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"Its all been down hill since 3 and this is no acception"

Before we start I will state a few things. I am a Mech Warrior freak and have had ALOT of fun with the series. The games have rocked until 4 and 4 was still much better than most mech sims. This game made 4 look better than 3. It is appauling that microsoft would make this trash! Why couldnt they sell the rights to nintendo or sony or something? Microsoft lets another stinker into the market and its just going to displease MORE fans. Also note that i am not a fanboy of any system.

Lets take a duck. A duck has wings, muscle tissue, etc. Now remove all the muscle tissue from its legs and its wings. Notice how your duck just kinda lies there quacking? Same deal here. They have stripped Mech Warrior of all its challenge and turned it into a shooter. No chaff. The interface sucks. The controls are HORRID. You cant customize weapons. You cant customize your mech AT ALL, not even adding or subtracting jump jets!

As with all mech warrior games, the graphics are beautiful. Startling explosions, fluid frame rate (for the most part) and 7 on 1 elemental vs mech matches are just fun to watch. Generally great but nothing we havnt seen in Steel Batalion, or even Metroid Prime on GC.

Sounds great, good effects, again its nothing we havnt seen before.

It just isnt fun for me. I like complicated games not straight up shooters. I have Unreal 2k3 on PC as well as Battlefield 1942 for shooting. I wanted the complexity of mech warrior with the graphics of this but we basically got a ''Supermodel with syndrom of the downed.'' Sure its pretty but just flat out booring. ON THE OTHER HAND, some elemental vs mech matches are REEL fun.

SOUND - 7/10
FUN - 2/10
OVERALL - 4/10

Yes this game looks fun and it DOES have its moments with XBOX LIVE. Unfortunately these moments are far and inbetween. PLEASE rent this before you buy it. Save your self some unneeded hastle with Bestbuy sitting in the customer service line.

Sure this game can probably be fun for someone who doesnt enjoy thinking while they play but I and other mech junkies enjoy having 1000 things going through our heads at once soooo.... yeah.

Rent it if you really need to but if you like thinking this will NOT be to your liking.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/29/02, Updated 12/29/02

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