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"Xbox may have finally found the next halo!!!!"

Gameplay: This game is one of the funest I’ve played in a long time. You get to control these giant mechs. With these walking tanks you and literally destroy buildings by stepping on them. If one is too large you can just shoot it down. When you shoot a building it will show damage. Not just a little weak brown burn mark but a 3D hole. You can actually see inside the building. Then when you do destroy it the whole thing comes crashing down. Anything under, on top of, or near it will be damaged or destroyed. This can create some interesting strategies later on. The controls are well laid out. Almost a clone of Halo. You will use the B, X, and Y to switch between the three different types of weapons. The sticks are just halo controls and the right trigger is fire. Pushing in the left stick will use your jets, while the right one will trigger defense. This can divert missiles or make you invincible for a period of time. The three different weapons you get will be an energy weapon, strongest but generates heat and takes time to charge or recharge. Then there are the lasers or guns. This is the main weapon. It does the least damage but is rapid fire and takes little heat. Finally there are the missiles. These track you enemy. They do medium damage and generate medium heat.

Single Player is good. This game actually has as story. It’s pretty good for a shooter. You can chose which mech you want to fight with. It also allows to you go back and replay missions at anytime. It can get hard as well. I’ve only been playing on normal but I can imagine that hard and impossible will be very difficult. If you beat the game on normal you get a new much. Then on hard and impossible you will get two more mechs. These mechs can be used in multiplay. So there is some point to playing the single if you only want online play. This of course has its problems. Such as people don’t like you to be a mech more then twice as powerful as anything else.

Multiplay is also good. You can choose any mech you want. And there are about 5 levels to choose from. You get destruction, team destruction, last man standing, team last man standing, not it, and domination. I would have liked to have seen capture the flag. That is my personal favorite type of multiplayer game. There is always the possibility of a download for it. So keep your fingers crossed. The only one I feel needs explaining is domination. Basically they have an unlimited amount of mechs attack you until you die. You can have 2 per xbox and link up for a total of 8 people.

Online Mutiplay is where the moneys at. This is the best thing ever. In this game there is almost NO lag. That’s right it’s smooth. If heard complaints on other games but this one is fine. You have the same options as the normal mutiplay mode, with the exception of domination. When you log in you pick you player (your single player profile) and then log into your account. You will need to enter a 4-letter password to log in. This is a very good thing because you can have a guest. Having a guest basically means split screen online. You can only have 1 other play for this game though. When they see you and your guest they just add guest after it. Nice and simple. For example, my name in online matches is GIROSPECK, so my partners name would be GIROSPECKguest. Now if your friend has an account as well they can log in on your Xbox and play this their own profile. This is why the password is so nice. Granted I trust my friends as much as the next guy but you can never know 100% if there doing something. Also for the split screen it makes sure that they don’t log in as you and make you the guest. That would be bad because only the player can use the headset. If you try to give it to the guest to try, you better just give the whole controller because it wont let the guest use it. Once you log in you will come to a menu. The options you have are Optimatch, Quick match, Host, Friends, Stat’s, Download Content. In Optimatch you select which game type you want to play and what the maximum and minimum # of players you want aloud in the game. This is a very bad interface. You do not have the option to choose levels, skill level, or anything else. In quick match you only get to choose the type of game you want to play. This is extremely lacking in options and feels very rushed. In host game you get to choose the type of game, the level, maximum allowed players, privet players, kill count, and time limit. Basically with the players you can holds slots for friends. You send invites to other players. If the accept there is a slot held for them. If they reject then the slot opens up to the public. That part is fairly well done. Id also like to make the note that you can invite friends to all games, not only games your hosting, the slots just wont be held for you. Another problem is that you cannot kick or ban players. So if for some reason you don’t like another player, there is no way to kick him. Most people I’ve played with however are very cool and understanding and would leave if asked nicely. Then the friend’s list is where you see who is on. This has some huge flaws I’d like to point out. In this the only information you get is whether there on, if the voice chat is on, and if you invited them or they invited you. You cannot see what game they are playing or how for in the game is. The only way to see what game there playing is to have the option to join. That’s the only time it will ever tell you what game they are playing. Then there are stats. Here you just see how many kills/deaths you have for each mode. You can see the top 100 for each game type and where you fit in. This is a nice feature but not to important to me. Finally there is download content. So far there is no content to be downloaded. They do however promise new mechs, maps, and more. When you do select it asks you which profile (so friends can update on your box) then you must type the password again. After that I have no idea what will happen because every time it just says that there’s no new content. I’d like to point out that most of the major flaws will be fixed though patches eventually. A lot of people are complaining about interface and lack of levels. I’d guess we will see newer interface, levels, and possible modes (capture the flag) in the near future. So don’t get to worried.

Graphics- The graphics are very nice. Everything looks beautiful. The explosions are never dull. They are always huge. When you shoot a building you can see inside the building itself. The damage is shown where you shoot. When a building does fall everything collapses in a wonderful way. Then the mechs themselves have awesome explosions. The actual textures and backgrounds are very nice. You can see the detail of the ground, buildings, people, and sky. Every thing just looks amazing. Then the mechs themselves. All I can say is damn. They detail on them is the best I’ve ever seen a mech have (I don’t play pc games so I don’t know about those ones). All in all a very solid visual game.

Sound- The sound is good. You can hear the explosions and damn do they sound real. The movement sounds make you seem huge. You can just feel the ground shacking. It’s all done very well. The voice acting in single play is good. Its interested to listen to and you wont be laughing at just how bad the actors are. In multiplay the voices are clear and easy to understand. There is very little lag here too.

Value- With the online play this is very high. You have unlockable mechs, three difficulties. Link up play. Once you done playing the single player. It will probably take about a week to beat the first time. Then with 2 more difficulties you have another week or two. You can play with friends using a single Xbox, link up, or online. So for single player I’d say unless you’re a huge mech fan don’t spend more then $35. If you have friends but no online done spend more then $45. If you have online then you must have this game. I’d pay over $60, but you only have to pay $50, so don’t be caught with out it.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/21/02, Updated 11/21/02

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