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Reviewed: 12/22/02 | Updated: 12/22/02

One of the best games out there for Xbox

Mechassault For The Xbox Gaming Console

Graphics: 10
The graphics are amazing to say the least. The amount of detail that is put into each mech is great. Level design is great and varied from time to time. Each level has at least, um, 20 things that you can destroy, not including mechs. Destroying building is always fun and can also come into the strategy to. Say you see this bridge that spans over a gap and a mech is on top or below the bridge. Unload all you want to onto the bridge to make it collapse and the mech that is in the way of the bridge being destroyed will be destroyed also, even yourself. This also comes in for buildings. Mech is standing next to a building, destroy the building to put a hurting on the other mech. Glass shatters from the buildings and chunks of building disappear when the building is fired upon.

Story line: 9.5
The story line for Mechassault is surprisingly deep. Spawning from 20+ missions in Campaign mode, it will take time for anyone to complete this game. It is not a game that you could beat in one seating, unless you really do not have a life. AI is challenging at times but can get easy too. Especially when the infantry is trying to take on your make and there are like 20 guys firing at you at one time. Just walk up to them and splat they are gone. You get to choose different mechs through the entire game, well not in some levels, so it adds a lot of fun to it. The elemental stage is probably one of the most unique levels in this game. Playing as this little mech taking down a drill and buildings along the way is alot of fun. The the big boys come out and attack you, then just run like hell. Final boss mech stage is long to complete, 2 hours around, but the final mech you fight is the one you use in the last level in the game. Will not spoil it for anyone that has not beaten Mechassault yet.

Control: 10
Control has to be the most responsive, well at least one of the, I have ever played in a game. Switching weapons can be either done by the triggers or by the buttons on the controller. Jumping is easy and running is responsive. Each mech controls differently. Some mechs are slow while others are fast.

Overall: 10 (Not an Average)
The game is great to say the least but it has some drawbacks. Like the lack of customization, while not necessary, it would have added a lot more strategy to the game. Also the lack of weapons per mech, 9 for each and that includes upgrades. The variety of mechs do make up for some of the problems and most can be able to ignore the little shortcomings that this game has. Buy it, Rent it, Steal it, it is definitely going to be a classic, especially with Xbox Live will add a lot more time to this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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