Review by vfsi

"This is a well designed, fun, and easy to learn Mech game."

Game play 10/10
This game moves fast and there is always something to shot at making it fun. The control is just how you would think, that is what makes it easy to learn and love. There are all different types of mechs for each person fighting skill and style. There is no customization of weapons but you can get upgrades your weapons in game play, which make your them stronger and faster.

Graphics 10/10
Graphics are a very strong point for this game. It moves fast and looks clean ahhh nothing more beautiful! They really did a good job on designing the graphics for this game. Bugs are few and far between. The terrain is very smooth and well textured. The weather is real looking and clean even with so many things happening at one time. I have never seen a mech look so real.

Audio 8/10
The sound of the mechs and expositions make you feel like you are in the game, they are perfect! The voices on the game don’t get that annoy and sound clear. But this game really lacked in the music field. There is no really good song during game play that just makes you want to kill some mechs. If it had some better gameplay music this would really help the mood.

Replay 10/10
This game is good to play again and again. You can keep your skill in shape by raising the skill level on the campaign and challenging yourself more. The multiplier is fun just as a 1 on 1 but it is better with system link and a big group of friends.

Live 9/10
MechAssault I feel was truly made for this one reason. It is a great online game! You get kill and death stats and there is over all rank so you always have something to go for. It also has a guest feature, which is nice for you best friend that doesn't have a Xbox. The only big downside that I have notice is that when you are fight people some one can just walk up and hit them one time and get the kill. A solution to that problem would be to have a earned kill, maybe they will over time.

Overall 10/10
This is just a great entertaining game to play by yourself and with your friends. Microsoft made a good choice with this game! I hope that my review has helped you make your choice. Have fun playing MechAssualt!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/23/02, Updated 11/23/02

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