. Check the "Plane Upgrades" section for a list of how much cash
    and how many tokens you need to upgrade a plane. Along with getting them from
    missions, you can also find them lying around the map. I will point them out
    as the walkthrough progresses. Board the Pandora using the X button to move on
    to the next mission. You'll be using the X button a lot to enter other planes,
    the Pandora, anti-aircraft guns, repair stations, and accept missions, so
    watch for the green or blue icons that flash with the X button symbol when you
    get close.
    Chapter One - A Ship Without A Captain
    Objectives - Search Sea Haven for Big John.
               - Explore Sea Haven.
               - Protect Doc.
               - Follow Doc to his repair station.
               - Race!!!
               - Help Betty take down the Cajun fuel operation.
               - Destroy all the Cajun fuel tanks.
               - Find and sink the spy boat.
               - Eliminate the militia threat.
               - Defend the cargo from the Nation of Hollywood.
               - Escort the Pandora while Big John moves cargo for a local arms
    Planes to Steal - Bulldog
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 11
    Welcome to the Pandora! From here you can change game settings, view general
    objectives, look at your planes, an upgrade them. With $2000 and one upgrade
    token, you won't be spending much time in the Pandora for now. So select your
    Devastator and let's get to it! When you exit the Pandora, the game will have 
    you read a little about mission icons. You can go ahead and go up to the icon
    ahead of you now, or we can go around and collect upgrade tokens and cash. I'm
    going to assume you're going to go for tokens so let's get to it. If you need
    health or ammo, fly back into the Pandora or shoot down any Zeppelin floating
    around the area until they drop cash and sometimes health and ammo. This is
    a good way to earn some extra money. On to the tokens:
    From the Pandora turn right. You'll see a bunch of destroyed boats and
    zeppelins lying around in the water and hills. Keep flying until you get to
    the last ship in the water and fly through a square hole in the right half of
    the boat's hull for a token. Turn around and face the way you came to see the
    tail end of a Zeppelin sticking out of the water. Go left of it and around it
    to see the rest of the Zeppelin's wreckage lying on a hill. Fly low and enter
    the opening that was made when the tail was ripped off. Fly slowly through the
    wreckage to find a token. When you get to the end of this wreckage, keep going
    into the next piece of wreckage for another token which is in plain view. Exit
    this wreckage by flying straight through and you'll see a HUGE skeleton of an
    old Zeppelin leaning against the mountain. Fly into it from the bottom and get
    the token inside. Fly out the top and turn left. You'll see two shipwrecks.
    Fly to the farther one and grab the token from inside a hole in its hull. Fly
    into this hole AGAIN from the opposite side, and when you come out you will
    see a small piece of Zeppelin wreckage with a token inside. Fly around it and
    enter from the wider opening, grab the token, and exit from the smaller hole.
    After exiting fly away a bit and turn around. Look underneath the wreckage you
    just came out of for another token. If you took damage getting the last two
    tokens go grab some health and come back. (Remember destroying random
    Zeppelins can net you health and cash as well.) Now head towards that huge
    Zeppelin wreck that was leaning against the mountain. Pass it and keep going
    around the mountain until you spot another Zeppelin with its tail lying in
    the water below it. Fly inside the wreckage that's lying on a hill and grab
    the token. When you exit the wreckage, fly straight ahead but keep going up
    and you should see another piece of wreckage up on a cliff on the mountain.
    Fly inside for the token. When you exit head down and toward the center of the
    city within the ring of mountains. You'll see a volcano. Fly near it BUT wait
    for it to erupt. AFTER it erupts fly toward the token from above and exit
    through the V-shaped crack in the edge of the volcano. You've done it! That's
    all the tokens for now. With 11 tokens and maybe some cash in your pocket, you
    will be upgrading planes very soon. On with the game.
    -Protect Doc-
    Fly toward the blue dot on your radar and hit X when near the mission symbol.
    It's Doc, and pretty soon you'll have to defend him from some of your buddies
    in the Rajin' Cajuns. Three Furys appear and attack you and Doc. Take them out
    while keeping an eye on the green bar that has appeared on your HUD. It is the
    health bar of the person/thing you are defending. If it empties, the target is
    destroyed and you've failed, so keep an eye on what you're defending. After
    you take down the three enemy fighters, follow Doc to the repair station for
    some repairs. Repair stations charge you $200 so you'll have your funds taken
    during the landing sequence. Some friend... you save his life and he still
    charges you! Anyway three new mission icons appear so let's do some more
    missions, shall we?
    First things first. Head back to that huge Zeppelin wreck that was leaning on
    mountain and had a token inside. You'll notice a small pier by it. There's a
    green and a blue icon near the pier. Go up to the GREEN icon and hit X! Watch
    as Nathan pulls of some GTA skills and you've got yourself the Bulldog! Try
    out this plane, because after you steal it, it will always be available for
    selection in the Pandora. Don't worry about your Devastator, you won't lose a
    plane by stealing another and leaving the original behind, it'll also be in
    the Pandora for you to select. Try out the Bulldog on some Zeppelins. It has
    cannons and a shotgun instead of machine guns and missiles, plus it is very
    fast, so it's quite different from the Devastator. Now with your new Bulldog
    head back toward the repair station. Near the repair station you'll see a blue
    icon that has a flag icon instead of a $. That's a racing icon. You can bet
    some money to race through checkpoints, and if you beat the best time, you get
    money. I always do each race (there's usually one per big chapter) just once
    because when you win, if you want to win again you must beat your own time.
    The Bulldog is perfect for racing because it is THE fastest plane in the game.
    If you're unsure of your ability head back to the Pandora (it autosaves every
    time you enter it, even though it doesn't tell you it saves) and try it out.
    If you lose money you can ALWAYS destroy Zeppelins for more. But I believe the
    race is optional (I always have done them.) so skip over them if you do not
    want to do it. The checkpoints are small rectangular objects hanging from tiny
    zeppelins that you must fly through, and there are many of them (basically
    they make the outline of the course.) The next checkpoint is always marked by
    a yellow objective marker so you'll never be totally lost. Some of them are in
    tricky spots but if you got all the tokens then the most tricky ones aren't
    even challenging, since you've done things like them already. Just boost from
    checkpoint to checkpoint and you'll do just fine. After racing, you can go
    to the Pandora and choose the Devastator or keep using the Bulldog, it's up to
    -Take down the Cajun fuel operation-
    Fly up to the other mission icon near the repair station. It's Betty and she's
    got some revenge planned for the Rajin' Cajuns. Follow Betty and soon a bunch
    of enemy targets will come up. Some are planes and some are fuel tanks lying
    around the area. use your machine guns or cannons to take out the fuel tanks.
    There are ten tanks in all, and each of them are marked on your radar as
    enemies with one being marked by an objective marker (destroy that one and it
    will move the objective marker to the "next" set of tanks, but it doesn't
    matter what order you destroy them in.) After destroying all the tanks, it's
    time to take out all the fighters. There are four fighters in all. Afterwards,
    Betty will ditch you (something about her engine about to explode... what a
    whiner) and a new mission icon appears. But let's do the other one before we
    do this new one, okay?
    -Sink the Spy Boat-
    Fly to where you stole the Bulldog. Hit X near the mission icon this time
    (unless you want to switch to another Bulldog, say if you're the Devastator
    and want a Bulldog or are low on health, in which case you can steal this one)
    to begin the mission. You are asked to destroy the Hollywood Nation's spy boat
    located somewhere in Sea Haven. Apparently Hollywood does more than make bad
    movies in this version of history. Anyway follow your objective marker to the
    boat's location which is somewhere near the repair station. Once you fire upon
    it, the boat will call for help. You now have more boats and some fighters to
    deal with. Oh well, the more the merrier. Watch out because the boats shoot 
    missiles at you, so take them out quickly. There are four boats and three
    fighters. I suggest using your cannons and missiles on the boats since they
    can do some damage to you. Mop up the fighters to end the mission. They're in
    Firebrands which are much bigger targets than the Cajuns' Fury fighter, so no
    worries. Be sure to grab some health at the repair station, Pandora, or by
    raiding Zeppelins before starting another mission.
    -Defend the Cargo-
    When you're ready, head to the only other mission icon (the racing icon never
    goes away, so don't get confused.) I hope you're ready for something different
    because now you'll be using an Anti-Aircraft cannon (AA Gun) to defend cargo
    from the Hollywood Militia. Use this mission to get used to how the AA cannon
    handles because in some missions all you get is an AA gun or two. If you want
    to, though, you can hit X to hop out of the AA cannon and use your fighter to 
    take out the enemies. If you use the AA cannon, hit A to bring up the sniper
    view to get those far-off targets. Make sure you also lead your target by
    firing ahead of them so they run into your shots. The AA cannon is harder to
    shoot down fighters with, so the best bet is to wait for them to head straight
    for you for easy aiming. There are only three fighters at first, heading
    straight for you, so they're easy targets. As you destroy them, more fighters
    appear. Don't focus on one for too long. Just hit the ones that are heading
    straight for you so you don't waste too much time on one enemy. After downing
    all the fighters (there should be twelve) the mission is complete. Exit the AA
    cannon to get back into your fighter. You can now enter the AA cannon any time
    you want, but you won't have much use for it after this mission is done.
    -Escort the Pandora-
    Your next mission icon is actually located at the Pandora itself, so if you
    want to return to the Pandora to change planes or whatnot, make sure you pick
    the GREEN icon to hit X near, not the BLUE icon. When you're ready to undergo
    the mission, hit the X button near the blue $ icon over the Pandora. For this
    mission you'll have to escort the Pandora while it picks up then carries some
    illegal cargo. You can use either your fighter or one of the three AA turrets
    mounted on the Pandora itself. Press X to enter the turrets of the Pandora,
    and Y and B to switch between the three turrets. The top-front turret is an
    AA cannon, the bottom is an AA rocket (these rockets home in on nearby enemies
    like the Magnetic missiles of the Devastator) and the top-rear is the standard
    AA gun with 4 machine guns mounted on it. Use the cannon to take out Zeppelins
    and heavy targets that are level with or above the Pandora. Use the AA gun to
    take out fighters and light targets that are level with or above the Pandora,
    and use the rockets to take out ground targets, boats, and any targets lower
    than the Pandora. Be sure to keep an eye on the Pandora's health bar on the
    bottom left of your screen. At first only fighters will come at you but Big
    John will tell you that enemy boats are incoming. Switch to the rocket turret
    and take out the five boats out before switching back to your AA gun or cannon
    to take out the fighters. Take out the fighters quickly because an enemy Zep
    is on its way. Use either the AA cannon or your fighter's cannons or missiles
    to take it out quickly. You can also zoom in with any of the turrets and pick
    of the Zeppelin's own AA guns (it has an AA rocket on the bottom, toward the
    back) so it poses no threat while you take out the rest of it. When you blow
    up the Zep, get into your plane as soon as you can because it drops the 11th
    UPGRADE TOKEN that will disappear if you let it touch the ground. If you get
    the token, you now have enough tokens to upgrade the Bulldog, if you choose to
    do so, or you can wait a little while longer and upgrade something else. The
    next mission icon is right next to the race icon, so head over there when you
    are ready to proceed with the game. Going to that mission icon ends Chapter 1,
    so be sure you've gotten all the tokens and taken the Bulldog before you move
    Chapter Two - Man Overboard
    Objectives - Protect the ship until you reach Thibodeaux.
               - Steal Thibodeaux's seaplane.
               - Take out the Cajun planes.
               - Attack the Cajun's zep.
    Planes to Steal - Dauphin
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 2
    -Protect the Ship-
    You're tossed right into the mission as soon as you select your plane, so get
    ready to defend Eddie's boat. You can either use your fighter or land onto his
    boat, where you can use either an AA gun or AA cannon to shoot down the enemy
    fighters. These are the Rajin' Cajun Fury fighters, so remember they're faster
    and smaller than the Hollywood stuff you've been shooting down for the past
    few missions. When Eddie says you're entering the ship graveyard, some enemy
    boats will appear to hassle you. It's a bit slow to take them out with the AA
    gun so switch to the AA cannon or get out and nail them with your plane from
    the air After downing about 6 boats, some more fighters will come and join the
    party. Take them out and you'll notice that Eddie will be getting near some
    AA Gun towers, so give him a hand and mop up any fighters. There are six
    gun towers and many fighters to take care of in this area. When you are near
    the last gun tower look for the nearby sunken ship. Fly through the hole in
    its hull again for an upgrade token. Now head for that big Zeppelin that's
    leaning on the mountain near where you stole the Bulldog earlier. You will see
    another token at the entrance, some health halfway up, and some ammo further
    up so grab what you need. After Eddie's ship gets close enough an icon will
    appear where you stole the Bulldog from originally. It's time for you to get
    even with that Frenchie down there so go jack his plane. This is the Dauphin,
    which has cannons as its main weapon and triple magnetic missiles as its
    secondary. It's like the Bulldog and the Devastator combined into one small
    package. It has the heaviest weapons out of what you currently have so it's
    good against the big targets. No time to admire the paintjob now, though. 
    Enemy fighters appear. Not long after does an enemy Zeppelin appear, too. They
    must really like this plane. Well take out the six fighters and the Zeppelin.
    Your missiles and cannons make quick work of the Zeppelin but those
    fighters can be tricky to hit with slower weapons. Once you're the only yellow
    and purple thing in the sky, you get an upgrade token and the mission and
    chapter ends. I know, it's a quick chapter. Enjoy the cutscene that follows
    the mission for some storyline.
    Chapter Three - Send 'Em Packing
    Objectives - Get into the Hollywood Knights' base.
               - Destroy the Hollywood Knights' base.
               - Get out of the cave!
               - Destroy all remaining enemies.
    Planes to Steal - Dauphin
    Hidden Tokens - 3
    You now have enough tokens and hopefully enough cash to upgrade any of the
    three planes in your hangar. I usually upgrade the Devastator before anything
    else since that's what I use most of the time. Choose whatever you'd like to
    upgrade by selecting the plane with the directional pad and hitting the Y
    button, then confirming with the A button. You not only get upgraded stats but
    a new paintjob as well. Remember you can only upgrade each plane once. Once
    you've selected your plane you are put right into the mission.
    -Hollywood Knights' Base-
    Before you do anything go to the second boat wreckage toward the left side of
    your screen and fly through the broken smokestack for another token. You again
    have the option of using the AA guns on Eddie's boat instead of your fighter.
    Eddie has a new boat with two usable turrets, one is a standard AA gun and the
    other is a new missile turret. This turret is different from the rocket turret
    because you steer the missile yourself. Good against slow targets, but it will
    take some practice to use against fighters. The other new feature of this boat
    is that You can adjust the speed of the boat itself with the Directional Pad.
    Up on the pad speeds the boat up and down slows it down. Just tap it to change
    your speed. Tap down enough times the boat will stop. Be careful as both of
    the turrets can hurt the boat if you shoot it yourself. There is also an AA
    gun tower you can use near the start of the level, but it's not in a useful
    spot, so you can ignore it. However, over the mountain from this AA tower is a
    small Rajin Cajun base. There you will find a few enemy Cajuns and a Dauphin
    plane for you to use if you wish to change out your damaged or ammo-empty
    current plane. Keep heading toward the enemy base and you'll spot four enemy
    gun towers and several enemy fighters. Start taking down the enemy fighters to
     get more to appear out of the enemy base's gates. Fly toward those gates but
    fly over it and above the mountain. On the other side of the big mountain you
    will spot a looong Zeppelin wreckage. Fly through either end to pick up the
    token inside. After you've obtained the token, take out the enemy fighters to
    get more to appear. As they do rush into the enemy base before the gate
    closes. If you can't make it, do not worry. Just destroy the fighters that
    came out to make the gate open again for reinforcements.
    -Inside the Base-
    Once you're inside you'll be told to destroy the base. Fly slowly through
    the inside of the base and take out any fighters that you can as you approach
    the base itself. There is one boat, two AA gun towers, and one flame gun tower
    which does exactly what its name implies. It shoots fire at you. If you're far
    enough away from it, it can't hurt you so try to take it out from a distance.
    Once the enemies are cleared out you can pick up the health and ammo lying
    around near each of the two sets of targets. Destroy the enemy fuel tanks to
    destroy the base itself. Watch out because if you get too close the explosions
    will do some damage to you (not much but enough to kill you if you didn't get
    the health lying around.) Once the base is destroyed it's time to get out of
    the base. Logic says to go fast but don't go fast at all. There's an upgrade
    token that appears on your way out, inside the base. You might miss it if you
    are going too fast.
    -Back Outside-
    When you exit a couple of fighters and an enemy Zeppelin
    will appear, so take them out. There should be two fighters that appear, but
    there are probably some other fighters that got out of the base as you made
    your way inside, so expect around three or four total. There's health in the
    nearby wreckage if you need it, because that Zeppelin has quite a few guns on
    it. Destroy the AA guns and rocket turret on the underside and pound away
    from under it so that you don't take any more damage. Once you've taken it out
    you are awarded an upgrade token and you complete the chapter. I know another
    short one. It's always a big one followed by some short ones followed by
    another big chapter... so don't worry. Chapter 5 will get more exciting.
    Chapter Four - A Dark Night
    Objectives - Annihilate all opposing forces.
               - Destroy the unidentified zeppelin.
               - Destroy the Die Spinne tank.
    Planes to Steal - Dauphin
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - None
    -Destroy the Zeppelin-
    As soon as you choose your plane you'll be placed right into the mission, so
    be prepared. You have the option of using the Pandora's AA turrets, an AA
    cannon at Doc's lab, and there's a Dauphin to steal near the repair station
    if you need it, so you have plenty of options for this mission. You're facing
    a new enemy, and four of their Vampire fighters are heading for you at the
    start, with one more enemy Vampire hanging back near the repair station. Take
    them out quickly so you can get to the Zeppelin, which is the only real threat
    in this mission. You'll notice this Zeppelin is quite different from anything
    else you've fought up to this point. It's armored so your weapons won't hurt
    its hull. It also has several turrets, two of them being new Tesla-firing
    turrets. That means it shoots electricity at you which does small amounts of
    damage and can screw with your controls until the effect goes away. To destroy
    this behemoth, you have to fly towards it from about a 90 degree angle and hit
    the electrified-looking generator inside the big hole towards the front of the
    Zeppelin. You might want to take out the turrets guarding that hole first or
    else you'll be making a few trips to the repair station. Use your missiles or
    cannons to take out the generator quickly. You can see the health of the enemy
    Zeppelin in the bottom left of your screen. Hitting either half of the core of
    the Zeppelin will damage that meter, and once the meter hits bottom, you've
    destroyed the enemy Zeppelin.
    -Destroy the Tank-
    I really hope you liked fighting that Zeppelin, because it's not quite dead
    yet. You must prevent the tank from reaching Doc's lab. If it does, you fail.
    The tank has four AA guns on its underside, so stay above it to avoid them
    because they're not worth the trouble of taking out. The huge cannon on the
    tank is a flamethrower and can rotate 360 degrees around the tank, so keep
    your distance. Three enemy fighters appear to back up the tank, so swat the
    flies before stepping on the spider. To destroy this enemy, you must hit the
    armored panels on the top (aim for above the cannon) to expose more electrical
    cores. There are four panels covering four cores. Each core represents about
    25% of the tanks health bar, so destroy all four to take down the tank. Taking
    out the tank nets you two upgrade tokens and an end to the chapter. After the
    cutscenes you're back in the Pandora about to hit the next mission.
    Chapter Five - A Mine in the Desert
    Objectives - Explore and search for the titanium mine.
               - Save at least one fuel tank by taking out the Los Muertos
               - See the sheriff at the top of the mesa.
               - Proceed through the gates to win the race!
               - Get on the sheriff's good side. Save the deputy from Red's gang.
               - Keep searching for the whereabouts of the titanium mine.
               - Save the train from the Los Muertos gang.
               - Destroy all Los Muertos planes before they destroy the train
               - Fly to Red's hideout.
               - Destroy all defending guns and gyrocopters.
               - Steal the minigyro.
               - Practice on the crates and return to Carl's.
               - Find and pick up the crate of stolen goods.
               - Return the crate to Carl.
               - Destroy all remaining enemies.
               - Attack the Los Muertos train and steal the crate of ammo.
               - Deliver the crate to Carl.
               - Destroy the Los Muertos planes before they steal the crate back.
               - Fly escort for Roy's delivery zeppelin in the canyons below town.
               - Escort the delivery zeppelin to safety.
               - Protect Roy's zeppelin from Red's gang.
               - Defend Roy's Zeppelin from the Los Muertos gang.
    Planes to Steal - Coyote, Mini-Gyro
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 10
    Another "long" chapter, where you wander around choosing missions and try to
    collect tokens. As before, we'll start with the tokens. Please note that the
    Pandora wanders around the map now, but always starts out in the same place.
    So if I reference the Pandora to help you find a token, I'm talking about the
    Pandora's initial position. Just reenter the Pandora and exit to reset its
    position to the default.
    -Save the Fuel Tanks-
    No time for tokens yet. Approach the town and the Los Muertos gang will attack
    the town's fuel supply. The fuel tanks' health are on the bottom-left of your
    screen. When the meter goes to zero, all the fuel tanks have been destroyed.
    You can man the Pandora's turrets as well as a pair of AA guns in the town
    itself. If you man the town AA guns you can switch between them using B and Y.
    They're in good spots to defend the fuel tanks so it's not a bad idea to use
    them. The enemy is using two new fighters, the Hellhound and the Coyote. The
    Hellhound is fast and hits hard and the Coyote shoots fire balls at you that
    drain your health slowly until the fire goes out. The deputy will tell you
    when it's a good idea to switch AA guns if you use them, and I suggest you
    follow his advice. After defeating the first wave of fighters you will get a
    warning of another wave. During the second wave a third wave will come. Don't
    worry about having to think about switching guns, you'll be told when it's a
    good idea. The third wave is the last. After the checkpoint a race icon and a
    mission icon appear, but let's get to those tokens first, shall we?
    Fly to the mission icon but do NOT start the mission. Flying above the sheriff
    station, turn to face the two AA guns. Look to the left of the left AA gun and
    you should be able to see a token between the mountain and a stone pillar. Go
    get it. Now head over to the race icon. Fly past it and turn around so that
    the race icon is on the right and the AA gun icon is to the left. Look between
    the AA gun icon and the fuel tank (if this tank survived, you can always go to
    the Pandora to make it respawn if you really want to) on the building in front
    of the AA gun. You should see the upgrade token. Grab it. From that token face
    the mission icon above the sheriff's building. Fly toward it and a building in
    front of you will have a rectangular hole cut out of it. Facing that building,
     with the mission icon to the right, you should see another building to the
    left that also has a rectangular hole through it. The token is inside that
    building. Now turn around and head to the repair station. There's a building
    next to the repair station with another hole through the building. Your fourth
    token is in there, so go through the hole making sure that the that the repair
    station is on your left. As you exit the hole fly down into the canyon, going
    straight. As you fly under the natural bridges you should see an upgrade token
    ahead of you in the distance. Fly through the canyon and grab that token. Exit
    the canyon and head toward the repair station again. You should see a huge
    crane machine with a huge spinning saw at the end of it. Pass that and you'll
    see a smaller building with a long bridge coming out of it. Inside a square
    window in the building is your sixth token. Fly back to the repair station and
    back into the canyon, flying under the natural bridges. Do not go straight
    this time, take the right fork and you'll see another natural bridge with a
    health pick-up under it. Pass that, keeping right, and pass the tall railroad
    bridge. You will then see two natural bridges with a token floating between
    them. Grab it and continue down the canyon. When the canyon ends you should
    see a train tunnel toward the right. Turn right and place that train tunnel on
    the left of your screen. You will see several mountains with canyons between
    them dead ahead. Take the right-most canyon for another token. Exit that
    canyon, head toward the racing icon, and turn left into another canyon. This
    canyon has train tracks running down the middle. Follow them out. As you pass
    the sheriff's mission icon on the right, you will notice three big stone
    formations ahead of you. Fly over and past them. Beyond them you will notice a
    large wide canyon. Get ready for combat. This is the Los Muertos camp and it
    is full of AA guns waiting to take you down. There are three on a small mesa,
    four down in the canyon, and one above the canyon where there are some small
    buildings huddled in a corner. The token is among those buildings in the
    corner of the canyon. That's your last token until a later mission, so mop up
    the remaining turrets.
    After you get all the tokens and have taken out the Los Muertos camp, stick
    around. You will see a plane icon in the camp. Go up to it and steal yourself
    a Coyote. Again no worries about leaving your old plane on the ground. Head
    back to town and fly past it. Fly over the repair station and keep going. You
    will hear some voice tell you that this is Red's territory, and some turrets
    will attack you. Try out your new Coyote on those turrets, four in all, so
    they won't bother you in an upcoming mission. Be sure to check out the fire
    cannon on the Coyote. Follow the train tracks near those turrets out of town.
    They will turn left. You'll see a mission icon there, but this one is green.
    Go up to it and land for an Easter egg. After relieving yourself, head to
    the Pandora to save and upgrade any planes you want. Pick a fast or favorite
    plane and head to the race icon. The Bulldog (upgraded or not) is always your
    best bet. Place whatever bid you want and start the race. This course is a
    little longer and zips through the canyon but you shouldn't have much trouble.
    All the beginning turns are left turns, and as soon as you exit the canyon the
    next checkpoint will be between some buildings but if you went through the
    last checkpoint correctly you should be lined up with it. The last checkpoint
    is above and beyond the previous one so just head up and stay to the right
    of any obstacles between you and the checkpoint and you should be just fine.
    -Save the Deputy-
    After racing and switching planes (if you switched to the Bulldog for the race
    and want something else right now, the Devastator is a good choice for now)
    it's time to head to the Sheriff's mission icon. His deputy is being chased by
    Red's gang. Red likes to use Mini-Gyros which are fast and small. And I mean
    really small. By the time you reach the deputy (you better haul ass) he'll be
    taking some damage, so watch his health. There's an AA cannon on the mesa near
    all the fighting, so you can use that to zoom in with the A button on those
    small targets. I recommend it if you find that the Mini-Gyros are hard to hit
    and you keep flying past them (since they can hover in place.) As soon as the
    deputy says he's making a run for it hop out of the AA cannon if you're still
    in it. Follow the deputy and use your shotgun or missiles while spraying your
    machine gun or cannons to take out those pesky Mini-Gyros. Once you take them
    all out (there should be six or so) the mission ends and you get word of your
    next mission. Two new mission icons appear, one in the canyon and one at the
    Sheriff's office
    -Save the Train-
    Let's continue to work for the Sheriff. Head over to his mission icon for your
    next assignment. Apparently the Los Muertos gang is pulling off a train heist
    so head over to the train indicated by your objective marker. If the Dead guys
    manage to destroy the train's engine, you fail. Take out the enemy fighters
    while keeping an eye on the train's health meter. There are health and ammo
    pick-ups floating above the train's flat cars if you need them. There are only
    eight enemy fighters made up of Coyotes and Hellhounds. The only challenge is
    if you let the train get away while focusing on one or two fighters, because
    the rest of the enemies will follow the train meaning you have to play catch-
    up when you're done killing your current targets. Once all eight enemies are
    down you're done with the mission. For laughs, as soon as the objective marker
    goes away you can destroy the train yourself. Hitting it will cause its AA gun
    turrets to target you. So have fun if you want, because the health and ammo
    pick-ups will respawn after a while. Of course other than for the heck of it
    there's no reason to do so. Anyway head to the canyon mission icon when you're
    ready to continue.
    -Steal the Mini-Gyro-
    Carl wants some favors before he gives you any information, so head over to
    Red's hideout (remember where you took out those turrets in the Coyote) for a
    Mini-Gyro. Of course Red isn't going to give it to you, so take out his gang's
    gyrocopters and any remaining gun turrets (if you didn't do that already.)
    Betty will point out a Mini-Gyro waiting on the ground so grab it when you're
    ready. The rest of the mission is a tutorial on how to use the Mini-Gyro,
    since it's a bit different from anything you've flown up until now. Fly up to
    the top of the Mesa like it says and destroy the crates with your machine guns
    while hovering with the B button. Even though it's a helicopter you can fly
    upside down or tilted sideways and it won't fall or hit a wall. And once you
    hold down B for a couple of seconds to stop you can let go of the button to
    continue hovering. After destroying the first crate hit your A button to zoom
    in like a turret and take out the second crate with your secondary weapon. The
    secondary weapon is very accurate over long distances so you can snipe enemies
    from far away with the Mini-Gyro. Destroy the remaining crates on the mesa to
    continue. Hit the Y button to start moving forward again and fly into the
    canyon towards the next crate. Destroy the crates while making your way back
    to Carl. The second crate has money inside, the third has health, the fourth
    has more money, the fifth (which beyond the fourth and to the right) has an
    upgrade token and the sixth has an ammo pick-up inside. Fly near Carl's place
    to end the mission. The Mini-Gyro is now yours to keep. Note that it cannot
    be upgraded. A new mission icon appears over Carl's place.
    -Retrieve the Stolen Goods-
    This next mission for Carl's must be completed in a Mini-Gyro. If you went to
    the Pandora to switch planes it's okay because a Mini-Gyro appears near Carl's
    place for you to use. Switch to the Mini-Gyro and accept the mission. He wants
    you to go and pick up a crate of stolen goods, and you must do this in a Mini-
    Gyro. You must avoid the sheriff's deputies flying around while you have the
    cargo. The deputies are flying Constable aircraft that have cannons and a
    Gatling gun that will tear you to shreds with ease. You can either fly low in
    the canyon and head toward the cargo OR you can make your way to the town's AA
    guns and use them to take down the deputies. If you get spotted all of the
    deputies will head for you, there are five in all. You will not last long in
    the Mini-Gyro, so head for the AA guns if you haven't gotten the cargo yet, or
    if you have the cargo, haul it straight for Carl's using the canyons as cover.
    Even if you are in the AA guns you will still take some serious damage from
    those deputies if you aren't careful. You can always head for the repair
    station if you need it. If you decide to sneak your way there, hug the canyon
    floors until you reach the face of the cliff with buildings on it. Then head
    straight up and stay near the ground. Go around the building with the cargo in
    it and fly up to the cargo from the back of the building. After getting to the
    cargo by sneaking or destroying the deputies, fly into it to pick it up. Sneak
    out the back. If you are spotted, just hide behind a building until they say
    they lost you. Head back to Carl's (if the deputies are still around you can
    try and sneak around the long way by heading to one of the canyons near where
    the race icon would be and sneaking away from town. Anyway after you get to
    Carl's, head to the yellow icon to drop off the cargo. Once you've delivered
    the cargo you will be told to destroy all remaining enemies. Hop back into
    your plane if you switched it at Carl's place or head to the AA guns to finish
    them off. After all the enemies are destroyed and the cargo is delivered, the
    mission ends and a new icon appears near Carl's place.
    -Attack the Los Muertos Train-
    Head over to the new icon at Carl's when you're ready to continue. You do NOT,
    I repeat, NOT need the Mini-Gyro for this mission, so get your favorite plane
    out. He wants you to attack a Los Muertos train and take a crate of ammo. Head
    over to the train for some serious payback time. They raid your train, now it
    is time for you to raid theirs. You have to knock out the anti-aircraft guns
    before you can take the crate, so take the three turrets out before you do
    anything else. Two are near the front, and one is at the back of the train.
    Pretty soon after you start attacking the train, a group of four enemy fighter
    planes appear to stop you. Finish up with the turrets to make the train give
    up its cargo. Pick up the crate along with the health and money that appear on
    the train. Take out the fighters and head towards Carl. Three more enemy
    fighters will appear, and you must take them out before you can deliver the
    cargo. Do *NOT* approach Carl's hideout until you take out all the enemy
    fighters or you will *FAIL* the mission. Fly over the yellow marker to drop
    off the cargo and end the mission. A new mission icon will appear at the new
    zeppelin that has appeared near Carl's place.
    -Fly Escort for Roy-
    This mission is the end of the chapter, so only approach it when you have done
    everything else in this area. Roy needs you to escort his small Zeppelin out
    of town toward a repair station out in the desert, so be prepared for another
    defensive mission. After you accept the mission, his zeppelin will start on
    its journey. Two "gun trucks" appear in front of the zeppelin on the ground,
    so take them out first. There are more gun trucks on top of the large railway
    bridge, so take them out before Roy gets near them. Four of Red's Mini-Gyros
    will appear in the direction of the town and head for you and Roy, so take
    them out after you're done with the gun trucks. The Pandora should be in
    position if you want to use its turrets to take out the Mini-Gyros, but you
    shouldn't need them. After you take down Red's Mini-Gyros, four Los Muertos
    enemy fighters appear from near the town. You can use the town's AA guns if
    you want, because the Pandora might be too far away now for it to be of help.
    After Roy passes through the town five more fighters appear in front of him,
    and a Los Muertos zeppelin will appear to Roy's left. Take out the fighters
    first since the zeppelin is much farther away. When the Zeppelin gets close
    hit the AA gun turret on its top and the rocket turret on its bottom before
    you take out the rest of the zeppelin. After you take out the zeppelin the
    chapter ends and you get an upgrade token.
    Chapter Six - A Desert Mirage
    Objectives - Escort Roy's zep through hostile territory.
               - Hunt down the Banditos in the badlands.
               - Find and destroy the Bandito camps.
               - Destroy the Bandito camp.
               - Destroy the other Bandito camps.
               - Take out El Muerte.
    Planes to Steal - None
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 1
    -Escort Roy-
    Another short chapter where you are automatically thrown into the mission and
    this time you are automatically placed into the Devastator. You must protect
    Roy again, but you're now in unfamiliar territory. There is a repair station
    ahead and to the left of Roy's position if you need it. You should also use up
    your supply of missiles on the enemies as you won't have them later. There are
    two scout fighter ahead of Roy, so boost ahead and take them out quickly. If
    you take out both of them, two groups of enemy fighters will be delayed in
    attacking Roy. If you only take out one, one group of enemy fighters will show
    up early and the other group will be delayed. If you let both live, both enemy
    groups will come early. All in all there are ten fighters in this area. Two
    gun trucks appear right in front of Roy as you engage the enemy scout fighters
    so take those out as soon as they appear because they will focus on Roy. After
    you take out the gun trucks, four to eight enemy fighters will appear in the
    distance ahead of Roy if you didn't take out both scouts before you took out
    the gun trucks. Don't worry if you let these fighters appear early, the gun
    trucks are a bigger threat. Rush up to them to take them out before they can
    get to Roy, and keep your eyes on Roy's health meter. As Roy gets near the
    canyon that's ahead of you, and if you destroyed either one scout unit or both
    scouts, one or two waves of enemy fighters will appear at the canyon, one
    group of fighters appear ahead and to the left of Roy and four more fighters
    appear on Roy's right side, again only if you didn't already destroy these
    squadrons by failing to take out the scout planes early. After all ten fighter
    planes and two gun trucks are destroyed, this mission ends.
    -Take out the Bandit Camps-
    You start out in a new fighter, the Dust Devil. I personally love this fighter
    for its Gatling guns. This mission will test your skill with the Dust Devil.
    You have three enemy bandit camps in the canyon to take out. They're guarded
    by fighters and Anti-Air defenses. As you start out, try and take out the
    planes in front of you. As you approach the first bandit camp, Maria will say
    so. Take out the AA gun guarding it and any enemy fighters nearby before
    taking out the hangar. These hangars will produce more fighters if you don't
    kill them quickly, but they don't make them fast enough for you to have to
    worry about destroying them first if you're surrounded by enemy fighters. Stay
    in the canyon to avoid the enemy's zeppelins that are patrolling above the
    canyon. Not far from the first bandit camp is a gun truck that you can use.
    Maria will drive around the canyon while you shoot. It is up to you to use. It
    is marked by an AA gun icon. You can exit it and enter it at any time, no
    matter where it is. You can also control this truck like Eddie's boat, using
    up and down on the D-Pad to speed up and slow down. From where the gun truck
    is, turn so that the repair station icon ON YOUR RADAR is on the left-hand
    side. You will see a natural bridge ahead of you, fly towards it and you will
    see another one behind it. Under that second natural bridge is an upgrade
    token. Pick it up and turn right. You'll see the second bandit camp. Again
    take out the AA guns first then the hangar and mop up any nearby fighters.
    There should be an ammo pickup at this and every bandit camp if you are low on
    Gatling gun ammo. Fly back to the gun truck and turn right before or after you
    get to the truck to find the last bandit camp. Take out the AA gun and be sure
    to grab that ammo pickup if you need it. You might want to take the time to
    destroy the enemy zeppelins so that they won't bother you in the next mission.
    Either way, take out the hangar to end this part of the mission.
    -Take out El Muerte-
    Oh no he didn't. The Dead Guy did NOT just take your Devastator. Good thing he
    only ends up with a non-upgraded Devastator (even if yours *is* upgraded, his
    won't be.) Time to take him and his buddies down. If you didn't take out the
    Zeppelins before, you're going to have a slightly harder time with this part
    of the mission. El Muerte has three fighters backing him up, but you only have
    to destroy El Muerte himself. He's got more health and more skill than the
    average enemy fighter, so get near him and let loose with both your machine
    guns and your Gatling gun for maximum damage. Head to the repair station as
    much as you need to, and stay away from those zeppelins if you didn't already
    take them out. If you did take out the enemy zeppelins, this mission is not
    difficult at all. After El Muerte is gone, the enemy fighters will retreat and
    you get an upgrade token and an end to the chapter.
    Chapter Seven - A Gift for the Navajo
    Objectives - Destroy the gun trucks surrounding the train.
               - Blow up the blockade.
               - Get the train and artifact into town. Fight of all Los Muertos
    Planes to Steal - None
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 3
    This is yet another chapter spanning one mission. You'll notice that the Dust
    Devil has now been added to your hangar, so if you liked it, you're welcome to
    choose it or even upgrade it. When you're ready, choose your plane to begin
    the mission.
    -Get the Train Moving-
    You're back in the town from Chapter 5, so the terrain isn't new. You have to
    protect the train as it circles the town and then enters the town. Enemies
    come in the form of gun trucks, fighters, enemy trains, and Zeppelins, so you
    will have your hands full. You're told to destroy the gun trucks around the
    train, but don't do that just yet. Take out the nearby fighters and then the
    three gun trucks that are on the other side of the mountain. Leave the trucks
    near the train for last. After all the enemies near the train are gone, the
    train's health meter will appear and you can now man all three of the train's
    AA turrets. They're quite useful since you'll always be near the target you
    need to defend. They will ask you to destroy the wreckage on the tracks in
    front of the train. Take out the wreckage quickly and fly INTO the tunnel.
    Inside is the first of the three upgrade tokens in this level. They are all in
    the tunnels that the train goes through. As you are taking out the wreckage
    and grabbing the token, enemy fighters will appear. You can prevent the enemy
    planes from appearing altogether if you destroy the wreckage as quickly as
    possible (use your primary and secondary weapons to take it out), so take out
    the fighters as soon as you've taken out the wreckage and grabbed the token,
    assuming the fighters appeared.
    -Get the train to Town-
    The train will start moving now, so get ready to defend it. Remember that the
    AA guns on the train are always available for your use and there's a repair
    station if you need it. Don't stray far from the train, even if there are some
    enemies in the distance you think you could rush out to and defeat. Enemies
    may appear near the train while you're gone and do some damage before you can
    come back to save it. After the train passes through the tunnel a wave of
    fighters comes in from behind the train. They're all high above the mountain
    so climb to their height and take them out (or use the AA turrets on the train
    to get them.) After the first wave a second wave comes in from the same area.
    A third wave will come after the train comes close to the bandit train. Rush
    up to the friendly train, taking out any fighters that you can, and keep going
    until you spot the enemy train. Take out the engine of the enemy train before
    moving on to the surrounding fighters and the enemy train's AA turrets. Three
    enemy Zeppelins will appear ahead of the train, so use the train's rocket
    turret or your planes heaviest weapons to take them out quickly. As you run
    low on health and ammo switch to the train's AA turrets. Take out the enemy
    zeppelins (you can use the AA cannon if you want) and then the gun trucks that
    appear on the far road and near the tunnel before finishing off the zeppelins.
    Fly (or pass through the tunnel in one of the turrets) through that tunnel to
    get the second of three upgrade tokens in this level. After exiting the tunnel
    a wave of planes comes in from behind the train - in a perfect place for the
    train's rear AA gun to take them out so switch to that turret using Y or B and
    take them out. As the train loops around toward the repair station (which I
    recommend you use as soon as possible) one of the enemy zeppelins from before
    will come from the front of the train and attack (if you didn't take it out
    already) and another enemy train will attack with rockets from across the
    canyon. A new zeppelin will also appear ahead of the train near the town.
    Take out the biggest threats and fly through the train depot for your third
    upgrade token for the level. The train will pass the town, loop around, and
    head back into the town. As soon as it arrives at the big building at the top
    of town, the mission ends. You should've had enough time to take out the
    second train's engine as well as finish off all the zeppelins and grab all
    three tokens. Anyhoo, as soon as the train gets there you end the chapter and
    get another upgrade token. After this mission you should have enough to up-
    grade another plane if you haven't already.
    Chapter Eight - Soloho and the Three Trials
    Objectives - Help the Navajo fight the Bandito.
               - Complete Soloho's trials.
               - Trial of Marksmanship
               - Shoot down the required number of targets.
               - You have completed the Trial of Marksmanship.
               - Complete the trials.
               - Trial of Skill
               - Follow Soloho's path exactly as he flies it!
               - You completed the Trial of Skill.
               - Trial of Courage
               - Lure the Bandito zep into the ambush.
               - Destroy the zep using the AA gun!
               - You have completed the Trial of Courage.
               - Go to the Navajo village.
               - Protect the Navajo statues.
    Planes to Steal - Desert Fox
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 1
    -Help the Navajo-
    As soon as you pick your plane you are thrust into a mission. You must destroy
    all the enemy fighters to help out Salawa Soholo out. There's an AA gun at the
    top of a large stone pillar if you choose to use it. There's also a repair
    station and some AA cannons and guns in the Navajo village, but the AA guns
    are much too far to be of any use right now. There are five enemy fighters at
    the beginning of the stage, with two hanging away from the battle near an
    enemy zeppelin. If you destroy all the fighters quickly without approaching
    the zeppelin, it will not attack you and your allies, instead the mission will
    end early. When there are only one or two fighters left, Soloho will tell you
    to not let them get away. The remaining enemy planes will retreat towards the
    enemy zeppelin. If you don't defeat them quickly, you will have to face the
    zeppelin as well as take out the remaining fighters. After all the fighters
    and the zeppelin are destroyed, the mission ends. After a cutscene the chapter
    will continue, giving you a choice between choosing from three trials.
    -The Trial of Marksmanship-
    After you take off from the Navajo village, head towards the nearest mission
    icon. Between the two natural bridges near the zeppelin with the mission icon
    lies the only hidden upgrade token in this chapter. Grab it, and when you are
    ready, accept the mission to start the Trial. This mission will have you shoot
    at balloons using the two turrets on the top and bottom of Soloho's Zeppelin.
    Switch between the top turret and bottom turret with B or Y when prompted. The
    harder the difficulty you're on, the more balloons you need to shoot. A Navajo
    fighter will move across the area dropping balloons. Only shoot any balloon
    that *DOES NOT* have a blue cross on it. The first set of balloons are dropped
    off right in front of you. So zoom in and take out the balloons that have a
    red square (enemy marker) on them. On Normal, the two outside balloons are the
    targets, while the middle one is marked with blue crosses, so shoot the two on
    the side. After destroying the first set of targets, switch guns and hit the
    targets that the Navajo drops in front and below your zeppelin. After you take
    out the two bottom targets look left and destroy the targets he has dropped in
    the distance. Then switch to the top gun and destroy the balloons near the
    natural bridge, avoiding the one with the blue crosses. The fighter will then
    drop some balloons that you cannot see with either turret until the zeppelin
    crosses the crevice that they are located in, so wait and take them out with
    the top and bottom turrets when they get in sight. Continue with the bottom
    turret and hit the targets directly below the zeppelin and ahead and below the
    zeppelin. Switch to the top turret and destroy the distant targets that are to
    the right of the zeppelin. Some will float up and down behind the canyon walls
    so move on and come back to any of the ones you can't hit. Depending on what
    difficulty you are on, you may have to destroy more or less of the distant
    targets. On Normal you must take out three or four, so don't sweat it if you
    see a lot of targets on your radar that you think you have to hit. On Hard and
    Super Hard, however... have fun. Soloho will announce when you've completed
    the Trial of Marksmanship.
    -The Trial of Skill-
    Ah, the Trial of Skill. You might want to glue your controller to your hands,
    so you don't end up throwing it at the Xbox in frustration. You must fly an
    unarmed Desert Fox (Navajo fighter, note that you CANNOT keep this unarmed
    version of the Desert Fox. You will get a chance to steal one you can keep at
    the end of the chapter) and keep up with Soloho as he flies through the canyon
    using fancy moves. Depending on what difficulty you are on, you may have to
    follow him for a longer or shorter period of time. Don't worry, though, as he
    does the same exact path every time so it's just a matter of memorization and
    patience. DON'T (DO NOT!!!) fly ahead Soloho or he may glitch up and crash in
    to a nearby wall or do something else that can only frustrate you more. Thanks
    to Eric for the info on the glitch. Anyway Soloho starts out ahead and below
    you, to the right, and he's marked with an objective marker. You must stay
    close to him, but not so close that you run into him (fail) or lose him (fail)
    or go ahead of him (glitch up then fail.) Boost up to him and stay more or
    less around the end of his smoke trail for optimal following distance. He will
    turn right and then left around a pillar then a hard right followed by a steep
    climb and loop over a natural bridge. He then turns slightly to the right and
    descends below another natural bridge, then right around a stone pillar. He
    then heads around another pillar and heads towards a third natural bridge
    which he will fly over then dive sharply under another rock formation. He will
    then go around a stone pillar which is surrounded by canyon wall, so stay in
    the path of his smoke to make sure you don't smack into the wall or pillar.
    After he exits the area of the pillar, he will turn left and head back for the
    natural bridge which he will loop-the-loop over. Tap the brake on and off as
    you go around that bridge so you don't lose him. He will then head low and
    weave through some more rock formations while slowly descending. He will go
    around the right side of a stone column and head low through another rock
    formation, circling around it clockwise before coming out of the turn and fly-
    ing over another rock formation before diving and turning left. This is about
    where you will succeed if you are on Normal. On Hard and Super Hard you just
    need to follow him a bit more and you've got it. If you fail, it's okay, not
    even I got it in one try while writing this walkthrough (I'm on Normal), and
    I've beaten this game many times, even on Hard and Super Hard. Just keep it up
    and learn his flight pattern and you will get it. Now only one Trial to go and
    it is CAKE compared to this evil task.
    -The Trial of Courage-
    Get back into your Normal plane (so you don't lose track of it, trust me) and
    head toward the only remaining mission icon. This mission puts you into an un-
    armed Desert Fox (it would make you switch planes even if you were in the
    previous Desert Fox) and you must lure an enemy Zeppelin into the range of an
    AA gun so you can get into the AA gun and destroy it. The AA gun is near the
    canyon floor around where the Trial of Skill ends on Normal. Accept the Trial
    and head toward the objective marker on your screen. You will notice a plane
    icon. It's another (unarmed) Desert Fox (which you also cannot keep) if you
    are low on health and need something to switch to. You cannot man the AA guns
    until the Zeppelin is within a certain distance to it, so let's lure it in. Go
    toward the Zeppelin and fly around it to taunt it for a while. When the enemy
    zeppelin starts to follow you, head toward the first stone arch that is marked
    on your screen. Do loop-the-loops around it until the next arch is marked (so
    that you don't fly too far from the zeppelin which will lose interest and so
    you can avoid its guns that are trying to pepper you with lead.) Fly around
    the second arch until Soloho tells you to lure them to the AA gun. Switch to
    the other Desert Fox if you need the health, and fly circles between the AA
    gun and the zeppelin until you can enter the AA gun. As soon as you can enter
    the AA cannon, use it and take out the zeppelin's bottom AA turret before you
    destroy the zeppelin itself. Don't take too much time or the Zeppelin will get
    away and you will fail. You can see the enemy zep's health on your screen, but
    it will go down quickly so don't worry too much about it. As soon as the zep
    burns, you finish the Trial and get an upgrade token. Your next task is at the
    Navajo village, but go and switch back to your normal plane before going near
    the Navajo village.
    -Protect the Navajo Statues-
    As soon as you get to the Navajo Village (get that hidden token if you didn't
    already) Bandits start attacking. You must defend the three Navajo statues.
    The first thing I want you to do is fly down and steal the Desert Fox. This is
    armed and you can keep it. This is the ONLY TIME YOU CAN GET A DESERT FOX, so
    if you miss it, you have to wait until your next playthrough to get another.
    Use the Desert Fox to beat the rest of the mission. It's fast and has machine
    guns and what are called "Drunken Rockets" because they go out in a random
    pattern. If you don't like it you are always welcome to using the town's AA
    cannons and gun or the Pandora's turrets. Take out the two Bandit Zeppelins
    with your Drunken Rockets while watching the Statues' health bar. After the
    two zeppelins are gone, focus on the fighters. The best tactic with the Desert
    Fox is to use its speed to get up close and personal and spam some rockets up
    their tailpipes. There are about four fighters to worry about. If you lose
    a statue don't worry, just don't lose all of them or you'll fail. Use the
    conveniently placed repair station as much as you need to. Once you've
    destroyed all the fighters and the enemy zeppelins, the chapter ends.
    Chapter Nine - The Mystery of the Mine
    Objectives - Escort the Navajo trucks to the mine.
               - Clear the road block.
               - Keep the trucks moving! The mine is just ahead.
               - Wipe out the Skull base.
               - Escort the Navajo zep to safety.
               - Destroy the Die Spinne Tunnel Zug.
               - Protect the Pandora by destroying the Die Spinne Tunnel Zug.
    Planes to Steal - Coyote
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 1
    -Escort the Navajo Trucks-
    After you choose your plane, you're thrown right into this mission, so get
    ready. Pick whatever plane you are best with. It's another DEFEND THE *blank*
    mission, so get ready to face onslaughts of enemies while protecting some
    Navajo guys on the ground. You have both Betty and Maria flying with you, as
    well as the Pandora and gun truck convoy, so it's not like you'll be doing ALL
    of the work. You'll just be doing MOST of it. Anyway, shortly after the level
    begins, the convoy will come up on a bandito base with two AA turrets and some
    fighters. Take out the turrets then focus on the fighters. You can lose a gun
    truck or two, but you cannot lose all of them or you fail, so watch over them.
    There are two more turrets ahead, and fighters will come at the trucks one-by-
    one, so take out the turrets and pick off the fighters as they approach. Ahead
    of that second set of turrets is a large Bandito base with a rocket turret,
    some fighters, and a defensive wall of gun trucks. Take out the turret and gun
    trucks, along with the second turret above the gun trucks to clear out the
    road block. After clearing the road block, feel free to turn around and head
    for the health and ammo pick-ups on the airfield near where that rocket turret
    was. Continue along with the convoy until you reach the next open section of
    canyon. You will spot a HUGE statue along with several enemy gun turrets and
    a repair station. Near the repair station is a Coyote lying there if you need
    it. This is your last chance to get a Coyote if you didn't get one during the
    Fifth Chapter. There's also an AA gun tower that you can use that's near the
    Coyote. You can also now use the AA guns on the Pandora. Head toward the large
    stone statue that's carved from a rock formation. Fly straight up until you
    get to the very top of the statue. Once you're on top, you will see the token
    floating right over the statue. Grab it and continue to destroy the enemy
    fighters and turrets in the area. Feel free to use the repair station as much
    as you need to. After clearing that large area, boost over to the convoy's
    position (they'll be ahead of you) while taking out the enemy turrets and the
    gun trucks on top of the bridge at the top of the canyon along the way (you
    can take out the bridge itself to take care of the gun trucks quickly.) You
    will come up to the mine. Take out the turrets and the zeppelin that belongs
    to a new foe - the Red Skull Legion. You'll also have to deal with their plane
    squadrons made up of Hellhounds. Take out the fighters and turrets before
    dealing with the zeppelin, and leave the hangars for last. Once you take out
    the hangars, the next part of the mission begins (if you didn't already take
    out the zeppelin and fighters, you have to deal with them in the next part.)
    As soon as you see the new enemy you'll face, raise your WTF flag and prepare
    for a "wait until it exposes its weak spot then attack" fight! You can't hurt
    this enemy (like that Die Spinne zeppelin you fought in Chapter 4) but you can
    take out the turrets along its spine. Do so and mop up any remaining fighters
    and take out the Red Skull zeppelin that has appeared while you wait for your
    cue to attack the large... thing. Rush back to the repair station as you run
    low on health and ammo and pick up that Coyote if you don't already have one.
    A small cutscene will play and you will watch as the enemy exposes its weak
    point. Get into position to attack its weak point. You can only take about 40%
    of its life away before it disables the Navajo Zeppelin (the game will not let
    you do more damage to it.) Just fly around destroying enemy fighters and gun
    trucks (they appear after the Navajo zeppelin hits the ground) and wait for it
    to show its weak spot again, and repeat the process until you chase it away
    from the Navajo zeppelin. The enemy then climbs the stone statue and turns its
    attention to the Pandora. Climb up to meet it and attack its open mouth before
    it destroys the Pandora and you fail. Use your secondary weapons along with
    your machine guns or cannons until it falls. Use special moves like snap turns
    to be able to turn around quickly for another pass at its weak spot. Blow its
    head off to get yourself two upgrade tokens for an end to the chapter. Enjoy
    the short cutscene and get ready for the next chapter in an entirely new area,
    Chapter Ten - A Spider to the Fly
    Objectives - Escort the Pandora to safety.
               - Destroy the zep blocking the Pandora.
               - Destroy the turrets in the Pandora's path.
               - Get to the Pandora.
    Planes to Steal - Constable (You cannot keep it.)
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 0
    This Chapter begins with two cutscenes. After the cutscenes you are placed in
    an entirely new plane, the Brigand. This thing has four cannons and some heavy
    missiles, PLUS it has a turret in the back. The turret will automatically fire
    at enemies behind you, OR you can switch to it (a basic autopilot will take
    over) with the A Button and control it like a normal AA turret. As soon as you
    start out you will see a plane icon in front of you. It's a Constable (which
    is used by the various police in the game, like the deputies in Arixo.) I like
    this plane a lot since it has cannons and a Gatling gun (Bulldog + Dust Devil)
    but you canNOT keep this plane. This is the first of two times in Chicago when
    you can steal this plane, but it never enters your hangar. So if you want to
    use this plane outside of multi-player, switch to it now and give it a try. If
    not, keep your Brigand.
    -Escort the Pandora-
    As soon as you start this mission begins. A great chance to try out your new
    Brigand (or Constable.) Feel free to use the repair station (under where you
    the Constable is) as much as you need to. If you don't like your plane choices
    you can always use the turrets on the Pandora. Anyway your first task is to
    take out the zeppelin in front of the Pandora. The Brigand may not be great at
    killing enemy fighters (it's slow) but killing Zeppelins is what it was made
    for. Let loose with the cannons and missiles to destroy the Zeppelin. Not long
    after you start attacking the zeppelin will enemy fighters appear. They're all
    Brigands and Hellhounds, so take them out. Pretty soon you'll be told to take
    out a group of turrets in front of the Pandora. Make short work of them with
    your cannons and continue to work on the enemy fighters. After the turrets are
    done, a Machiavelli-class Zeppelin will appear. These things are huge and have
    10 turrets on them. Use your entire arsenal to take this thing out. If you run
    out of ammo, head to the repair station to get more and rush back to destroy
    the Machiavelli. More enemy fighters will show up and the Machiavelli will go
    over a spare Brigand that you can switch to if you need it. Ignore the fighter
    planes and focus on that enemy zeppelin. After the huge zeppelin falls, you
    get an upgrade token and a checkpoint. Now it's time to focus on the fighters
    while the Pandora escapes Chicago. If swatting enemy fighters gets annoying
    with the slow Brigand, switch to the Constable to finish them off (you still
    keep the Brigand in your hangar, even if you end with the Constable.) After
    all the fighters are destroyed, head to the Pandora to end the chapter and get
    an upgrade token.
    Chapter Eleven - Finding Brooklyn in Chicago
    Objectives - Look for leads on where Kahn is holding Betty.
               - Proceed through the gates to win the race!
               - Protect the cabs from the cops.
               - Score as much loot as possible.
               - Deliver the loot to the DeCarlos.
               - Destroy the Skulls!
               - Grab all three crates from the Skull's train before it reaches
                 the station.
               - Drop off the crates at the Decarlo's warehouse.
               - Get another crate!
               - Get the last crate!
               - Destroy the Skull trucks!
               - Betty's as good as found!
    Planes to Steal - Bulldog
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 10
    If you've been following my walkthrough you should have every plane in your
    hangar except two. Those won't come until much later. Choose a plane and head
    out, it's time to collect some tokens (and yes, it's a "long" chapter.) If you
    run into random enemies, they're bounty hunters. Just destroy them and
    continue (they often drop health) with whatever you were doing. They literally
    appear out of no where, even during missions. Kahn's building also has AA guns
    coming out the wazoo, and they respawn every time you exit from the Pandora.
    The Chicago PD also have a heavily armed zeppelin patrolling the town. If you
    attack it or a civilian plane or zeppelin while near it, it will attack you.
    So leave it alone and watch yourself before the coppers nab you.
    From the Pandora, head in the direction of the repair station. You come up on
    a large railway as soon as the race icon appears on your screen. Fly along the
    railway bridge through the buildings it goes through. After passing a large
    red sign that says "Rivera Hotel" you will enter another building. You will
    see the first token ahead of you. Grab it and make a U-turn to the right. You
    will see your second token ahead of you in the same building that you entered
    after you passed the Hotel sign. Grab it and exit this building. Find the sign
    that says Riviera Hotel again and fly away from it toward the water. Turn your
    plane after you reach the water to see a building to the right of the Riviera
    Hotel with a large billboard on top that has five spotlights lighting it up.
    Fly low towards the side of that building that is facing the Riviera Hotel. In
    a hole in the side of the building (the hole is low, near the street) is your
    third token. Grab it and fly straight up to get out of the building. Fly to
    the water again, and follow the edge of the water away from the Pandora (so
    that the Pandora icon is on the bottom left and the repair station icon is on
    the right.) Fly along the shoreline until you spot a wide building with a blue
    mission icon on top of it. The building has a tall hole in the middle. Fly in
    the hole to grab your fourth token. Now fly over this building and face away
    from the water. You will see three tall slender buildings in the distance in
    front of you. Head towards the closest one (the one that looks like it is in
    the middle of the three when looking at it from this direction) and fly inside
    the hole to grab your fifth token. Now head towards the building that looked
    like it was on the right side (as you saw it from the fourth token building)
    and fly above it. You'll see a hole in the top. Fly into the hole and straight
    down through the building. You'll run into your sixth token here. Hit your
    brakes near the ground and pull up to exit right at the street level. Be care-
    ful not to smack the ground head-on or you'll crash. Fly between the fifth and
    sixth token buildings while facing the water (repair station should be to your
    left and the Pandora on the top-left of your radar) and fly down to the street
    level. Flying along the road you will spot the upgrade token at an crossroad.
    After you pick up the token at the crossroads turn around and follow the road
    in the opposite direction. After you pass the crossroad that had the upgrade
    token, you will pass another intersection. As you pass the third intersection,
    increase your altitude while heading along the road to see a building with
    green park signs on its corners. The token is on the upper level of that park-
    ing building (Just the top-most of the three sections of the large hole in the
    the building.) Grab that token as you hear a request for help from the DeCarlo
    family. Do that mission (it's the very next section) and come back here. From
    the Bulldog Plane Icon above the building where you helped the DeCarlos, face
    the nearest mission icon (it has just appeared, the Pandora and repair icons
    will be at the top right of your radar.) Fly over to that building (you'll see
    another plane icon beyond it) and fly around the building that has the mission
    icon over it. You will notice large warehouse-type doors on the sides of this
    building. Enter those doors and search the warehouse for the ninth token. From
    this building, head towards the next closest mission icon (repair station will
    be on the right side of your radar) pass the building with the mission icon &
    head down to the last building near the water. This building also has large
    warehouse doors, inside is the tenth token. That is all the tokens in this
    chapter.  If you find more, please tell me, but I already have more tokens
    listed than most other websites (trust me, I checked.) Anyway let's get on
    with the game. Be sure to head back to the Pandora to save and upgrade another
    plane, since you have the tokens.
    -Help the DeCarlos-
    You might activate this mission (by accident) during your token run. You just
    need to approach the area for the DeCarlos to ask you for help in eliminating
    some Red Skull fighters. Take out the Brigands and Hellhounds (there should be
    four fighters total) to end this short mission. Helping out the DeCarlos lets
    you take any of their 3 Bulldog fighters whenever you want. Go steal one if
    you didn't get the one in Sea Haven. Head back to the previous section if you
    didn't grab all the tokens yet. If you've gotten all ten, then move on to the
    next section.
    Yes, time for another race. Borrow one of the DeCarlo's Bulldogs or bring your
    own to the starting line. This race is harder than the last two, but not by
    much. Instead of starting the timer at one minute or so you get about 20 sec-
    onds at the start, and each checkpoint increases your time by 3 seconds. Your
    Bulldog will make this race painfully easy as always, so bet all the money you
    feel comfortable with. The race starts as you pass through the first check-
    point. The race turns left for several checkpoints before going up and to the
    left between two smokestacks. Turn sideways (right thumbstick) for the best
    fit through the smokestacks. Then head down to the next checkpoint. The race
    turns left and heads through a building, then turns right and circles around
    Kahn's building before making a sharp turn upwards to three more check-points
    followed by the finish line. This race is a bit easier to run again since you
    don't have to beat your old time exactly, you just have less time to get from
    checkpoint to checkpoint. After you've gotten your fill of racing, move on to
    the next mission.
    -Protect the Cabs-
    From the race icon, turn so that the Pandora symbol is at the bottom right of
    your radar. You should see a plane icon up ahead. Fly toward it and a mission
    icon will appear behind the plane icon. Fly to that mission and accept it. The
    task you are given is to defend the taxi cab business from the rogue cops. You
    can either use the AA gun provided or your own fighter. The enemies are made
    up of Chicago PD Constable fighters. There are eight cabs you must protect,
    each of them represented by 1/8th of the health bar in the bottom left of your
    screen. The first wave of fighters comes at a great position for the AA gun to
    get most of them before they can do too much damage. Remember to focus on the
    ones that are on an attack run and not focus on one fighter for too long. Once
    the first wave is gone a smaller second wave will appear. Smaller waves appear
    one by one as you take down most of the previous waves. Remember to use the A
    button to zoom in often. A lot of the time the enemies aim for you so if the
    AA gun takes too much damage hop out and mop up the rest of the fighters with
    the fighter you have. After defending the cabs, hop out of the turret (which
    you can now use whenever you want) and move on to the next mission.
    -Deliver the Loot-
    Head over to then building where we got token four. It's the closest mission
    icon to the water that the Pandora is floating over. Your job is to get as
    much liquor as you can and bring it back. You can only carry one crate at one
    time, so rush out, get one, bring it back, and repeat. You do NOT have to get
    all of them, you just need to get one. But the more crates you bring back, the
    bigger your reward. The Bulldog is the best plane for this mission, and with
    it I can get most of the crates. Don't fret if you can't get them all, as I
    never have been able to. If anyone can, tell me if there's some special reward
    for doing so. After the mission is over, take out any bounty hunters that were
    blocked from appearing during the mission, because they've appeared now! Head
    to the next mission when you're ready.
    -Destroy the Skulls-
    There are only two mission icons available, and they're both next to each
    other. Pick the one that's higher for now. The DeCarlos want you to provide
    some cover with some AA guns while they battle the Red Skulls. You are put in
    one of the turrets as the mission begins and you can switch between two turret
    guns using B or Y. Switch between them if you need to get a better angle, or
    switch to your plane if you don't want to use the turrets. The Brigands are
    very easy to hit but they take a lot of bullets from the AA guns to take down,
    so keep at it. There's no good time to switch between turrets, there's just a
    bunch of fighters to take down, so switch turrets when a plane gets to far to
    hit with your current AA gun. The Hellhounds seem to focus on you, making them
    easy targets. The Brigands focus on the DeCarlos, so taking them out is your
    priority. After destroying the Brigands, mop up the Hellhounds and the mission
    is over. Only one left for now.
    -Grab the Crates-
    Head to the last mission icon in the area when you're ready to continue. Your
    task is to pick up supplies off of some Red Skull trains and bring them back
    to the warehouse where you got Token #9. The train is armed with AA turrets so
    rush in, steal a box, take it back, and repeat. Boost your way to the first
    train. It has some health and ammo pick-ups if you need them. As soon as you
    pick up the cargo a health meter appears. If you get banged up while holding
    the crate the crate will take damage. If it gets destroyed you fail. There are
    some AA turrets and enemy fighters around, but they are literally no threat,
    so focus on running the cargo. If the train enters the small tunnel, DO NOT
    follow it inside. You will get banged around in there and you will crash, even
    without the train there to take away valuable leg room. Wait for it to come
    out before grabbing that last crate. Destroy some turrets along the tracks if
    you have to wait for the train. After delivering the last crate, the mission
    ends and another mission icon appears at the DeCarlo building.
    -Destroy the Trucks-
    When you're ready for the next mission, head towards the last mission icon on
    the map. Your task is to destroy the various convoy trucks around the city.
    They're all on the streets so you will be flying low. There are three gun boat
    patrols on the river, a river that you cannot allow the trucks to cross. If
    any truck goes over the river, you lose. Destroy the boats first and eliminate
    the trucks starting with the ones close to the river and moving outward. There
    are six trucks heading for the river, two on each road. They sometimes turn
    into the alleyways to try and lose you. Don't go in those alleyways with
    anything as wide as the Devastator or you will run out of room fast, unless
    you like flying sideways. Switch to another truck while waiting for the others
    to exit the alleyways. After getting the first group of six get the last two
    that are farther away from the river than any of the others. After all eight
    trucks are gone, the mission is over.
    -Betty's as good as Found-
    When you have done everything else, a new icon will appear. It's a blue icon
    with a speech-bubble in it. It means that there is a person with information
    for you. Head up to that new icon and press the X button to turn the icon into
    a mission icon. Accept the mission only when you are ready to end the chapter.
    Chapter Twelve - Jail Break
    Objectives - Sniff around for Wally the Snitch
               - Protect the Snitch from the corrupt cops.
               - Listen to the Snitch's information.
               - Avoid the rooftop lookouts, find Frank, and get into the
               - Disable the three switches to open the main warehouse door.
               - Lay low, snipe the switches, and get in that warehouse.
               - Two switches to go.
               - One more switch to disable.
               - Now's your chance! Land in the warehouse.
               - Cover your escape and get to the Pandora in one piece!
    Planes to Steal - Mini-Gyro, Constable
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 4
    You're still in Chicago, but you're in another section of it. You can't get to
    Kahn's building or the old repair station, although you can see the buildings
    on the edge of the mission area. There's a new repair station and a Constable
    for you to steal (you still can't keep it) if you need them. Stay low  (I'm
    not talking like stay near the ground, just stay below rooftops.) in this
    chapter, or you'll attract the attention of the police, and they come at you
    in groups, not one at a time like the bounty hunters of the last chapter.
    -Sniff Around (for some Tokens!)-
    Head to the repair station. Fly over it and turn so that the blue info icon is
    behind you and two large smokestacks are in front of you. Fly along the road
    that goes in that direction. You will come to a railroad section shaped like a
    "Y" that splits off the main railway on the ground level and each end connects
    to the upper railway. Fly over to that. The left branch goes past some small
    buildings before connecting to the main railway. Under the left branch and be-
    tween those buildings is the first token in this level. Now follow the train
    tracks that branched to the right. Follow the tracks until you see the last
    building on the right (just before the mission boundary) that has warehouse
    doors. Fly inside to grab your third token. Now head back to the repair
    station. Put the repair station on your right and the big smokestacks on the
    left. You'll see the token floating above the building in front of you on the
    left. (Thanks to carmine_izzo for the location on this token!!) Go up to the
    blue info icon near the repair station and activate it using the X button.
    -Protect the Snitch-
    Some enemy Constable fighters attack Wally, so fight them off. He's in a Mini-
    Gyro so watch his health meter and take out those fighters quickly. They all
    seem to drop ammo pick-ups so use your secondary weapons as much as you'd like
    to defeat them quickly. They like to have one fighter try and draw you away as
    they attack Wally, so stay near him. After all six fighters are down, Wally
    gives you his info, and tells you to find Frank.
    -Find Frank-
    An enemy zeppelin appears in the area. Go take it out so it doesn't bother you
    later. Stay low as you approach it, take it out, then take out the Constables
    that may appear. Activate the icon for info on how to attack Kahn's
    warehouses. He then offers you a Mini-Gyro for your use for $500. Take it if
    you want. I personally don't need it, but I'll be using it for the purpose of
    this walkthrough.
    -Destroy the Switches-
    Take your Mini-Gyro or plane (you can always switch between the two whenever
    once you rent the Mini-Gyro) and head toward the factory that is marked as an
    objective. Head to the wall that is facing that Y-shaped railway from earlier.
    You will see a small red circle on the wall near a door. Zoom in and snipe it
    with the Mini-Gyro or hit it with your primary and secondary weapons in your
    plane. The gate will partially open and turrets and enemy planes will appear.
    Boost your way to the wall that faces the repair station and enter the small
    warehouse across the street. You should be safe from enemy fighters while in
    here. Head to the partially opened warehouse door and snipe the switch across
    from it. If you're in your fighter then just go around destroying enemy
    fighters and turrets to clear your way to hit the second and third switches.
    If you hide for a while the enemy fighters will go away, but the turrets will
    still be active, so exit the warehouse from where you sniped the second switch
    and go left. You will see a large open warehouse. Enter it, turn around, and
    snipe the red square in the middle of the flame coming at you (it's a flame
    turret, take it out from afar and it can't hurt you.) Look left and you'll see
    another building that's near the second turret. Go into that building and stay
    near the ceiling so you can snipe the turret without getting close. Once that
    turret is down, fly out and up and away from Kahn's warehouse. Snipe the third
    turret from afar. Head back to the building that you sniped the second turret
    from. Head out that building from the side nearest the big warehouse you used
    to snipe the first building. Turn around and face Kahn's warehouse. You will
    see the third and final switch. Take it out. Enemy fighters will appear again,
    so head quickly to where you sniped the second switch from. Face the now-open
    door and go inside it, grabbing the final upgrade token. Get closer to the
    yellow objective marker for a cutscene.
    -Get to the Pandora-
    You'll end up in the turret of a Brigand. Betty's flying so all you have to do
    is worry about shooting. As you exit the warehouse take out the enemy fighters
    to the left and right of you. Remember to zoom in when you need to, and look
    at your health bar, because dying is the only way you can lose. This turret
    takes out fighters quickly, so you only need to worry about hitting them. Some
    more fighters join the party in small numbers as you pull away from the ware-
    house and turn right. As you take a second right a flame turret will get away
    with some of your health, so take it out for revenge. When you pass the enemy
    zeppelin, just aim at the middle of its bottom half to hit the turrets, then
    keep hitting it to destroy it. Hit the fighters that get close to you after
    the zeppelin goes down. As you pass through a building a rocket turret will be
    below you as you exit so take it out before it can shoot a second rocket. When
    you go over the water and under the bridges, zoom in and take out the fighters
    that are tailing you. You might not get all of them but just get what you can.
    Keep taking out straggling fighters as Betty makes an idiot of herself. She'll
    eventually dive you into a building where you will pick up health. As you exit
    that building two Hellhounds are right behind you, so take them out easily.
    Keep downing whatever fighters you can as you approach the Pandora. As soon as
    you get to the Pandora, the chapter ends and you get two more upgrade tokens.
    Chapter Thirteen - Payback
    Objectives - Cause trouble for Kahn and his henchmen.
               - Stop the train that's leaving the station.
               - Destroy the three support pillars to collapse the bridge.
               - Stop the zeps from leaving the area.
               - Stop the large zeps from fleeing the area.
               - What's next?
               - Pick up a bomb and take it to the roof of the warehouse.
               - Drop the bomb on the roof.
               - Get another bomb!
               - Get the third bomb!
               - Two bombs left!
               - Get the last bomb!
    Planes to Steal - Bulldog
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 3
    There is a Bulldog where the Mini-Gyro was in Jail Break. This is your last
    chance to get a Bulldog, so steal it if you didn't get the one in Sea Haven or
    in chapter 11.
    -Cause Trouble-
    As soon as you start some enemy patrol planes appear, ignore them. Turn around
    and pass the friendly zeppelin. As soon as you do, turn right, and fly along
    the street. Keep going until you see grass on the left side of the street. Fly
    over the grass to get the upgrade token. Turn around and fly under the large
    railway bridge, and turn right when you get to that Y-shaped railway. Follow
    the bottom stem of the Y toward the rail station. Fly into the rail station
    and grab the token. Proceed to take out the enemy fighters now. When the cops
    come and attack the friendly zeppelin, go help it out. You can even man the AA
    guns and cannon on it. While defending the zeppelin, focus on the Constables.
    When you don't see any more Constables, exit the AA guns and resume fighting
    Red Skull fighters. If you can defend the friendly zeppelin from the Constable
    fighters without it taking too much damage (friendly fire included) the pilot
    will thank you and offer to let you use the zep's guns whenever you want. An
    upgrade token will also appear next to the zeppelin on the building. If the
    pilot says that he's taking damage and has to get outta there, no token for
    -Stop the Train-
    After destroying some fighters, a train will appear and will start to escape.
    You have to stop it, but it's armored and your weapons won't damage it. Go to
    that long railway bridge you had followed between the first and second tokens,
    and destroy the bridge supports once they appear as targets. Machine guns will
    not do the trick, but cannons and secondary weapons will. After the three legs
    are destroyed, focus on taking out the enemy AA turrets before moving on to
    the next objective.
    -Stop the Zeps-
    Once the turrets are destroyed, several enemy zeppelins will appear and start
    to retreat. Head to the one marked by a yellow objective marker first, since
    it's the one that's closest to escaping. Once it's destroyed, head to the next
    zeppelin marked by the yellow marker, but destroy the two zeppelins that are
    closer as you go. Use the repair station if you're low on ammo or health, then
    resume destroying the last of the medium zeppelins. Large zeppelins start to
    escape after you've destroyed the first batch, so move to the closest one,
    take it out, then move to the one marked by the yellow marker. After those are
    gone, work on some of the fighters while waiting for new objectives.
    -Truck Bombs-
    Some trucks appear with TNT on them. Fly up to each of the trucks to pick up
    the TNT and drop them off at the top of Kahn's warehouse. If you take damage,
    the TNT could explode, so watch out. There are five bombs total, and a timer
    appears, so boost to the truck, slow down, pick up the bomb, get clear of any
    obstacles, then boost to the warehouse. There are quite a few enemy fighters,
    and they are all gunning for you, so visit the repair station if you need to.
    I mean it. Go to the repair station if you get less than 50% health. After all
    five bombs have been delivered to the top of the warehouse, the mission and
    chapter end, and you get two upgrade tokens and a cutscene.
    Chapter Fourteen - The Spider Menace
    Objectives - Destroy the Tesla zeps attacking the city.
               - Destroy the Zepeater.
    Planes to Steal - None
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - None
    -Destroy the Tesla Zeppelins-
    As soon as you choose your plane you start the mission. Die Spinne has some
    new gadgets this time around. Your first target is a Tesla Zeppelin, right in
    front of you. It has an AA gun and some Tesla (lightning) turrets, but it is
    not very big, so it has little armor. It is being guarded by some Vampire
    fighters, but ignore them, since they're no big threat. Try and keep your
    distance while whittling away its armor. Once the first one is destroyed focus
    on the second zeppelin on the other side of town. Take it out and move to the
    last zeppelin which isn't too far from your current position. Use the repair
    station if you need to before finishing off the third zeppelin. After taking
    out the third a new huge zeppelin comes. Big John points out that you should
    try and hit the energy cores at the front of it, so ignore the fighters (they
    keep coming if you destroy all of them) and head for the very front of the zep
    and fly past it. It will shoot at you with huge blasts of lightning which will
    slowly drain your health and can screw up your flight controls. When it uses
    its main weapon like that it exposes the two energy cores that are covered by
    two panels on the front, outside the... "mouth." Use the repair station often,
    because you will need it. When the weak spots open you can destroy the panel
    as well as damage them. When both cores are destroyed its jaws will open. Fly
    inside and shoot at its internal energy core with everything you have. Brake
    while inside to give you more firing time. If you don't make it in one pass go
    around and try again. It won't open its jaws until it uses its main weapon
    again, so be patient. When you destroy the core this short chapter ends and
    you get two upgrade tokens and some cutscenes.
    Chapter Fifteen - The Lost City
    Objectives - Protect that zeppelin.
               - Secure the Sun Circle for Professor Hancock.
               - Pacify the Die Spinne base.
               - Protect the Pandora.
               - Pacify the area around the Lost City.
               - Return three crates to the repair station.
               - Return the crate to the repair station.
               - Pick up another crate.
               - Defend the tourists from Die Spinne.
    Planes to Steal - Piranha
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 8
    Another "long" chapter, full of tokens and missions alike. Choose your plane
    and we'll get started.
    -Protect that Zep!-
    As soon as you start out, some Die Spinne fighters are attacking some poor old
    guy's zeppelin, so take them out. There are four fighters to begin with; two
    Vampires, a Piranha, and a Doppelganger. The Piranha and Doppelganger are two
    new fighters. They also happen to be the two fighters you don't have yet. You
    will see a lot of these between now and the end of the game. Anyway dispose of
    the four fighters to finish the short mission. Listen to Professor Hancock to
    get an idea of what you're doing here. After he's done jaw-jacking, it's time
    for us to go a-token hunting!
    After the tourists show up, head toward them and look at the ruins between
    them and Dr. Hancock, opposite a large stone face on the canyon wall. Fly into
    the small gap in the ruins for your first token. Now turn around, with Doctor
    Hancock's Zep to your left and the tourist zeppelin to your right, head
    straight towards some ruins. On the left half of the ruins, fly up and you'll
    see some stone faces facing each other and a hole leading down. Fly into that
    hole for your second token. Fly through this cave, watching out for flame-
    throwers (no, not turrets) and when you exit the cave turn left. Fly until you
    get to the old bridge and turn right, flying through the valley until you come
    up on some old ruins. Near the ruins is your third token. Grab it and turn
    around, heading back for the bridge. When you get to the bridge, follow the
    river to the right until you see some huge bones on the ground. In the third
    set of bones, you'll spot an upgrade token. Fly toward the repair station and
    turn left a bit and you will see two bridges, one high above the other. Fly
    between them and into the cave at the base of the ruins. Hold your brakes as
    you fly inside the cave and grab the upgrade token inside. After grabbing the
    token, fly through the cave and come out the other side. At the exit of the
    cave is another token. As you exit the cave turn right. Follow the river and
    when it splits, turn left. As you come up on more ruins, you'll see a token.
    Fly through the ruins, grab the token, and U-Turn inside the ruins (you have
    the space) and exit the way you came. Follow the river back and take a right
    when the river splits. Pass the bridges and the stone face while following the
    river. Fly under the Pandora and keep going straight until you get to a Die
    Spinne base. As you arrive at the base you will see the last token over an old
    bridge. Grab it and finish the mission to pacify the base.
    -Pacify the Base-
    As you approach the Die Spinne base, you will get a mission to attack it. Take
    out the Doppelganger and Piranha fighters and start work on the turrets. There
    is one flame turret, two rocket turrets, one AA gun, and one Tesla turret.
    After the short cutscene fly to the Die Spinne base and take the Piranha. This
    is the only good chance for a Piranha in the game, so grab it now. The next
    time you can get one, you'd be stuck with it for maybe two chapters, so grab
    this one now.
    -Protect the Pandora-
    After the Pandora picks up the Sun Circle, you'll be told to protect it. Try
    out the Piranha and, if you don't like it, you can use the AA turrets on the
    Pandora. Four fighters come from the left of the Pandora, so rush out to meet
    them. Try out the Tesla Coils while peppering them with the machine guns. The
    Tesla Coils have a short range but they lock on to nearby targets to do some
    damage and mess with the enemy's controls. After the first wave, some Piranha
    and Doppelgangers plus a Tesla Zeppelin ahead of the Pandora. Another wave of
    fighters come while you're dealing with the current enemies. If you run low
    on health switch to the Pandora's turrets because the repair station isn't
    working yet. The Pandora's AA cannon is much better at taking out the enemy
    zeppelins so switch to that after using the Piranha to take out the enemy
    planes. After taking out the fighters and Zeppelins the mission ends. Return
    to the Pandora to save and get your planes fixed. Upgrade anything if you want
    to, and admire your new plane. Pick a good plane, hopefully one you are good
    with. We're going to fix that repair station!
    -Fix the Repair station-
    Head over to the mission icon over the repair station. You need to raid a Die
    Spinne outpost and bring back supplies. Head over to the objective marker to
    see that nobody's home. Pick a crate. Any crate, it doesn't matter. You soon
    realize that somebody is home. Take out the fighters first, and keep your
    distance from the turrets. After the fighters are gone, pick off the turrets,
    and grab a crate. Return the crate to the repair station. After you've done
    that, go grab another. Don't worry, no surprises this time. Return it and go
    get a third crate. After you have enough crates, the repair station is now
    available for use, and they give you an upgrade token to top it off. Try it
    out or return to the Pandora to rearm and repair.
    -Entertain the Tourists-
    The only mission icon left is above the tourists' zeppelin, so head to it when
    you're ready. Yay, rich tourists. The best kind. Anyway fighters appear out
    of a statue's mouth, so defend them and their zeppelin (who knows, the rich
    guys might reward you!) After taking out the five or six enemy fighters, the
    rich tourists give you $4000 for your efforts. I personally prefer upgrade
    tokens, but cash is good. After this mission ends, you automatically return to
    the Pandora and the chapter ends as well.
    Chapter Sixteen - The Puzzle of the Sun Circle
    Objectives - Check on the tourists and wait for more info from Dr. Hancock.
               - Secure as many artifacts as possible.
               - Deliver the artifact to Dr. Hancock.
               - Proceed through the gates to win the race!
               - Shoot down the Die Spinne cargo haulers.
               - Retrieve the first key.
               - Deliver the first key.
               - Find the second key.
               - Deliver the second key.
               - Find the third key.
               - Deliver the third key.
               - Destroy all Die Spinne forces.
               - Find and flip the switches.
               - Shoot a combination of the three switches.
               - Fly to the mouth.
    Planes to Steal - None
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 0 to 8 (What you didn't get in Chapter 15)
    Yes, zero to eight tokens. Any tokens you did NOT pick up in Chapter 15 are
    still there. If you got all 8 in Chapter 15, there aren't any in Chapter 16 to
    pick up, since you already have them all. If you got 4 of them, then there are
    four left to pick up in this chapter, and so on. Refer to Chapter 15's token
    section to get what you may have missed. Pick your plane and let's get started
    with Chapter 16, which is more like Chapter 15 part 2!
    -Deliver the Artifacts-
    I recommend the Bulldog for 2 of the 3 missions available to you right now,
    but it's not mandatory. Since we just helped the tourists, let's see what Dr.
    Hancock wants. Head over to the mission icon above his small zeppelin and hit
    X to accept the mission. This is another "Go out and bring back something"
    mission, so the Bulldog is good if you want some extra cash. It's just like
    running liquor for the DeCarlos. Bring back what you can, and you are rewarded
    for how much you bring back. There are several of them lying all over the
    place, so just pick them up and return them to the ruins near the Professor's
    zeppelin. With an upgraded Bulldog, I've managed to get them all except for
    one. When you're done with this mission, head toward the tourist's zeppelin.
    Get ready for the last race in the game. This is a toughie, flying in and out
    of ruins, but still not too hard if you've done the previous races with the
    Bulldog. The timing method is similar to the Chicago race, adding time as you
    pass checkpoints. Bet as much as you feel comfortable with. If you're unsure,
    bet the minimum by pressing Y and see if you can beat it. If you can't, you
    only lose $400. The race starts you heading through the ruin and coming up on
    the tail of the tourist zeppelin. Think quick and avoid the tail. Head down
    and straight for the first checkpoint. Go through the rocks to get to the
    second. You will then fly over the ruins, then head down for the next check-
    point. The next checkpoint is at the entrance to the cave through the stone
    face. Head straight into the cave, not at an angle. Break to avoid the fire,
    and make a left after hitting the checkpoint, then a right after hitting the
    next one. Head through the caves and exit through the lower exit, and head to
    the next checkpoint while turning right. The next checkpoint is above the
    repair station. Boost straight ahead past the bones to get to the next check-
    point. Hug the left canyon wall and turn right into the stone face. Again do
    not go in at an angle. Brake for the fire and head for the next checkpoint as
    you turn right into the cave. Fly out the vertical cave to end the race. A new
    mission icon appears near the Professor, but let's finish up with the tourists
    -Shooting Contest-
    This is a contest to see who can shoot down the most small zeppelins with a
    guided missile turret. You have the serious advantage here, as you can fire
    on the targets before they even come into view. As soon as you see the red
    enemy target squares on your screen, shoot a missile over the ruins and aim
    for a zeppelin. They come in groups of five, and as soon as one group is
    destroyed, another appears behind the hills. Keep shooting over the hills to
    hit them before they come within range, so that you will score most of the
    kills and not Reginald, because you'll destroy many of them before he can even
    see them. I can easily beat this mission getting four kills for every one that
    Reginald gets, so you will do just fine. Just keep trying if you fail but you
    probably won't.
    -Goodbye Tourists!-
    After you've completed their challenges, the tourists pack up and get ready to
    leave. Any good pirate wouldn't just let that much money float away, so now
    you can show them how much you appreciated having to do random stuff for them.
    Attack their zeppelin (or be "nice" and just take out the engines) until they
    drop all their money, and it's quite a bit. If you enter and exit the Pandora,
    the tourist zeppelin will reset, allowing you to rob it again and again. Stock
    up on as much money as you want! This is totally optional, though, and has no
    effect on the game. Either way you're done with the tourists. Time to see what
    Professor Hancock wants.
    -The Sun Circle-
    Fly to the mission icon over the Sun Circle and accept it to begin. He wants
    you to retrieve three keys, which are just pieces of the Sun Circle. He will
    point out their locations to you, one at a time. Head to the first key which
    is guarded by some AA turrets. Take out the turrets, grab the key, and head
    back to the Professor to drop it off. When you do, he reveals the location of
    the second key. It's in the first cave you entered in the race, near where one
    of the upgrade tokens was. Head toward the repair station, fly past it, fly
    into the ruins, but don't go too far. As soon as you pick it up, turn around
    and go out the way you came. Die Spinne fighters will have appeared outside,
    so take them out before delivering the key. Bring back the second key to learn
    where the third key is. It's in the vertical cave (it's a volcano!?) that
    ended the race and also had an upgrade token inside. Fly in through the stone
    face and hold the brakes as you near the key. Pick it up and fly straight out
    the vertical cave. Deliver the third key before destroying the enemy forces.
    Focus on the Machiavelli-class zeppelin to accomplish the mission and get two
    upgrade tokens.
    -Flip the Switches-
    Approach the new mission icon only when you are ready to end this chapter. Go
    to the Pandora and take care of anything else you need to do like grabbing
    tokens, because this ends the chapter and starts the sequence of events that
    will lead to the end of the game. You now have to go to the three ruins that
    changed as you delivered the keys. You have to shoot the switches in a certain
    order, then go see if you got the correct order by approaching the mouth of
    the stone face. If you enter it, you got it right and the Chapter ends. If you
    get it wrong, fire will come out of the mouth and you must try again. Every
    time you get the combination wrong, Professor Hancock will discover clues to
    help you decipher the correct code. Whenever you are ready, approach the
    mission icon. You will be told to go shoot the three switches. The correct
    order is: Circle, Square. Just shoot the ruin with the glowing circle, then
    the ruin with the glowing square. After shooting both, just wait for the timer
    to run out. Approach the mouth and you're done with this chapter!
    Chapter Seventeen - Darkness Within
    Objectives - Find the Die Spinne base in the center of the tunnels.
               - Destroy all Die Spinne planes.
               - Continue on to the Die Spinne base.
    Planes to Steal - Piranha, Doppelganger, Dust Devil
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 1
    -Find the Die Spinne Base-
    Here we go. I hope you chose your best plane for this one, because it's all
    you get for the whole chapter, other than what you can steal. You start in a
    large tunnel. This is what the level will be like. Don't fly too fast or you
    will smack into walls or booby traps. Anyway, as soon as you start, fly your
    way through the tunnel. You will come up to a flame geyser. Avoid the lava and
    continue into the next room. You will see a huge stone pendulum. If you get
    hit by its swinging hammer from the sides, you either die or take loads of
    damage. Time your brakes and boost to get you past it. It's not hard, and all
    of the stone pendulums in the whole chapter have the same swinging arc and
    timing to them. Fly past the pendulum and avoid the explosions. Fly into the
    cave and keep an eye on where you need to go, since it's a narrow path.
    Stay near the top of the cave until you come into some more ruins. You will
    see a large door ahead. It is the same thing with the pendulums, brake and
    boost so you don't get caught in the closing door. As you make a right turn
    after the door, there's some health and cash on the bottom left, so grab what
    you need before turning left. The path heads downward, stay low to avoid the
    stone face and continue on. The cave will collapse behind you, so you can not
    backtrack after you pass the stone face. Ahead you will see a split in the
    path. Take either the left into the small caves or the right past the fire-
    breathing statue, it does not matter. If you go right, avoid the fire, stay
    high and enter the cave, then brake and stay low to avoid the fire and fly
    under the stone blocking the path. Turn to the left when you pass under the
    huge stone. If you took the left branch, stay high and pass the stone blocking
    the road, then fly low and avoid the fire-breathing statues and pass under a
    stone. Turn left as you pass under the big stone. Either way you took, you
    will come to a large hallway that goes up. Fly up along the hallway and turn
    left when you pass the doorway. There are some ruins in the middle of the hall
    fly through the center to pick up a health pick-up if you need it, or stay low
    or high to fly over or under the ruins. As you pass the ruins, turn left,
    watching out for the explosions and passing the stone faces. Turn right after
    passing the stone faces, and avoid the ruins in this hallway, or you will get
    banged around some. Turn left and when you see the ruins ending and a cave
    beginning, fly downwards to find the pathway. Fly under some rocks and avoid
    the lava geysers by keeping left and turning left. Turn right and you'll see
    another stone pendulum. Time it again and fly past when you see an opening. A
    checkpoint saves your progress (whew!) so fly into the doorway ahead. You will
    enter a massive cave with ruins and Die Spinne fighters! Fun time!
    -Destroy the Fighters-
    As you enter the cavern, head low to meet some enemy fighters. You will notice
    two Plane icons. One is a Piranha and the other is a Doppelganger. Switch to
    them if you are low on health and take out the enemy fighters. After the first
    wave, a second wave comes. A third wave follows them. Switch planes if you run
    low on health or ammo. After the third wave is destroyed, another checkpoint
    saves your progress. Now that you have a breather, you have a choice. You can
    get your old fighter back, or you can continue using the Doppelganger or the
    Piranha. You WILL get more chances (two of them are later in Chapter 18) to
    steal a Doppelganger, so if you're more comfortable with your old fighter, go
    to it and switch to it. From the Doppelganger's original position, turn so the
    yellow objective marker on your RADAR is near the bottom. You should see a big
    stone face with a waterfall coming out its mouth ahead of you. Fly towards it.
    To the right of it you will see some health. Grab it. Now turn around and face
    the Doppelganger's plane icon and the yellow objective marker. To the bottom
    and left of your screen you should see an enemy camp (tents and buildings)
    head toward it and head toward the large temple with a spotlight shining from
    its top. Fly into it and near the ground for some more health. Make a U-Turn
    to the right and face the Piranha icon. Below you is some more health. Pick up
    what you need (there's no repair stations in this chapter.) and fly to the
    Doppelganger's icon again. Turn so that the yellow icon is on the top right of
    your RADAR. You'll see a temple with two tall, thin statues in front. Fly into
    the temple (around the where the heads of the statues are in height) from the
    side to grab an upgrade token, and exit from the other side. DO NOT ENTER FROM
    THE FRONT, or you'll end up needing more of those health pick-ups by the time
    you get out. After grabbing your plane, health, and tokens, continue toward
    the yellow marker.
    -Continue toward the Base-
    After flying out of the cavern through the doorway with the yellow marker on
    it, you'll be in another cave. Avoid the rocks by flying either left or right
    along the walls. And watch out for the lava geyser on the right, then the left
    then the right again, then fly high to avoid the lava from the last one. Turn
    right as you see another lava geyser to the left. Fly under the stone face to
    find our friend, Mr. Pendulum! He's brought some friends. Time your way past
    the four pendulums, focusing on one at a time. After passing the last pendulum
    a checkpoint saves your progress. Fly through the caves, heading up a little,
    then fly under then over some rocks blocking the passage. There will be some
    health on the right side as you pass the second rock, so grab it if you need
    it. The cave turns downward and a lava geyser and some rock formations block
    your way through, so weave between the rocks and head down as the cave turns
    sharply downward. The lava geysers are easy to spot and the stone formations
    are easy to avoid since you're heading downwards. The path slowly turns back
    upwards and levels off, so fly under the rock blocking the passage and go into
    the small opening. Fly through the caves until you see red enemy markers ahead
    which are turrets. Brake and take out the turrets as you approach them slowly.
    They are flame turrets so as long as you are outside the room they are in you
    won't get hurt at all. After taking out the turrets, fly through the hole in
    the floor, braking to control your downward speed and avoid the obstacles in
    your path. Level off as you reach the end of the drop. There are some ruins
    ahead, fly over top of them to avoid the explosion that occurs. Turn right and
    follow the hallway downwards. Fly through the top section of the ruins at the
    end of downward hall and turn left as the hall turns left and grab the health
    pick-up before turning right. Another doorway leads the way to another huge
    cavern, and a checkpoint saves your progress.
    -Destroy all Die Spinne Planes... Again-
    As you enter the huge cavern and spot a plane icon, enemy fighters appear. Use
    any of your weapons that you feel you must, because your health and ammo are
    replenished before the chapter that follows this mission. The plane icon here
    is a Dust Devil (MARIA's Dust Devil, I bet!) that you can switch to if you run
    low on health or ammo, but be sure to switch back before destroying the last
    enemy, or you will start out in the Dust Devil in the next chapter, and not be
    able to get your original plane back. There is a lot of space to dogfight and
    there's health and ammo hidden all over the place if you need it. Take out the
    Doppelgangers and Piranha fighters for an upgrade token and an end to the
    mission. Enjoy the cutscene and prepare for the next chapter.
    Chapter Eighteen - Escape !
    Objectives - Get out of the Gauntlet in one piece!
               - Get out of the Die Spinne trap.
    Planes to Steal - Piranha, Doppelganger
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 2
    Even though this is a new chapter, if you turn off your Xbox you will have to
    start at the beginning of Chapter 17 and have to do all that over again.
    -Run the Gauntlet-
    Everything's sploding so we gotta get outta this place. As soon as you start
    out, head forward and take out the two rocket turrets guarding your exit. Go
    past their charred remains as you enter the doorway. The hallway turns down,
    but slow down to avoid the explosions ahead. At the end of the downward hall-
    way is another closing door. Time your brake and boost and get past it, only
    to spot another door behind a lava geyser, but this one closes up and down, so
    fly through it as soon as the door begins to move upward. Another downward
    hallway follows, so fly around the obstacles and through the next doorway,
    watching out for any explosions as you turn left in the next hallway.
    After passing some ruins and making another left, make a right to enter another
    downward hallway. Hold your brakes as you get near the end, as some explosions
    pop up ahead. Fly through the obstacles and turn right. Follow the stairs on
    the ruins ahead upward, and slow down while you fly over the rock at the end,
    and grab the health in front of the stone face if you need it. Fly ahead into
    the cave, and another checkpoint will save your progress.
    Slow down to avoid the explosions after the checkpoint. Fly to the right of
    the lava geyser and under the rock behind it. Stay right to avoid the second
    geyser, then turn to the left after you pass it to avoid the left geyser. Fly
    around the middle geyser that follows them, and continue through the cave,
    avoiding the two next geysers by sticking to the left wall. Quickly turn right
    after passing the big boulder on the right to avoid another geyser, and
    quickly turn left to avoid the second geyser. Fly left around the two rocks,
    and between the stone pillar and the geyser. Fly above the large boulder
    ahead, and grab the health near the left side of the cave after the boulder
    if you need it. Fly past the pick-up and avoid the next geyser by braking hard.
    Fly over the rocks behind it and fly to the left after passing through a small
    tunnel to avoid another geyser. Brake and hug the right wall to avoid the
    large boulder and the lava geyser behind it, and fly under the rock behind it
    and brake hard to avoid the lava geyser. Fly under and over the rocks and to
    the right to avoid a geyser, then stick to the right to pass the last geyser
    in this area (WHEW!) but slow down and stick to the right as you pass it,
    because an explosion appears on the left side of hall.
    Fly under and over the rocks until you spot another giant stone pendulum with
    a door behind it. Before the pendulum, in the trench on the ground, is some
    health, grab it and avoid the explosion on the bottom before getting to the
    pendulum. Pass the pendulum and then time the door and pass through. Brake as
    you turn left because another door is right around the corner. Pass the door
    and hold the brakes down as you avoid the fallen stone column and time the
    second pendulum. After passing that pendulum you will see a temple-looking
    building on the right side of the hallway. Brake and fly into it. The room
    past this temple is a secret one. There's an upgrade token in the central ruin
    and some health and ammo opposite the entrance to the room. Grab what you need
    and fly out through the top-most exit (this is the best way to avoid the
    explosions near the lower exits) and turn right as you exit the ruin and enter
    the hallway. Pass the doorway and fly low and then to the left then right to
    avoid the obstacles in the hallway. In the next section of hallway a
    checkpoint will save your progress and you will see a tunnel opening ahead.
    -Get out of the Trap-
    Fly into the tunnel and you'll come into a large cavern full of ruins and Die
    Spinne. Take out the first group of fighters and continue into the cavern, and
    be sure to grab any health or ammo you see that is dropped from enemies or are
    hidden in ruins. As you make a right turn inside the cavern you'll see some
    more enemy fighters. Take them out to escape to complete the objective. The
    exit will open and will be marked with an objective marker. The two planes on
    the ground are a Piranha and a Doppelganger. You can switch to either of them
    if you want to, but bear in mind that you WILL get more chances to collect
    a Doppelganger later in the chapter. After taking care of health/ammo/plane
    needs, head towards the exit.
    -Gauntlet Continued-
    After exiting the cavern, fly through a short cave and into a hallway. Fly in
    and around the ruins blocking your path and get past the closing door. Head to
    the next hallway, which turns downward. In the next hallway turn right and fly
    through the ruins before turning right again. Another hallway leads downward,
    and after that is another hallway with more pendulums. These pendulums swing
    in opposite directions, but it's still no challenge. Get past them and fly in
    to the hole at the top of the ruins to get past it. As you exit the ruins, you
    will see a large rotating door. Follow the rotation by flying towards the left
    of it and boosting through when it opens. Do the same with the second rotating
    door that's right after the first. Fly into the cave at the end of the hallway
    and stick to the right to avoid the lava geysers, but don't hug the wall or an
    explosion near the upper right portion of the cave between the sets of geysers
    will do some damage to you.
    As the cave turns upward stay near the ceiling to avoid the geysers and stone
    columns. At the exit of the upward cave is several stone formations blocking
    your way into the next part of the cave. Brake as you pass the stone forma-
    tions to avoid the geyser. Fly to the right of the big boulder and quickly
    stay to the left to avoid the next geyser. Fly over and under the next boulder
    pair and brake, sticking to the right to avoid the last of the geysers. After
    that geyser the cave ends and another hallway begins. Fly through the upper or
    lower half of the hallway and turn right. After you turn right you'll see a
    large door ahead of you. Time the door and fly past it. Tap your brakes as you
    enter the next room to avoid the explosions before the next pendulum. Pass the
    pendulum and fly under the stone face in the next hallway. Turn left in the
    caves, followed by a right. After the right turn you will see some health and
    an ammo pick-up. Grab them and continue through the caves to get a checkpoint.
    After the checkpoint stay near the ceiling to avoid another explosion.
    -The Final Cavern-
    Pass through the doorway. You will enter another large open cavern. A plane
    icon will begin to appear, but stick to the left wall of the cave and fly into
    the upgrade token that's between the wall and a large stone column. You will
    see some Tesla Zeppelins to the right of you as you grab the tokens, so either
    use your current plane to take them out, or switch to the Doppelganger at any
    time. This is the last Doppelganger in the chapter, so grab it either now or
    after you've eliminated most of the enemies. Take out the fighters first since
    they are easier to take out and more of a nuisance than a threat. Stealing the
    Doppelganger is a good idea for taking out the zeppelins, since it has the tank
    cannon and two cannons, which will rip through the small zeppelins. There's no
    health hidden in this area, so be careful or look for pick-ups that drop off
    enemy fighters. After taking out the fighters and zeppelins, you get four more
    upgrade tokens (woohoo!) and the chapter ends with some bangs and a cutscene.
    Chapter Nineteen - The Windy City
    Objectives - Save Chicago.
               - Destroy all Tesla zeps.
               - Destroy Die Spinne Tank.
               - Destroy the external generators.
               - Destroy the internal generators.
               - Destroy the fan generators.
               - Destroy the core!
    Planes to Steal - None
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - None
    The final chapter! After the cutscenes, choose your planes, and take some time
    to make some final upgrades. Don't worry if you didn't have enough tokens to
    upgrade all of your planes, it's impossible without cheats. I literally had
    only enough to upgrade every plane except the Piranha and Doppelganger (91 in
    all), with three tokens afterward. Choose a plane that you are best with, you
    will need it. This chapter is a doozy.
    -Destroy all Tesla Zeppelins-
    You have several fighters heading right towards you as soon as you are given
    control of your plane. Take out as many as you can head on, and ignore the
    rest as you pass them. The fighters pretty much never stop coming, so ignore
    them unless they become a huge problem. Once the Tesla zeps appear, head to
    the one marked by your objective marker. Take it out, and don't conserve ammo,
    because you'll be heading to the repair station many times anyway. After the
    first one is down, take out the second one, which is below you. Once the 2nd
    zeppelin is down, the next objective begins. Feel free to use the repair
    station, I know I will.
    -Destroy the Die Spinne Tank-
    A health meter doesn't appear this time, so just destroy the tank's four power
    cores after taking out their protective panels. Stay away from its flame gun,
    which can now aim up and down since the tank is sideways. Feel free to take
    some time to destroy nearby fighters if they prove to be a nuisance, and shoot
    the tank from its top, out of range of any of its weapons. Once you've sent it
    back to Hell again, the next mission objective is given to you after a check-
    -Destroy the External Generators-
    Holy crap. That thing is big. It has turrets near each of its generators, and
    let's just avoid those tornadoes... Unless you like being tossed around like
    a rag doll and thrown into buildings and such. Head to the repair station to
    repair and rearm, and look for the generator marked by the yellow objective
    marker. Stay low and away from its front side, because it has a HUGE Tesla gun
    on it, and it will shoot lightning at you unless you're at an odd angle, far
    away from it, or behind a building. Rush around the buildings away from the
    zeppelin, and approach it from its left side (your right side while facing it)
    to get to the generator with minimal damage. You can only damage the generator
    when it is open, so while one is closed, aim for another. There are three in
    each section, twelve in all, so aim for the objective one and take it out, and
    continue to follow the yellow objective marker to your next target. There are
    two turrets guarding each set of generators, so take them out first to give
    you enough time to line up your shots. After taking out the first three. About
    now you should see the Columbia Tower collapse. If too many buildings fall, it
    is game over. Move to the next set over, watching out because they're above a
    tornado generator. Fly too low and get tossed, but stay at the height of the
    generators and you're fine. Take out the turrets and the generators and head
    to the next three generators from ABOVE the zeppelin. Flying under the zep is
    risking getting near a tornado, and we don't want that. Take out generators
    seven through nine, along with their AA guns. Be sure to head to that repair
    station if you run low on health or ammo. If you do, you can head to it from
    its far right side (to the left, if you're facing it.) City Hall might fall
    about now, but don't worry, even if it fell earlier. You haven't lost yet. Go
    toward the last set of generators and take out their AA guns and eliminate the
    last generators, silencing its main Tesla cannon (WOOHOO!)
    -Destroy the Internal Generators-
    I guess if there are "external" generators, there must be "internal" ones as
    well. Fly into the jaws of one of the two halves of the huge zeppelin, just
    like you did during Chapter 14 against the Zepeater. They sometimes close but
    just wait for them to open again. Head inside, stay away from the walls, and
    hold down your brakes, because flames come out of the walls this time. You can
    either avoid the flames or destroy them, it's totally up to you. If you try to
    shoot magnetic missiles or concussion rockets at the core, and there are flame
    jets in its flight path, the missile will target the flame jet instead of the
    core, so focus your cannons or machine guns toward the generator during your
    whole trip down the zeppelin, and use homing weapons only when you get closer.
    Once you approach the rear, whether or not the internal generator is destroyed
    or not, the door opens and lets you out. About now the Government center falls
    down, so head to the other half of the zeppelin and prepare to enter it. You
    can now fly around front of the zeppelin because remember, the Tesla cannons
    are silent. Take out the second internal generator with your machine guns and
    cannons from afar, and pass through the exit as your next objective is given.
    -Destroy the Fan Generators-
    Yay, more generators! You can now fly anywhere you want now, with only any of
    top turrets and enemy fighters to worry about, as the tornadoes are gone. Head
    for the repair station and fly over top the zeppelin, taking out any of the
    turrets (there are eight on top of where the external generators were) if you
    want. The capitol building has fallen by now, so now you can start worrying,
    because if the Central Bank Tower falls (it's next) you lose. Anyway head to
    the top of the central part of the large zeppelin. Fly over the large central
    fan and you'll see three fans with eight generators, four above, four under.
    Fly over the top fan, heading in the same direction as it and wait for a blade
    of the top fan to pass you and head downward under the first fan as that blade
    passes you. Aim for the top row of generators while flying between the top and
    middle fans. Hold your brakes and unleash your weapons on one at a time as
    they appear as you fly along the fan. After the first four are destroyed, look
    at the fan below you. It is heading in the opposite direction. Before one of
    its blades is about to pass under you, dip your nose down. You should pass in
    between the blades of the fan, and now be between the middle and bottom fans.
    Eliminate the last four generators in the same way as the last. As the last is
    destroyed, the fans will slow to a stop. Head downward and exit through one of
    the three holes in the bottom. Pass through another fan (that is also slowing
    to a stop) and watch as the hull of the zeppelin cracks open to reveal its
    -If You Fail-
    If you fail the mission because you die, make it a point to make more trips
    to the repair station. If you fail because you let too many buildings be
    destroyed, try again. You'll be faster once you know what to do and where your
    targets are. And don't be afraid to still go for repair stations, maybe just
    wait until you're at 33% health instead of 50% before going, or try and save
    your secondary weapon ammo if you're running out too fast (making the battle
    longer as you use only machine guns or cannons, or make frequent runs to the
    repair station.) If you must, try using a different plane. A Brigand is a good
    choice, since it can dish out and take lots of damage before going down. The
    Devastator is also good due to its balance. 
    -Destroy the Core-
    The only thing preventing you from winning now is taking too long and letting
    the Bank Tower be destroyed, so head to the top of the middle section, head to
    where the large fan once was, and aim for the generator from there for the
    best possible firing angle. Once it's destroyed, watch the fireworks and enjoy
    the ending.
    Epilogue - A New Beginning?
    Objectives - Beat the game on Hard or Super Hard.
               - Upgrade all of your Planes.
               - Try using different planes.
    Planes to Steal - All the ones you got and all the ones you missed!
    Hidden Upgrade Tokens - 60?
    No, this isn't an actual game chapter. But once you beat the game and view the
    ending and watch (or skip :P) the credits, you're taken to the main menu. Go
    select your profile again. You'll notice that you can still play the game. You
    start out on Chapter One and all your planes, upgrades, money, and tokens are
    carried over from your last playthrough. All the hidden tokens are also there
    for you to pick up again, enabling you to upgrade the rest of your planes. You
    can also now switch to Super Hard difficulty (even if you beat it on Easy) by
    hitting the Y button at the first screen at the Pandora after Nathan enters
    the room, going to the bottom of the menu, and moving your difficulty over to
    any of the four difficulties in the game. (Yes, you could always do this, but
    Super Hard wasn't available until now.) Other than getting all the things you
    missed, upgrading all your planes, and beating it on Hard or Super Hard, and
    maybe hunting for any tokens I might have missed, you are done with this game.
    I hope you enjoyed playing, and I hope this Walkthrough helped you enjoy it.
    |07. Plane List|
    Check my separate Plane Guide for more detailed information on the planes.
    01. Devastator
    CLASS: Dogfighter
    Used By: Nathan Zachary and Betty Charles of the Fortune Hunters
      -Armor - 5
      -Speed - 5
      -Firepower - 6
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Magnetic Missiles
      -Secondary Ammunition - 20 Missiles
    Where Found: You start out the Single Player Game with this Plane.
    02. Bulldog
    CLASS: Interceptor
    Used By: DeCarlo Family
      -Armor - 2
      -Speed - 9
      -Firepower - 6
      -Main Weapon - Twin Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Shotgun
      -Secondary Ammunition - 24 Shotgun Shells
    Where Found: In Sea Haven during the chapter 'Ship Without a Captain', on the
    other side of the mountain from the Pandora.
      -Location 2: In Chicago during the Chapter 'Finding Brooklyn in Chicago', it
    is on top of the tallest building AND near one of the DeCarlo buildings on the
    side of the map farthest from the Pandora, as well on the Police building near
    the Taxicab mission building.
      -Location 3: In the 'Payback' chapter, there is a Bulldog where the Mini-
    Gyro was in the previous mission.
    03. Dauphin
    CLASS: Zep-Killer
    Used By: Louis Thibodeaux of the Rajin Cajuns
      -Armor - 6
      -Speed - 3
      -Firepower - 7
      -Main Weapon - Twin Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Triple Magnetic Missile
      -Secondary Ammunition -20 Missile Volleys
    Where Found: In Sea Haven during 'Man Overboard' your teammates will tell you
    to take Thibodeaux's plane. Go up to the Steal Plane icon near the Pandora. A
    cutscene will play and after it, you will have this plane.
      -Location 2 & 3: This plane can also be found in the Chapter 'Send 'Em
    Packing' in a small Rajin Cajun base, and also is near Doc's workshop in the
    chapter 'A Dark Night' but since you automatically get Thibodeaux's Dauphin,
    they're only there for a replacement plane if you're running low on health or
    secondary weapon ammo.
    04. Mini-Gyro
    CLASS: N/A
    Used By: Red's Gang
      -Armor - 1
      -Speed - 2
      -Firepower - 1
      -Main Weapon - Two Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Sniper Cannon
      -Secondary Ammunition - 20 Cannon shells
    Where Found: In Arixo during 'A Mine in the Desert' a guy named Carl will have
    you steal one of these from the Red's Gang. Once you've stolen it you are
    taken on a mini-tutorial where you learn how to use this puny thing. After you
    steal one, there will be one at Carl's shop you can switch to if you need one.
    You can also get one during the 'Jail Break' chapter, but you need to rent
    that one for $500 to it use during the mission if you want to use it.
    05. Coyote
    CLASS: Dogfighter
    Used By: Los Muertos
      -Armor - 4
      -Speed - 6
      -Firepower - 6
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - 'Detonator' Fireball Cannon
      -Secondary Ammunition - 20 Fireballs
    Where Found: In Arixo during 'A Mine in the Desert' fly near the Sheriff's
    station and go in the direction OPPOSITE of the Race mission. Keep flying this
    way and you will see a canyon with a Los Muertos base. In the base is a Coyote
    lying around for you to take.
      -Location 2: You can also find one in the chapter 'The Mystery of the Mine'
    on a small airfield near an AA gun and a repair station.
    06. Dust Devil
    CLASS: Dogfighter
    Used By: Maria Sanchez of the Fortune Hunters
      -Armor - 4
      -Speed - 5
      -Firepower - 4
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Gatling Gun
      -Secondary Ammunition - 250 Rounds
    Where Found: In Arixo during 'Desert Mirage' after you meet Maria in the cut-
    scene, you automatically obtain this plane.
      -Location 2: You can steal Maria's Dust Devil at the end of 'Darkness
    Within' if you need health or a new plane during the Lost City fight.
    07. Desert Fox
    CLASS: Interceptor
    Used By: Navajo Indians
      -Armor - 2
      -Speed - 8
      -Firepower - 5
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Eight Drunken Rockets
      -Secondary Ammunition - 30 Rocket Volleys
    Where Found: In Navajo Territory during 'Soloho and the Three Trials' you get
    to use this plane in the Trial of Courage and the Trial of Skill, but it has
    no guns. Please note, that you may NOT keep the unarmed versions used in those
    trials. After you complete the Three Trials you can take an armed Desert Fox
    from the Navajo village during the fight against some bandits that takes place
    after you complete the Three Trials. This is the ONLY TIME you can get the
    Desert Fox, if you miss it, you must wait until you beat the game and play it
    over again.
    08. Brigand
    CLASS: Zep-Killer
    Used By: Red Skull Legion
      -Armor - 7
      -Speed - 1
      -Firepower - 9
      -Main Weapon - Four Cannons, Two Cannons on Back
      -Secondary Weapon - Concussion Rocket
      -Secondary Ammunition - 25 Rockets
    Where Found: In Chicago during 'A Spider to the Fly' you receive this plane
    automatically after the beginning cutscene. You can also steal another one
    during the mission.
    09. Constable
    CLASS: Interceptor
    Used By: Arixo Sheriff Deputies, Chicago PD
      -Armor - 3
      -Speed - 7
      -Firepower -3
      -Main Weapon - Twin Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Gatling Gun
      -Secondary Ammunition - 250 Rounds
    Where Found: In Chicago during 'A Spider to the Fly' you can steal one from
    one of the taller buildings in the middle of the map. You can't keep it.
      -Location 2: In Chicago during the first part of 'Jail Break' when you must
    defend the rogue cop from the crooked cops, you can steal the one on the far
    side of the map. You cannot keep this plane.
    10. Piranha
    CLASS: Dogfighter
    Used By: Die Spinne
      -Armor - 5
      -Speed - 4
      -Firepower - 7
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Twin Tesla Coils
      -Secondary Ammunition - 20 Tesla Coil Charges
    Where Found: In the Lost City during 'The Lost City' level your teammates will
    tell you about a Die Spinne camp nearby. In that camp is a parked Piranha.
      -Location 2: The Piranha is also found in 'Darkness Within' inside the first
    large cavern where you fight enemy fighters. It is best to get it in 'The Lost
    City' so you can focus on getting the Doppelganger in this room.
      -Location 3: You can find one last Piranha in the chapter "Escape!" in the
    first large cavern (the trap) that you fight Die Spinne fighters, next to a
    parked Doppelganger.
    11. Doppelganger
    CLASS: Zep-Killer
    Used By: Die Spinne
      -Armor - 8
      -Speed - 1
      -Firepower - 8
      -Main Weapon - Dual Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Blockbuster Tank Gun
      -Secondary Ammunition - 18 Tank shells
    Where Found: In the 'Darkness Within' you can find one in the first cavern
    where you first fight enemy fighters. There is also a Piranha in this room.
      -Location 2: In 'Escape!' You can find two Doppelgangers in this chapter. It
    can be found in both of the two large caverns where you engage enemy fighters.
    These two are your last chance to get a Doppelganger before the game ends.
    |08. Plane Upgrades|
    00. Name of Plane (Cost of Upgrade)
    To upgrade a plane you must have it in your Hangar and have the required
    number of Tokens and the correct amount of money. A plane can only be upgraded
    01. Devastator Upgrade (Cost: 14 Tokens, $4200)
      -Armor - 7
      -Speed - 6
      -Firepower - 7
      -Main Weapon - Six Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Magnetic Missiles
      -Secondary Ammunition - 25 Missiles
    02. Bulldog Upgrade (Cost: 12 Tokens, $3600)
      -Armor - 4
      -Speed - 10
      -Firepower - 7
      -Main Weapon - Twin Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Shotgun
      -Secondary Ammunition - 30 Shotgun Shells
    03. Dauphin Upgrade (Cost: 10 Tokens, $3000)
      -Armor - 7
      -Speed - 4
      -Firepower - 7
      -Main Weapon - Twin Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Five Magnetic Missiles
      -Secondary Ammunition - 25 Missile Volleys
    04. Coyote Upgrade (Cost: 12 Tokens, $3600)
      -Armor - 6
      -Speed - 7
      -Firepower - 7
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Twin 'Detonator' Fireball Cannons
      -Secondary Ammunition - 25 Fireballs
    05. Dust Devil Upgrade (Cost: 12 Tokens, $3600)
      -Armor - 6
      -Speed - 6
      -Firepower - 5
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Dual Gatling Guns
      -Secondary Ammunition - 350 Rounds
    06. Desert Fox Upgrade (Cost: 12 Tokens, $3600)
      -Armor - 4
      -Speed - 9
      -Firepower - 6
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns 
      -Secondary Weapon - Fourteen Drunken Rockets
      -Secondary Ammunition - 40 Rocket Volleys
    07. Brigand Upgrade (Cost: 16 Tokens, $3600)
      -Armor - 9
      -Speed - 2
      -Firepower - 10
      -Main Weapon - Six Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Concussion Rocket
      -Secondary Ammunition - 30 Rockets
    08. Piranha Upgrade (Cost: 14 Tokens, $4200)
      -Armor - 7
      -Speed - 5
      -Firepower - 8
      -Main Weapon - Four Machine Guns
      -Secondary Weapon - Twin Tesla Coil
      -Secondary Ammunition - 25 Tesla Coil Charges
    09. Doppelganger Upgrade (Cost: 14 Tokens, $4200)
      -Armor - 10
      -Speed - 2
      -Firepower - 9
      -Main Weapon - Dual Cannons
      -Secondary Weapon - Blockbuster Tank Gun
      -Secondary Ammunition - 24 Tank Shells
    |09. Cheats|
    While in gameplay (not in the pause menu) press the following buttons to enter
    the cheats. You will hear a random sound effect if you entered it correctly.
    Real aces don't use cheats... except for fun.
    $5000 Cash - A, Y, A, Y, Black
    10 Tokens - X, B, X, B, Black
    Unlock All Planes - Y, X, B, Y, Black
    God Mode - Y, A, X, B, Black
    Max Damage - B, X, A, B, Black
    Unlock Super Hard - X, B, A, X, Black
    |10. Contact Information|
    As this is my first walkthrough, I will take a lot of feedback, not only on
    the information presented, but I will also take feedback on how my FAQ is
    written. If you have any problems with my guide, please email, AIM, or place
    the question on the Crimson Skies Message Board, and I will be happy to
    answer or assist you in any way I can. Email is the best way to reach me, as I
    check that most often.
    GameFAQs message boards: Roc_Kor/Gundam MissleKnightX
    Email: jeffclem360@aol.com
    AIM: Roc Kor AK47
    XBL Gamertag: Roc Kor II
    |11. Credits|
    Xbox.com - For the names of the secondary weapons.
    GameFAQS.com - For hosting my Guide.
    ign.com - For helping me find some of the tokens I missed.
    These people assisted with either or both of my guides:
    "Eric" - For telling me about an annoying glitch in an already annoying trial,
             the "Trial of Skill."
    "Jason" - For pointing out that I had Piranha listed twice in the Plane
              Upgrade section instead of listing the Doppelganger.
            - For the info on upgraded planes in multiplayer, and ammo counts for
              secondary weapons.
    "TXFirefighter112" - For pointing out that the Dauphin's magnetic missiles do
                         less damage per missile than a Devastator.
    "Carmine_izzo" - For showing me a fourth token in "Jail Break"

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