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"Those WoB are goin' DOWN!"

Storyline-YOu ride on the Icarus, and are going to attack a planet, and take out the planetary guns. The attack goes awry, and all of your Mechs are ruined. You only have one Mech online and enabled, and you have to do what all mechwarriors do...improvise. You also find that the Word of Blake(or WoB) are on the planet, and need to take care of them.

Gameplay *10/10*- This game rocks, the only thing to make it better is a widescreen plasma television, baby! When you are in battle you have to choose between your weapons, with most mechs you have three weapons, some mechs only have two weapons. Depending on what mech you are helps you decide how to annihilate the enemies. My personal preference is the Thor, but that's not important right now. You have to use your defensive devisies strategically to avoid being beaten. You have an invisibility device, a anti-lockon device, and a jump jet. Different mechs have these devices, some mechs don't have any of these. As a mech you can only have one of these unless you have the jump jets and one of the others. But only one of the others. Use them well!

Controls 7/10- The controls are very complicated, until you get used to them. The left trigger cycles through your weapons, and the right trigger or A button uses that weapon. B, X, Y select different types of weapons.B selects your missiles, Y selects your Ballistics(or bullet type weapons), and X selects your Lasers. Out of your lasers, you get an automatic laser, a thicker laser that tracks the enemy, and a PPC that tracks the enemy and needs to be charged. With your Ballistics, you get a Machine gun for basic infantry and tanks, and in some situations, a mech, you get the autocannon which is like a shotgun in that it is powerful, and then the Gauss cannon, which is like a sniper rifle. The autocannon and the Gauss cannon can knock enemy mechs over if you have then leveled up a bit. And then your missiles, which have Crossbow missiles for up close, javelin missiles for a distance, and the Hammerhead missiles which do damage if they hit, and then explode later.

Storyline *10/10*- Marvelous! Spectacular! After every mission there is an addition to the plot. Your commanding officer will talk to you before and after each mission explaining exactly why you are doing this, her or the Briefing Boy. The storyline has little or no plotholes, and makes lots of since.

Graphics *10/10*- Whoa! I played this game expecting Halo type graphics, but then I disappeared and found my self in a mech! The graphics are very close to real, the infantry are the ONLY problem, but I have never seen a game that makes humans look real. When a mech explodes, it sends fireballs everywhere, and will damage you if you are too close(a nice thing to have for once in a game). The explosions are realistic, and the weapons look great, the 3d rendering was perfect. I have no complaints about the graphics.

Sound 9/10- Very nice. The weapons all have a different sound, and when you walk your mech makes clanking noises. When another mech dies, it makes the sound of the core breaking and exploding. And the music is really cool sounding and really sucks you right into the game.

Difficulty *10/10*- The difficulty on this game is perfect, you can change the difficulty with the profile settings, or you can challenge yourself to beat the last level with the Puma, which is possible I am sure, but would be EXTREMELY tough. Of course you can also use the Atlas which would make it rather easier. The game is hard enough for serious gamers, but easy enough for newbies.

Replayability *10/10*- Whoa! After a mission or two you unlock a mech, this allows you to be more than one mech on a level, this allows you to make it even harder in the game. Way harder.

Final rating 9.3/10- This game is an awesome game. I did have trouble convincing my self to try it due to the fact that I heard it was a lame game. Well, I pity that person who told me, for he was wrong. This game is awesome. It has great replayability, great sound, and great gameplay. Plus it has a wide variety of difficulties.

Buy or rent? Buy. All the way, man!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/28/06

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