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Reviewed: 12/27/02 | Updated: 03/23/03

Great 100 ton mech shooting!

Well I had christmas money and was looking for a great game to add to my Xbox games library. It was mainly between Splinter Cell and MechAssault, and because I have had so much fun playing online with Unreal Championship, NFL 2K3, and Ghost Recon... I decided to get MechAssault! So heres how much fun I have had playing with this game:

Gameplay: I have seen tons of Mech games mess up gameplay because your mech has so much stuff to do with very little buttons so I was very skeptical when I heard that the Halo controls have been copied over to MechAssault because it is very different controlling first person view and third person mech view but surprisingly the controls are flawless. Except that the vertical looking controls are inverted but it is very easy to change that option. I also find that some mechs are very, VERY slow but its part of the game so I can live with it. I was expecting a very laggy game on Xbox Live because there is so much happening but amazingly I still haven’t had one laggy game! Other than the small flaws you’ll enjoy ramming your mech into buildings and watching the building collapse! 10/10

Graphics: All the Mechs are beautiful and the environments are very detailed! I love to shoot down buildings and watch it burn and then collapse. All the environments are 100% destructible so when you see amazing looking buildings don’t hesitate to shoot it down because the collapse looks even better! The clips are all beautiful too... not the best... but beautiful! 9/10

Sound: The sound is outstanding! It really does sound like your in a mech fighting for your life while people are yelling in your ear telling you what to do. The gunshots also sound great when it is hitting humans... buildings...mechs... Im really dying to go play the game again! 10/10

Story: Your ship has crash landed on a planet and its your job to search and destroy while your buddies figure out where you are and who you are destroying. Nothing that will keep you coming back but enough to get you to beat the game once... Xbox Live is the reason you will keep coming back! 9/10

Replay Value: As I said above... Xbox Live will keep you coming back for more Mech action. If you dont have Live then tough luck because all the action is going online... offline is just practice. I also would have liked it if the Mechs were customizable but you can’t have everything! 10/10

Rent/Buy: I would have to say rent because some people love this game and others hate it... If your a MechWarrior fan then this is a must buy other than that... rent first, buy later. Also if you have Xbox Live this is a must buy. Rent

Overall: This is a great shooter online and offline... you should only buy it if you have live other than that rent it. Great gameplay, great graphics, great sound = GREAT GAME! You'll LOVE this game if your a hardcore Mech fan (which Im not but I still love it). This a great job by Day 1 Studios who are looking to make a name for themselves in the gaming industry. Well Im off to play MechAssault again! Hope to see you on Xbox Live soon! 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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