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"Most intense action since Halo"

The only thing more beautiful than your 100 ton walking tank firing its dual gauss rifles is the sight of your opponent's reactor going critical and taking out a nearby building. Read on about Mechassault, one of the best games available for the already godlike Xbox system.

Gameplay 10 / 10
The gameplay is rock solid. The controls rock, it's very well balanced, and there's a good deal of variety. Be warned, though, if you want a sim, you came to the wrong place. Unlike the PC games, there is no customization at all and it is pure, fast pased action. Every mech has 2-3 weapons (most have 3, a ballistic, missile and energy weapon), which can be cycled through. All weapons can also be upgraded twice by collecting salvage from destroyed enemies and in some buildings in the single player campaign, upgrading both the power of the weapon and its looks. Upgraded weapons have an ammo limit, but the base ones have unlimited ammo.

Graphics 10 / 10
As has been demonstrated, the Xbox is a powerful machine, and Mechassault makes the most of this power. Its absolutely beautiful, and there is a great deal of detail. For example, as a mech takes damage quite often the seams in its torso will begin to glow, attesting to the rupturing reactor beneath them. In rainy levels the rain hisses away in a cloud of steam around the hotter parts of the mech, and on cold levels the mech actually develops a thin sheen of ice.

Sound / Music 7 / 10
The sound is absolutely perfect. I give it a 7 because of the music, or lack thereof. There is no music in the game except in single player when you are about to face another mech and/or elementals, and that's just a repetitive, if nice sounding, rock loop.

Replay 10 / 10
Only two things can be unlocked by playing through singleplayer, and both by beating it. The unlockable things are the mech Ragnarok and its variant Ymir. However, as should be expected of what is arguably the flagship Xbox Live product, the multiplayer experience is intense, fun and addictive. Add to this the expandability of downloadable content and you've got yourself a game that noone should pass up.

Overall 10/10
If you've got an Xbox, you need Xbox live. If you've got Xbox live, you need this game. Don't rent. Buy. That's an order. Mechassault is one of the best games available for the Xbox, period.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/21/02, Updated 11/21/02

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