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"Ruined the Mechwarrior legacy!"

Mech Assault


I’d had a real hard time picking between this, Unreal and Ghost Recon. Well I picked Unreal… And to say the least I was disappointed. So I bought Ghost Recon after pulling some money out of my college account. No problems at all with Ghost Recon, I love it the best game ever made in terms of multiplayer. But, I have one game left to try, so I run out to my local Blockbuster and rent a copy of Mech Assault.


Well it seems that peace negotiations failed somewhere, and now you and your squad have to go in and level the place. I don’t really understand the story that well. For one reason I don’t have a manual, and secondly Mechwarrior games don’t have much of a story. Not to mention I can’t judge the story very well because I haven’t beaten the game. So for that reason alone I will give story a 6.


The controls in this game are horrible. They make absolutely no sense. There is not throttle in this game, you just move the thumbstick and start walking in whatever direction you please. You weapon change button is in a horrible place (Left Trigger). I always find myself hitting it accidentally. At some points in the game the controls fell very responsive and other times it feels like you stuck on an invisible wall. There are four change weapon buttons on the controller, which make little or no sense. There is no Chaff button. So basically once you get locked on to your dead.


The gameplay is horrible. When they said dumbed-down version of Mechwarrior they weren’t kidding. You have unlimited ammo at all times. And the only thing that holds you back is your heat. Basically alls you have to do is lock on and fire and you hit your target. Since there aren’t any chaffs at all in this game alls it is, is another Hunter: the Reckoning, where alls you have to do to beat the game is press R a bunch of times. What happened to all the mechs, where did they all go. Most of my favorite mechs are gone like the Cauldron Born and the Shadow Cat.

Another thing that really bugs me about this game is the inability to customize mechs. Not even pick weapons. Basically all the things that made Mechwarrior, “Mechwarrior” have been taken out. There is not sense of height anymore, there only time I felt something was when I died in “Last Man Standing” and respond as a person. Then I felt really really small. There are some good sides to this game, like Xbox Live, and the different multiplayer modes. But in terms of fun there isn’t much, it’s more of a mindless shooter then a mech sim.


The graphics in here are great. The mech exploding is the greatest, and the buildings are even better. The high-res textured mechs look great. The detail environments and the weather are all looking great. What’s looking better then ever is the weapons. The lasers and rail guns look especially good. There isn’t much to talk about here because it’s the same thing over and over and its just an over all good looking game but nothing break through.


Wow. The sound in this game is great. And every thing is very recorded the giant foot steps hitting the ground the weapons and explosions. There is 5.1 surround sound from what I hear, but I can’t verify that because I don’t have the box. Yet again another game that could have utilized the custom sound track feature. The music is this game… well you cant even hear any music but any game would be nicer with custom sound track.

Replay Value
This game is Xbox Live compatible isn’t it? Then why doesn’t get a 10 you say? Well because the filters are some of the worst ever well there are no filters. And the online community doesn’t like to work together in team missions. Some of that should be expected but I think playing for 5 days I should be able for find more people who want to help each other out rather then just play deathmatch by them selves.


Story: (6/10)
Controls: (2/10)
Gameplay: (1/10)
Graphics: (8/10)
Sound: (8/10)
Replay value: (6/10)


+ Great looking game
+ Mechwarrior series
+ Xbox LIVE
+ No ‘Lag’ online


-Cant dodge/evade missiles
-Mindless shooter
-Horrible controls
-Cant customize your mech


Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/05/02, Updated 12/05/02

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